Infighting at MBC: Mungomo in smear campaign against Sumbuleta

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Director of Programmes Albert Mungomo is reportedly distributing a series of anonymous letters attacking MBC Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta, President Peter Mutharika and his aide, Ben Phiri among others.

Mungomo:  Suspected to be behind smear campaign against MBC boss

Mungomo: Suspected to be behind smear campaign against MBC boss

This week messages have gone viral on email and Whatsapp message sharing platform chronicling wide allegation against Sumbuleta ranging from abuse of office and sexual offences.

However, an investigation reveal that the IP addresses from which the slanderous emails originated have been traced to IT gadgets used by Albert Mungomo, one of the senior managers at the public broadcaster.

According to our investigations, Mungomo’s official email address is [email protected] and it uses IP address number.16.345.279.41. The slanderous mail in circulation uses the same IP address but with a fake account named [email protected]

For close to three months now, Mungomo has been sending malicious emails to almost all media houses in Malawi but the organizations have been turned them down due to their slanderous nature.

Using account name [email protected], he sent the emails to media houses in July this year and the second anonymous letter followed on the 25th of August, 2015. The latest version of these anonymous letters was sent to the media houses on Thursday 24th September, 2015.

In all these attempts, the emails used the same IP route and address used by Mungomo’s official email.

This is not the first time Mungomo has been connected to chaos at MBC. Previously, Mungomo and his third wife Gloria Banda had been accused of running the programmes department at MBC as a family business.

Sources in administration at MBC say in the department Mungomo is Director while his wife Gloria is Chief which means Gloria reports to her husband.

But in this current of attacks, Mungumo has gone flat out hitting his own Director General and his colleagues in the ruling DPP including the president’s special aide Ben Phiri.

Nyasa Times understands that Mungomo has a grudge with the DPP leadership and that’s why he is attacking everyone he feels is close to the DPP ass he claims to have done so much for Peter Mutharika to win but he was not rewarded accordingly.

‘‘ Come and ask anybody here.. Albert Mungomo says Mutharika brought Sumbuleta to head MBC simply because he is Lhomwe.. Instead of making him Director General, apparently that’s what they had agreed,’’ said one of the MBC employee.

The investigations have also discovered that Mungomo was demanding that he be returned as Presidential Press Secretary following the 2014 election victory by the DPP in May last year.

For two years, Mungomo served as Presidential Press Secretary for late President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Inside sources at MBC say that, Sumbuleta was the one who promoted Albert Mungomo to the position of Director of Programmes after previous Director General Benson Tembo turned down pressure from government to give Mungomo the post.

Investigations have further revealed that the email was first circulated to three receivers whose IP addresses are owned by Globe Internet Services but rented to MBC. At the time of posting the story we had not traced the users of those IP addresses.

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61 thoughts on “Infighting at MBC: Mungomo in smear campaign against Sumbuleta”

  1. hey says:

    Mr Mungomo ,smearing someone about sexual offences? Really? Lets not forget that people do change therefore I reserve my comment. It had many words like a thesis.

  2. chatonda says:

    Komatu agalu awiriwa onse alibe University Degrees at all. Mungomo has just started his Diploma at Poly. But Mungomo wants to be the DG with nothing academically with his wife Gloria Banda. Shaa Malawi has gone to the dogs indeed.

  3. Gmail account on this day and era for the national broadcaster? Chitukuko chikuchedwa pa Malawi.

  4. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Sumbuleta mwangodana naye chifukwa ndi Mlomwe. Look guys, Sumbuleta is a performer. He is among the few Malawian journalists to have worked for the BBC and other prominent international media. He left a high paying job for MBC just to help the institution. Zikakhala izi zonyengana zili paliponse. Ndani sanyenga pa ofesi?

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Mutharika Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Ambele says:

    Sumbuleta and Mungomo mukazitengela izi mudana koopsya woyambitsa ali phee
    Mungomo can have weakness so too Sumbuleta but I dont think zobvula mabulukuzo
    nzoona. Keep your heads up, though I dont know or like the two but this is work of adani basi

  7. Nkozombwe says:

    Sitikudziwa kuti choona nchiti, komanso appearance abale a Mungomo kkk

  8. Chileka says:

    Hon Jappie Minister of Information although you are very rarely commenting onto matters of our concerns, We wish to urge you to review DG Sumbuleta and DP Mungomo positions so that they can be removed from MBC and assign other jobs because they have brought Shame , torture to reputable MBC .How do you feel always these people fight one another due to who should be heading MBC and victimising innocent staff.Dont practice Mediocrity

  9. Donnex says:

    Musatitaitse nthawi, talembani zomwe mukuti zaululikazo za Sumbuletazo. Kodi amatani…..tiyambire pamenepo osatiyambira mmalele nkhani tisakuidziwa

  10. zodiak says:

    Koma yaaaa. Sumbuleta anafika pamenepa. Zitengera anthu olimba mtima. Watch out my bro Sumbuleta AKA Innocent Mawaya

  11. Mngoni says:

    Tayamba kumva zambiri tsopano as a result of this article. Kani ziri choncho pa nyumba ya mphepo. Staff yayamba kuyankhula tsopano. Shhaaaaa. Wapa tsindwi anaulula wapadzala.

  12. MEMA Studio says:

    Sumbuleta and Mungomo onsewa ndi azibwana because they were promoted to those positions because of politics not profession,Both of them they dont have qualifications to hold those positions and I wish Ministry of Information to come up open and challenge me what qualifications do those guys have on their files.Kondwani Nankhumwa and Chimwemwe Banda tried to appease them and give them better positions.Sumbuleta is true kukonda ku mvula trousers mu office kwa azimai ku MBC and azimai ambiri amuona katundu wake,Mungomo ndiye chisimu amakwatira ku office konko no wonder anachita kulanda mkazi wa eni ache Ralph Banda waku MRA.Akumana a Miseche okhaokha akulu awiriwa.Aphanapo ndithu Mungomo from Zomba and Sumbuleta from Mulanje.

  13. Waonanji says:

    I have been on the computer checking the so called Mungomob IP address. It is linking to something different. Sumbuleta akudyera poyerayera. Someone Ali phee akufuna muzingomenyana, chipani cha DPP chipuse komanso strength ya chipani pa MBC ithe. Look out Sumbuleta, look out Mungomo.

  14. WaNakabaghe says:

    Ben yekha amusiye, afutse malopa kuwawa kwa mnyamatayu

  15. zeze says:

    works of m’gomo. kwake nkuwononga basi.

  16. i miss kamuzu says:

    this does not help my life or my country in the slightest. nsima yopanda ndiwo(useless)

  17. Robert Zingani says:

    WaWa! U mean Sumbuleta? Is a man who knows his job,he is not a failure, it is a sin to be Alhomwe? The clear answer is no so let’s give support to A Sumbuleta. Don’t involve Ben phiri here kodi anakuputani chani? DPP! Boma!,Ben is royal the National party I mean DPP! Wawa!

  18. Tina says:

    Stupid, you want people to be busy with Mr Mungomo fake accusations instead of understanding how country is corrupted. Watch MEC figures, Ma Mbendera ukoo, ndee makalatanso ndee chani? Write sensible aah

  19. anadimba says:

    abale,mkuluyu anada ndi mtima womwe mwati?kapenatisagwirire ntchito limodzi ndi banja lathu?winnayo asiye ngakhale zomuyenereza ali nazo? Abale jelous silitipindulira

  20. blessings says:

    That’s why I dont even listen to MBC or watchin MBCTV,private radios and tv stations atleast they do honestly inform us entertain us and educate us.

  21. clement says:

    Mungomo, apa walowa mkati ndipo uleke zopusa zakozo. Ukhale munthu wabwino ungakhale akazi atatu?? Nawe Gloria uzimulangiza fisi wakoyo. Iwe Albert ndimakupatsa ulemu koma apa wailakwa. Iweyo sukuyenera kukhala D M ku MBC ndipo uleke zauchitsiru zakozo. Mpofunika akuchotse ulandirepo zako.

  22. Bushiri wa prophet says:

    Can you post what mungomo is circulating..

  23. Somizi Kacheleza says:

    Menyanani agalu inu. Mulibe manyazi, wina director wina director general. Osachita manyazi washing each other in public. MBC is a cheap institution and surely with cheap management.

  24. Professor Colbyn says:

    The problem of turning mulhakho wa alhomwe as an employment bureau. Mac hende Sumbuleta. Naweso mungomo kodi ku ma studios aku MBC nkoka sokerana ndi akazi akowo?

  25. Thyangathyanga says:

    Remember that Mungomo’s brother was an MCP member. I am not suprised to see him attacking his own boss.

  26. Sitinamve maganizo a Mungomo apa. Tamalembani za nzeru. Akayanjana alekeni, ana a Dpp awa, eeee! Wachoka nayo patali mbc Che Mungomo afuna mpando ononawo.

  27. tsetsefly says:

    Politically motivated appointments are always a challenge world over. Be smart be professional in whatever you do and you will realize that you don’t need politicians to excel in life.

  28. maxwell phiri says:

    kaya awona kuti atani?

  29. Victor Jumbo says:

    I for one am not surprised with such people’s behaviours. Such people have been given a licence to reap where they didn’t sow. No one would reprise them so long they support government of the day. The problem is how will PAM entertain and meet the personal needs of all his special supporters, the likes of Mungomo, Bright, Ben and so forth. The president should lead Malawi to prosperity through sound economic policies that will bring growth and development to the people’s lives and country as a whole. He should work to root out corruption and try to eradicate poverty and instill discipline in government and public organisations. There should be zero tolerance for corruption activities and this should start at the top most, the president himself. Encourage hard work and improve peoples working conditions and please Stop mis-using of tax payers money. people are dying in hospitals due to lack of resources and medication. People living in fear of their lives due to increase in robbery and insecurity. This can not be right and needs to stop now. people pay tax in order to have these basic things. Protection, good roads, good hospitalsand good education among others things.
    Victor Jumbo

  30. nangolominyo says:

    Is this story true? or you just want to seek attention. a mungomo mukanangolemba letter nkupita nayo ku Lilongwe ndi kuchipani mpaka pa social media. Thats where i am at difficulty to believe this reporter.

  31. Benson T Phiri says:

    Man uli madzi wagwira fuwa lamoto, uyembekezenso kuchosedwa ntchito 2019

  32. Robert Mawina says:

    Kindly recheck the IP address as well. Doesn’t look genuine as well or a digit is missing somewhere.

  33. Malawi Kwacha says:

    God is Great.

  34. Moses Makoko says:

    Idyani misonkho yanga zinyama inu, mukakhuta kazilimbanilanani mahule anuo.

  35. George phiri says:

    Mungomo ndiwamantha. Go and talk to mr president you might just be the next Finance minister.

  36. Thanduxolo says:

    Ngati anthuwa adabwera ku MBC mu njira zina zosakhudzana ndi ukadaulo kapena ukatswiri pa ntchito, ndiye kuguzanaguzana kupitilira pofuna kuoneka wabwino. Anthuwa akufuna kudyera monga mmene akudyelera omwe adawabweletsa. Nyenyanani poti ndi nthawi yanu.


    Izi ndizotsakaikitsa. Mkazi wa Mungomo yemwe ndi Gloria anachita chotheka kuti Flora Nkusa Nkhoma achoke ku MBC. Gloria ndioyipa kwambiri pamodzi ndi mwamuna wakeyu kamba koti akutenga MBC ngati ndichinthu chakunyumba kwawo. Gloria behaves as if she is a Director of MBC. She’s fond of telling lies to her hubby, very unfortunate indeed!!!!! Malawians out there know that Kuli chipasupasu kuno ku MBC osati masewera koma ngati akuluakulu sachitapo kanthu kaya sindikudziwa kuti zitha bwanji ndipo zinsisi zambiri ziululika zomwe zikuchitika kuno ku MBC ndi M’boma.

  38. Wikleaks says:

    Those who thought they are done with Ben Phiri, he was spoted with the president in America. This dude called APM can not do without Ben. He is useless cant

  39. nachipanti says:

    za alomwe izi!!zawo zimenezo

  40. Me says:

    One thing about gmail is that it is deliberately designed with privacy in mind, meaning you won’t be able to extract the IP of the originating device. What you will get will be the IP of the carrier (AirTel, TNM, etc), if you are emailing from your phone, or the IP address of your internet service provider (ISP) if you are emailing from a computer somewhere. In fact, in most cases you just get one of the google servers in Mountain View, California if you try to do a trace. And since we have very few ISPs in Malawi, I wouldn’t be surprised if a trace on any one of them would have the same IP address as the one linked to Mungomo.

    I actually ran an IP trace on 16.345.279.41 an “invalid IP address” message.

  41. Nomakanjani says:

    Kodi amalawi bwanji?? Kungofuna kumenyanitsa anthu basi. Smear campaign? Mwafufuza, mwapeza kuti ndi zonama kuti muziti smear campaign. Palitu nkhani apa, I think that is the starting yard.

  42. ocha ochave says:

    Anthu over 100 ulendo ku UN with that message? Ha ha ha. Shallow message

  43. Kaya Ine says:

    Shatapu. This is inside work meant to divide the DPP. Awiriwa sangamenyane, for what. May be there is something we dont know???????

  44. Demster Kholiyo says:

    Fake ICT operators, dont destroy this good profession. IP 16.345.279.41 linked to mungomo? Go back to ICT School before I can school you.

  45. Tchende latupa says:

    DPP this is felt inflicted….Mungomo left you and went to Amai….then came back and you gave hima job? zoziyamba musova. Njoka saweta.

  46. Watch Tower says:

    Kugwindwa dzuwa likuswa ntengo shaaaa!

  47. Watch Tower says:

    Ndinakuuzani zonyengelana akazi sizabwino…A Gloria waona amuna aphanatu apa…

  48. Tombolombo says:

    Za DPP is asova

  49. chechipapwiche says:

    ICT at work, watch out!

  50. Brian Ganya says:

    Lets investigate the allegations made. Lets not bring in innocent people in order to divide and rule.

  51. Margie Lunda says:

    A Sumbuleta, chonde gwirani bwino ntchito ndi anthu.

  52. Friday Chikadya says:

    Hating these two pple will not yield. Divide and Rule?

  53. Think Tank says:

    Let them destroy each for future reference when chips are down

  54. Zakeyo says:

    That is a routable IP address (a public IP address) and you can’t claim that it is assigned to a pc or gadget on an internal network. This is rubbish!! Just as bad as saying this parcel came from mr mungo mo just because it has the exit address of MBC exit when you clearly know that all MBC employees use the same exit to send parcels!! Ask people who know these things before you write and you will be guided accordingly!!! Aaaaaa a Malawi bwanji kodi???

  55. Pamajiga says:

    Its true there is alot of infighting at MBC and how come Mungomo and his wife working together and Gloria reporting to her Husband,and Mungomo is influenced by his Wife to make transfers of whomever his wife doesnot want inline.We are working in fear.We are always hunted with the named family,akuti Sumbuleta adali kutiko He has never worked at MBC,anabwela ndi andale apitenso ndi andale.

  56. Twakwalakwa says:

    This is nothing to do with us. There is no news here worth reporting.

  57. zanga phee says:

    OSADABWA, Ameneyo ndiye MUNGOMO amamva zake zokha,kodi osangomuchotsa bwanji akalime thonje?za zi tizingomva Mungomo , MBC, MBC MUNGOMO,

  58. matako a pusi says:

    Office politics at work

  59. Austin Manthalu says:

    Wats wrong with u mungomo? Leave sumbuleta alone

  60. Msiyeni Mzanu says:

    Hey guys leave your friend alone. What is wrong with Malawians? Why do you want to fight friends in the media. Why can’t we learn to love one another? Politics everywhere? Do we really read the Bible. Where is our Love? Love thy nebour! That’s the most important commandment. Ntchito zikusowa sibwino kuonongerana mchere abale. Chonde kondanani

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