IT manager arrested over stolen Malawi High court computers

Police in Blantyre on Friday arrested one more Malawi High court staff Kumbukani Chiwoni, bringing the number of judiciary support staff believed to have stolen High Court computers to four.

Chiwoni: Arrested

Chiwoni: Arrested

Chiwoni, aged 29, is the IT Manager for the Malawi High Court, according to Blantyre Police.

“Chiwoni has also been arrested in connection to theft of computer items at the High court.

“He is suspected to have a hand and we will continue with investigations on the matter,” said Elizabeth Divala, Blantyre Police Spokesperson.

On Wednesday, the law enforcers arrested three support staff for allegedly removing and stealing various items from computers that were fixed and being used by High Court Judges.

The items, including CPUs, hardware mother boards, memory chips, heat sinks and hard drives, are suspected to have been stolen  when the High court premises where sealed following the protracted industrial strike judiciary support staff stage to press for salary increment.

They are claimed to have “broke into” first and second floors of the Malawi High Court building  using duplicate keys as there was no “constructive breaking”.

They were also the custodians of the keys for the court rooms and other offices at the High Court Building.

“They are suspected to have used duplicate keys to gain access to the court rooms where they stole CPUs, hard drives, memory chips, mother boards.

“The other computers were fixed in the Chambers of Judges Healy Potani, Sylvester Kalembera, Rowland Mvundala and Maclean Kamwambi,” said Divala.

Divala identified as Elliot Mahewe, aged 52, from Chiwotcha village, Traditional Authority Mkalo in Chiradzulu district, 36 year-old Weston Muyiwa of Ndawona village in Traditional Authority Nsambwe in Thyolo district and 42 yera-old Felistine Mzandiwandira from Gambatila village, Traditional Authority Chakhumbira in Ntcheu district.

They were taken to court Friday afternoon to answer breaking into a building and committing felony therein charges, according to Section 311 of the Penal Code.

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IT Sector

Bwana Gog mukutichititsa manyazi ndinutu C.P.U is an chip/feature found on the motherboard of a PC and its called the Central Processing Unit/Processor. Chomwe mukuchinenacho ndichibox called the case, so don’t polish someone when you don’t have an idea of what you are talking about.


Ma IT manager enawa kuchititsa manyazi


Naye olemba nkhaniyi sadziwa computer, mesa zonse watchule pamenepazi zikupezeka mkati mw
a chi cpu? Mutichititsa manyazi ka.


Like commented on one of the articles last week, this regionalism, tribalism and nepotism thinking must be rooted out of our Malawi. Surely political might could root out this evil n this country. Again, why should any theft, cheating, etc. linked to tribalism? All tribes have thieves. All tribes have cheats. All tribes do one thing or the other. And so? Where does tribalism come in. Very sad.


alomwe achitumbuka awa

Denga denga

Simply because they were in custody of the keys then they were the first suspects invistigation principles?lo ! Lo !

Ronald K.Kalira.
I feel very bad when I see my fellow Malawians running away from our responsbilities by bringing issues of regionalism,tribalism & politics.When there is problem we need to be united and first go deep to the root causes of it.Bringing in ACB, or Prison wont solve this issue of theft direct or indirect.Why everywhere our brothers and sisters are stealing?Some are being caught and others not yet?Look @ our standard of living here in Malawi in reference to the neighbouring countries.My fellow Malawians dont believe that all who are stealing are thieves especially the working-class.Life for them its very tough… Read more »



Why the hell would I use duplicate keys if i am the custodian of the original ones? And why I steal stuff that is in my custody without a “constructive break-in”?

I doubt the seriousness of our security agents. They sealed the place and guarded it to prevent people from entering the premise and now something was stolen during this time and the first thing our respectable security agents have done is to suspect officers who had no access to the premises and arrest them! What type of reasoning is that? Do our security agents undergo any serious training or this has politics written all over? What a shame to the profession and an embarrassment to the nation! Drop the case or arrest the security personnel who were deployed there as… Read more »

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