Is Malawi facing a failed government?

Malawi President Peter Mutharika once appealed to citizens not to write or talk bad about the country which  would scare investers. Fair enough. However, what must be said is that Malawi as a country is capable  of telling its own story based on the way it is being run. At the moment Malawi is going through economic hardship which is very obvious. Therefore sugar coating the situation is not necessary.FAILED GOVT

This bad  economic turmoil has come about just seven months with  DPP led government. At this rate, one can predict total breakdown after one year.

The economic situation contradicts with the promises President Mutharika made during the election campaigns. Above everything else he painted a picture that President Joyce Banda’s administration was a total failure and that he was coming in to put things right. He even seemed to forget that it was Joyce Banda who miraculously turned around the worst economic situation that President Bingu wa Mutharika left behind.

It is appreciated that the pull out of the donors has contributed to the economic problems. However,  right from the start of his rule President Mutharika seemed to assure Malawians not to worry about the traditional donors pull out  because Malawi has new friends such as the Russians and others which might come in to help. So where are these new friends and what are they waiting for?

As it were, the  economic problems have brought about many things including  insecurity. People losing their property to thieves is the order of the day. The President promised to deal with the insecurity once and for all. This is far from the truth and still remains a political rhetoric.

The country is now riddled with strikes as people deservedly  demand pay hikes. These strikes are paralyzing the country to say the least. Imagine, people are being denied justice because the judiciary is on an open ended strike until the government responds to their demands.

In all this the government seem to look the other way may be with the assumption that every Malawian must know that the government has no money. What defeats such an argument is when one hears from the media that the State President raised his salary by 80%.  Though deferred, this is mocking the rest of the suffering Malawians if he does not know yet.

Even the story of  bribery to journalists with K50,000 each proves the availability of money which seem to be accessed by the President only.  The anomaly on the bribery is that President Muthalika assured people during his campaigns that his rule will not be about handouts be it money, goats, cows etc. Now it becomes difficult  to believe him.

It goes without saying that if the executive is corrupt then corruption in the country is free for all. Indeed it has now gone beyond redemption.

What is most disheartening is that  some people are so naïve to argue that no matter how much people complain, Mutharika is still the president. Any sensible person should know that the  argument is about Malawians  suffering under his leadership.

It is no point splitting hairs just to argue that DPP offers credible leadership. If so why is it that during  BinguwaMutharika people had to go as far as giving him 60 days notice to resign? This was a rescue plan and even now under Peter Mutharika some people are asking for a federal government as a way of improving their lives.

DPP must do soul searching about its style of governance which so far leaves a lot to be desired.

It is no exaggeration to say that the current DPP government under Peter Mutharika is so far failing to find its feet. If the situation continues as  it is (which is a possibility) Malawian will sooner than later face a failed government.

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M'Malawi weniweni

Ine ndekha ayi sindinavotere zopusazi. Is it wrong to say the truth? If people say Malawi is a failed state, they are right because that is what it is. At 50 years of independence Malawi is still dependent on donors. If donors want to assist, let them do that at their own accord. Sizomapanga ma budget muli kwinako aonjezera ma donor koma mukubanso as the donations do not reach the benefitiaries.

Mbwete mdani wambava

Musovenge wena mwela munayaka nokha dziko pa moto


Malawi akupita kuti?zomvesa chisoni kwambiri olemela kale ndiamene akumva kukoma

Richard mwandira

Bola a mayi anatichosa mmavuto talowaso mmavuto aumphawi iiiii koma

charles chinthenga

guys,amalawi timaiwala,bingu anatizinzu,mukabweresanso akuluwa.basi zimenezi ndizimene tinavotera.what was wrong with joyce banda, munthu amene anativuula mmavuto?

honey comb Chidyauzu

If Peter Mutharika is a visionary he could just throw in the towel .Apa zinthu zavuta.
Ena ayeseko. The man is clueless. Ntchito yawakulila Bambowa. Mapeto ake akomoka ndithu. Zisungireni moyo achikulire.


God bless our land


in Malawi vuto ndi ndale pachilichonse so leave APM alone because JB anawononga kwacha ndi her devaluation


Malawi has failed citizenry which accepts mediocrity for leadership. Malawians don’t stand up for their rights and what they deserve. The citizenry doesn’t know where it is going and this is manifested from their choice of their leaders at every level! Even if you change the current leadership, you will put in another dickhead because that’s what you chose as a country! Stop whining and wailing!

moto mwikho

No. Malawi is not;you are.

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