Information Bill goes to Malawi parliament ahead of IMF meet-  Tembenu

Justice minister Samuel Tembenu has said the Access to Information bill has finally been submitted to parliament, just weeks before the IMF team jets into the country and parliament meets for mid year budget review.

Tembenu: Bill ready

Tembenu: Bill ready

Tembenu’s comments should give a sigh of relief to proponents of the bill, including National Media Institute for Southern Africa (Namisa) whose president Thom Khanje doubted the government would ever bring the bill in parliament.

The Minister said the government has sent the bill to the legislative body through the Legal and Constitution Affairs committee of parliament, the normal channel of sending government bills to National Assembly.

The government has finally brought the bill to parliament after donors put the passing of the bill into law among other conditions for resumption of aid in Malawi.

Civil society groups and the media have been lobbying for the bill to be passed into law with opposition Malawi Congress Party spokesperson saying if the law was operational, Malawians would have known who went formed the larger than life President Peter Mutharika September UN entourage.

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9 thoughts on “Information Bill goes to Malawi parliament ahead of IMF meet-  Tembenu”

  1. HPB says:

    There is a definite and shocking lack of grasp by government that anyone holding public office (elected or appointed by elected people including the President) ia a servant of the people NOT A BOSS.

    Why should an employer (the people of Malawi) not have the right to access information on what the employee ( Government; the civil service; Parliament and the Juduciary) is doing. I can’t understand the source of this ignorance or feigned ignorance.

    Retrospective application of a law? Yes, why not? Even the Nuremberg trial of the Nazis after World War II used a UN Declaration of Human Right that was adopted well after the atrocities were committed by Hitler’s henchmen. As a lawyer and a Professor of Law at that, the President knows that a law can be passed by Parliament and applied retrospectively.

    Let’s be honest; there is no technical reason for not passing a law as important as Freedom of Access to Infirmation and apply it retrospectively. More than anything else that has happened to our troubled history as a country, a retrospective application of this law will act like a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in South Africa. It has the potential to clense the political system of its abuses ( past and present) and permit an attonement for the wrongs done by those currently in power and those who help power before. We need a new beginning. A fresh start. The country has suffered long enough from the abuse of power.

    This would be a historic achievement of the APM government. A lasting legacy of great statesmanship that would lay down a new path and direction for the country. The President should look long-term; trannscend the narrow and immediate concerns of protecting anyone from the respective application of the law including himself. Such selflessness is the hallmark of leaders whose names live on through the ages.

    Let’s get on with the call of duty selflessly.

  2. Fabiano says:




  3. DEMOCRAT says:

    Do not trust this rotten gvt. Once IMF goes, the bill will be stalled. It might have been deliberately prepared badly for an excuse in parliament to let it be refined so that gvt takes its time.

  4. phaks says:

    Swallow you pride DPP and try to do things Malawians want at the right time. Otherwise, wait for more embarrassing times. You may not tell when.

  5. Obaba says:

    When was this piece of draft legislation put out for public comment….is this another whitewash attempt to hoodwink the donors that Malawi is being compliant? Bills of this nature should be widely circulated for public input….

  6. Buyelekhaya Nginde says:

    Let’s hope it is not a watered-down bill! That’s my biggest fear!

  7. Ndangodutsamo says:

    This Demonic Party thinks we are children.
    NO ATI Bill NO IMF Funding.
    Mbava zotheratu, eti kumagawa chimanga cha Admarc mzipatala pamene ife tikulephera kugula chimangacho ku Admarc.
    How I wish God could terminate DPP’s rule.

  8. The Partriot says:

    Zoona tizidikira mzungu atiopseze kuti tipange ma bill? Crap!!!

  9. ADE says:

    so they have done it because IMF

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