Interview with Juliet Royo: Radio personality and actress

Juliet Royo, also better known as Royo Julz, is one of the blossoming female radio personalities in Malawi. Loved for her charming voice and one of a kind music selection, Juliet is becoming a darling to many urban youths through the Spotlight, a Tuesday night show which she co-hosts with Ian Simbota and features prominent people on the local entertainment scene. Kimpho Loka had a chat with the MBC Radio 2FM presenter.

Royo: You need to have confidence.

Royo: You need to have confidence.

Juliet Royo (right) captured sharing a moment with friends.

Juliet Royo (right) captured sharing a moment with friends.

Royo: I enjoyed my 21st and 22nd years

Royo: I enjoyed my 21st and 22nd years

Tell us more about Juliet, off and on air.

Off air: I am a reserved person, I keep to myself. Am an avid reader, my free times are filled with sleeping and watching movies or hanging out with my peoples. I observe a lot. I’m always looking for ways to better myself whether it’s physically, spiritually, character-wise or financially. On air: I could be really inquisitive sometimes, am loud and opiniated

The name Royo Julz, an interesting name that fits you perfectly, how did it come about?

Thank you! [Smiles]. Oh well [shrugs]… I couldn’t come up with a twitter name when I tried to sign up so I just used my name. My friends call me Julz instead of Juliet and Royo is my surname

What’s fascinating about radio?

The fact that you talk all alone in a soundproof room is fascinating alone, I think [smiles].

Also the fact that as a radio presenter you always need to have that confidence that there is a listener(s) out there, whether there is really someone tuned in it’s scary and exciting at the time because all you have is hope.

What’s the best age to be and why?

You do host call-in programs, mostly at night, who’s your frequent and favorite caller?

Uuuhm I haven’t done those in a while ‘cause of the Spotlight slot, but from the days that I used to do it, there was a guy named Emanuel, he was a lot of fun.


If you weren’t talking to us now, what would you be doing?

Probably up and down running errands. I am into business management and investments. I also do voiceovers, ads and acting so am usually on the road most parts of my days.

Business management and investments, do you mind sharing your investments and why your peers should borrow a leaf from you on that business tip?

I can’t give all details of my investments lest my business partners would kill me [laughs]. But personally I invest in anything I can get my hands on. Sometimes if fails sometimes it pays off. Investments like bonds, treasury bills, shares and other businesses as per available opportunities. It’s important to save for that rainy day, it’s a tip my father instilled in me when I was a little girl. I have known what and how it is to have literally nothing and I seriously don’t want to go back there hence my hands-on on savings and that sort of thing.

My peers should borrow a leaf because having your business interests is satisfying, risky but fulfilling. I hear so many of my fellow youths saying they don’t want to work for anyone or for far long. That they hope to do their own thing, but how are you going to start up if you can’t save now or lay the foundation while you can?

Interesting. Now back to radio, what makes your station unique? How would you compare it to other stations?

Radio 2 FM is diverse. Its primary audience is the youths, but the way that goal is diversified and launched into a number of ways to reach out to the people is interesting. It also has the best presenters and DJs in the industry. People who [have] been in the game for far too long. I feel super privileged to work alongside them every single day.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I won’t take a cold shower even a hottest day. I hate cold water! And I have anthropophobia (social phobia).

Talking about social, do you believe social media has made a difference in people’s lifestyle in Malawi?

Most definitely! One of the major influences on a person’s life is peer pressure and I believe that with social media in the recent years, peer pressure has gotten too real. It’s both good and bad depending on one’s gate-keeping.

What makes you believe you are doing enough to promote local music?

I wouldn’t want to believe that am doing enough to promote local music because there is room for improvement all the time no matter how good things are. Therefore, I think there is room to do more.

Your Top 3 Malawian songs on your playlist?

I always listen to Redemption by David Kalilani, so I place it on position one. I like the single Home Grown African released recently, Nobody and it comes second. On number three there’s Lilia’s Home, I don’t think I will ever get over it.

You’re also an actress, what’s the best role you’ve played in your career?

I played a chief’s wife on a stage play in Smith Likongwe’s “Presidential Prerogative” a couple of years ago, it was an interesting experience.

Does the film industry have a future in Malawi?

Yes it does. With time I believe it will do well. It needs massive support from the government, the corporate world, the actors themselves to be organized and united as well as the citizens to be as supportive as they can be.

One’s early twenties I think. It’s time to lay out a path for oneself. You start to find yourself as a person and it can be quiet intense. I enjoyed my 21st and 22nd years, both the painful and happy experiences.

How old is Julz?

Julz was born 25 years ago [smiles].

What’s your best night out?

Bonding with my favorite people over dinner or a good movie.

Who’s your best male friend and how did the two of you meet?

We met through my work six years ago. His name is Lim.

Connect with Juliet on Social Media

Facebook: Juliet Theodorah Royo

Twitter: @Royojulz

Instagram: miss_royo_

—Photos courtesy of Juliet Royo—

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31 thoughts on “Interview with Juliet Royo: Radio personality and actress”

  1. Alinafe Laurine Chingwalu says:

    A Malawi tinatani always over analysing every little thing down to the last sentence and turning a beautiful thing into something ugly, does her age really matter? Well Av known Juliet since 2002 we were in standard 7 then n yes she is 25yrs old,she started being on air way back should be 2005 if not 2006 tili Ku secondary.I know this lady very well she is not someone oti angabise zaka y wud she do that anyway? A Malawi tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamikira pomwe zinthu zili bwino osati kumangopeza zifukwa zosadziwika bwino.To Juliet continue working hard Mesho n keep chasing ur dreams u so close, am proud of u dear.xoxoxoxoxo

  2. owen says:

    Juliet how come ur still @ 25yrs? I held of you in my high school and years after complete my school and work I worked for 3years and am having the same years plus 1 as yours how come juls?? You suppose to be in you early 30s not middle 20….

    1. @Owen, Julie started being on air at radio 2 fm wen she was 19/20 years old,,with part time voluntary programs. Now u c y we kip arguing that she has worked so hard to b where she is?

      Karim Maliki .,Ts Tania NT Tatiana, and she,dint say a word about prostitution,,u did.. And pliz pick on someone ur size not her if u want a fight.
      @jon snow thanks man.. Malawians are gud at bringing PPO down as if they get paid for it.. All cz of jealousy.

  3. jon snow says:

    way to go royo girls. i also hate negroes that have nothing better to do than talk crap. who cares how old she is? she’s hot and she’s making bank.

    kwambili imakhala jealousy. too many people with absolutely nothing to do but hate. that’s when they start thinking, “nkazi uyu ndiokongola komanso ali successful, koma poti sangandilole, ndimunyoze so i can feel better about my miserable existence.”

    anyway, forgive them….

  4. Woooooaahhh!!! Guys!

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions,,yes.. But. DONT DESTROY ONES REPUTATION WHILE AT IT!!

    Jus bcz u r ignorant about my sisters age, doesn’t mean her reputation shud be painted black.

    Ts probably bcz of the dressing or the photos, that y’all think she is not 25. If u guys lie about ur ages, that doesn’t mean kuti everyone else lies bout their age. Go thru her photos on Facebook, search for PRISCILLA ROYO/ MERCIE TANIE ROYO/ JULIET ROYO.. u,will find her photos in any of those profiles.

    Wat happened to supporting our own home industry, Malawians, we owez complain kuti we never support each other, yet tikuyambisa ndiife tomwe. Koma akanakhala kuti Ts a celebrity from outside Malawi nde we wud hv supported her, huh? Our own, home grown celebrity, who myt some,day put us on the map, tikumunyoza…

    She has worked so hard to b where she is today, without your help.

    So please don’t destroy her reputation which,she has worked her ass off to build,,just coz of your dumb heads!

    She is 25 years old , goin 26 !!! Born on August 17th.1990.. Ku ntcheu uko…
    destroying her reputation over nothing….

  5. Karim al Maliki says:

    Tatiana Royo it is you who is an idiot,this is a news site not a prostitution advertisement site.

  6. KARU UNITED says:

    Ameneyu ndiye mwamufukula kuti?

  7. TANIA ROYO says:

    Correction ” proud of the woman she HAS* become .

  8. TANIA ROYO says:

    They seem to be so many experts on knowing ones age at sight
    firstly y’all stupid
    Secondly y’all idiots
    And thirdly y’all dummies.

    You don’t even know her , you have never meet her in person and some guy says he was schoolmates with her

    Nigga where?????

    Julz has been in girls secondary school since primary. Bakhita girls primary school then Bakhita girls secondary school. And am the one to say cause I grew up with that beautiful soul she practically raised me n my other sister Ever since out parents bailed. I was born in 1996 and Juliet was 6 years old by then .. Do your math. And stop insulting my Sister ???? .

    So stop ur speculations . If your want to know more about her age, the day she was born, the month, the time the minutes the seconds hell find me on facebook
    Tania Mercie Royo .
    And stop attacking my big sister. My role model my woman my everything..
    Am so proud of then young woman she had become she inspires me and everyone she meets.
    So y’all can shove it ????

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      wooo! Apo ndiye mwatishoshatu.

  9. Benard Lupiya says:

    Beautiful lady. Beautiful voice and hard working it seems. However, don’t allow Sumbuleta’s sexual advances. You will be finished. Ali ndi matenda amene uja.

  10. Patrick lusiyano says:

    25yrs ameneyu,koma penapake guyz

  11. wovinidwa Ine says:

    There seems to be an apparent disconnect between the photo and the said age. The age is VERY important to many of the observers, especially the men for some unknown reason.
    The solution, Ms. Royo: tione zaka zanu, ndi zina lanu la pa msonkho, baasi ( is to show your passport with picture (not photo shopped), legal name and age.) You are admired; age is just a number, so please go ahead and you have nothing to lose here.

  12. ndakuza ndekha mwana uyu…..mwana amakula chikwapuuu……chofewa….chakuda………juli nakupenda!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ts rilly her age, a Malawi the problem is if a lady dresses modzilemekeza we tend to think she is older, mmafuna munthu adzibvala mosabvuka then u will say ndi mwana… If this was your sister, she says her real age and the public behaves the way some of u are behaving ,,how wud u feel???

    She has become successful at a tender age, so wat? Ngati inu zidakulakani ingomwerani madzi koma osati mudziwonetsere pagulu kuti u r jealous of her…

    I also salute her,,munthuyi according to her dressing, she respects herself, which is a character alot of young successful women lack these days..

    I know her, that’s y ndikulimba mtima to say she is not lying about her age, so brace yourselves if u failed to achieve great things while young hey.

    Juliet Royo I love everything about you, you are a hardworking young woman. All young people shud learn from you.
    Keep it up! And don’t let these people weigh u down.. People will always find something bad to talk about you, if u were dressing like most ladies do these days, akanakunenanso kuti hule… Nde Amalawi amenewo.. Finding other peoples faults and,leaving their own..

  14. Man P says:

    You didnt say u r also one of ve actors at Choices which is a good one

  15. Fingo says:

    Nkhani apa ndi ya age…. Zonse mwanenazo makes sense but for the fact kuti u have lied about your age everything seems worthless…..

  16. Amfumu says:

    Osisi apapatu mwatipaka bodza zedi…. Mulu nena zaka zabodzatu mulu owoneka wa mvula zakale ndithudi

  17. torgo nodo says:

    koma ma journo akumalawi ndi kawawa. you mean you can’t link royo julz to juliet royo? is it really such a tough code to crack?

  18. phiri says:

    her beauty is dying at a fast rate she need to get married otherwise mukuziwa kale azingothana ndi madoda omwewa basi BUT the truth is she has talent and can do more I wish her well we are proud of you keep it up

  19. Aphade says:

    Zaka mwatinamiza!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. matako says:

    She is no chicket.

    Lady you look older that 30, tinakhala bwanji a malawi kuba zaka, mmalo moti muzinyadila kukula

  21. mvunguti says:

    Your real name please…why did you change it.Makolo ako akumva chisoni kumene aliko

  22. tchexy says:

    I know this girl and that’s not her real name…tell us where the Royo’s are from in Malawi.Shaaame

  23. Mr President says:

    This lady is far from the age mentioned in this article, the picture shows a fully grown woman… Learn to tell the truth Juliet

  24. Mackenzie says:

    What’s with Malawians kunama zaka…. She is NOT 25 ndi wamkulu… I remember at school tinali ma age mate and am 29 zatheka bwanji pamenepa.. If you don’t want to mention your age just say am in my twenties basi or keep quite instead of kuziwonetsa ngati ndinu kamwana…

  25. Wokwiya says:

    Are these pictures of a 25 year old? Reminds me of Flames players. I’m curious and have to agree with Commenter

  26. chatonda says:

    This girl is beautiful and not because of power and foundations etc. Let Kaliati learn from her. She has her basic education and good voice and not mau ngati fisi a Kaliati and Jappie Mhango.

  27. torgo nodo says:

    wawa julz wawa. ndakuwonani mayi.

  28. The Commenter says:

    Meat aunt awa Ali ndi zaka 25?
    Mmmh ohoo akuwonekatu okhwima ndithu

  29. Fao says:

    Phone number please uli bobobo

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