In support of the abolition of JCE and increased fees for Malawi public schools

As far as I am concerned, the abolition of JCE and the general review of fees for public educational institutions is the only bold and strategic decision that the Peter Mutharika and the DPP government have ever made since May 2014. And I say, Congratulations!!

Exams time

Exams time

The benefits of abolishing JCE by far outweigh the cost of maintaining it. Those that are unhappy with the abolition have very good reasons and arguments, but what they are missing is that, what we benefit, even in terms of value, from JCE as a nation must substantially surpass the cost that our poor government annually invests in the Examinations.

And it is also highly imperative to consider the actual tradeoffs of spending hundreds of millions of tax on JCE, when we cannot afford decent salaries of the teachers, medicine, medical and educational facilities, etc, whose value outweighs JCE. Our economy is going through a delicate situation which needs serious fiscal thinking and proper prioritization.

I would like also to commend government for reviewing and raising tuition and boarding fees for public educational institutions and eliminating scholarships for tertiary institutions. This is a very brilliant fiscally sound and convenient decision.

It does not make sense for one of the poorest countries on earth, to be spending huge subsidies for public services. In as much as public services must be subsidized, this must be done with utmost caution and prudent calculations to avoid choking the growth of the economy as have always been the case.

Infact, government must seriously consider introducing some fees for public hospitals and clinics too. These are bold decisions that must be despite consequent political controversy which is inevitable when such decisions are made. Otherwise, how does a poor country finance huge subsidies? It does not make any economic sense, unless we are thinking politics.

However, government must also ensure that corruption and unnecessary spending are not tolerated at all levels and departments of government. Otherwise, the resources that will be saved through the new fiscal initiatives, will only end up in the pockets of selfish government employees and the elite of the ruling party.

So, come on Mutharika and DPP, fear and refrain from corruption and the systematic stealing of government resources through meaningless spending like taking more than 100 people for a UN General Assembly.

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36 thoughts on “In support of the abolition of JCE and increased fees for Malawi public schools”

  1. batili la peter says:

    its all bullshit …amene akugwilizana ndi bwanawa ndima nuckle heads coz mbalameyi yabalarika….

  2. Nkolokolo says:

    Basi kumangosunga ma xool report kuti ukalephera form 4 anthu adzadziwe kuti unapitako ku xool

  3. mnzalero says:

    bliliant idea,psle, jce z nthin.

  4. MALAWISH says:

    Please ngati pali maganizo opusa chilowereni m’boma this government ndiawawa palibe zifukwa zokwanila zakuti ndikuma ika fee ku primaly xool and also ku makasegulira ttc kuti aziphunzisi azikalipila pamene pali ena otianapangidwa train kma ntchito sakulembedwa. Ngati zakuvutani you can just resign zisanafike poti anthu mkupanga ma demonstrations mukukanika kuwapanga trace anthu amene anaononga ndalama zochuluka zamtundu wa amalawi. Mukulimbana ndi kusegula ma community college pa mene mukukanika kupanga fund ma public technical colleges off coarse it is great idea kutsegula mwayi kwa anthu omwe sanapitenayo xool patali kma muku enela kumapanga balance kut chitukuko cha dziko chipite pa tsogolo. Just imagine munthu amene akukhala kumudzi sagwira ntchito ali ndi ana 4 aku primary angakwanitse kuwapititsa kusukulu. Ndazindikira chinthu chimodzi this government ikufuna anthu akhale mbuli kma azipanga ma business through introduction of community colleges coz zimenezi sizikufuna anthu a pepala iliyonse.

  5. Adona akuda says:

    Now adays jce is nothing but poyamba kulipilitsa ku chipatalapa mmmm sipalibwino just imagine mmene kukumazazila kuquiz muthu kupita mamawa mpaka madzulo mwinanso osathandizidwa sikufuna kumadikila mpaka madzulo koma kusowa aaa pamenepa aboma aganizepo bwino

  6. nation Nyirenda says:

    thats bushits : nde asiye kumatidula zimisonkho zambirimbiri……. and busy kunamizira kuti ndalama tilibe koma viwanthu tho ku ku usa nadi unenesko palije 2019 i promise u i mean kuti wako wapyaaaaa i mean whats dat….

  7. mbuchindele says:

    It’s time for maneb people to make money. Azigulitsa ma certificate a form 4. Nanga munthu ukhala bwanji opanda certificate olo imodzi ukalakwa MSCE? Pitala nchitsiru inu musamubakile

  8. KAWANU ANGUYE says:

    Munthu Wakumudzi Amalephera Kugula Uniform Ya Ana Ake Atatu Ndiye Angakwanitse Kulipira Kusukulu? Kuthetsa Mayeso A Std 8 Ndi Form 2 Penapake Sizilibwino Chifukwa Ophunzira Ambiri Azichita Mantha Polemba Mayeso A Folomu 4 Mapeto Ake Nambala Ya Olephera . …….. Ndiye Popanga Zinthu Tikuyenera Kuganizira Anthu Akumudzi.Sizoti Mukathuta Mpunga Wanu Mumvekele Kupulaimale Ophunziripira.

  9. Beinjingnetnyaxy says:

    I just wasted my preecious time reading this stinking trash! Abolishing mayeso? Vuto la dyera ndi limenelo, chifukwa inu munadutsamo kale, you dont consider the next generation. Its not an issue of emppoyment. Next mumva msce ndi diploma tathetsa tiyambira pa degree nanga si imene ikuchitidwa advertise. Signs of failed state, instead of improving, you abolish. Atleast if the money were put to prudent use, we could have a reason to understand, but with this political elite abuse of our hard earned taxes, it is better I have my certificate than to save money only for somebody to plunder. Nosense!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. harr says:

    in zimbabwe,jce waz abolished in the year 2000.the same wth other countries who were economically stable by that time.they z nthing wrong wth the do primary schools go by it when learners fail?they are forced to repeat.the same principle applies.oh Malawians let us face facts and stop politicisng everything

  11. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    first and foremost introduce National Identity Cards for all citizens, so that even school pupils must be identified officially. then economic planning will be based on the exact number of citizens we have in the country. in this case, they will use same ids when writing exams, when searching for jobs, when going to hospital, when getting allowances at universities, when getting money from banks, when certifying their documents at police stations. because Malawi now needs a system that verifies certificates before someone can be employed by govt or companies. But it seems our leaders have never travelled outside the country to learn from what their collegues do. our leaders are just day dreamers, no vision for their country shame!!!

  12. Inu says:

    I am in full support of the article. Let us face facts. Have you seen any advert in the paper that requires JCE qualification? We have to look at this from a historical point of view. At some point in the distant past JCE was the highest qualification one would get. It is was relevant then but no longer relevant now. Furthermore most education systems dont have this qualifi ation. For those worried about checking progress of the students, I am sure the school exams are adequate.

    Coming to the issue of fees, i also fully support it. The reason why our population is dangerously becoming uncontrollable and crime increasing has partly to do with this. Couples just produce children just because they can. Schooling them and treating them when they are sick is taken as governments task. When parents are asked to take part or the financial responsibility, probably some will think twice before they can produce 10.

    As the writer has clearly stated it, while these are welcome developments, if corruption is not checked, or if money is just wasted anyhow as with the UN trip, we will not benefit anything from these positive developments

  13. Aleke says:

    With jce exams in place in which almost 30% of students fail, every year we see about half of students who write msce fail. Am imagining what will the situation be like with the abolition of jce. When you are in a desperate situation you compromise even the most essential values. The solution to all these problems is in one major reform; the president should resign. He has failed the nation. He failed as a minister and i dont see hope of survivng as a nation. Unfortunately we are living in that part of africa where stepping down is taken to be a weakness. Very bad!

  14. phelezunje says:

    really this abolition of pslce and jce hv come wrongly we dont hear of plan B since these are our gatepasses,seiver,passport,speed traps to hv intellegent students in other classes hence good perfomance.To the side of fees raising i see less advantages than disadvantages ecomicaly the country is facing with problems how do u expect poor pple to get the money therefore schools shall be for rich ones only hence poverty level shall still go high due to literancy,also population shall raise up unexpectably to cause more invironment problems.please make a pure research before it comes to worse.

  15. limzy limzy says:

    I’m in full support of introduction of paying of fees for primary school but the abolition of jce I don’t think it’s a good idea . like for are the students supposed to wait to write official exam? its gonna make them dull nana APA pokha aganizenso bhoo

  16. sometimes in september says:

    The idea undertaken to abolish JCE is a powerful brain muscle ever thought by the people we consider our guides. of course I agree with the article, given that in two to three years Malawi will be somewhere either economically stable or politically organized. But this idea of introducing fees in primary school and raising fees in other upper institutions doesn’t make sense. this idea will create a big gap between the rich who will afford the payment of school fees and the poor. as such Malawi will remain economically backward for the rich will continue getting rich and richer while the poor will get poor and poorer forever. so if we want Malawi to boast in these instances, how will that come about?

  17. Thokozani Semu says:

    I recomend the decision to abolish jce ,it has nothing to do with malawi development,

    But the problem still remain coz all the resource that will be saved as a result of jce abolition,will be plundered,then, no difference !

  18. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Mmmmmh Sibanda ndiwe wakuti? Si waku Zimbabwe uyu??bwinotu bwino.

  19. zanga phee says:

    za ziii palibe chanzeru apa,mayeso sathetsa baba

  20. Malawi Wane says:

    Sibande this is ur freedom of expression. But remember students will relax very much in their studies as a result we shall have very poor results at msce. Or government shall tamper with msce results so that it may seen like the pass rate has emproved but not. Let us love our children. After all parents have never failed to pay exam fees. Let them increase exam fees.

  21. chingolopiyo says:

    Mr Sibande, I salute you sir! This is a well written article, looking on the positive beyond the box , not on political line but economical line. Those who are against this article, surely, you have nothing to offer to the nation. We need people who think positive like Mr Sibande. Lets be honest, what benefit was JCE to the nation and those sitting on the exam. There are so many ways of raising funds for the government, including city parking and rates which the cities should do, put clear parking lines and charge fees. As Mr Sibande has openly said, no corruption. The police should be given target every month to raise on fines for cars that have no insurance, road tax and there should be a proper system to do that. There is no spoon feeding, let the people work, invest, not always looking fir government for help. This is the poor mentality that we have and seen that a man at retirement age refuses to go because he calls himself wamasiye, yet has zizukulu bwee.

  22. Bonkili says:

    I totally agree with Sibande about the abolition of JCE because it does not indeed serve any purpose educationally. PSLC Exams are important because they servr the purpose of a student to migrate from primary to secondary level of education. Likewise MSCE is important because the candidate graduates from secondary to tertiary level of education. On the other hand JCE exam that is administered within the secondary level of education does not serve ant meaningful purpose at all! However, for government to increase tuition I am not sure of what to say. Personally I can afford, but I feel pity with my gardener whose monthly salary is MK25,000 and his daughter is in Form one at Lilongwe Girls Sec School. May God have mercy!!!

  23. This shows that higher education is only for the elite coz it’s only them who can afford these exorbitant fees.

  24. goay says:

    This is useless, the one who wrote this post, is just like an empty tin!

  25. Paska Pelka says:

    This is nosense!these pple only thinks of themselves.We work hard everyday in a long long sunny day,but how much do we earn afta all,little amount.So how r we going to survive wen our salary is being increased by 10percent,while primary school fees has been introduced with more than 250 percent,and secondary school fees being increased by more than 300 percent,,,what kind of democracy are we being driven into???Chala changa!chala changa ndinakulakwira iwe,zafikapa ndiye malawi ali m’malawi a moto!!Ooh Lord,please give Malawi the courage to speak what is necessary to be heard by these beasts who only knows how to cherish their families and wishes themselves well,but never think of others,and probably,wishes them bad!!But dont worry,the race is not yet over,lets keep on racing Malawi,till we reach the final destination of 2019!never give up,believe in God as well as ur finger,these two will set u free in the next four years to come!!!!stupid!!

  26. Samuel says:

    someone here wadyesedwa chibzaz wit account #1

  27. Lazaro Akazi says:

    Mr Patriot (no 4) you are foolish indeed with your JC. So you want the Government of Malawi to be spending its scarce K2bn for the South African economy. What do we benefit from you being employed as a cleaner there?

  28. Makwete says:

    Akumudzi akwanisa kulipila sanatiganizile aphawife and amalawi ambilife ndife osamphunzila kale mwakweza ma fees ndiye ndi angat amene angapite ku school

  29. Peter27 says:

    You can not put value on continuous assessments! The gvt needs to continuouly know the academic level performances of its learners at each stage of their school lives and see if they will be ready to MSCE. How will the gvt do that? At what stage will the gvt introduce interventions to its learners incase they WONT BE ready for MSCE, and how will the gvt know that?
    And more importantly, I always decry the careless use of words here in Malawi-
    ABOLISH means to completely stop, but some writers use it to mean a change of names from GVT Principal Secretaries to something else, with all benefits intact.
    Now we are saying the gvt will SAVE (to keep something from being wasted) money while all evidence points to the DPP gvt being incapable of saving or managing the economy right.
    So the real issue here should be whether the gvt should keep the continuous assessments or we should entrust the DPP gvt with billions of kwachas to use it in an unspecified manner. Remember giving DPP money is like buying your 3 years old son a gun with live ammunition in it.

  30. Sam says:

    Improving education does not really mean introducing fees or abolishing jce… What about the quality of our teachers, are the curriculum goal oriented? Vuto ndiloti amalawi timasekeleza kuthekera pazambiri mwadala , nkhalamba zambiri ku education ndikanakonda zikanasiya ntchito ndikubweletsa anyamata omwe amakhala ndi mfundo

  31. namame says:

    Ohh! Even in public hospitals!! Stupid!!!

  32. Patriot says:

    Ine tipulumutsa ndalama
    Koma sizithandiza ife amalawi,
    zithandiza pitala ndi kagulu kake,
    azawononga ndalamazo tsiku limodzi,
    monga mmene wachitiramu ndi ulendo wachita ku US ndi mpingo wake wa anthu 130 wu.
    This man is the WORST president Malawi ever had,
    And he is VERY VERY CARELESS for his people.

    2. Ku South Africa amalemba ntchito anthu amene ali ndi Junior Certificate osati amene ali ndi MSCE. Language is very important. Galu ameneyu akufuna kukhomelera ife kuti tisamakapeze ntchito ku SA. Komanso malo motilemba ntchito, akutichinsanso kuno.

    Malawi ugona mpaka liti?



    “Saulo wa lero,
    Saulo wa lero,
    Ndi Mutharika,
    Waliyika dziko pa moto,
    Nthaka yodalitsika,

  33. Simon says:

    It is important that the increased school fees is managed and spent at school fot school improvements. If the money will be deposited in a general government account at HQ, this will be another of raising funds for central government allowances and travel which will have no impact on education. Move supported

  34. Press says:

    Looking our economy its good, but how u can asure us to stop cashgating @ capital hill.

  35. rute nyakala says:

    Surely the writer of this article doesn’t know the importance of continuous assessment in an educational system,which school did this author go to? Imagine if doctors,lawyers,engineers etc after going to college only I have one final exam,would this country not have been in untold mess than the current one?

  36. Comred Brigadier says:

    Koma bwinotu mukhoza usazawina pa 2019, pa ma week awiri munthu otyola Tea akulandira k3,800 akwanisa kukagula mankhwala pa k3,800

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