Irate villagers seal off DC’s office in Salima

Irate villagers in Salima have sealed off the district commissioner’s office and erected a road block preventing him from going to the office as the villagers battle it out to have their chief Bibi Kuluwunda dethroned.

Rodney Simwaka Salima DC addressing the  protesters

Rodney Simwaka Salima DC addressing the protesters-Photo by Edwin Mwauuluka

The district commissioner Rodney Simwaka has since failed to work from his office on Tuesday.

One of the villagers said the villagers decided to take this action to force the district commissioner recommend the removal of the senior chief on allegations of corruption and dictatorial tendencies.

Police just looked on and Simwaka could not be reached for comment as he was reportedly in a meeting elsewhere on the same issue.

The villagers had been camping at the district commissioners office for 10 days on Tuesday and seemed they were not in a mood of relenting.

Two senior cabinet ministers; Lands minister Atupele Muluzi and Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Samuel Tembenu last week failed to deal with the matter when they brought the warring parties together in the lakeshore resort district.

Senior chief Kuluwunda insists those who are baying for her head are doing so out of sheer jealousy, saying she is not corrupt and respects the rule of law when discharging her duties.

The Office of the President and Cabinet is yet to comment on the closure of its office in Salima.

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12 thoughts on “Irate villagers seal off DC’s office in Salima”

  1. Topitopi says:

    Boma chonde apaseni anthuwa zomwe akufuna. Apilira kokwanira. Mayiwa anayambira kale khalidwe lawo loyipali. Afiseni ma TA onse ku Salima akuuzani. Ndale too much mayiyu ndipo ngati sipakhala kukambilana mozama..mchitidwe uwu wopondereza anthu upitirira…

  2. Nkalapwaga says:

    The Villagers have appoint.Please local government and OPC conduct a fact finding mission in the area.The TA has been selling villagers land without consulting the occupiers of the land.I know one incident where a family who have been cultivating on a piece of land for 38 years had their garden sold by the TA and her henchmen without informing them, only to see unknown people inserting beacons on their land.Failure of the Police to act tells it all.Huyu mama agende

  3. Achiwechetaga says:

    Bibi Kulunda, ana itite uli kwelekwe? Ana mmisire yangatauna? Basi amwali, mmwe mgamale. Pachimalepo mtilire kwa CheMakanjira; nambi chimtende uli.
    I hope the development will serve as a lesson to elected politicians to behave whenever voted into power.

  4. Mafumu akulekerera kukonda ndale kwambiri ayichotse basi

  5. Lets take our country back says:

    Why doesn’t the rest of the country do that for Mathanyula, he needs to go


    “corruption and dictatorial tendencies”… basi?
    Author, help us understand this protracted saga. On the surface, it would seem that the villagers are being unreasonable; but are they? In a stand-off like this,ancient Chewas made reference to “chatsitsa dzaye kuti njovu ithyoke mnyanga” and, surely there’s gotta be more to this story than is being reported.
    Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether chiefs can be dethroned in this manner. Well, actually, they can’t; I’ll cite the Ntcheu paramount chief as a last example where similar attempts to remove him failed.

  7. Tynie!!!! says:

    Ichoke basi fumu imeneyo, it simply shows kuti anthu atopa nayo basi ndi zochita zake.

  8. WAMISALA says:



    ACTIONS ???


  9. mzakwacha says:

    yichoke basi fumu yimeneyo.fumu ndi anthu,ngati anthu akuti yichoke,yichoseni.ndi huleso fumu yimeneyo.mzakwacha nixon,pretoria.

  10. Nixon Mzakwacha says:

    Fumu ndi anthu.Ngati anthu akuti fumu yawo ku salima yichoke,achoke basi.Mr salima DC,kick the chief out pliz.Fumu yimeneyo ndi hule&Stupid.Anthu aku salima,keep it up.Mzakwacha Nixon>+27724922299.

  11. therere says:

    salvages, most of them prefer going to South Africa instead of learning, saling pawapwas masawu and fish

  12. Gift Kondowe says:


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