Inkosi Mbelwa, MP tussle over Mzimba division

Disagreements have resurfaced between Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for Mzimba Solola, Jacob Hara and Inkosi Ya Makosi Mbelwa V on the call to have Mzimba District divided into three sections.

Mkhosi: Took over M’mbelwa throne and is against division of Mzimba

Mkhosi: Took over M’mbelwa throne and is against division of Mzimba

Mzimba is the largest district in Malawi and according to Hara, this is affecting development hence the need to have the district split.

Hara said the split will help in easy disbursement and monitoring of developmental projects.

But Mbelwa has turned down Hara’s assertions and thinks otherwise.

Mbelwa says splitting Mzimba into three districts will rather derail and disturb several incomes the district currently sources.

Some few years ago, a pressure group was formed in Lilongwe calling itself Friends of Mabulabo which again called upon the government to split Mzimba into four districts, saying the Northern Region district is being denied development because of its vastness.

But the then chief late Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa IV while saying he was never against the splitting of Mzimba, said he did not subscribe to the reasons being advanced for the move.

Other commentators also said dividing Mzimba will bring so many complications.

Mkhosi Jere, the eldest son of the late Mbelwa IV was enthroned king early this year.

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83 thoughts on “Inkosi Mbelwa, MP tussle over Mzimba division”

  1. INEYO says:


  2. Thomas says:

    Pks M

  3. wapano says:

    why is it that when this issue resurfaces, chief mbelwa is the one blocking it?? Does he think that he owns the whole dstrict?? Kapena tipange refrendum within the district?? Ndipo ine ndimadabwa, why is it that govt simanena kanthu over this issue???

    1. linga says:

      Mzimba is not a mere political division. It is a kingdom. Its not like a democracy where leaders follow the will of the majority. In a Kingdom, the King has veto power. The people of Mzimba are led by Inkos M’mbelwa. He is not President who is guided by the will of the majority. So there will be no vote. Can somebody tell me what meaningful development has come to Phalombe, Neno and Balaka now that these areas have been split from their mother districts. Calls for ripping Mzimba apart are a complete nonsense.

  4. vilinde says:

    HAra u better think twice before action has been taken.bape waka chitukuko icho ukabamphalila banthu bako pala watondeka uyowoye.uphumenge

  5. dzina langa says:

    lets go for a vote within the district and see how many are for the division and how many are for the maintenance of the current status.

  6. Pope says:

    Mzimba z indeed very vast,even gvt has 2 mzimba, thats mzuzu and mzimba itself.

  7. m'bantu says:

    splitting is necessary. imagine anzathu ku neno district akusimba lokoma. they hve a new hospital, a new sec sch, new dc offices,a new hall, a tele centre, a new market,etc bcoz they r no more part of mwanza,

  8. mbudye says:

    Ngati mukuti you cannot divide malawi because it is a small country then how do you plan to divide Mzimba which is a District withn the small Malawi? Onse amene akufuna kugawa Mzimba ayambe agawa kaye Malawi then we will see about the sub division of Mzimba.

    What these people as thinking is like the Way Gadaffi was thinking of making one Africa at the same time proposing the division of Nigeria. Absurd is it not?

  9. Mzimba is the reason why the north is still dead- Too big for nothing-Need to be devided into five districts-Chief, your powers will not be affected …look at Mwanza/ Neno, Phalombe /Mulanje etc..Kulibe mdima -chithengereeee….LOOO!!!

  10. hoza john says:


  11. omega says:

    NO Division of Mzimba. Phalombe, Neno and Likoma, what have they benefited by being districts ? Mzimba does not belong to politcians, so please politicians with your greedy and selfish motives, hands off Mzimba. Inkosi ya Makhosi please never allow the division of Mzimba

  12. bayoz says:

    Having such a vast district is a reason behind mzimba’s underdevelopment. Mzimba must be divided and this will certainly bring more development and good roads connecting the new two districts. Should i say mbwelwa is too dumb to think about this or he is just greedy and obsessed with his chieftaincy.

  13. Kukaya says:

    Iwe Nkhata @47
    if you are from Mzimba or North, I ask you never to use that language again. Ise vyakutuka cha. We intend to remain a civilized pepole of the North. Wapulika!

  14. pierra says:

    Beware, these are agents of the politics of divide and rule!
    Anyone can see that it will be difficult to wave aside the vote of this district on anything against the ruling government; however, its small splinter groups could be bribed easily into aligning with government.

    This is a case of ‘you cannot fool all the people all the time!’ Malawians especially in the north have been ripped off too many times to ignore history. The north should not tolerate a lack of development due to the daylight robbery being conducted on Capital Hill. Mzimba district’s allocation of resources will be larger than other smaller districts; and as for the development oversight, it should be left to the district to monitor rather than allow the thieves at Capital Hill to do the procurement and then cooking the books!

    We have seen economic development of this district promised only to be reneged by leader upon leader!

    Enough is enough!

  15. Keen Observer says:

    I don’t think this call should come from a member of parliament who after 5yrs his future on the political ground is not guaranteed. What about if it’s a mistake? This call should come from people themselves. The so called MPs have never ever in this life represented people’s interest other than their own or their parties’ interests.

  16. Kingsley orphaniel jere says:

    Phambeki umzimba hamba kanye kauyayiwe. Takana MP Hara. Mwaza wakawa munthu yayi, tisakhe makola 2019.

  17. chakhalira says:

    Umudala Wethu DD Phiri, what do you say? Inindaba?

  18. Richard mwandira says:

    Why people of mzimba u want to devide mzimba no we need one mzimba I support mmbelwa to be against that move

  19. Winanso says:



  21. chiperoni2 says:

    What is the problem here is hunger for power ,greed and fear of the unknown otherwise dividing Mzimba administratively is a wise move. The Inkosi should stop living the present in the past. He should also realise the change comes when it comes and is irresistible.

  22. zamtumbuka osalowelera.

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      We know some people are born tribalistic and whenever they look all they see are tribes and theirs better than others. They will never realize that such thinking are seeds of tribal wars that have robbed some African countries of peace and lives.

  23. sello Mvuyane says:

    KOMA KULI KULIGAWA DZIKOLI . sichinatu koma dyera ndi maudindo

  24. Yobe boo says:


  25. Optic Computer says:

    It is high time this Mbelwa woke up to th reality. The reason he trashes the calls for splitting Mzimba is based on chieftainance, respect from all Ngonis of Mzimba. It is difficult to run large districts, both in terms of population and geography. Smaller districts are easier managed. We will always remain among the poorest countries of the world with such mindset.

  26. homwaryeni says:

    Oh Yes! Mzimba anakulitsitsa amugawedi. Koma agawidwe pawiri osati patatu kapena
    panai ai. District yanji yokura chonchi? Angoni dyera basi! Choncho district singatukuke.
    Onani anzanu adagawa Mwanza ndi Neno pano ndi ma district awiri osiyana. Koma onsewa kuphatikiza sangafanane ndi Mzimba kukula kwake.

    Mzimba agawidwe basi, Zoona.

  27. Chipwilikiti says:

    The argument by this dull MP is stupid and baseless. Just look at Neno, Phalombe, Chiradzulu and Likoma, what have they benefitted from the government since the split?

  28. MG1 says:

    Atumbuka kukonda zogawanagawana.

  29. Wakwithu says:

    While there may be good reasons advanced by the proponents of Mzimba division, I believe Mzimba district trading centres can be turned into urban centres without necessarily splitting the district. We have examples such as Monkey bay in Mangochi and Luchenza in Thyolo. It did not require splitting the two districts to urbanise the trading centres. Another example is Mponela in Dowa. Nkhatabay district was split and now we have Likoma District. Go to Likoma and Neno and see if there is any meaningful development resulting from the split. Monkeybay, Luchenza and Mponela look far much better than the two districts. It takes political will to develop areas. Remember, Bingu wanted to turn Goliati into an urban centre from nothing. The locals did not ask for a district status. It only took the political will of the leader of this country. Now there is an ultra-modern clinic/hospital, university and other significant social amenities which districts such as Likoma and Neno can only dream about. Remember, all these came when the two districts had already been given that status. After all, distribution of local funds is among other things based on population and size of the district and Mzimba should be the third most populated district in Malawi-more than Thyolo. Think about it!!

  30. Beginning of feudalism

  31. Tengupenya says:

    The Divisions can all keep Mzimba in their new tags, be they oriental or else. can have Mzimba West; Mzimba North and Mzimba South East for instance.

  32. the concerned says:

    mzimba must be divided indeed coz some body who is in bwengu, emanyaleni kazuni thunduwike malidade echilumbeni and madede. have never been in mzimba boma becoz it is far. are these places also in mzimba district or Zambia some of these places have no even a borehole, roads are history,

  33. Kanyimbi says:

    What these people think is always about divisions. Why?

  34. Nkhata says:

    Any MP calling for the division of Mzimba does not have the brains,as simple as that.Mzimba was once a standalone kingdom,until the whites negotiated with Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa the first to have Mzimba be part of Malawi..ndiye wina basi ziphwisi mpe mpe mpe akupita ku parliament ali Mzimba should be divided…NO!We dont need that ife eni Mzimba.Malawi can get into California 8 times.koma why is California very very very much developed than Malawi?Ma rubbish Mr so called Jacob Mhara.

  35. Zeen Beneliaza says:

    Koma anthu aku Mpoto ndiwotopetsa. Omwewo akufuna Federalism koma kugawa boma la Mzimba to promote development ati ayi. Koma nkhani yeniyeni ndi iti?

  36. zangazangaza says:

    mukathana ndiye muyamvenso za northen region as a district kkkkk anthu osekesa inu kkkkkk

  37. Abiti Mtila says:

    Atumbuka sazatheka! Alephera kugawa Malawi pano akufuna kugawana Mzimba! can you trust the Tumbukas? This tribe is full of selfish, cunning people and confusionists! Suppose you have the North as Nyika state how many wrangles are you going to have? Simuzatheka Atumbuka

  38. Nkhondomukaya says:

    Dividing Mzimba will not benefit us.We are united.Umuzimba ni thupi. Ka mulikuwona nkhuni munthu wakugawa thupi lake pala ndikulu? Pala munthu wana mutu wukulu tigawa?Tingazomerezga yayi.Nawonga Wa Tata Inkosi Ya Makosi pakukana.Tili pamanyuma pinu.Bayethyeeee!

  39. Yobe boo says:

    This MP doesn’t know what he is talking about. Development has nothing to do with the size of the district. Mzimba is proud of being vast, and yet is a better developed district in the country than most splited and smaller districts. For example; comparing Neno and Embangweni, Phalombe and Ekwendeni, Euthin and Likoma to mention but just a few; you will see that these areas in Mzimba are better developed than the other said smaller districts.

    We are proud of having ONE Mzimba, the mighty kingdom, ONE people !!!!. Jacob make your survey and urguement correct, otherwise that is Solora my friend, check your toung young man.
    On the other hand, Hara your are a disgracing MP. You have never said anything on the Federalism issue which people in your area and district are fighting for. And yet you bring this foolish confusion. Instead of standing with your fellow Northerners fighting for poor governace, you bring the fight inside your own house to confuse and shift peoples attention. Pity on you, my poor MP.

  40. Wakumpoto says:

    Can somebody please educate me. These politicians we elected into power are confusing people. They are the ones who have been championing about federalism as the only real solution to developing the northern region and now another one says (un)division of mzimba district is the one impeding development of the district. Come on good people tell us real solutions other than just daydreaming the trash you are telling us here. In the end we will see the entire region divided but remain as undeveloped or underdeveloped as ever.

  41. mmm says:

    a nyasatimes nanu. Mkhosi wasn’t enthroned early this year but early this month on 05.10.14 to be precise

  42. yuona says:

    Perhaps the Inkosi thinks that splitting Mzimba will mean splitting his powers. Honestly Mzimba iyenera kugawidwa kuti chitukuko chithe kufikira ambiri mwachangu.

  43. Wito says:

    Feuderism must also apply to Mzimba, it is absurd simply because your father Inkosi said no, so you cant change, base your decisions on current affairs after all you are a young educated man. The MP is right, if Mzimba is divided into three districts definitely there will be more development than one Mzimba. If for example government wants to construct one district hospital in each district, then three districts will be given to divided mzimba than a one mzimba. But we know why you are refusing. It is the same reasons why others don’t want Malawi to be divided.It is simple and advantageous to divived mzimba than Malawi. It is not expensive, it will bring more resources to the north and many more advantages but because of selfishness, greed, power hungry you cant accept this. And yet Ngwira doesn’t see all this. He should have advocated for mzimba to be divided first before Malawi. Dividing is not easy and may bring many complications which we do not see now. Remember, America, Nigeria, South Africa are not in our line of resources. Feuderism need more resources to be spent on provincial ministers and others, but one thing is that resources will be shared according to population,. one thing you don’t mention, yet you know it, so there we go again, north least resources. THINK CAREFULLY, don’t let your frustration, Ngwira, Chakwera, blind you. The nation will blame you very soon if things wont work out, if they work well, they will praise you. We know its not easy to lose but think carefully.

  44. Policeman says:

    We the real Ngonis say big NO to dividing MZIMBA. Let it be!!!!!!

  45. pooooopo says:

    eeee koma anthu inu mutikwana kooopsya. Tizingomva za ambwenumbwenu basi. IIII eeeee nchifukwa chake simuzalamulira Malawi.

  46. Moyenda says:

    Listen to Hara. He is not a sell-out. Mzimba can and should be divided. The easiest steps, in order to protect the interests of the Ngoni King, Mombela, use a step-wise process. Create sub-districts like Balaka and Phalombe were. Already, some activities in Mzimba North are administered from Ekwendeni. What needs to be done is to streamline, formalize and recognize an additional administrative point for Mzimba South. Listen to Hara.

  47. Malawiana says:

    I think Mbelwa is just afraid that some of his surbodinates may accumulate more power if handed separate districts otherwise it makes more sense to split Mzimba as for instance, each of the district to be created will be entitled to a District Hospital, District Labour Office, District Commissioner, etc.

  48. chakhalira says:

    Why split Mzimba District? I am always very proud from my youth when I say ” M’mbelwa District Council” as such I am Not comfortable when the call for splitting Mzimba comes up more so from Politicians. I have never trusted anyone who claims is a politician because none of them speak the truth. They talk just like the so called gospel musicians who sing what they are not. Politicians talk what they do not mean. Ndi aboza!
    Mzimba should be left intact. The only important thing we need to advocate, those of us who have belied we are the Ngonis’ of Mzimba should be our Language. Let us bring back our Language ( Ngoni ) and strengthen our Umtheto. No, No, No to Mzimba splitting.

  49. Chemwali says:

    Splitting Mzimba is not the answer. I would suggest developing a number of growth centres into municipal councils can help develop the vast district quicker. Start with Mbalachanda and see what will happen from there. Another growth centre could be in Inkosi Mabulabo’s area. This could in the shorter term create more jobs and put a stop to mass exodus of people from Mzimba to other parts of the country as more economic activities will be ctreated with these growth centres. Kamuzu started this with a number of growth centres across the country, but our leaders in the democratic era could not see the vision Kamuzu had. No sane Chief would agree to divide his territory in this era. Mkhosi is right. Way to go Chief Mbelwa V.

  50. ufulu says:

    I support decentralisation through provincial governments not federalism. Leave Mzimba as is.

  51. Issa Kabudula says:

    MCP n PP are on the move of divide and rule, why spliting where together we stand duvided we fall? We must have proper facts and backing when coming in with ideas of tigawane. Having too many kids in a family, it does not mean we must cut ties with some kids order to develop some, but come up with a proper ideas of developments initiatives. Lets we grow and think future of togetherness, this xenophobia ideas we are creating today will cause un told troubles in future, care must be taken.

  52. uyuni says:

    this is our new young energetic chief and therefore we expect him to think positively. we are saying North is being denied development. If Mzimba could be divided into four districts, it means four district hospital, four district secondary schools, for DCs, for DILs,Four DLOs etc. work up chief. mind you despite the division, all Ngoni chiefs in all the divided chifs will be under you. so dont worry that perhaps will not be powerfull will few chifs in your disrict. remember all Chewa Chiefs in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania Zambia are under Kalonga Gawaundi of Zambia

  53. Redeemed says:

    Would bring so many complications to who? the ordinary citizen or the usual few greedy elite who are just too power hungry and self absorbed to consider the well being of the masses suffering the highest level of plight?. amati ukakwela pa njobvu usamati kulibe mame.

  54. alidele says:

    the Mzimba district is very big and dividing it can not be a problem, look Likoma was separated fron NB, Phalombe from Zomba, Neno from Mwanza but you look these were smaller than Mzimba, so Mzimba should be divided into two or three can be good enough

  55. abdul says:

    how can mzimba be divided,mr hara divide your body first,take your legs,ears and your manhood to be separate entities then Mzimba will be divided.Never,Never is Mzimba to be divided,it belongs to us as ngonis.Question is Mzimba has many secondary and primary schools plus many hospitals or health centres than any district in MAlawi plus good road networks though paved so what more else do you want?what type of develop do you want?

  56. crispen kandido says:

    very sad if our own chiefs cannot understand the importance!!!!

  57. Collins says:

    a mr hara fold ur tail and go away with ur madness

  58. Yrea Mzimba is the biggest district in malawi. But remember the roots. The purpose of spliting shud not b related to political ambitions mind you!

  59. spot on says:

    just give it development,you dont need to split it

  60. petrol kali says:

    a inkosi dyela galu ameneyi people in mzimba akuvutika kwambiri because mzimba its big zinthu sizikuyende

  61. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    “Rep by pop” (or representation by population) is really the guide to splitting a electoral jurisdiction in a democracy. So that one constituency does not gain a unfair advantage by being having a very small population. The geographic size of the area should not matter, if representative democracy is the objective.
    For example, when Phalombe was carved out of the vast Mulanje district, all the citizens of these two districts were more equally represented. And the population of each constituency was not far off from the average.
    Does the current population of Mzimba support of this principle? If Mzimba was to split, how would the population of each resultant entity compare with the rest of the districts in Malawi? Or is this just another ploy to increase the influence of the northern region? Just in case federalism/secession does not succeed?

  62. Kalanga says:

    True, let it be divided! Plz come to mzimba north east, no better xls, inadequate health facilities. Look pple have to move long distances to access health services! From bala to Nthungwa then mzuzu! What a shame!

  63. Most malawian are fool what is the differance with federal? distributing of resources is the big problem in malawi too much slfishness and this refrects even at country level . The fear of Mbelwa he think he will be reduced just the same as Peter Mutharika and his DPP are fearing

  64. snaiper says:

    If division of mzimba district will bring so many complications so what about division of Malawi? Bt am not against anything.

  65. Vyachalo says:

    Agawe! kodi mmbelwa mzimba ndi dziko lawo? Amachita matama chifukwa mumawayengelera.Lero agoni alimbe mphamvu. Government divide the district into four districts. Jere Jere chanl! Are they president? Anthu a mzimba apange riferadamu .

    1. abdul says:

      wakhuluma nini,uyizwe futhi mina mngoni nize lapha.noma ufunani?awazali wa uye wakufundise isingoni uyazi za wangoni.

  66. Subjecto says:

    Mkhosi has the singular honour to seriously consider… Being dad’s son need not necessarily mean like father like son…

  67. Nyamayaphwisa says:

    Ha you people. I see double saynderd here. You refuse to divide a mare district but you want to split the Mation Mother Malawi with your federalism or secessionism or whatever you call it. Big up

  68. chishimba says:

    uneneshyo Hara you have pipo behind who did’nt want to be seen

  69. Nobel says:

    Will this MP survive in Malawi’s politics? I can spell doom for his future politically. I dont know whether it is good or not to divide Mzimba. Let Livingstonia synod decide on behalf of the people in there! Kkkkkkkkkk

  70. Bus bundi says:

    Its the pple who r suffering.How do u expect a mother with ruptured uterus 2b alive from mbalachanda all z way 2 Mzimba D Hosp? Wakeup pple stop thinking! oldways.

  71. [email protected] says:

    Ife paja tinkanena kuti things will back fire, lero ndi izo khoswe wakhala pa mkate a mfumu nayo nkani ,inu munkati federalism ichitke.i think federalism should start with mzimba as a pilot & if we see positive development we can then apply it on regional level, this is how are going to implement federalism it must start within the northern region. Hot debate.

  72. dzina langa says:

    Let us come to a vote to get the views of people in the district so that we hear what people are saying. Let us not just bubble our sides in the media. As for me I would go for the division of the district. I hav my own perception and experience of how development issues are handled.

  73. Cholasa says:

    Dividing a district may not necessarily lead to any meaningful development if equity principles for budget allocation are applied. That said, we all know that decentralisation is the best way to go. I have the opinion that the best way for Mzimba district to develop is to establish sub-districts within the jurisdictions of smaller chiefs. Such sub-districts should be headed by Deputy District Commissions who will report to the District Commissioner in Mzimba. The king should not fear for his title and power. Chiefs below him will still report for him. The king should fear people will be divided no, but he should embrace that times are changing, people should go into smaller groups where they can make meaningful decisions to improve their social and economic status – all that to the knowledge of the king. Please government officials make the king understand this principle….times are changing, problems are not the same as we had 50 years ago. The saying goes that you cannot treat a strange illness with everyday herbs!

  74. Dan kwacha says:

    Ndiye mtumbuka ameneyo doing wat he knows best!

  75. Wawa says:

    M’mbelwa is right. We cannot divide eMzimba, the body.

    Hara is a mere messenger of the Mabulabo clan that is motived with nothing but a strong desire to create a splinter Ngoni kingdom called Mabulabo. He is an emissary sent to use eMzimba division as a divertion and discredit of he far important debate for federal system in Malawi.

    Neno is still the poorest district in Malawi despite division from Mwanza many years ago.

    Next elections Hara should not be voted MP. He is a sad opportunist with a dead brain.

    Pambele eMzimba. Pambele one eMzimba!

  76. wakwidu says:

    While they are at it, Mbelwa should clearly know where his jurisdiction ends around Mzuzu. These retainers of Ngoni culture who pretend to be Ngoni should recognise the borders with Nkhata Bay. A visit to Mzuzu City Council map offices will clearly show where Mzimba ends in the City. As a chief traditionalist in Mzimba,he should give respect to TA Kabunduli’s areas.

  77. Wawa1 says:

    Mulanje was divided into two; Phalombe and Mulanje. Can anyone tell us what these 2 districts have benefited from the split so far? Maybe Mzimba could proceed from there.

  78. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Apa mukuti kugawa mzimba ai pomwe inu nomwe mukuti dziko la malawi aligawe. Shame on u.
    Tikukuwonani ndipo tadziwa bwino lomwe zomwe mukufuna paganizo lanu logawa dzikoli.

  79. MADALA TEAM says:


  80. Wakwikhu says:

    Atumbuka, kuzikonda, pamenepa wina akufuna u dc, wina u TA, wina u MP, wina u district coordinator. Sha, federalims nkona mwagwa nayo. Mxx

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