Insecurity worries Chinese investors, threaten to leave Malawi

As the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is grappling with increased cases of armed robberies, an official from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has warned that Chinese investors may decide to relocate to neighbouring countries due to insecurity in the country.

Wanga: Chinese fed up

Wanga: Chinese fed up

According to Wang Jiaxin Hudson, the Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Counsellor, increased cases of violence in Malawi are threatening the Chinese investors.

His remarks  follows an robbery attack on Chinese nationals working for the Fifth Bureau of the China Railway at Area 9 in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe on Thursday and went away with K5 million cash.

About four armed robbers followed a car carrying a Chinese nationals from a bank up to the entrance of a compound where they shot at the car’s petrol tank and stole the money.

According to the Chinese official, in the past year alone, about eight Chinese investors including medical doctors have been targeted by robbers and had their valuables stolen.

“Insecurity in Malawi is getting out of hand. What we are seeing in Malawi’s roads are a lot of traffic police officers and not armed cops who would scare thieves away.

“Our hope is that government and the Inspector General of Police will do their best to improve the security to bring back investors confidence,” said Hudson.

He said the Chinese community in the country is concerned increased cases of robberies, noting that insecurity may erode further the confidence of many investors.

“Every time a Chinese national is robbed, the police just tell us that they have made arrests and are investigating the matter, but we have never been told how the cases conclude,” he stated.

He also observed that robbers are hampering the economic growth of the country as no investor would want to go to a country where there is insecurity.

Meanwhile, Police in Limbe have assured residents of tight security during Christmas and New Year festivities.

The station has increased patrols within its areas of jurisdiction to ensure that there is not criminal activities during the festive period, according to Station Officer, Kenneth Semani.

He however said they will need the general public’s support to prevent and curb crime in the country.

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60 thoughts on “Insecurity worries Chinese investors, threaten to leave Malawi”

  1. Zain Adam Kaisi says:

    Corruption corruption,if they can go will Malawi burned?or will Malawi be Mala without “wi” if they mean bussines they can stay,but if they enough then they can leave the country,threatening its the old thing special threatening the citezens that’s bullshit,instead they have to change there ways of carrying such big amounts of money,am not trying to be asmart ass but how can you carry such big amount,while the country people are in need of that money,because no jobs no good income in the country,am not supporting crime,in bussines you have to loose also

  2. Kabotolo says:


  3. KUKHALA says:


  4. mkonda Malawi says:

    Let them go and ply their trade elsewhere.They r even opening shops in villages using some Malawians.How r small business men going to survive in villages?Alot of them r involved in ivory deals and looking for precious minerals.Amangobisaliramo mu kaunjikamo.The Chinese were even chased by the neighbouring Russians because of their crookedness .Pano akuufuna kuwatola amalawi chifukwa cha tulo tawo.

  5. patriot weniwweni says:

    Let these crooked Chinese people go to neighbouring countries.They like exploiting workers and very crooked for that matters.Foreign investors selling patapatas and some cheap substandard Chinese stuff.So Malawi has a dumping ground for this Chinese stuff.There working conditions are very inhuman.We r not going to miss them.They can pack now now.Asatitopetse anthu akunjawa.We never called them.We survived on our own even before they trekked down here.We need real investors not fake ones who are just here to exploit Malawians.

  6. mwenye says:

    indeed to many, I many , yes just too many traffic police officers on the road and nor armed patrol police like we used to see during elder Moya’s time.

    the IG must take these folks off the road and get them do real work to protect us, in fact they are causing confusion on the roads

  7. Malawians we need to workup, starting from the president himself, our president is too slow, i wonder wat kind of a person he is. Sometimes i feel like malawians made a huge mistake by voting for this slow like totoise madala, police needs to workup, the time is gone when we use to see policemen walking around without bullet proof vest and a fire arm. Malawi needs alot of cash in transit companies, those security companies work to impress and by doing that cash in transit or related incidents will decrease, if an officer die of bullet injury on the upper body that means he was not well equiped. Let me tell you if u not vigilant enough and well equiped, these boys will kill all of you.

  8. Chigawenga says:

    I have always pointed this out. When ever investors want to move anywhere they look at a number of factors, one of which is security. Malawi is not a safe place to invest any one’s money and here is why; The infrastructure is not up to standards, security is and has always been an issue since DPP came to power. Electricity is not reliable and water shortages are very common. Now as an investor who has options to go to the neighboring countries why would you choose Malawi? APM and his advisers seem to be missing the point. You can write a zillion compendiums but they mean didly squat if you have no feet to stand on. This administration is putting the carriage before the horse! Clean up your act and the investors will come. Other wise you can keep on singing Kumbaya until the chickens come home.

  9. Chinese people are no deal, Malawi is a colony of Britain. Fuck dem all, fuck dem out all. They are busy building their currency empire by stealing from poor African countries. Ignore dem.

  10. chinese people are fucken people leave them to go alephera kuba miyanga yanjonvu munya agulu okudya agalu inu

  11. chitima says:

    muyambe mwabweza minyanga ya njobvu ndi ma USA dollars amene mumapanga smuggle aja ! Stupid go home thieves !

  12. H. Davis kabeta says:

    Are these articles being read by the inspector General of Police or entire leadership of this country? What is their say?

  13. Mute Gama says:

    Its true too many traffic police officers on the roads. Reason? Bribes. They just get bribes from un-roadworthy vehicles. Spot fines in Malawi roads should come to an end end and the authorities must use the much talked about traffic software to book culprits and let them pat the fines within 30 days as per law. If one does not pay it will show on their driver’s license as well as vehicle registration making it difficult to renew documents. Monthly those with outstanding dues can be pursued through regular road blocks. In this way government will get all the money and be able able to support patrols including armed police like the investors want.

  14. Che Tq of ZA says:

    it’s sad indeed considering that we have so much policemen and women in this country ….Petroda company lost it’s finance manager two days ago just in front of their offices in Blantyre as armed robbers followed him from bank ,and got away with 3.5 million

  15. Chimtoliro says:

    Don’t go

  16. Chimtoliro says:

    Musapite Kaye Chaka nyuwani

  17. Rooy says:

    China nyamukanidi kuno kulibe security kma kuba basi makape amenewa iya

  18. Gona Harawa says:

    If police has failed hire the army for four months to patrol our cities

  19. padoko says:

    I suggest you chounchous should bring your own cops to this GVt otherwise expect long press .conferences about endless investigations buy our 10% police service.

  20. karoda says:

    Indeed security is worse in our country. I saw yesterday the accountant for Petroda was shot and took away millions of kwachas. Dziko lathu layipa pls let us do something

  21. Kennedy says:

    A victim of theft went to police to report that his large chicken had been stolen. The policeman said ‘you see my friend, you are not alone, thieves also came to my house and they have stolen chicken so dont worry’. The case ended there no investigation was done.

  22. Patriot says:

    Osadanda apolisi akufufuzabe. Ndi ma chayina omwe akudziwa kuti polisi yakuno is not serious on crime at all at all.
    Friends from the east athawatu. Kodi ndimayesa eeee ujenj amati tsiku lina ku Sanjika kuti mbava akuaidziwa ndipo athana nazo.
    Koma inu chipanichi chinasankhidwadi ndi Mulungu? Ndayamba kukayikira.

  23. mary says:

    Mbava zazikulu mesa ndi police yomweyo

  24. Gogo says:

    Police Idatha Kuno Ku Mw,apite Kaye Adzabwelanso.

  25. Mbuyache says:

    I support chimz, China has done a lot for our country in the few years we’ve been friends, pls have more officers on the ground than traffic n maybe security can become ok

  26. Hello! says:

    Eyetu nanga achita bwanji. Amenewatu apite adzabwera dzikoli likadzakakonzedwanso nda Ambuye Yesu posachedwapa.

  27. Tonde says:

    Do we have chinese invesors in Malawi? All I see are vendors and massage parlour in town. We need real investors.

  28. asangachite kanthu akhwangalawa akudziwapo kanthu amagawana chabe awonongetsa mbili yamalawi chifukwa chakagwilidwe kantchito kawo kopanda mutu very shame

  29. mafole says:

    they shouldn’t relocate to neighbouring countries but should go back to China.

  30. inayake says:

    Lets love and protect Malawi from these de-generates called thieves. We all know that the Police has its challenges, so let us rely on each other. Help your neighbor when he needs assistance. Thieves target one individual at a time. Let work, act and be as one to save our beloved nation from crime. It starts with me. It starts with you. Take action.

  31. Apao says:

    Hudson ndiwa nzeru zake ameneyo, sakunena zachitetezo ayi. Akunena za ndalama yazutayi, njoka ndi achule. Achule apezeka bwa mvula kulibeko?

  32. jimbo says:

    The traffic police are all out to raise money by fines, bribes, etc. When they see a car with red number plates, i.e. a rented car, they immediately pull it over and demand a fine for some fabricated infringement. They seem to presume that anyone renting a car must be wealthy and therefore able to meet their demands.,

  33. Counsellor sir u r told that police hav arrested culprits & are investigating,the reason is the POLICE are involved every time a chinese national is robbed,just recently a chilobwe policeman was caught in kanjedza,mzuzu bank robbery a limbe policeman was involved,kanengo police are rotten….ahhh i cud go on n on lamenting police involvement in crimes…..pple are resorting to mob justice now!!!!tatopa ndi umbanda

  34. mjiba says:

    azipita kwao tilibe nawo ntchito akutithela malo ndi ntchito mpaka kutumiza ma lebala chibwana chimenecho zipitani kwanu. Ma china mbava zachabe chabe. kumangokhalira kupha njobvu ndi zipembere mdziko mwanthu muno, kuzembesa forex, kuzembetsa miyala yodula, kuzembetsa minyanga yanjobvu kodi ndi machina angati agwida mu airport mwathu akuzembetsa zinthu ndipo angati ali kundende a Malawi osamangovomeleza zilizonse tatiyeni tizichangamuka. Machina anthu opanda phindu.

  35. Nicholas pwele says:

    Kusolora basii

  36. dzina langa says:

    Malawi police is a rotten bunch of bananas. I don’t trust the Malawian Police. You robbers if you happen to be at my compound you will see what shaved a guinea fowl.

  37. Kadakwiza says:

    They can go, who cares

  38. fkr says:

    Please when you leave also take your substandard crap Chinese products with to the neighbouring countries. Everything Chinese i but breaks after 2 days use. Problem is you can’t buy anything made in America or uk anymore.(: On a serious note the crime is completely out of control and i think the government don’t know what to do about it

  39. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    We were told DPP means chitetezo. Koma mmmmmm

  40. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am perplexed at how this government of cartoons is handling the issues of insecurity in this country. The fact that the police have pathetically failed to curb the problem of insecurity in the country is common knowledge. Rwanda had a similar problem and what Kagame did was deploy the army to team up with the police to police residential areas and the problem was put to rest. Here we are now looking very hopeless and yet the solution is right there. C’mon Mutharika why are you so clueless?. I cant understand why we have you as President. Its surely painful to have you as President. Bring in the army to work with the police to police residential areas please. Out here it is simply scaring .

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Akuopa kuti azibale ake ambiri amangidwa kapena kuphedwa kumene chifukwa ndi mbava

  41. tzude2 says:

    Kuli bwino the chinese should go back to their country.theyre just overpopulating our village,mdziko muno kuli bwino mukhale opanda apolice mbava zikutibera ndizomwezi.tidziteteza tokha apolice nonse ndinu mbuzi .

  42. Mbo Sidwala! says:

    Good ridance, adzipita. What investment are u talking about? Uvenda basi? Your wares ndi za China, no quality whatsover. I was in China, I wanted to buy a pc. I was surprised when I was asked what brand/label they should put on the pc, Samsung, Toshiba or Compaq? Can u imagine? I wsh u went yesterday!

  43. Fwefwefwe says:

    Apolisi womwewo. Akumatibela mmisewu momwemu akuti speed trap etc. This police needs reform too.

  44. Emmatuwa says:

    Chitetezo m’malawi mulibe chifukwa akubawo ndi apolisi womwe ndiye mungakhale bwanji chitetezo m’pobvata pamenepa inu abale athu aku China mungotikhululukira chifukwa akuchititsa kuti kukhale kopanda chitetezo ndi aboma womwewo.

  45. Kanyimbi says:

    Two days ago thieves stole my decorder and looking at my financial status it will take time to replace and even a certain police officer had courage to propose my wife only to be rebuffed. A police amenewa machende awo basi.

  46. Kadzibwa says:

    I dont think our police will ever work professionally. My house was broked by robbers and I reported the matter to Salima police. They request me to inform them if I heard of someone who is suspected to be involved. I reported about three suspects two weeks ago but they havent take any action. My mother Malawi.

  47. Cat out says:

    All one sees are more traffic police officers than armed police on the roads of Malawi. Kkkkkkk I like this observation!

  48. namarokoro says:

    Robberies is an African problem. Show me where in Africa where there are no armed robbers? It is worse in Sout Africa, Zambia & Mozambique. Where will the chinese go?

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Uzaziwona akazakubera. Kapena iwe ndi m’modzi wa mbavazo kapena apolisi osathandiza .

  49. ujeni says:

    DPP thugs on the leash

  50. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Tight security should not be there during Chrismas and New Year festives only. It a necessity to the citizenry all the time. Amayi JB anayesetsa pa security. Kaya tiziona ndi agogo athuwa. Tiziona tikapulumuka. Robbers are a disgrace to the nation. Vuto ndiloti apolisi ndiamene amagwirizana ndiakuba. Worrisome!

  51. ujeni says:

    Not only that, there is no electricity eg street lights, no water and social life is non existence

  52. Chisale says:

    Free email, sms, and phone in facility for the public to tip police is the solution.

  53. Chisale says:

    The police should put in place an anonymous email, sms, and phone ( all service providers toll free) for the public to give them tips when they notice suspicious people in their neighbor hood. If you expect people to come to the police stations, then forget it.

  54. Changoima Matama says:

    A Brazi a goti fwe fwe fwe basi get back to work, his police officers are part of these most robberies Shame

  55. ZAMADALA says:


  56. chims says:

    to show government how serious insecurity is,stop building the stadium in protest. if insecurity continues,take your money elsewhere.

    1. mabilinganya says:

      Chimz i totally agreee with you!!!!!!

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