Islamic hip-hop show, men to be separate from women: Zain Bhika live in Malawi

Organizers of the live music show for a renowned international Muslim song writer and singer Zain Bhikha scheduled for tomorrow Saturday at Robins Park in Blantyre and at Cross Roads Hotel in the capital Lilongwe on Sunday say there are expecting patrons to behave and dress as required in Islam.

Zain Bhika is a South African singer and song writer who is renowned worldwide for his Islamic nasheed. He is also engaged in social welfare projects in South Africa as well as international initiatives to educate through songs.

Zain Bhika is a South African singer and song writer who is renowned worldwide for his Islamic nasheed. He is also engaged in social welfare projects in South Africa as well as international initiatives to educate through songs.

Communications Manager or Classic Events, Bashir Amin told Nyasa Times on Friday that although people from other faiths are most welcome to the show, they are not expecting anyone to behave or dress in a manner that would annoy others.

“It’s certain that those who will come drunk will be denied entry. We expect Muslim women to dress as they always do. And it would be surprising for women to come in extremely miniskirts or dresses.”

Amin says it has also been arranged that women will sit separate from men.

“Although this is an Islamic event but people from faiths are also welcome. Zain Bhika music tackles all aspect of life and is famous among both Muslims and non-Muslims,” said Amin.

He has assured patrons that they should not worry about security saying necessary security measures have been put in place.

The shows have been organised to raise funds for the 2015 Malawi Muslim Awards function.

Zain Bhikha is a South African singer-songwriter who performs Islamic nasheed songs. Associated with other Muslim musicians, including Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby, Bhikha has collaborated on albums and also released several solo albums.

This year, Zain is celebrating 20 years of his nasheed career. He has travelled to UK, USA, Canada, France and other European and Asian countries.

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31 thoughts on “Islamic hip-hop show, men to be separate from women: Zain Bhika live in Malawi”

  1. Uchindami says:

    Umbuli ndi mdani wamkulu wadziko lino. Ndemanga zina zikuonetsera poyera umbuli woopsya omwe uli mdziko muno. Boko Haram kapena ISIS mukuyimvetsetsa bwinobwino koma? Ooh bethunani!

  2. ATIMESIYA says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa khalani nazo za chisilamu zo, zankutu basi, why should pipo be forced how to dress? worse still inu ndiye anthu okonda chiwerewere bad, i feel this son of Boko Haraam who has come to perform here should do it to only those brain washed muslims, dottaz and sons of the devil…………………….. satan himself. nonsense

  3. Mhesia says:

    BUT YOU the organizers…do u really know or understand what HIP HOP is all about? If people like NAS, REDMAN, LL COOL J, MOBB DEEP, WU TANG CLAN hear what you are planning to do in the name of HIP HOP….AAAAAAHHHHH…
    By the way, why mixxxing Islam and HIOP HOP? Hip Hop is so complex and at times the culture in hip hop brings fun with it to both males or females. But Islam….we can see any fun it.

  4. Dan says:

    Akakuulikirani kumeneko, ndi Boko kaletu

  5. amfumu says:

    He is there as a singer.It is not a religious event.Why so many restrictions?i have been in SA for close to a decade and i do not know him and i know why he is a nobody

  6. Haneef says:

    We dont care with all shaytwan comment . Plz dont come 2 our event who r u

  7. ZOBA says:

    osatibweretsera boko haram kapena ISIS kuno ndi zanu zamayozi

  8. Galu says:

    Koma journalist uyu ndi wa quota eti?Akuchiononga chizungu cha mweni wake queen.

  9. Pichi says:

    Chisilamu chenicheni amaletsa idzi. Ku Timbikutu khani yake siidali ngati yomweyi? Did you ask for permission ku Mecca kapena Medina kapena mukungodzipangira nokha.

  10. munthu says:

    Ist, an religion event or not yet u are claiming to be afundrasing…why restrictions,, drinking yes but if i come wth my wife i should not sit close to ha…..che Amini.mmmm

  11. bratusha says:

    There is a curfew(state of emergency) in the so called entertainment event. Nanga dzimalamulo tho!

  12. bratusha says:

    With the restrictions attached to this event, we need to define entertainment. May be its a choir festival in memiry of a fallen friend

  13. chims says:

    aaaaaaah! si boko haram iyi?why are you bringing too many restrictions. am looking forward to see and dance with an Indian and Muslim woman.i want to see a lot of them.then I will give you your holiday there and then.what is a holiday when men celebrate alone and hide their women.shupit

  14. Mbalambala says:

    There is no gender sitibwerako mukakhala nokha

  15. nkunthamasese says:

    Á lot of muslim wőmen dance with men in most festivals. Don’t be cheated.

  16. Western bouy says:

    hahahhaaha yonse bho

  17. wodabwa says:

    Koma msikili ilipo kumeneku ? Dawa ya azimayi ija nanga ? And hope afikisa mwawaitananso . Eeeeeeeeee koma dance ya chisilamu malamulo 106 mpakana nkhani yake ?

  18. MBUZI says:


  19. anduna says:

    That,s selfishiness and don,t expect more fans

  20. Benson Njiwa says:

    Dont dare go to Pakistan because your muslim friends there dislike music especially Talibans

  21. Aishah Missi says:

    Can’t wait to be there Insha Allah

  22. Welcome zain this is malawi the warm heart of africa

  23. hfty says:

    Odi uko!! no wonder you can’t beat westernization of the world with these restrictive customs. Nanga munthu ukavina bwanji ndi amayi akwanu pamene mwakhala posiyana? is this entertainment or a funeral? No wonder u sometimes bomb each other because you repress a lot of emotion – let the body be free and let it express itself in different manifestations such as dress. Pepani ngati ndakunyozani koma kumaonako zinthu from another angle nthawi zina

  24. opportunist says:

    Eee malumulo okhwima ngati amenewo but is their a significance. Don’t u know that those pple who will be patronizing the show are adults who knows everything of life

  25. mzondi says:

    I love zain Bhikha,but I don’t trust muslims so I wil not attend the shw…u never who wil be killed there

  26. You midyomba, we know wy u always separate women frm men & wy u r always afraid to sit next to an opposite sex, îts cause u always think ôf immoralîty.chisembwele nthawizonse mmigtu mwanu.mmxxiii!!!!

  27. Moya says:

    I know this is weird to most Malawians but lets embrace other cultures and practices, its a global village.

  28. milimbo says:

    Study pid you want Christians to put on moslem attire? Koma inu ndi zitsiru eti

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