In the whiff of DPP rule: Malawi situation, we are certainly in this together

The DPP government is fast cruising to a destination. I would have loved to name the destination but I am not able to for the simple reason that I don’t know, and I am sure I am not alone in this predicament.Loose cannon

Few people out there can really tell where this country is heading; what they can tell, however, is where we are coming from under the stewardship of Peter Mutharika. We are certainly in this together.

It is often said that a good predictor of the future is the past. It is difficult therefore to craft a good model of the future minus a detailed profile of the past. It is simply impossible.

A precursor of the future under the DPP government is therefore accurately pictured based on a review of where we have come from. The past 14 months under Mutharika is a wake that is littered with a mixture of armature dramatics, cronyism and silly power-games.

Professor Peter Mutharika came on the scene with a new promise to do away with the old politics that is not tainted with tribal hyperbole and political patronage. He promised politics unusual. He raised the bar of expectation and for once a lot of Malawians began to believe in themselves; people began to look forward to a new future with abundant promise.

How that high promise has turned out to be a maze of confusion is an archetypal story of a long mile from the ridiculous to the sublime and seconds from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The first warning shot was fired when, just a few months in office, President Mutharika held a series of political rallies where, among other things, he declared his candidature for 2019 elections. It was also during these political rallies that we got the hint that the President still nurses a burning hatred against Joyce Banda and her People’s Party, especially over the treason charges slapped on him for attempting to usurp a constitutional order.

Mutharika’s speeches and actions hinted that he would do anything to ‘revenge’ what he said was unjustly done to him. He said this despite his amnesty declaration against his perceived enemies and call to bury the hatchet at his inauguration.

Now, 14 months later, the DPP government seems to be lost in wonderland. Mutharika has turned out to be an aloof and arrogant; a President who has practically disconnected with the ordinary Malawian – and ‘sleeping walking’ in power as others have said.

His ability to annoy and disfranchise people, including those who were prepared to die for him just over a year ago, has been legendary. He is more than happy to leave the reins of power to self-made and incompetent subordinates under the alias of advisors.

His procrastination on major decisions has been breathtaking. The much touted Malata Subsidy project has turned out to be an instrument of political patronage to appease his DPP apologists.

Donors are still withholding their budgetary support and have demanded a forensic examination and report of all the ‘cashgates’, not just the cashgate unearthed during the PP regime, but also the other ‘cashgates’ including the MK92 billion cashgate that took place during the reign of Bingu wa Mutharika.

The corruption fight has been reduced to only about a way of ‘shaking up’ political opponents. Security breakdown has reached pitiful levels.

Armed thugs are hitting fast and furious including at places that ought to be most secured. Cabinet Minister, AtupeleMuluzi was paid a visit in the middle of the night by robbers who made away with assorted items. The house of the State Vice President, Saulos Chilima, was also broken into, leaving people wondering whether they are any secure if armed robbers can just walk in and out of the most heavily guarded places on the land.

Ballots were set on fire at Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse in a mafia-like style.

In the latest armed robbery episode, the house of the Germany envoy was broken into and documents relating to the MK577 billion cashgate stolen. The Germany government is funding the forensic audit, which is looking into the MK92 billion scam.

But perhaps the lowest moment in this security breakdown was the killing of Anti–Corruption- Bureau (ACB) Deputy Director, IssaNjauju, who was kidnapped, gunned down and buried in a shallow grave just close to State House in Lilongwe. His official vehicle was burnt to ashes. Up to now no arrests have been made except for high sounding statements from Police and government.

At the rate we are going, Malawians have every reason to fear for their future. The Head of State must quickly come off the hangover of his ivory tower conditions and simply lead the country.

A government that fails to provide the most basic services has no business to be called government. ‘Learning expands great souls’, so the saying goes. Mutharika should consult even those people that he does not agree with. The lone-wolf approach will not help Mutharika and certainly not Malawians. Milk and honey have different colours, but they share the same house peacefully. Otherwise, he who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk.

“I learned that leadership is about falling in love with the people and the people falling in love with you. It is about serving the people with selflessness, with sacrifice and with the need to put the common good ahead of personal interests.”- Joyce Banda, former president of Malawi.

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24 thoughts on “In the whiff of DPP rule: Malawi situation, we are certainly in this together”

  1. Mulangizi wa APM (Same Sex Marriages and Mithibulo) says:

    Did you say Malawians had high hopes in Mutharika? Not me. I saw him as a failure when he served in his brother’s government. It was actually his idiocy that led to his brother unable to leaving behind a great history.

    Even at a uni where he taught the man had a very poor rating.

    It is unfortunate that Malawians with an insight like mine are very few, he should not have been a president. This is and will be the worst president in Malawi and in the whole world. Trust me!

  2. clement says:

    Ngati wangokhala phwiii kumaonerera boma kuti lisinthe zinthu izo sidzingatheke, aliyense akuyenera kutengapo mbali chifukwa mavuto alipowa adayamba ndi fisi Joyce Banda pogwetsa kwacha ndi 50% plus kuba vindalama ndi Lutepo zomwe zapangitsa othandiza kuleka ndiye mukamati fwifwifwi mukufuna president apange bwanji? Malata anatsisa,cement chimodzodzi
    lwe Thom choumia kamimba kako komwe uliko

  3. LWD says:

    I guess Joyce Banda learned her lesson after a miserable show at the elections. At least she seems to have some insight!

  4. SADRIDO says:

    Ife a Lomwe musatichititse manyazi, madala. Pepani inu ndinu mchona kuno ndinu alendo abwana President, APM. Tapemphani nzeru kuchokera kwa amayi BANDA. Machona dziko lino simungalithe panokha. Akulu anu, a Bingu, linawakanika mpakana kukomoka kenako kumwalira. DPP, polephera kuti mtembo alowera nawo kuti ndichifukwa chake amapita nawo ku South Africa only to be told that it seems he comes from Goliati, Thyolo. Matchona inu pepani….kkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! Mayi Banda ndi m’modzi amene angathe kuyendetsa dziko lino osati inu bambo APM panokha. Taonani dowoko pano ndipamene pamacheza ng’ona ku lower Shire. Mayi JB mafuta ndi awo mpakana lero . Magetsi nthawi ya mayi Banda samavuta koma lero bwa?????????

  5. Nywenga says:

    Nanga Inu che Thom mukuchitapo chani kuti Dziko lanu lipite patsogolo. Munathawa kale kale bweraniko tizathandizane mavutowa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Martin Mtambo says:

    This arrogance is exactly what reduced the late Bingu from a hero to a mere villain.It’s such a shame and a pity that our so-called highly educated President has deliberately chosen to follow his late brother’s unsuccessful leadership style.Wake up Mr. President and start serving Malawians,not just yourself and the selescted few who say yes to everything u suggest

  7. Kavuluvulu says:

    A LHOMWE boma lawakanika ili.

  8. zatonse says:

    Akukonde akukonde,mai mai & others,
    The author is not obliged to offer solutions. His/ her responsibility is to point out weak areas.
    However, this particular author has been generous. He’s made some important suggestions by way of reminding us about seeking sound advice from sound people.

    Abale, tiyeni tiziwelenga nkhanizi mpfuna kuti bwino

  9. namarokoro says:

    You make me laugh by ending your article with a quote of ” Former President Dr Joyce Banda”.
    You may not know because you are staying in the United Kingdom, and you are forgiven for that, that house-breakings has been a problem in Malawi since Kamuzu days. My house in area 12 has been broken into several times and it all happened before this current government. The responsibility to curb robberies is the responsibility of all Malawians living in Malawi. We need to work with the police and not hide thieves amongst us because all these breaking our houses are our brothers, fathers, cousins, etc. and live amongst us. It is not a political problem unless you convince me that Chakwera (the leader of opposition party) is the one organising robberies which I strongly doubt.
    The current government has its faults like any other government that came before it. As Malawians especially living in Malawi lets united and work towards developing our country. We do not have another life to live and we can not spend it complaining like those in diaspora complaining after enjoying English breakfast. We have a lot of development here going on – come and see!
    By the way what is wrong with president declaring standing in for 2019 elections?

  10. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Amaiiiii muli kutiiiii…. Kuno a Bwampini zinthu zawavuta… Kwacha nde yikunka ikutithawa…Chonde bwerani amai mudzaigwire mmene munapangira inu muja…

  11. Lol….koma ndiyetu… za Issa ndiye zimandiwawa ngati za Chasowa.. ndine munthu okwiya kwambiri ndi Boma ili lol… real mafias lol.. kudzayera manso athu adzapenya zoona.. mudzichenjera u shall come down to us as Lutepo!!

  12. redeemed says:

    Poti sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa the song goes. How ever it could be more if these critics were accompanied by profitable suggestive solution that will enable this ship to sail to the desirable direction as we are in this sinking ship together.

  13. MaiMai says:

    Problem is the pupulace they are all sleep walking like their so called president! Even you Thom you are sleep walking. ..all you can do like any malawian is write write and write on NT here nothing more!

    Keep on crying until Jesus comes! Cowards die im old age so goes the saying that malawians have embraced. ..

  14. woooooo! says:

    ulendo waku phopho umenewu

  15. Chopwichopwi says:

    Eee koma dpp sikugonetsa anthu tulo kkkkk simunati aphwanga, mumva madzi kkkkkkk.

  16. Malcolm says:

    Another worthwhile article highlighting the unattractive direction which this lovely country is following. Why can leaders of whatever party see that there is a strong desire for a cleaner politics,a fairer distribution of the country`s wealth and a delivery of basic supplies of water and electricity. It is not beyond possibility if government cleansed itself. not the greed and power

  17. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    Mr. Thom Chiumia, after writing what you have written, What is the solution then? Complaints are for everyone but genius people offer solutions. You have just proven to be an ordinary man on the streets who sees all the wrong things yet cannot offer solutions. Malawi is for all of us and I have never thought the solutions to problems facing Malawi can be solved by one man, the President. If you think you are better than Peter, come to Malawi and rescue us. Grow wiser and begin to see things with a different eye. Offer solutions before we begin to think you have a dagger against the president. Talk is cheap but actions are expensive. We want actions.

  18. Kaka says:

    Boma lotenga mwakuba ndichoncho. Mulungu sangadalitse koma kutipatsa phunziro. God will soon intervene sangalole tizunzike mpakampaka

  19. Mwethu says:

    That quote on JB just trashes the whole good article!! Did she put the common good ahead of personal interests? That much we all know is not right, it was her and her PP first and the common good somewhere below. No wonder malawians voted her out. She wasn’t as clueless as APM but she wasted our time in those 2 years she ruled Malawi.

  20. mdk says:

    Musapake maganizo anu kwa amalawi onse. These are your personal views and please let them remain so.look at the recent by elections which party won?inu busy kulalata basi not coming up with solutions to our problems and you think you are better?munayambapo mwanena zabwino inu? Vuto ndikusavomeleza,accept you lost and let’s move on together as a country.try again in 2019

  21. MAENDAENDA says:

    “…milk and honey have different colors, but they share the same house peacefully…” I like this!!!

  22. BBC says:

    We also need an icon for dislike to show others that we don’t like what they comment

  23. Kapyepye says:

    M’bale iwe ndiwabodza. Kungofuna kusocheretsapo anthu apa. Kodi cholinga chako ndichani makamaka.

  24. .... says:

    PM is the worst president Malawi evet had.
    Zizindikiro zoti munthuyu ndi bubu (Chanco saga fir example), Mulungu anatipatsa.
    Koma ife ayi, “tifuna mlomwe yemweyo, Pulofesa….ife sitimadya loko, timadya chimanga”. “Chakwera anathawa ubusa, ife sitikufuna chipani chokupha anthuchi” (I wonder if it was MCP who killed Chasowa and now Njaunju)
    Tsoka ilo, Mulugu ati tione chimanga chimene atakupatseni. Dabwi, okolola chimanga 50 bags chaka ndi chaka kupezeka wakolola 4 bags yeni yeni.
    Ma floods idzani, nyumba kukokoloka. And what does DPP MP do, kugawa ma plastic a black ati khoma. Mpaka lero, sanamange nyumba za anthu amenewa. Malata/cement subsidy still an unrealised dream.
    Ati azungu tiribe nawo ntchito as a result, Malawi is bleeding, dead and buried.
    Taxes, taxes more taxes. Kwacha is on a landslide devaluation.
    Cost of basic goods are sky rocketing.
    Tikudya kamodzi ku chipatala. Pain killer akutipatsa for people with broken bones are bluffens mmalo mwa morphin.
    Anthu akugona ma corridor mzipatalamu.
    Feteleza subsidy ndi iyo akuti anthu obvutika salandira nawo, koma okhawo alimi eni eni amakolola chimanga chambiri.
    Thumba la feteleza pakali pano is @ K20,000.
    The clueless lomwe leader, malo mosolva mabvuto tiri nawo, akufuna kuwononga ndalama pa referendum ya zi pa nkhani ya zi.
    Mary kachale bize ndi K24 billion cashgate, leaving under carpet K577 billion looted by DPP the party that put her on that position of DPP.

    DPP has failed us, and MUST RESIGN.

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