Infighting rocks CCAP Blantyre Synod over ‘church cashgate’

Trouble continues in the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) of Blantyre Synod as men of God’s continue to fight each other over church’s leadership style Nyasa Times can reveal.

Rev Maulana: Gets abuse of church rap from Reverend Chimesya

Rev Maulana: Gets abuse of church rap from Reverend Chimesya

General Secretary of the Synod Reverend  Alex Maulana is fighting with one of his strong critic of his leadership, Reverend Stanley Chimesya.

According to a letter that Nyasa Times has sourced, Rev Chimesya who is also Prison Chaplain has called for an independent committee to investigate a number of financial anomalies and abuse of Synod resources by his General Secretary Rev Maulana.

Chimesya, who has copied the letter to all Synod departments, church moderators, Synod board members ,Synod treasurers, Human Resources  and Presbytery clerks, responds to an  internal memo which Rev Maulana is reportedly to have written advising and warning all church leaders  and committees of financial mismanagement and other anomalies.

In the letter Chimesya observed that even the  General Secretary himself is not above management policy as he is also answerable to the Synod on lots of anomalies that his  office is caught up with which needs proper explanations.

According to Chimesya he has asked for explanation from the Rev Maulana on the bank overdraft the Synod got from National Bank worth K13 million which they didn’t disclose to church members even moderators. He said there has been no explanation on the use of the money.

He claims he has objective evidence of the issue and call upon Rev Maulana to defend and justify why the Synod had to accumulate K13 million bank overdraft when the church collect huge sums of money from each members , rentals and others fees.
“Please defend this issue and if it is true how possible the Synod of Blantyre could accumulate that huge overdraft yet the Synod collects millions of kwachas from Blantyre City Presbytery alone, collects millions from rental fees, collects millions from other Presbyteries and other sources

“Let me point out that if this is true please know that this is a very serious matter, which has to be attended with urgency otherwise it can lead Synod into closing down. Please be advised that a lot of our CCAP members working at the National Bank of Malawi are very worried and some have since stopped paying pledge money”, Chimesya  wrote in his letter.

Maulana who was appointed as board chair of National Food Reserve Agency ( NFRA )  by President Peter Mutharika and is also chair of Malawi Council of Churches  has also been accused of claiming travelling allowances , fuel and accommodation from the church whenever is going out for meeting which has nothing to do with the church but NFRA or MCC meetings.

“Apparently your office is caught up in abusive and serious misuse of money in excessive external trips and allowances to non Synod core obligations such as the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) and National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) where you are both chairperson.

“Is it true that from these two bodies you have been claiming millions of kwachas from Synod on fuel, accommodation and duty allowances which upon your return after been refunded have not found its way back into Synod coffers/purse? This is what we hear from the custodians of money, if this is true; is this not another  cashgate and anomaly in the Synod? “queries Rev Chimesya.

Chimesya has also questioned the accidents which Maulana has been involved where two of Synod cars have been destroyed and money spent on it , demanding an independence inquiry as he claims he knows what exactly has been happening and that he got the report from Namadzi police officers who were first to arrive at the scene of Maulana’s accident.

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41 thoughts on “Infighting rocks CCAP Blantyre Synod over ‘church cashgate’”

  1. Sailota says:

    Kudos to Rev Chimesya. Malawians have a serious problem. We have a crowd mentality which means that we are afraid of standing alone, even when we are required to defend the truth and justice.

    Most of the times we tend to despise those that think differently from us.

    I am not surprised that with the formation of the Independent CCAP in Johannesburg. This JHB CCAP must expand to Malawi and open up branches here in Malawi. We are tired of the Synods taking its members for granted.

  2. AL-SHAHBAB says:

    Ife kuno timavutika kupeleka za chikhumi za ma card kuti zithandizile ntchito yamulungu AGALU inu mukungoba nkumadya eti!!mukafuna kupeleka matageti mulibenso chisoni kuti ndikumuzi kapena ntown.MUKUTI ONONGELA MBILI ya mpingo wathu agalu inu ngati mwatopa osasiyila ena bwanji MWANDIKWIISA

  3. mbewe says:

    Hmm. Presbetry Christians what has come of you? You have completely lost direction. Am not a presbetry but muchititsa manyazi mpingo. You dont have better ways of handling matters. Much as it is appreciatable that one has right to expression be reminded as well you have to be responsible enough. These could be classified supposedly to be treated as such. Slow down alittle bit and find better solutuon to resolve issues. Anthu athawire kuti? It believe in church one has to find solace.

  4. Chemlyn Duwa Chitatu says:

    Ngat muumadya ndalama xamumpingo God will pansh yu one day bt we should nt judge Gods eyes waltches evry where .

  5. weniweni says:

    Chimesya! Akutuma eti? Kufuna kugula mafevazi amapanga choncho? Mhiiiiiii questionable man of God.

  6. yabwanya says:

    Whatever is happening in our Church is not fair to the poor Christian whose hard earned money is being misused here, not only by the Rev Maulana but the Church as a whole. and to make matters worse, there is no forgiveness in the Church of ours. Leaders are squandering money but when a poor Christian dies before his pledge card is fulfilled the Church will not accord that deceased person full church rights, is this Fair?

  7. John Black says:

    These men of God have no morals.

  8. Vyantonda says:

    muli chuma mu mpingo and imagine 1/4 of 577 billion cashgate was eaten by a mpingo church offerings timakuonani.Now look a mpingo where are the donors nkhosa zavutika

  9. I’m sure you meant to say, ‘Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP)’ and not ‘the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) of Blantyre Synod’ as presented in the article.

    CCAP ndi kholo la Bt Synod, not vice versa, as the way you’ve written it portrays.

  10. Weniweni says:

    Chimesya uli ndivuto lalitali lofunika kulidula. Udindo samasaka motero koma ndikudziwa kuti suli wekha uli ndi azinzako opuma aja omwe amafuna udindo kut uwagwere kachikena komanso tiazibusa ting’ono ting’ono. Zomwe mumafuna sizitheka akulu pazani chochita china basi

  11. Dr Kamoto, Chief Kwataist says:

    Rev Maulana is a crook. Apart from za cashgate zi paliso nkhani iyi yamasewera a key ndi lock. Amayikonda kwambiri. Moti chi ujeni chake ichi chi key kapena kuti tchafuti ndiyoperepeseka kowoopsa coz of ti Ana tamasiku anoti tosawopa so. Maulana ndi satana heavy. Amaledzera, vigololo, kuba ndalama and akazi a eni, mabodza and politicization of church.

  12. Reverend Nyondo Chipofya Chimesya Mtumbuka says:

    Brethren, don’t be surprised. There is a common factor to these wrangles; Tumbukaism. Tumbukaism is a major problem that needs to be rooted out from our society. Tumbukaism is rocking the Livingstonia-Nkhoma Synod relationship. Tumbukaism has brought suffering in its Kanengo Church resulting into its pastor Mhango being expelled. Tumbukaism has even infected politics. Mzomera Ngwira, Khumbo and Changegoal are knifing each other in PP because of Tumbukaism disease. This man Chimesya was born with Tumbukaism disease and is now infecting Blantyre Synod. Let us all citizens of Malawi, from Chitipa to Nsanje, rise up against this fatal disease Tumbukaism.

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    Rev Chimesya, I salute you. May God continue to bless you. If only our beloved country had 10 more Reverends like you, our country would be a different place. Keep up God’s work.

    We have had exemplary men of God in the past like Reverend Chilembwe, the Catholic Bishops, who spoke the truth for the benefit of others. I feel our men of God of the current day instead of leading us, are getting totally messed up in issues which they should not. Let us not fear to tell the truth, and no one, I repeat NO ONE SHOULD intimidate you, as long you are telling the truth.

  14. Concerned Synod Christian member says:

    This is so shameful. Rev Chimesya your approach appears suspect due to manner in which you brought it up. However what you said will not be erased in peoples minds. It was reported earlier that Rev Maulana was sponsored by DPP now we can see some linkages. There are allegations of cash-gate at synod. Whatever manner this has come out the synod must find means in responding to it in a manner that can restore back confidence to Synod members (christians). I do not think just refutals would ever be enough. This issue is very sensitive and must be dealt with lots of maturity and objectivity by Synod leadership. Trying to cover the issue up would cause even more harm. It will not be enough anymore to believe that God will punish the wrong doer. Money is what drives church activities and that comes from the poor christians. Please assure these christians that their monies/gifts are 100% used for Gods works. Therefore I suggest that as one of the response Synod must demonstrate against each allegation in a very transparent and objective manner that this claim is false. Otherwise I as a Synod Christian member I am now confused and disappointed contemplating of serving God through other churches i.e. Catholic, Baptist etc . So we are waiting how this issue will be concluded.

  15. mchawingamambo says:

    Anthu amene mukupereka makometi apa mukulakwira mulungu sizoona kuti muzitukwana munthu perekani makometi ngati za ambuye osati ngati ndale chonde abale anga timphuzile kunena mwa umunthu

  16. Daude manyozo says:

    Chimesya pliz dnt bring yo personal issues to church.

  17. Tortoise like stone says:

    Yester of yesterday, Nkhoma Synod, Yesterday Livingstonia synod, today Blantyre Synod. You mean you can’t follow the example of Catholic Cuirch, with of lots of zipani inside but so intact and united? Akakhala ma pente ndiye worse. Assemblies, Calvary, Living Waters etc etc. No wonder anyamata amachawi aklota masiku ano angoti ndine prophet. Sibola kuwauza anthu kuti dzulo unadya nyemba, lero wadyera nkhani! KKKKKKK. You can’t go wrong in these days of much green vegetation and economic hardship! KKKKKK

  18. Atrobe says:

    Koma ndi za Mulungudi izi? Seek the face of God first & everything will follow

  19. Tate Ndawala says:

    Rev.Chimesya u don’t deserve to be a man of God, abusa inu ndi aphuma zedi mwina ziwanda za akaidi zinakulowani. Bwanji osapeza njira yokambirana zamavuto anuwo? Lapani nsanga nthawi yatha.

  20. Gracian says:

    Chimesya kufuna udindo kuti ulowere pawindo

  21. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    Much as I don’t subscribe in the system of washing your dirty linen in public, I would like to comment on this article. It has come to my realisation that everyone hu is a head or leader at every institution and has DPP blood in them, they are doing things in untouchable manner They think they are more blue than others. They’ve already forgotten what happened to the Big Kahuna few years ago. That very same incident can repeat itself should He deem it so. Am also a Presbyterian and it pains me a lot when Men of God fight like this in public. They are supposed to live by example by loving each other. Unfortunately that love is thrown out to dogs. Rev. Chimesya has got a point ofcoz even though we might say that they are kicks of a dying horse. If what he’s saying is anything to go by, then Rev. Maulana has to be investigated. Claiming allowances from the Synod on either the NFRA or MCC’s meetings is day light robbery that can’t be condoned. Ndakwiya.

  22. That’s what we call church business.Some Reverends are eating church money and they become Empirors/Kings in Jesus name they say whilst the inferiors/church members suffer in their homes.

  23. vin mongu says:

    Kudos to Chimesya. thieves in churches used to be whipped by Jesus Christ. So let us whip this one Maulana and retain morality of the church. kupusa a malawi no wonder we do not develop

  24. CCAP Faithful says:

    Koma ngati zili zoona kuti amatenga ndalama za mpingo ndikumapitila Ku ma board meetings that is gross abuse. On the other hand why appoint a Church Minister to chair a board of an important parastatals like NFRA? This type of appeasement will never take this country anywhere and we shall continue to be a laughing stock of the Region.

  25. Myao says:


  26. Tt says:

    Wait wait, you guys actually THINK YOU ARE GIVING GOD your 10% tithes?????? KKKKKKKK, lets step back for a minute! If god is real, all powerful and all knowing, why would He need man made money ? For what? carry out his plan??? cant he just do that in a supernatural way??? THE FACT IS: there is NO GOD who needs your money, the MIDDLE MEN aka priests, pastors and the ONES THAT NEED YOUR MONEY FOR THEIR BENEFIT!!!! they are selling you a non existent product CALLED GOD!!!!!!!

  27. mzungumbuli says:

    …………..okhala nawo maonekedwe a chipembedzo koma mphavu yake adaikana kale.

  28. Proud to be CCAP says:

    Please achakulungwa discuss and resolve your personal issues amicably. As for me will continue to give to church regardless of any reported financial abuses at the synod because i believe we give to GOD and that GOD only is able to guard what belongs to HIM. HE will surely punish everyone who steals Church money!!!!!

  29. ineyo says:

    Rev Chimesya Hu told u kuti National Bank employees tasiya kupereka Timapereka kwa MULUNGU osati inu,and anakuuzani Ndanikuti synod ili ndi OD zanu zaku Synod dont drug other pipo into it, lowani kuchipinda kwanu nupemphere mwanseli.Mapanti timachapa posamba

  30. Zisiyeni a Chimesha says:

    Bwana Chimesha you lost the elections basi let Maulana rule till nthawi yanu izakwane. Totopa kumva zainu. Maulana is not an angel, he can make mistakes. Tolerance builds religious institutions and you seem to have low levels of tolerance. You appear so bitter, please do not bewitch Rev Maulana. Akangodwala tiziwa kuti ndiinuyo bwana.

  31. Nyoni says:

    Kodi chimesya bwanji milandu yamba wako mpingo

  32. papa says:

    Abusa pepani chonde amene yamukwana nguwo ndi yake musiileni za mulungu olakwa akalangika yekha.

  33. Mubwere kunyumba ndizakupatseni mifuti chifukwa nkhani zanuzi zachoka pamapemphero ndizofunika kuomberana

  34. Dikisan says:

    Ndalama zabedwa Chimesya akhale chete. Zikomo popeza inu munadya nawo!

  35. BWANONI says:

    @ PILLAR


  36. BWANONI says:

    @ PILLAR


  37. Thyolo Thava says:

    If this story is true eeh zawonjenja…Cash gate…

  38. Joseph says:

    Akufuna kukala general secretary iyeyo.koma adikile izakwana nthawi panopa amusiyile munzache.

  39. MAYE says:

    I cry for my church. Thumb up Rev. Chimesya we need pastors like you who will fear nothing but let the cat out of the bag. I feel pitty when I see how people struggle to find money for monthly pledges in the villages. Angamve bwanji kumva zimenezi kuti ndalama amapereka mokakamizidwa zija zikugwira ntchito mosayenera chonchi. It is high time that churches should now be told on how the money they contribute on monthly basis is used by the synod.

  40. Pido says:

    Rev Chimesya or whoever you are called, I feel so sorry for your activities. Reading this article, you are evidently so much into witch hunt or you are blood thirsty for Rev. Maulana. It looks like you are busy snooping upon your fellow man of God. If it indeed be true that you have been chancing this information, why don’t you take the Matthews 18 path? I would expect you to approach your fellow man of the collar and sort out the issue as Reverends. Look what you are landing your synod into: disrepute. by the way, who told you that this issue can lead to the clossure of the synod? I have a feeling that you men of collar in the Bt sysnod would better join politics and practice your wickedness there. I now begin to understand this good for nothing Rev Dr. Lazaro Chakwera; better do this stuipidity in politics that mud slinging the church

  41. Pillar says:

    A busa a Chimesya pepani. Ife a mipingo ina tatopa ndi kumva za inu. Bwanji osakhalako chete ndikumakwanilitsa maitanidwe anu otumikira Mulungu pa a Khritu anu? Nkhani zizingokhala za Blantyre Synod? simukuchita manyazi? inu mukuona ngati kutchuka kumeneku? kodi kutchuka amatchuka ndikumapeza ma faults> Bwanji zina zikhale in house issues

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