Insecurity worries CCJP: Demands action on Njauju murder, Malawi cashgate cases expedited

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) and the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) have said the recent murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Affairs, Issa Njauju highlights the levels of insecurity in the country.

Chisoni:  expedite investigations and establish reasons behind his death

Chisoni: Police should expedite investigations and establish reasons behind Njauju’s death

Njauju, who was laid to rest last Saturday, was found dead in Lilongwe after he was reported missing on Thursday. His body was found behind Presidential Villas in the administrative capital.

He was shot twice while his official vehicle was burnt to ashes as well.

CCJP National Secretary Chris Chisoni said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that the brutal killing of the ACB Director will send fear amongst and hinder the vital work of the anti-corruption agencies and justice delivery services like the courts, police and in particular the ACB.

“Whilst there is no official report yet providing details as to the reasons of the killing of the Director of Corporate Affairs for ACB; we in CCJP are worried that this incident will jeopardize the anti-corruption efforts of government as it seeks to address the corroding malaise of financial looting that has impacted on the country’s limited resources, and which is currently affecting the delivery of timely and quality public services to all citizens,” reads in the statement in part.

He therefore asked the Malawi Police Service to expedite investigations and establish reasons behind his death.

Chisoni further requested government to provide necessary support and security to ACB officials so that they be carrying their duties without fear and interference.

“We ask government to prioritize internal security measures to ensure national security at all levels of the society which of late has been a great cause of worry.

“We also ask Malawian citizens and communities to provide any information or details related to this murder and other security incidents. Without citizens’ participation in addressing this country’s security challenges, insecurity will continue to haunt us,” reads further the statement issued on Tuesday.

The outspoken CCJ National Secretary also called on the ACB and the judiciary to expedite current corruption-related cases, so as to limit the time and space for criminal interference and disturbance.

According to him, with delayed prosecutions hard core criminals will continue to seek ways of obstructing the justice system and structures.

He therefore said Njauju’s death shouldn’t discourage efforts and commitment to fight corruption and graft in Malawi “as our continued efforts are needed now more than ever to ensure good governance and the future security of our country”.

Mutharika government says it  is determined to increase the number of police officers in the country and  adequately fund Malawi Police Service.

Critics argue that the effectiveness of policing could not be measured by the number of officers alone, but by reductions in crime and increases in public confidence.

Police officers in Malawi have recently be connected to the criminal activities including robbery.

Government plans to procure an additional 100 police vehicles and build capacity in crime investigation through acquisition of appropriate equipment, training and recruitment of criminal intelligence gatherers.–Additional reporting by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

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25 thoughts on “Insecurity worries CCJP: Demands action on Njauju murder, Malawi cashgate cases expedited”

  1. Chiwaya Jr B says:

    STOP killing each other.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    Plz stop killing. What wrong did he do? But you killers, do you know kuti this man’s spirit is still living?

  3. concerned citizen says:

    This is not on, this is not good at all. God is not happy with this. This man deserved to live, for his family and nation.

  4. nkhoma says:

    The truth shall prevail

  5. arikangel mdothi says:

    really…??? so we have to loose lives for is to open eyes and see… shame…!!!

  6. Aron says:

    It’s sad to have aleader who have no clue and Malawi will never have a good enough leader until the end of the world. Had it been possible to bring back kamuzu banda I would have done so. Shame

  7. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    The insecurity in the country is indeed worrisome. The answer may not be in the hands of the police. Do remember the story of the nation of israel. When they were asked to leave Egypt and occupy canaan, after concuring Jericco without any physical weapon they faild to defeat a small and seemingly weak town of Ai because Achan had defied Gods instructions before concuring Jericco. Let us do soul searching individually. There is somebody whom the Lord has not approved in our midist. It could be any one of us. A country whose leaders trust themselves apart from God ususlly go through such experiences Malawi is going through.

  8. BigMan says:

    The problem with Malawians they think the President/Executive control everything in their life. If they are poor, lazy, sick, scared, uneducated, corrupt, adulterous, murderous, lacking in integrity, obtuse, etc…. its all the president’s fault!! DPP this, this government that, blah blah, bla!

    Do you know how many people got car jacked, murdered, robbed, raped, etc… in our neighboring countries today?

    Let the police do their investigations, and pray for the man to rest in peace. Stop politicizing everything.

  9. baba says:

    Some comments are pathetic. Chisoni is only trying to address the situation and already some of you have politicised the article. Malawians should learn that Malawi does not belong to Mutharika and Chilima only. Malawi is for us all and if we transfer all the responsibilities to our leaders then it is a very big mistake. We harbour thieves in our location and police intelligence also works better if they are working in an environment where the citizens have sound minds. How many presidents have we had since 1994? And has security ever improved since Kamuzu left? we misunderstood democracy and this is why we have all these thieves,cashgaters, etc. Let us build a strong society that can tip the police on suspected faces,suspected wealth in our communities which will in turn bring glory to our communities. Even if some of you who make noise be given that chance of becoming leaders, there is nothing you can do when you have a rotten society. Malawi is for you and not any other individual.

  10. Matafale says:


    You are being too emotional here and in the process failing to properly comment nor address core issues here. Pathetic. And Alfred, should that therefore stop CCJP from calling from more support. Haters!

  11. political scientist says:

    We have to avoid comments that provoke people’s emotions. Emotions make people act in unwelcome manner. Lets analyze the situation and come up with a positive consensus. Know that Malawi is seeing what we write here. Some of the things we write are a contributing factor to what happens nationwide

  12. ndadabwa says:

    waphedwa with instructions from Peter Mutharika ndiye a police athu akuphawa mukuganiza angapangepo chiyani. Peter Mutharika knows who ha killed Njauju

  13. The Real ujeni says:

    There is insecurity in Malawi because our dull sleepy President tolerates, armed robberies, stealing, murder, corruption and lies. Anywhere in the world were a country leader has zero tolerance of the above mentioned vices, people become very patriotic about their country, they work hard to develop it. Unlike what we are seeing in Malawi, total breakdown of security. Who is in charge of Malawi? Robbers.

  14. mulopwana says:

    simunati…do you think kuti ena azisangalala ena azilira…nkuwona olirawo they just resort to this bad behaviour.Malawians we need to rise up ,we should not support for the sake of tribe.As long as thieves are still running this country ,we shud expect more thefts,crimes and all sort of bad acts….

  15. Zanga N'zowawa says:

    Chisoni, you better continue snoring than start opening your mouth now. You were the first DPP stooge in Civil Society to endorse the stolen elections as being free, fair and credible. In return, government appointed you into some statutory body. We appreciate your efforts for trying to be seen to be relevant, but you already sold your heart and soul to this devilish DPP government. Let the level-headed, sure-footed civil society organisations speak, not you. Just continue scoring in peace, brother. Let John Kapito, Timothy Mtambo and Billy Mayaya speak, not you sons of the mapwevupwevu governmet

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Chisoni and your CCJP who do you want to fool, ACB staff members or ordinary Malawians? Your behavior betrays you and we know you are not one of us Malawians but the elite.

    We will not accept investigation findings such as suicide or Njauju’s differences with colleagues nor he was dating someone’s wife and ordinary criminal acts.

    Such will be stupid findings.

  17. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Simple ask Dausi He will provide full information -ask MEC Mark my words do not forget Mbendera adalira ife timvekere walirawalira**************10000000000

  18. c says:

    This government is the one that sponsor crime and as we all know dpp is about killing and beating people up. Shame on you who voted for these idiots.

  19. Zanga Phee! says:

    Now five days down the line since the death of the late Mr Njaunju. Please police we need information.Otherwise the commissioner kindly should step down and face charges of negligence on the line of duty.We regard kachama as somebody who has been in this field quiet long with experience. CSO’s you have a big task now to take out Mr Kachama if he fails to deal with this problem.See my name.

  20. Ngapali nzisiru za anthu ndinu a CCJP especially you Chris Chisoni ndi mzako Chinoko agalu inu lero mukuti chani you helped your stupid DPP where ever you are know that you idiot

  21. John says:


  22. bezai says:

    we deserve that


  24. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Chris Chisoni you have been a supporter of this stupid government together with your bishops simply because of your Chilima who cheated you people that DPP is going to be a changed party than the time of Bingu Wa Munthalika .

    There you are with your Catholic Vice President Chilima , as of yesterday Malawi is the poorest country on the planet.

  25. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    How can the government which kills provide security to the very people it wants to kill? If we do not rise up and fight this brutal regime ourselves, we will become thin with mere words of complaints to this deaf unlistening government! SO LET US RISE AND FIGHT FOR OUR SECURITY NOW!!!

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