Islamic charity helps flood victims in south Malawi

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so goes the old adage. This was proved true on Saturday and Sunday in Phalombe district when members of Asian Muslim Relief Aid (Amra) donated assorted items to thousands of people displaced with devastating floods that hit most parts of the district.

The bsinesspersons of Asian descent mobilised K 300 million to be used in buying and distributing humanitarian assistance to flood
victims across the country.

Migowi flood victims recieving cash before they receve a pack of asorted items

Migowi flood victims recieving cash before they receve a pack of asorted items

Happy faces.. taking home the much needed aid

Happy faces.. taking home the much needed aid

Relief aid distribution underway at Migowi in Pholombe

Relief aid distribution underway at Migowi in Pholombe

Ready to be distributed

Ready to be distributed

Amra banner

Heavy rainfall in Malawi swept many homes away and damaged thousands of hectares of agricultural crops. Government statistics show that over 600, 000 people have been displaced killing 176 others in the process.

Amra’s member  Aamir Jakhura said  the assistance has gone to 6,500 affected families in the areas of traditional areas Jenala, Nazombe and Kaduya.

Each household is receiving a pack of assorted items worth MK20, 000 and MK2, 000 in cash.

“The relief pack consists of 10kg maize flour, 1 roll of black sheeting, 2kg maize seed, 25 water guard water purification sachets, 1 blanket, kitchen utensils consisting of 7 plates, 7 mugs, 7 spoons, 7 ndiwo (relish) plates,  book,  2 packets of soya pieces,  1 mosquito net,  1 plastic Bucket and 1 plastic basin,” Jakura said.

The organization, whose motto is ‘brother in need is a brother indeed’,  had also provided similar relief aid to the floods victims in the southern districts of Mangochi, Chikwawa, Nsanje and Blantyre urban areas.

Jakhura commended fellow members of Amra for dedication in the relief distribution exercise and he however called for more support from other well-wishers so that they should reach out to many more victims in other areas.

“There are substantial discussions at logistical level on our plans to reach out to victims in other areas therefore we are appealing for assistance in terms of contributions,” he said.

In an earlier statement the organizations said interested well-wishers are advised to send their donation through Islamic Zakaat Fund in Limbe.

Speaking after presenting the items in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Nankumba in mangochi,Amra spokesperson Faizal  Aboo said the organisation raised the resources following government’s call to the private sector, the international community and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to assist in easing the plight of flood victims.

Torrential rain triggered floods in early January, affecting some 900 000 people across Malawi.

Thousands of people have been trapped in remote or flooded areas, cut off from medical care and other aid. Others are staying in cramped emergency shelters, where the risk of infectious diseases is high, aid workers said.

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25 thoughts on “Islamic charity helps flood victims in south Malawi”

  1. Whatwillbewillbe says:

    May Allah grant you(AMRA and Islamic Zakaat Fund Organisation) abundance blessings and may Allah protect all floods victims families. Allah is Great.

  2. charlie says:

    Brilliant example. Keep it up.
    something not all communities can do

  3. chakazulu says:

    Apa ndiye jelasi down tiwayamikile amwenyewa if amalawi alimonso let them receive my sincere thanks. Akanakhala ena ndalamazo bwezi ataba kuwapatsa ma K50 komanso looking at the package and the amount it is worth I can see that these people were eager to assist the flood victims from their hearts not to make a name or to show off. Once again congrants AMRA amalawi tiyeni tisakambe za chipembedzo apa but let us dwell on the deed itself. God bless you guys in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Ernest says:

    Am sure you have not laboured in vain. It won’t go unnoticed by The Creator of universe. May He replenish and bless you all abundantly.

  5. foster says:

    Thank you guys for your support indeed a brother in need is brother indeed.

  6. thus great plez lets give them ahand komanso atengepo phunziro mazi ndi oipa

  7. mj says:

    May Allah Almighty bless you all brothers

  8. Hastings says:

    What is a positive point for all to learn is the utilization of the youth on this programme. In an age of drugs, sex, laziness, and rock and roll – it heart warming to see young people help the less fortunate. This way today’s youth will appreciate what they have been blessed with and will help to ensure that God willing the youth will once again step up in the future. Malawi belongs not to a tribe or colour but to those that care for it.

  9. Maliseni says:

    Thanks guys, may God bless you in CHRIST JESUS mighty name for your love and care.

  10. phiri says:

    God is great and He is Watching!!!!!

  11. Thantwe says:

    Good people are known for good things, Muslim are kind people no wonder on Fridays beggers flood mosques to get a little something. Keep it up that others should emulate the good gesture.

  12. Comrade Chatsika says:

    Why Asian Muslims instead of just say Muslims, are they Malawians? ok better say Aisian Malawians

    1. Malawiano says:

      Comrade. How can you be Asian (Indian, Chinese etc) and be Malawian (Black). I’m not being racist but I am black myself. We can’t clasiff them as Asians and Malawians at once. Can we say Mweye Okuda.

  13. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Did you see that – Asian Muslim Relief Aid -. They have done a good job, but one wonders why it had to be “Asian” in the first place. Was Muslim not enough? I bet i9f they had their way, it could be Middle East Muslim or Pakistan Muslim or something like that….

    1. Malawiano says:

      Mr Kilembey,

      Thank you for your positive answer on these guys trying to help our suffering nation. Ofcourse they are richer then us. I assume they say Asian Muslims because they are Asians who are Indians. Chinese can also be classified as Asians but they are not part of these guys helping us.

    2. charlie says:

      How many Chinese muuslims have u seen. It’s in their hand to name their organization what they want. Why don’t you make a relief group and name it mozambiqan or refugee aid group. No one is stoppinng you

  14. mr soti says:

    wonderful !!!l, indeed!!!! a friend in need is a friend indeed…I salute Muslims..

  15. Born Politician says:

    the best amongst the pple are those who benefit man kind akuti quran imatero, what a mesg i think islam pure koma pali ena amalowelela mchipembedzo mwaomu kuti aipise onse. God bless u muslims!

    1. It shd be prophet muhammad’s may peace n blesings be upon him) sayings not quran…………ur quote is true …..anthu abwino ndi anthu omwe ali opindulisa kwa ena…….t goes…

  16. Kwima says:

    Maa shanllah

  17. Hastings says:

    Now this is what I call “Asians of Malawian origin”. Keep up the good work.

  18. Blessed says:

    where are we Christians kapena tapeleka mwachinsinsi. Allah continue blessing you. Amen

  19. Malawiano says:

    Well Done AMRA and Team. May Allah Almighty reward you for your efforts and commitment from the brothers from the Muslim Community. At least we have one Organisation that is not racist and doesn’t look at weather the people they are assisting are Muslims or Christians. Well done AMRA. We are Malawians are very grateful and ready to assist as necessary.

  20. Ahmed says:

    Great job brothers on helping fellow Malawians…

  21. veronica nkhoma says:

    May Allah Bless you

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