Is Malawi facing a failed government?

Malawi President Peter Mutharika once appealed to citizens not to write or talk bad about the country which  would scare investers. Fair enough. However, what must be said is that Malawi as a country is capable  of telling its own story based on the way it is being run. At the moment Malawi is going through economic hardship which is very obvious. Therefore sugar coating the situation is not necessary.FAILED GOVT

This bad  economic turmoil has come about just seven months with  DPP led government. At this rate, one can predict total breakdown after one year.

The economic situation contradicts with the promises President Mutharika made during the election campaigns. Above everything else he painted a picture that President Joyce Banda’s administration was a total failure and that he was coming in to put things right. He even seemed to forget that it was Joyce Banda who miraculously turned around the worst economic situation that President Bingu wa Mutharika left behind.

It is appreciated that the pull out of the donors has contributed to the economic problems. However,  right from the start of his rule President Mutharika seemed to assure Malawians not to worry about the traditional donors pull out  because Malawi has new friends such as the Russians and others which might come in to help. So where are these new friends and what are they waiting for?

As it were, the  economic problems have brought about many things including  insecurity. People losing their property to thieves is the order of the day. The President promised to deal with the insecurity once and for all. This is far from the truth and still remains a political rhetoric.

The country is now riddled with strikes as people deservedly  demand pay hikes. These strikes are paralyzing the country to say the least. Imagine, people are being denied justice because the judiciary is on an open ended strike until the government responds to their demands.

In all this the government seem to look the other way may be with the assumption that every Malawian must know that the government has no money. What defeats such an argument is when one hears from the media that the State President raised his salary by 80%.  Though deferred, this is mocking the rest of the suffering Malawians if he does not know yet.

Even the story of  bribery to journalists with K50,000 each proves the availability of money which seem to be accessed by the President only.  The anomaly on the bribery is that President Muthalika assured people during his campaigns that his rule will not be about handouts be it money, goats, cows etc. Now it becomes difficult  to believe him.

It goes without saying that if the executive is corrupt then corruption in the country is free for all. Indeed it has now gone beyond redemption.

What is most disheartening is that  some people are so naïve to argue that no matter how much people complain, Mutharika is still the president. Any sensible person should know that the  argument is about Malawians  suffering under his leadership.

It is no point splitting hairs just to argue that DPP offers credible leadership. If so why is it that during  BinguwaMutharika people had to go as far as giving him 60 days notice to resign? This was a rescue plan and even now under Peter Mutharika some people are asking for a federal government as a way of improving their lives.

DPP must do soul searching about its style of governance which so far leaves a lot to be desired.

It is no exaggeration to say that the current DPP government under Peter Mutharika is so far failing to find its feet. If the situation continues as  it is (which is a possibility) Malawian will sooner than later face a failed government.

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145 thoughts on “Is Malawi facing a failed government?”

  1. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Ine ndekha ayi sindinavotere zopusazi. Is it wrong to say the truth? If people say Malawi is a failed state, they are right because that is what it is. At 50 years of independence Malawi is still dependent on donors. If donors want to assist, let them do that at their own accord. Sizomapanga ma budget muli kwinako aonjezera ma donor koma mukubanso as the donations do not reach the benefitiaries.

  2. Mbwete mdani wambava says:

    Musovenge wena mwela munayaka nokha dziko pa moto

  3. Charles says:

    Malawi akupita kuti?zomvesa chisoni kwambiri olemela kale ndiamene akumva kukoma

  4. Richard mwandira says:

    Bola a mayi anatichosa mmavuto talowaso mmavuto aumphawi iiiii koma

  5. charles chinthenga says:

    guys,amalawi timaiwala,bingu anatizinzu,mukabweresanso akuluwa.basi zimenezi ndizimene tinavotera.what was wrong with joyce banda, munthu amene anativuula mmavuto?

  6. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    If Peter Mutharika is a visionary he could just throw in the towel .Apa zinthu zavuta.
    Ena ayeseko. The man is clueless. Ntchito yawakulila Bambowa. Mapeto ake akomoka ndithu. Zisungireni moyo achikulire.

  7. Chifatso says:

    God bless our land

  8. meta says:

    in Malawi vuto ndi ndale pachilichonse so leave APM alone because JB anawononga kwacha ndi her devaluation

  9. Thubwelunwe says:

    Malawi has failed citizenry which accepts mediocrity for leadership. Malawians don’t stand up for their rights and what they deserve. The citizenry doesn’t know where it is going and this is manifested from their choice of their leaders at every level! Even if you change the current leadership, you will put in another dickhead because that’s what you chose as a country! Stop whining and wailing!

  10. moto mwikho says:

    No. Malawi is not;you are.

  11. Rift Valley says:

    In case you have forgotten, DPP is a band of thieves Malawians elected despite all sound advice. See what is happening; people connected to Chasowa murder being appointe to top police positions, NAC-gate, blotted Boards and Advisors, salary hikes etc etc,the list goes on. These people are heartless as long as their pockets are adequately lined. Remember how they acted on election results. They it would be a disaster if victory slipped thru their fingures. I fear for us.

  12. Olira adzalirabe ngakhale atamagonera ufa ngati bulangete. Pointing fingers to any leadership that will come will never end because we vote according to the regions that you and me come from. Whether the previous leader did well or not that will not count. The only possible way is to feature three leaders at once from all the regions that strategy will stop the unnecessary wailing.

    1. Kwao konko says:

      But don’t you think that strategy will lead to battle for supremacy amongst the three leaders?Pajatu Amati atambala awiri salilira mkhola limodzi,nanga atatu angathe kulira.

  13. Fathara says:


    1. Kwao konko says:

      Mwaoneka kuti ndinu opanda nzeru man.Cant you offer constructive comments?Zikuthandizani chani zonyozanazo?

    2. Real Malawian says:

      Iwenso Fathara ndiwenso Mbuzi yosayamba ndizimene walemba muma caps lock.Mbuye wako akukanika kuyendetsa dziko ndi mtumbuka?Ngati mulibe nzeru osamangobwebwetuka zilizonse apa.This failed leadership of Lomwes has nothing to do with Tumbukas.Blaming Tumbukas for your incompetence will never change things in Malawi.Mukhalira u cadet omwewo womangonyamula zikwanje muma blue dpp pickups ndikusapita kusukulu kwanuko.

  14. White Achiwajinji says:

    Scrapp or is it deffer the 376% for MPs and offer the savings therefrom to the striking employees. The gesture will significantly show that something is been done. Staying numb just aggravates the anger. #Malawi

  15. Leadership Authority says:

    Authority is a strong word, denoting power and privilege.  A person with authority exercises control over the lives and welfare of other people.  Society cannot operate without having some people in positions of authority; the alternative would be anarchy and chaos.  vuuuuuuuu, wascjust passing by.

  16. Keen Observer says:

    That’s the problem with the world today, we expect a human being to come & solve our problems& I beg to differ. Those who read the scriptures it’s time to open our eyes. Americans the time they put Barack Obama in power they thought that they have found the solutions but some years down the line things are even worse than before. South Afeicans pushed Mbeki aside before he even finished his term hoping tha Zuma is their messiah, look today things are even horrible. It’s beyond human capability. With or withouth Mutharika we will never get the country where it was during Kamuzu’s era. Something is about to happen ahead of us let’s open our eyes to God’s revelation

  17. LNORD BUSH says:


  18. Flyboys says:

    Anthu Inu Kuyambila Muhanya Uno Mukwenela Ku Manya Kuti Jb Aza Mulamulilaso Cha! Kweni Munyake Ndiyo

  19. Flyboys says:

    Pp Sicinali Cipani Coti Ciwine Malinga Ndi Ma Pulani A Mulungu Cifukwa Wina Azatenga Mpando Ndipo Mulungu Aku Muko Nzekelesa

  20. Roots says:

    Yes u are APM!

  21. Amalawi what are we waiting for? Its high time for us to do what People did in Egypt, Libya, we have to strike all of us, this man must go with his stollen government.

  22. chibwatiko says:

    Since peter started serving 4 different position in cabinet during bingu era, he has never performed positevely for example; he was the minister of education, he only perfomed by sending the mkhitos to provoke lecturers at chanco. And when he was a minister of foreign affairs; wht dd he do? He made sure that the r/ship wth britain turns sour. Wht abt whn he was minister of justice? I will leave the question unanswered i dont thing he taught the right laws in us and all the universities he taught. So misguided malawians voted 4 him to turn thing. He is trying to introduce more prophets to prophesy abt the hard times malawi will pass thru. The only way to b saved is 4 him 2 step down honourably than waiting 4 more strikes and demos 4rm different organisations. Being educated enough does not mean u can perform mr president. U’ve fooled ur voters.

  23. daniel says:

    Problem is not Dpp,but voters andnon voters who dont vote.THose who vote because he /she is coming from my region,and those dont vote because he /she is not coming from my region.with this mind set you cant have the right reader.Now the solution to this is you and me to give constractive ideas like,encourage every one who is legaly to register and to vote,not just registering and not to vote.if you dont vote you vote for someone to win,whom you dont like.

  24. Cholapitsa says:

    Eeeh- eeeh tikuyenda mmavuto azachuma koma nanga mukudzikundikira chuma bwanji? Osatimvera chisoni ife amphawi (civil servants) amene salary yathu ikungothera kugulira mchere. Haa! Ambuye bwerani mdzantiweluza.

  25. Gogo says:

    A Mayi athu a J B anatilangiza.Kodi tikasintha boma mosatsamara nkupedzeka kuti yemwe mwamusankhayo sakuyendetsa bwino,mudzatani?

  26. butie says:

    ma boma onse apita zimavuta second term koma ili 1st yr eish chonena ndilibe poti sinavote nawo

  27. Bazuka says:

    Malawi has two types of people namely greedy policians & poor plebians. Those that don’t fit in the two categories are the crooks & blind supporters of the former who can’t see that the greedy politicians have come to plunder, root, maime, rob & kill. Whatever sense you drum in the crooks & blind change is negative. Peter is not clueless but he is heavily benefiting from the crisis as did Muluzi, Bingu & JB as all told us that they found matope in gofament while they were busy stealing. Mark my words.

  28. Kamchitete says:

    Peter, tell Malawians about what u think. Or u r empty headed. You thought governing is as easy as abc. Stupid president

  29. pharisee says:

    six months is roo early to judge- especially after inheriting a thieving civil service and cashgate driven donor sanctions! even in a marriage- do u chase out the wife after six months if no pregnancy arises? dont you wait and try and diagnose the problem? usually the problem is you yourself!! Malawians- if we want to know the cause of ALL our problems please go look in the mirror!!!

    1. brutsha says:

      Who inherited a thieving government ? Akulu mumaganiza mombwambwana. Your line of thought is that evaluation is limited to long term accomplishments. You could be right. Because we really couldn’t expect this government to have finished a big project like building a hospital within the 7months in government . But the issue is if you MONITOR Peters presidency you will see how inept the guy is in making decision going by the current trend of events. My comment will only make sense if at all you know the difference between MONITORING and EVALUATION and how to apply them.

  30. Namkungwi says:


  31. Namkungwi says:


  32. phillip says:

    Panopa ndi thawi yomwe ayenela ku one sa kuti ndi proffesso, koma zikuoneka kuti, usogoleli wabwino alibe ndipo kukadakhala kwabwino atatula patsi udindo wake Panopa asanaononge zambiri . A Malawi tiyenela kusamalisa posakha asogoleri, zomasakha kuti chifukwa ndi wakwathu, tizakhala aphawi mpana muyaya

  33. ZOONA says:

    another disgrantaled nyikalander who always find fault in southerners. stop the nosense talked of federalism and you have seen that there is sense. malawi is not failed but your mindset

  34. zalerani dada says:

    Chauta ndapota nanu, tisonyezeninso mtsogoleri wina koma wochokera ku mphepo yina ya dziko lino Chonde ndapota nanu ana anu alila kwambiliI’

  35. zalerani dada says:

    Chauta ndapota nanu, tisonyezeninso mtsogoleri wina koma wochokera ku mphepo yina ya dziko lina. Chonde ndapota nanu ana anu alila kwambili

  36. zambian says:

    first of all, malawi should stop asking for help, friends friends chani!!!! why dont you same people who are busy posting messages here stop posting messages and go to your villages and start farming instead of spending the all day on your smart phones, you same people you are the government, you are malawi, do something that will contribute to your poor country, instead of depending on donors why dont you depend on farming and exporting, look for mines, theys freaking oil in malawi and yet nothing is happening, secondly the peter dude is doin his best, just stop judging him for now, give him a break, judge him later… grow up malawians you cant expect russia to help you wen they are busy fighing while you are busy with your smart phones the whole day instead of start farming.

  37. malago Malango says:

    Running a country is serious business. Its practical and not theoretical. Don’t think APM is sitting idle. He would love to turn things around koma uku mkulephera kwa mwana mamuna. This is the outcome of entering into power through back door. The economy that JB recovered is back in shambles. The bigimani has lost direction. Where the country is in economic crisis, that where he gives himself 80% pay increase. Do you remember that JB took off her salary by 30% and gave it to the needy. Emily Kamanga is very right. We have 4.5yrs of crying and toiling. a Malawi masankha sankha. kikikikikikikikikiki!

  38. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Joseph Banda, nanga $92 billion ija bwaaa? Madollar anapezeka ku Ndata aja bwaaaa? Nanga zina zoti zizinadziwike bwaaaaaa?

    1. Kadzanja says:

      Our president is another man who does not know where we have come from. To say the truth, whether we want it or not, the west has helped us a lot. The new friends our president was talking about have done nothing, not only to us, but to other African countries as well. They come as friends but with a porpose of milking us, look at the Chinese.

      Now, what is he waiting for instead of going to his new friends. Where are they? How long is he going to talk about the previous governments. I thought he is the one ruling this country at this time?

      The man has failed us big time. Which country can stay for now close to 3 months without Judicial system. He believes that problems solve by themselves. Remembers the 8 months Malawi as a nation lost during the Mukhito saga. Which serious country can afford that? Today we are seeing the same thing. He failed to run just a ministry, how can he run a country. I hope those who voted for him are not suffering together with us. m’Malawi muno sitidzakhala ndi president wothandiza chifukwa timavotela komwe munthu akuchokela, otherwise zinazi ndi madeya enieni ndipo tisanavote zimenezi timadziwa.Zomwe zija za ‘wakuba yemweyo’ Lero waba ndiye a Malawi mukulilanji.

  39. Even if Russia is a new friend, wait,Rueeia is facing new western sanctions and its ruble is falling heavily, how can you expect such country to hel Malawi.Please our leaders be wise and intelligent at the same time. Make things right discuss with the western donors, the east failed Mugabe.

  40. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Nthanga kunena adathawitsa likongwe wa apongozi. Vuto lili apa ndi loti APM amanena kuti anzake amalephera as if he could just wave a magic wand and things would be ok. Siizi nanga! Galimoto kaya sitima imaoneka yosavuta kuyendetsa akamayendetsa wina. Koma tayesani apa madala, goooo! Kumangoti gwirugwiru kusowa poyambira. Atsogoleri muyenera kumadziwa kuti palibe munthu yemwe salakwitsa pochita zinthu koma zina amachita bwino zomwe musoweka kuyamikira. Awa ayambatu udyo ndithu. Matama too much. Ngati inawakanika Ministry of Education pa nkhani ya Academic Freedom, ndiye dziko bwaaaa?


    ooohhh yes problems

  42. Lord Have Mercy! says:

    This post is kind of confusing.

    For starters, it is pitting or liking Peter to Bingu. Despite these being brothers, these people are/were different. One was an economist and the other a lawyer.

    DPP has been in government 6 months. I think what Malawi is going through now are just effects of the previous regime. I am not sure if within 6 months the government has drained all the financial resources that were reserved in the government coffers.

    I wonder, what can the government can do anything even if people complain at this stage, or should they just say we have heard? I know for sure, the strike at Queens for example, rooming or otherwise, was delayed because authorities thought it would demean or decampaign amai.

    Again, it took Botswana three years (meaning three cycles) from the time they decided to adopt a zero based budget. It is a painful but fruitful process, trust me!

    Now, finger pointing is not a solution to Malawi’s problems. We all need to join hands and think about what we can do for our government and not what our government can do for us.

    Let people who are called by the name of God, humble themselves and pray to God. We certainly need divine intervention. Mordecai, told Esther that if she was not going to do anything on the situation of the Jews, God was going to bring deliverance, but Esther and her father’s family were going to perish. Applying it to our context, if you and I don’t do anything to our country, God will bring salvation, but some of us will suffer.

    1. Madison says:

      My reply is very simple. Yes I agree 6 months is very little. But if they know that the previous Government left them a financial mess, why not start their term by quickly regaining the confidence of the people and the donor community. Why not address Cashgate openly starting with the $92bln. Why being selective on the issue. The best way to fix an economy is to gain people’s confidence first. This is the major failure of this Governnt.

    2. Jarsn Phiko says:

      A good reference of the bible, but this does not stop people from talking about their problems, inflicted by those in authority. The issue here is about the President and his adamant Government to find solutions to this problem. A president is a driver of the nation who must aim at seeing the vehicle go the right direction, no ditches. At all cost the country has to come out of this mess. We can pray indeed, but God only listens to humble people, truthful leaders, and an honest society. This country is in a mess because all these recent leaders are coming in to enrich themselves, basi. Bingu did it, Amai did it, Muluzi did it and now Pitala intends to do the same. Which God can take note of prayers of a Nation that has no wise leaders? Where there is no vision, people perish. This is where Malawi is. SHAME.

    3. Timothy says:

      Kikiki…your post is fascinating.
      Firstly, they are pitting APM and BINGU together not necessarily because they are/were brothers, but because they both are FAILURES in their respective fields. BINGU was an economist. Was he really? I mean with the state he left Malawi in, financially, an the missing billions under his watch, was he an economist? (May be for his first term jaaah). APM is a lawyer. Come on. Is he? Ain’t lawyers supposed to have calm and collected heads, make calculative decisions, and if they blunder on one instance, thats fine, but surely not make strings of bad decisions? Let us agree that APM is a lawyer, would you want him to represent you? Bearing in mind all the gambles and indecisiveness he has done these past 6 months? Not if you don’t want to go to jail. Now, about the 6 months APM has been in power, may be you are right that its not enough to judge him by, but, do you see any HOPE of any tiny silver lining any time soon? Is there any foundation on anything that he has done so far that, may be, just may be, might take us to promised land as per his manifestos? I did not think so either.

    4. bons says:

      iwenso ulibe nzeru. osanyengerela mbuzi zimenezi. amayi anasintha zinthu koma sanari ophunzira

    5. Ngozo says:

      The fact is that APM lacks leadership skills. He is very different from Bingu and JB. Bingu thought that he was going to be around during APMs leadership so that he would be couching him, but unfortunately God’s plans are not ours.

      Cashgate did not start with JB’s administration. It was only discovered during her time. Go to area 43, 12, 44 etc and see whose mansions are there. They are for clerks and other civil servants. These mansions were not only build during JB’s time.

      BUt it is true that complaining, pointing fingures, strikes will not yield much results. We need to join hands and pray that God provides a solution to the problems.

  43. joseph banda says:

    Kodi Mai Emily Mkamanga Mulipo? We missed your emotional write ups for some time. Welcome! I disagree with your reasoning. Yes APM promised to turn around the economy. Yes JBs administration failed. Your article has failed to articulate that when APM was taking the govt, Cash gate was all over, mismanagement that saw the government with unpaid creditors of Mk 650 Billion. The current budget is Mk 743 Billion. This means the whole current budget could have eaten up by the debts your JB left.

    If you find a family that has no food, rains are coming etc, you need to have money for the current consumption and find more funds to finance the food production of next year. This is what Malawi situation is. Of course the increasing of salaries was not clever in our present circumstances.

    But Emily, how can you tackle the economy of Malawi without talking about the misuse of JB that created a big hole to be filled in?

    1. Jarsn Phiko says:

      Abwana, JB was a waste of time for us, we must agree. After all anagogwera, we excuse her somehow. But now we have an elected President with a full mandate of 36% of Malawians. Where the rest of the population goes is another issue, but at least those who voted him in are enjoying the fruits of Pitala’s power. Donors are just punishing us all for our stupidity in choosing the same government that chased away Donors’ Ambassador, tobacco buyers e.t.c.

      I hope they will come back if Government changed hands, otherwise if votes will continue being rigged, of which I am very sure it will happen again now that the riggers are in power, then forget about revamping the economy. While the majority are crying out there, some insiders are surely enjoying day-in day-out. That is the ensence of life, the Malawian style.

    2. Phwake says:

      Koma inunso. Do you even remember how the economy was when Bingu died? Aid was frozen, food and oil shortages, not talking about the “supposed” 92 billion missing, the Ndata saga. Your comment is really left sided in argument dude.

    3. ANALYTICAL says:

      Koma anthu ena ngati Joseph Banda amatsekera dala makutu kuti asamve!

      1. CASHGATE: JB is attributed with K26 billion; while DPP (and especially Bingu) is attributed with K92 billion which is being investigated now courtesy of the Germans. In some way, the DPP contributed to this mess by looting K92 billion!!!!!!!

      2. UNPAID K650 BILLION: When JB took over in 2012, govt debts (local) was at K450 billion. By then, DPP had been in power for 8 years! UDF had ruled for 10 years! This huge domestic debt was accrued by DPP & UDF (the same parties that are now in govt!!!!!!!!!!) Actually, Bingu was given debt cancellation by foreign agencies in 2006, but failed to take advantage of it!

      PLEASE Malawians, let us not defend for the sake of defending! Its that mentallity that is leading to the continued poverty in Malawi through the grabiosis (dyera) by a few (who are in power!)

  44. mmalawi says:

    We need to ask Peter why he wanted to be President in the first place, I guess he was mouth watering to see how much his brother stole? These two brothers are creating history in Malawi unfortunately not good history which even their long departed father will feel ashamed of instead of smiling! SHAME!!!!!

    1. Jarsn Phiko says:

      Awa nimatchona wodabwitsa, Pitala ndi m’bale wake? ANthuwa adabwera atawona kuti a malawi akadagonabe. Ukawaponyela mkute ndiye kuti agona pakhonde kumakulondera, iwe uli ndi namwali mnyumba, pakama wa ziwale. Mukuliranji nanga, onani Atupere anayiwerenga kuti apa u President sangauwone, chifukwa gulu iritu lidzachita kufuna kuti achokepo pa ulamuliro, wina afune asafune. Kodi munthu akakumenya pakhomo pako ndiye ungapite kwawo kuti ndikamumenya? MEC zikomo mudathandiza a Malawi kupeza mtsogoleri wabwino, wanzeru za ku A meleka. May your true conscious judge you for putting us all in this situation, and that you now can smile all the way to the bank for this. But mufa nonse ndi stroke, muwona.

  45. Phyuta says:

    Amanu anaba ndalama. Amangidwe basi !!!!!

    1. Godiya Lexs Says says:

      Bwana President Chonde landulani udindo mwachepa nao Bingutu anali Amuna ogona kukhomo kotsegula osati inu ai inenso ndine mmodzi wa DPP.

    2. achims says:

      Phyuta,chauta akukhulukire m’malakhulidwe ako. Enafe zimatiwawa titamaganiza 92bn ndi ukapolo omwe tinaona wa PM,ndiye lero 7months yabvuta kale nanga kwinaku titani? Amene wakoza amakhala opusa ngati taiwalira.Mvula ndi iyi u

  46. Vet Manda says:

    Some people are deliberately burying their heads in the sand, pretending all is well. When the ship sinks, we’ll all go down the water regardless of ones origin.

  47. Njolinjo says:

    Terrible situation.

  48. Nanchunjule says:

    Madzi akuvuta,ntchito zikusowa,aphunzitsi sakulandila ndalama munthawi yake,kuchipatala mankhwala kulibe,masitalaka ponse-ponse,ntchito ndi ma contakiti kupeleka kwa alomwwe okha-okha,ndalama za ma ARV mukukavinila magule a makolo anu ndi kugula kachaso,ndalama za ma ARV mukupeleka ku bungwe losesa m’miseu,kufufuza a katangale mungofufuza omwe si a DPP,kumanga mungomanga otsutsa boma,kutinamiza kuti zinthu zikuenda pomwe aliyense akuchita kuona kuti sizili bwino. Apulezidenti ali ntulo ndipo nkonono wake woophsya.Anayesa kutenga atambwali onse akuti alangizi koma sizikutheka dziko lamukanika Muthalika. Ndie sitingathe kuimba nyimbo yokondwa pamene tisakukondwa,pamalilo tiimba nyimbo za pa malilo ndipo pa ukwati tidzaimba za pa ukwati,musatinamize a DPP.

  49. Mendulo says:

    The administration must know that politics of pacifism will not work but politics where the administration is making genuine efforts to resolve the country’s many problems.

  50. Mendulo says:

    Indeed the APM administration needs to work tooth and nail to deliver. Trying to bribe journalists in the hope that they will not write anything bad about the administration is being totally naive to say the least. And in tough economic situation where government Ministries and departments are being underfunded, to learn that the administration has increased perks (salaries, fuel and other allowances) of top politicians is an insult to Malawians and shows lack of seriousness by the administration to resolve the current economic woes.

  51. THAKOPANSI says:


  52. Alungwana says:

    The government of failures!

  53. Kandapako says:

    The President is playing tactics of sit until the anger in Malawians fizzles out. He is believing that we will sooner than later tire out and life goes on. Mr. President today’s Malawians are not the same as Kamuzu’s time. Akuukilani anthu mukapanda kuchitapo kanthu. Amene akuzungulilani akukunamizani kuti zinthu zili bwino. Chonde tsakukani mmaso asanakupweteketseni.

  54. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Nothing else apart from the truth only. You have spoken Emily. I respect you aunt Emily , your are my late aunt’s namesake.

  55. Humphrey Kaunga Nyirenda says:

    We need God intervention in our country. Without His hand Malawi is doomed.

  56. henz says:

    That is true no hidding agendas


  58. ADE says:


  59. Daniel says:

    Malawi is going to the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Think Tank says:

    Can commentators, in what form they come, bring something new to the table?? We know what is going on in Malawi and writing a piece, just recalling what we already know is somewhat a waist of time and space. Dissect the issues please, bring in different perspectives that either as readers or the nation at large can take into account and maybe change our nation for the better!

  61. Masiye says:

    Dpp shud live the gvt b4 we do demonstrations we can nt suffer millions of ppo bcaz of one person hw special he z

  62. Nyamazi says:

    Peter and his Dausi made a lot of noise towards the campaign period that DPP would improve the economy. What is it now that Peter has done? and where is the so called talkative man called Dausi? We want him to talk more now about their DPP”s failed management of the country’s economy since 7 months ago.

    Come out Dausi and let’s hear you.

  63. me says:


  64. shop says:

    Dirt is the system!

  65. shop says:

    Local Malawians will continue to suffer.

  66. shop says:

    Who benefits more from our greed as a country? Foreigners and politically linked businesses.

  67. John says:

    Mwana akalirira nyanga yansatsi musemere imufotere yekha.Munkaufunitsitsa utsogoleri pano ndiye zikukuvutanitu.

  68. Wovutika says:

    Pliz Pilz atola khani,,,,, kodi ndi boma liti lomwe simunalidandaulepo? Indedi zithu sizilibwino bwanji osatengapo mbiri kuti zithu zisithe? Rather than kumangolemba ma mistakes omwe olo tiziwawerenga siziphulapo kathu lets work hand in hand as we are MALAWIAN to change things round

  69. fricodaluka says:

    What is more disheartening is how the government is trying to deflect attention of the country to certain issues as trying to nail down JB in Cashgate….while it may be a gud thing to get the big fish down the procedure and reasoning leaves a lot to be desired…..the country is at the moment in a crisis mode believe what u want strikes are on going and our universities are being closed indefinitely,NAC abuse etc…..its time to man up and get out of this political face for the good of the nation…besides the President said his government will be “business unusual”…..its time to start running the country Mr. President………….

  70. Bob Phiri says:

    Total Nonsense. If you don’t have anything to write, why not just keep quiet. Stupid

  71. Mmalawi wakufuna kwabwino says:

    Iwe walemba nkhani yopusayi ndiwe munthu wasafunikira ku Dziko la Malawi. Sunadane ndi Mtsogoleri yekha wadzikolino koma wadana ndi a Malawi tonse. Pakuti wabisala sukudziwika koma dziwa kuti Mulungu yekha akukuwona pomwe ulipo ndipo usamudelere Mulungu. Mulungu sachedwa kapena kufulumira kulanga munthu koma amachita zonse panthawi yoyenera. Ndikuyembekeza kuti supembedza Mulungu.
    Ndikulangize mokukonda chonji ngati m’bale wanga: “Nthawi sinathe Mulungu akukukondabe ngakhale wachitila uchigawenga dziko lamalawi chomchi. Tembenuka mtima udzikonda dziko lako udzikonda nzako ndipo Mulungu akukhululukila ndi kukulandilanso mwachikondi. Ukanyalanyaza malangizo angawa, ikuvumba mvula ya matalala ya matembelero. Umbuli wako sichingakhale chitetezo chako or ignorance has no defence. Zikomo.

  72. clement says:

    Emily! You must very stupid with your barbaric article.Mind you, the economic crisis Malawi facing is not because of DPP and its not only Malawi in thi situation.About srtikes,demostrations power outage just go to South Africa,the country with everything but people still behaving bad.Kodi ndi mphamvu ya demokalese kapena umbuli?Ndiwe chitsiru wamva.M’malo molemba zinthu zoti mwina madonaz akhuzidwe ndipamene mukunyoza fuck you.Mukufuna prezidenti apange bwanji fisi iwe Emily Kamanga?

  73. cleophas phiri says:

    just step down Mr President and pave way for’re too old to govern or the position is too big for you…

  74. mama says:

    kkkkkkkkk madandaulo!!!!!!

  75. Wamandasi says:

    Media is controlled by white people. Whites fund anarchy, activism immoral behavior for economic purposes of their own. Malawi was so taken up with uprising in North Africa threatening to go the same route. The same media has clue to inform the Malawians how Libya was with Gaddafi alive and Mubarak in charge in Egypt.

    The more chaotic Malawi will depreciate currency. Then any production we make will be sold at a give a way price.

    One major problem media feeds on the bad stuff.

    It is no secret most western countries fund activism. So may dear activists with stinking human rights and scam democracy while you enjoy Euros and dollars watch the damage you cause you do to the poor society.

  76. Aferazao says:

    Blame all those who voted for this octogenarian to rule Malawians. See what is happening just seven months after giving him the presidency, and imagine we have a good 4 years to live with this kind of rot. Oh a big shame to the Lhomwes for what they did to Malawians. Coincidently we are together in this ****t

  77. Indeed he announced that Malawi would have Russians and China as new friends. He doesn’t know that Britain as a former colony has an obligation to assist Malawi. Britain still gives aid to well to do countries like Pakistan, South Africa and India. They will stop supporting India because it has improved economically. The Russians has very little to do with us. Headless leadership.

  78. Indeed he announced that Malawi would have Russians and China as new friends. He doesn’t know that Britain as a forner colony has an obligation to assist Malawi. Britain still gives aid to well to do countries like Pakistan, South Africa and India. They will stop supporting India because it has improved economically. The Russians has very little to do with us. Headless leadership.

  79. The truth is that this government has totally failed. they cannot even showcase anything. Their manifesto was a total fiction novel.

  80. Cluelessness 101 says:


  81. Achi says:

    Father / Bishop Sitima said this prayer before the May 2014 elections: Iye amene adzapambane pa chisankhochi ndi vote yakuba dziko lidzamkanike kulamula, lidzamlake. Mpingo udayankha kuti, Amen. Ndipo Yehova wa makamu adamva.

  82. Dick says:

    Professor Mkamanga of Mzuzu University in the name of Emily Mkamanga at it again!! Have you resurrected now!! Professor Mkamanga, it is like proposing love to a girl, you need to paint yourself white when you are as black as a pot. It is the stupidity of the girl to be convinced of these rhetoric tricks. I dont blame Peter Mutharika. I blame the electorate for voting him into power when they knew his brother had problems. Unfortunately, he is still following the legacy of his brother. He is not a transformational leader. Seconndly, I blame the judiciary by swearing him in behind the curtains amid elections irregularities. Now the judiciary is crying pyooooooo!!! I GUESS MALAWIANS ARE STUPID

  83. mphangala says:

    That’s true!!!!

  84. Odala Tili Odala says:

    A failed government indeed

  85. Pitala fuck u wy doing stupd things to us go to nkhatabay muzimba etc pple are suffering, we nid joyce banda she was everything to us . My last word is I want to warn dpp supporter to close their fucken mouth and also to stop going to public and insult some pple am jb suppoter tonga boy 4m nkhatabay

  86. Nachika says:

    If I may ask, “Do we have a President in Malawi”? I agree with the writer that this is a Failed Government.

  87. Selfishness by the politicians will kill this country. This country has no future at all if it continues like this. A good leader must look at both the needs of the current population and future generations as well. The new borns and those that are unborn will need the same resources that we have now. A good foundation both economically and will help future generations as well. What we have seen over the last 20 years is that the rulers and top civil servants care about themselves. What happens to our children when we die. People like Peter Muthalika don’t care because his children are not citizens of Malawi. They are Americans. It was all wrong to vote for a person whose children are not Malawians at all. He does not care because he will have nothing left here when he dies. Others would say, “hey I have children here and let me give them a better place”. At his age, he does not care at all. We cannot have a strike running for such a long time. It’s less than a year in office and what about the fours years ahead of us. Even Goodall Gondwe does not have a family here and he is 79 years old. This is very unfortunate.

  88. chonchobe says:

    investors not investers.

  89. Nachipanti says:

    Di Phi Phiiii… Boma ilooooo!!!

  90. Sinthani says:

    The problem with Malawians tend to defend issues based on tribe or region without any basis of facts…..No one hates APM as an individuals but the way he is handling leadership and governance issues of the country. His initial mistake is the speech he made during his inauguration, which I was frightened with, of deliberately giving a soft jab on Western donors in favour of the East. Our long history is with the west and not the east, and as a senior citizen of the Republic the President needed to know this at the flip of a coin. Instead of resolving the problem at hand of financial misappropriation in government, the leadership took a sugar coated approach instead of dealing with the problem once and for all. Dealing with cashgate should not be treated as an appeasement of donors but our own will to resolve bad practices in government. The government needed to take strong restrictive and deterrent measures to avoid any occurrence of such practices while dealing with strong fist with suspected offenders without looking at the colour, social, economic, tribal, regional status. As long as Malawi fail to generate enough forex to meet its demand, any local financing of the government will not take us anywhere. The Zero Aid Budget is another useless buzz word to convince Malawians. We need to institute Paul Kagame approach to deal with our problems…… otherwise Malawi will remain an impoverished entity in the world!

  91. chivwamba says:

    Mawu amenewo. Kumeneko ndiye kubwera. Pompano naonso aona kuti its a failed government. Don’t wait to be told to resign.

  92. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    Kkkkkk ma article eenaa! Do you really want to make us believe that Malawi is a failed state?
    Would I be correct to say Somalia is a failed state?

    You see my brother/sister, I have not even bothered to outline any facts about Somalia but already people can see that I am correct about Somalia and yet you with all this passage one can hardly extract a concrete fact that begin to show signs of Malawi being a failed state.

    It is indeed people like that the president is referring to that write bad about Malawi.

    Your article above would be similar to the assertion that Lake Malawi is infested with bilhazia.

    Stop writing negative about Malawi!

    1. Atupere Muluzi mwana wa Mbava says:

      @ WANZERU


  93. dambobanda says:

    gud essay madam Emmie.
    we have had enough of these stories
    now its boring
    coz its obvious
    even mwana wa ku mkaka knows it
    that muthalika is a failure
    the world z tired of words
    bt hungry 4 actions.
    nelson mandela

  94. chatonda says:

    Emily Mkamanga, You have been very quiet of late. It is nice to read your nice stories again. The story is a true reflection of the situation on the ground. This is national tragedy as people are more worried now than they were when the president was sworn in. All hopes are now shattered and the wayforward is never wayforward but waybackward I think. The govt has no clear direction on where they are taking us to. Kondwani Nankhumwa is bubbling everyday defending the indefensible unfortunately and this will just prove him a dundahead with intellectual malaize. Chipasupasu cha Angoni pamatengo indeed.

    Above all, Emily, its nice that you use simple English than Tenthani who is ever drunk

  95. pheeds manyengavana says:

    Yes we have afailed government dziko lamukulira munthuyu bwanji akapitilirize uloya wake

  96. Malawian says:

    Emily, I agree with you 100%. I have said more than once that this government is lacking the very basic governing skills. It is not a secret that as a country we are passing through a very difficult period. The basic things I would expect from the government are (1) The president should address the nation and among other things tell us the state of the economy, tell us what the government is doing to solve the problems. (2) Engage all relevant stakeholders who can help us in solving the problems in the short, medium and long terms. It is unfortunate to see that the only thing I have seen so far is that the government is wasting time telling Malawians and the world at large that we are in this mess because of cashgate. Malawians will agree with me that Joyce Banda never wasted time reminding Malawians that the problems she had found had come about because of DPP government’s mistakes. She straight away started engaging the relevant stakeholders including the donors whom the former regime had crossed paths with. No wonder within a short time, things changed. Unless the current regime adopts the same approach, we are going the face even tougher times ahead. I thought this was very basic! I must say that with due respect, I don’t know what our cabinet discuses if we cannot see such basic things happening!

    1. namaoda says:

      Really!! Go and ask MBc for tapes

  97. The enforcer says:

    Malawi under this Tribalist, Nepotist, Corrupt and Ineffective leader Peter Looter of NAC Mutharika is already FAILED state. The red card has already been spoken to this bumbling ineffective clown of a President by the donors that unless he returns the billions that his big brother Bingu stole from Malawi there will be no aid of even a tambala. So no debating no one to blame but the Mutharika’s for stealing from the people of Malawi.better for Mutharika to resign and go rather then wait for the anger of Malawians to pur put into the streets, towns and villages and force him out. How long before this happens 6 months is far too long. Not if but when this happens Muntharika will have no where to run..

  98. dadaboma says:

    Emily is right. There is no question that Malawi is a failed state already. There is no heartbeat in the economy, and the pulse rate in governance is flat. Malawi has retrogressed several steps backwards on these issues since Dr Joice Banda left leadership of this country. And there is no sign of recovery. Donors are moving farther and farther away, and justifiably so. People are now agreeing that Dr Joice Banda was a real leader, given to Malawi to redeem this country from DPP’s suicidal leadership. In fact Malawians knew that Dr JB was ruling this country very well – of course with negligible mistakes – she’s merely human. JB cannot be compared with the zombie that Malawi settled for a president. This country goofed big time, and the electoral mistake incurred on 20 May has set this country on the course for self-annihilation, and there is no redemption. Federalists have seen how this country is plummeting into abyss of destruction, and they want to jump to safety by seeking alternative leadership before its too late. DPP should never have come back to ruling Malawi again – if Malawians had appreciated God’s redemption plan. Now JB is on the fringe, watching the goings-on in her country, but in safe custody of our well wishers.

  99. ujeni says:

    Mutharika failed miserably as a minister, who cheated him and Malawians that he is presidential material in the first place, this must be the worst lie to ever happen to a country. His brother too was just proped up from nowhere

  100. madziakaphwa says:

    writing bcoz you know how to write but to without facts and reasoning. how could a reasoning person claim that jb turned around the worst economy, are you forgeting that malawi is suffering bcoz of the freezing of donor aid due to cashgate? you are also forgeting that this was done during jbs 2yrs of rulling? i think you are forget too much even the fact that apm has been in office 7 months only and that he inherited worst govt economy ever. amalawi chilungamo tikuchidziwa koma dyera

  101. Malawi ,under President Arthur Peter Mutharika is already a failed state!

  102. sd says:

    Jb govt survived koz of donors nor koz she was intelligent, any1 kud win donors suport after Bingu koz they wanted a puppet that kud devalue kwacha but still were shortages after the donors saw theft of public funds which she initiated,how do u xpect
    dpp to run govt smoothly under current situation. Give Muthalika time & support not rebukes wen uR doing nothing. Be resonable&not politicising thngs. If not start uR own party..4ur own information dpp shall rule Malawi forever now koz tribal lines have bn drawn by u the media&whoever it is,mark my words

  103. Kadakwiza says:

    For the past seven months, Peter Muuthalika has done a lot. The guy is trying. I can name some of the developments the president have done, within seven months Peter Muthalika has managed the following; (1) 250% rise for University fee. (2) 300% increase passport price. (3) The local currency the kwacha is weak now, (4) He went to attend the United Nation summit in New York and slept in a very expensive hotel. An example for Malawians to do the same when they travel. (5) His wife, the first lady formed a charity what, what called BEAM. And with this BEAM, you will see Malawi will be so beautiful, (6) he donated a mini bus at Dedza secondary school. (7) he attended Mulhakho wa a lhomwe festival. (8) he sent Bakili Muluzi to Zambia. (9) at least now fertiliser is expensive, and farmers can’t strike (10) fuel also is expensive. ((11) the president have been busy lately, because he opened a lot of buildings around the country. so at least the president is trying to fix things.

  104. BISM says:

    very correct

  105. Moya says:

    Donors rule this world love it or hate it, u are going to crumble, we had regimes with oil money like Sadam, Gadhaffi, Mubarak…etc but they disappeared what more this money less regime? Tick Tock..

  106. exactly we r yielding nothing,corruption n bribery wl increase.we r stl suffering especially thd villagers.God knows about our future.dpp ndi boma la khanza.

  107. Andrew phiri says:

    Where there iz no mane, a failure iz inevitable even in ur house can u ran minus mane. Lets accept Malawi has no mane. Amai anaba & iz eating it in America, unpatriotic.

  108. Edwin Nakhozwe says:

    God bless our president and Malawians and we should have to learn how to appreciate in every circumstances. God bless Malawi.

  109. Patriot says:

    No need of malawians to talk ill of their country.
    We have envoys in this country, you do not control all their communication with their respective countries.
    I remember that recently the United State Department was warning its citizens to be very careful as Malawi was no longer secure.
    Media reports stories, International missions buys news and report to their respective countries.
    Start running the country mister man, RESOLVE the strikes.

  110. John Chindere says:

    Zoonadi alephereratu atule pansi basi

  111. obi says:

    you are feeling the pinch because you dont work.

  112. chitopa says:

    if it were indeed, which concievably is not, but moribund governance bereft of vision, insight, foresight, and tactics to manage hurdles and exercise damage control. Peter lacks charisma, clout, and leadership astitude from ever since as a person he became into being. He exhibited this when he failed to answer the challenge posed to him by the University academicians. We will equally be idiotic to expect better. There will be no ultimatum for him, but pressure him out with a vote of no confidence.

  113. mzozodo says:

    Zunthu zakuba vuto lake ndilomweli kaya zikutheleni inu pakuba paja munkaona zophweka look now

  114. Loud and clear. Some arguments are so difficult to understand such that one begins to wonder, “Are these people really in Malawi?” because even the blind can see or feel the darkness malawians are in.

  115. i can agree dat he has really failed to govern amicably despite so many promises he made,we cannot implement ZERO defecit budget becoz we’re one of the poorest country on earth & we can’t relay on our own without being assisted by donor countries never but becoz of selfishness in insisting dat we can make it dats why we r in economic doom.whats next is to accept dat he has change the economy from better to more than to say the fact this is a FAILED GOVERNMENT.

  116. Achimwene says:

    The best complainant is not what Malawi needs. Indeed our mindset is very poor. We have always being complaining rather than being champions of solutions. What a shame people we are as Malawian people

  117. zisiru ndi anthu a Malawi akumana nazo komaso simunafikepo munena zinthu zikafika pachimake.

  118. zisiru ndi anthu a Malawi akumana maxi komaso simunafikepo munena zinthu zikafika pachimake.

  119. supuni says:

    I do not understand how an educated person like Emily Mkamanga could think that bringing back donors like Joyce Banda was miraculously healing our economy? Is an ‘economy’ built around donors an economy? Look now, the donors abandoned us due to her cashgate stealing and we are back to reality! Rule number 1: Do not build an economy around donors as Joyce Banda foolishly thought!

  120. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Wakutuma Satana. Pa dziko lapansi palibe mtendere weni weni. Even if the salaries are increased up to 1000% people will still complain. There’s no satisfaction in this demon class. Let us all Malawians jointly pray for our nation.

  121. peter chimangeni says:

    The writer of this article is clearly educated but biased against DPP. I remember that when Joyce Banda was President, people were stealing billions and merry making in Malawi some even going to South Africa for a weekend, the writer of this article was on sabbatical leave whether out of necessity or because she is a sympathiser of Joyce Banda. We all know that Malawi today is facing economic challenges because of the Cashgate. DONORS are no longer interested in budget support after all who gets budgetary support in the region, its only Malawi and its a shame. Its high time we stand on our 2 feet and moce forward as a nation. In 2012, Joyce Banda’s machinations brought down Bingu wa Mutharika. Unfortunately the Public Affairs Committee, pseudo academicians and scholars and donors particulalry the Americans and British were hoodwinked into Regime Change tactics. Lets give APM and his government a chance.

    1. Jarsn Phiko says:

      True, we need to help ourselves, but how do you help yourself if you cant help yourself. Malawi need a president of vision and self determination, not this gentleman. I wonder if he ever makes any decisions during his cabinet meetings. Ambuye atithandize muja adachitila dzana lija, otherwise we are already all dead.

  122. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Wadumba unenesko wekha wekha boma la amama jb likasintha vinthu panyengo yichoko, kweni la uyu mukuti Bwampini latondekerathu pamtandasanya, suzgo niwanthu awo pakuvota wakuvotera chifukwa chavigawa, wakusandasanda munthu cha, awonani tawika muboma munthu wakachinjero kachoko chomene

  123. Let him humbly resign. Bt who z 2 trust?

  124. John McCain says:

    I understand Petwr smoke chamba? Ben Phiri was telling close friends one day

  125. Kester Kaphaizi says:

    Yes this is a failed government. Jb is far much better

    1. Mutu Umodzi says:

      Kuchita kumuvotela dala, lero tikulira. Koma a Malawi sitidzachangamuka. This is not a surprise at all; it was expected and just a matter of time…

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