It’s now Dr Chilima: Malawi VP successfully defends PhD thesis at University of Bolton

Mary Chilima, wife to Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima has led in congratulating the veep in attaining a prestigious doctorate degree after he has successful defended his PhD thesis at University of Bolton in England.

Chilima at Universityof Bolton after attaining his PhD.- Photo taken on Twitter.

Chilima at Universityof Bolton after attaining his PhD.- Photo taken on Twitter.

The Chilima's:  Timeto celebrate doctorate degree

The Chilima’s: Timeto celebrate doctorate degree

Writing on her Facebook wall Monday, Mrs Chilima said her husband has always been an inspiration to the family.

“Congratulations my love…you are always an inspiration,” says Mrs Chilima.

The vice president is in the United Kingdom where he went last week to defend his doctorate degree thesis.

State controlled Malawi News Agency said Chilima, an economist, had been studying for the degree through the Malawi Institute of Management.

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90 thoughts on “It’s now Dr Chilima: Malawi VP successfully defends PhD thesis at University of Bolton”

  1. Sledge Tsitsi says:

    Lululuuuuu! Congrats our vp its examplary to the youth.

  2. jabulani says:

    Ben Phiri akumva bwanji mthupi, sizinjenje zokhazokha basi. I do not understand why some tiny brains feel so proud to earn fake certificates and feel bigger than America. I do not even remember seeing any congratulatory statement from his confidant president which to me is an indication that the fake qualification is far from being recognized by the young Kahuna.

  3. Abiti mtajiri says:

    bravo vp wakwathu kuntcheu

  4. Chilumgamo says:

    PhD ya MIM, even primary school teachers are getting them. Useless. What was his thesis on, where did he do his research. Zogula izi,

  5. You must know!!!!!! says:

    Congrats my VP. This is PH.D we want. Not some bogus phd Honoris Causa which certain people get and start making all sort of noice in the media. You need learn Grounded Theory, Conceptial framwork and theoretical framework and research paradigm. Not honory Phd. Congrats my Vice president. I think Is a learson to some(names withheld)

  6. Chindindindi says:

    Congratulatiions ,our own VP

  7. Ganizani Phiri says:

    Thats the way to do it Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima Conglatulations

  8. ChizaLi says:

    Congratulations Dr Chilima, job well done!!!

  9. Sindi says:

    Was in same class ( Industrial Econs – taught by Prof. Wadonda Chirwa – then a mere Mister) with VP Saulos. We both got our first degrees on the same day. He then got his Masters. And now he has defended his Phd. That is the route to Phd that we know. Now, someone should shout who was in the same class with Mr. Ben Phiri ( I will NEVER call him Dr. My conscious stops me from lying to myself) during his Bachelors. Nanga during his Masters? Kungotidzidzimutsa kuti ndi a Dr? Masewela eti?

    Heartfelt Congrats Saulos. Tikumana pa Nsipe ndi pa Njewa pokawaka manda as is your custom yearly even before you joined politics. Anthu amakunyadila. Makamaka malume anga hahahah!!!!

  10. Yobe Phungwako says:

    Dr. Chilima!

    Congratulations a million times Dr! Obviously the journey to a successful Malawi starts here since the precedence is that Malawi presidents are either Drs. or Profs. I am very proud of you and obviously many Malawians believe that young, educated, courageous, visionary, and real transformational leadership that Malawi jealously needs is in you. Please make a real difference with this added prestigeous accolade by continuing to courageously call a spade a spade and speaking against same old, failed style of “democracy”.

    Malawi really needs change; that will start and probably be led by You Dr!

    Once again Congrats!

  11. ANALYST says:

    Kongirants Mkatolika Saulos Chilima; osati zinazi zomagula ma PhD ku “Cypress Institute” bla bla bla…. Continue being humble by not “clinging” to the “Dr” title…

  12. Tembo says:

    Congrats doc. Real doctorate not these others from certificate mills.

  13. Mpinjipinji says:

    Takunyadirani Angoni
    Dr Chilima

  14. mwenengana fyamba fimpapatire says:

    congrats Dr

  15. ndadabwa says:

    kodi peter mutharika yake anakapanga defend kuti. kikikiki. kutinamiza kuti uli ndi ana, ali aganyu ozabera mavoti. iwe mbuzi kwabasi

  16. mzomera says:

    Congraturations Dr Chilima, we are proud of you as our VP,you are an inspiration to the nation especially to the youth of this country.

  17. Nancholi says:

    Atupele is next zaphweka!

  18. Malawiyano says:

    You can stay with your quoter system we also know the easy way of getting PHDs in our land.

  19. Sapitwa says:

    Now that you are a Philosopher; congratulations!As you sit overseeing the challenges that Malawi, our hopes are now to see how this qualification can assist you to turn around the issues of this country:

    Improve the low Agricultural Production in the country.

    Increase exports.

    Sort out this useless Escom

    Improve the economy, not just by numbers but to the feeling that something is happening e.g low prices to essential commodities.

    Improve the crippling education system.

    And many more challenges.

  20. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    This is the most educated Presidency Malawi has ever had. A Professor and Doctor. It will surely translate into an economic miracle comparable to that of the Asian Tigers and Rwanda.

  21. Tengupenya says:

    Yomwera ink osati yo ulemu chabe. Congrats Angoni.

  22. Ineyo says:

    Malawians are indeed rational, sampling the comments, all i read are congraturatory messages. Last time someone was purpotedly announced to have gotten a PhD, comments skewed towards ridicule and questioning of credential authenticity, this says it all that something was indeed fishy about it, and Malawians are not fools but indeed rational. Thank you all, and CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Chilima!

  23. Mwamfunsa says:

    Very encouraging, congrats bwana

  24. The government stopped running when the VP was busy preparing for exams. It would be much better if we…the future elect people who have done away with studies to avoid unnessesary interuptions. Congraturation though.

  25. kumeneko says:

    Congratulations. But I hope you used personal money to UK.

  26. Willie Chimseu says:

    congrants my 2024 desginate state president of malawi. This is good news to me as you are my role model

  27. Kenkkk says:

    That is how a PhD is done. Congratulations Dr Chilima and your family at this very joyful and proud occasion for the family.

    Some just unashamedly rushed to buy their fake ones from the fish market just to be first after smelling and hearing that the vp was about to get the real one from the real academia.

  28. Big papa says:

    Bigup munthu wankulu ndimakunyadira ndipo iwe kuzalephera kulamulira malawi, aaaa ine ndidzakhala m’modzi odandaula.

  29. Mtunda says:

    Congratulations doc!

  30. johntembo Kuffor says:

    You have just passed, but not graduated. So until you are capped and don the morterboard you will be saluted Dr.kkkkkknot now. Well done. what about Chimunthu Banda? yamunyetsa kodi?

  31. Msadane says:

    Bwana Chilima’s choice of pathway for attaining his doctorate gives meaning to the term “higher degree”. After one has gone gone through the rigor of genuine intellectual investment, it is only fair to call them by the earned accolade. Osati zomwe tikuwona around us zoti akakupatsa honoray or ukagula doctorate from some unknown source koma sokoselani dziko lonseli ngati zowona. Those kind of false accolades make those with genuine ones (incidentally myself included) appear in the eyes of people as empty as those charlatans who are too uninformed about the limitations of honorary doctorate degrees. Congrats Dr Saulos Chilima. Welcome to the club. Be proud to use your letters, you have earned them.

  32. Msadane says:

    I rarely join in hand clapping for politicians rest they start feeling worshiped. But getting a PhD by the front door like VP Chilima has done is worthy congratulating him for.

  33. Maamwene ovaha says:

    Congratulations are in order.

  34. Prison Warden says:

    mwana zitsiru inu ma cadet! this is how we do it! osati za a Ben Phiri zanu zija

  35. chiotha says:

    Pano nde akukhiya zeni zeni Dr Ben Phiri omwe anqpangila defend phi H Dii yawo pa roundabout ya centre motsogozedwa nd vice chancellor wa ma university awili professor gadama. Cypress International is very innovative .It can sit and congregate anywhere like a court . It follows students and arrange a . graduation right there. Next depending on enrollment in particular place of origin, next gala idzachitikila ku ntchena

  36. Alungwana says:

    Congrants man. Si za a ben phiri. Kaliati ndi mzake zikuwaweni.

  37. Malawian Mom says:




  38. Kabuthu says:

    Everyone is congratulation SKC for defending his PhD. I join by congratulating you. However, very surprised that you have defended your PhD today, and you immediately wear a gown. This looks very suspicious and asks questions of the redibility of the insitutution awarding your doctrorate. I deally, in the UK, one defends their theis, the exminer then writes a report of corrections. If there are not any corrections, then the head of the faculty send your name to the senate (the committee that decides to award a degree). When the senate approves your name, you then go to graduate. This is a lenghty process and does not happen in one day as we are seeing this today.

    One can speculate that the gown was bought in advance before defense. So did SKC have prior knoweldge that he had passed his viva? Further, going through the website of Bolton University, the last parage of graduation was on the 17th July, almost a month ago. No UK insitutiton is doing anymore graduations at the moment (August). Is this another Ben Phiri PhD? If indeed SKC bought his gown beforehand, then this is a silly thing today because you do don a gown before the Chancellor of the insutution has awarded you a doctorate degree.

  39. Charombanthu says:

    Congratulations VP. We are always proud of you.

  40. kambwali says:

    Where did the other guy defended hid thesis

  41. Ethiopian justice says:

    Bola Bolton ndi yoziwika osati Cypress!!!!!

  42. angoni apaphata says:

    Izi bola zikumveka. Nanga ena aja yawo anakapangira ku sanjika?

  43. Praise says:

    Congrats, VP, Chilima.

  44. Great but let not this qualification make you a big cheater as you cheated Malawians by helping DPP to rig votes.

    Still I maintain my stand that you an illegitimate VP as King Saul was a rejected King by God after rebelling against Him even though some dull people maintained that he was the King.

    Tell Ben Phiri how to obtain real papers to qualify one as a Doctor

  45. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:

    Bola Bolton nanga ndi iyi ya Cypress with che Gadama selling papers scribled certain words similar to PhD. Now iwe Ben Phiri you had thought you will use your fake PhD to get to realms of power at DPP. Wagwa nayo chagada tsono. Mukapikisana simunati. Fake PhD vs real PhDs of SKC, George Chaponda etc. Kenako tikuvaso kuti kaliati and Henry Mussa are Doctors. Za MABI ZENI ZENI.

  46. Nyopex says:

    You remind me of your speech when you presided over my MSc graduation with the same college last year at Golden Peacock Hotel. Congrats Dr Vice President. You are my inspiration too in leading by example.

  47. Wozinyanyala says:

    At least he has been studying. …not the other monkey who just came and claims he is a Proffesor. …cant even spell the word..

  48. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Please accept my congratulations for your awarding of the PhD. You are an inspiration to many youths with the ambitions of reaching greater heights in life.

  49. katakwe says:

    MIM in Lilongwe is doing great work. Congrats VP

  50. mwana mulopwana says:

    Congratulations Dr Chilima,

  51. Za zi says:

    Waste of time.
    The next president is not professor or doctor.
    It will be a common person, humble and God fearing.
    Osati these educated crooks who have done us more harm than good.

  52. Izi Ndi zenizeni. Osati nyasi Za a Ben Phiri zija

  53. Marcus says:

    Congratulations Sir, You are so smart. Proud of you

  54. James Alfonso says:

    U dokotala ndumenewo inde but ife tatopa ndi lack of sensible political direction to steer Malawi out of poverty.

  55. pablo says:

    i am a Malawian. I am very jealous of Boss Chilima. I will pull him down. Ph.D.

  56. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Congrats its inspirational its good this way rather than wait and hope for these useless thoughtless careless and senseless honorary degrees like the one given to the now imperverished Gwanda by little know colleges

  57. PRAG says:

    Congratulations Dr!! Mwatipanga inspire……

  58. Bristol says:

    Congrats for obtaining PHD. God bless

  59. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Dr Rt Hon SKC, takunyadirani. A State President APM Professor weni-weni wa ku sukulu, inu a VP PhD yolemba nawo fisisi, za boo basi. Malawi ikufuna anthu olawa pensulo ngati inu kuti muyendetse dziko lino mwanzeru. Pempho, gwiritsani maphunzirowa kukwedza Malawi, chonde.

    Osakhala tima phd ta m’thumba la singileti ai. togula K50 000, ai.

  60. Bwana Saulos I am looking forward to seeing your influence on the quality of education in Malawi. We learnt about how you were sweating it out with Bolton through MIM some time back and we are happy that you have made it. Our country needs to go back to how things were in those good old days when no one would be called a Doctor on the basis of an honorary PhD. They were always refered to as Mr or Mrs. May the Lord bless you always.

  61. Namulondola says:

    Team up with Noel Chalamanda. You guys are true sons of Malawi. You can bring about classic leadership.

  62. Yes says:

    Yes, Dingani you are right. Qualification handouts is one of the greatest sins one can commit in the world of academics. Friends, let’s work hard and attain qualifications. Getting titles on silver plata is tantamount to self deception.

  63. Lawyer says:

    VP, makorokoto. You have set the pace. We are happy!

  64. Congratulations Dr.SK.Chilima, Right Honourable, Vice State President of The Republic of Malawi! You have made us proud Sir.

  65. Uyu simumunyoza ngati Ben Phiri? Kkkkkkk Mamalawi sadzatheka basi

  66. nasangwe says:

    Keep it big

  67. Dingani says:

    Congratulations Dr Chilima.

    My msg to APM please have an audience with your right hand man”Dr Phiri” to explain how hw tricked you into getting his “Dr” This is bad for the Country. It shouldn’t be allowed. Mr President you being a professor , I will assume you know how its done. This needs to be rectified soon or later. Otherwise one day this is going to humiliate him. This has so many disadvantages to those hard working people educated in Malawi. Becoz of this selfish behaviour no wonder our qualifications are difficult to be recognised in other Countries.

  68. GRM says:

    Congratulations. Bolton is my school. Tili mbuyomo

  69. Tsoka msinde chimanga chilinda moto says:

    Congratulations bwana Veep for the PhD. How I admire you.

  70. The one says:

    Congratulations bwana

  71. naphiri says:

    Congrats our VP for your PhD

  72. Davie Damiano says:

    Thats great

  73. America says:

    2024 dpp president

  74. Great says:

    Congratulations Veep! I am glad to learn that you followed your PhD with Bolton through MIM. I followed my Masters through MIM as well. Veep, conduct more research, come up with more publications and attain Professorship. I know you can do it. Once again, Congratulations!

  75. Samuel Kapangana says:

    Congratulations Rt. Hon. Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima for getting a PhD in economics. You really inspire me. Tili mbuyo mwanu bwana.

  76. kanyimbi says:

    Zantchito!!!!!! Congrats!!

  77. Phd kumatenga uli mnyamata, zabwino kwambili

  78. james says:

    Thats the way to go Dr Chilima. Leading by example is a priceless virtue which should spread through the veins of all our leaders in politics, economy, cash management etc

  79. Tango says:

    Congratulations SKC. Keep up the good work


    Congrats Dr. saulos Chilima

  81. Aster Msukwa says:

    Congratulations Rt Hon Dr Saulos Chilima for this great achievement.

  82. Malawi says:

    This is how its done” Dr Phiri”

  83. Khandu Livulezi says:

    Bravo Dr.Chilima !!!!!!!!!!! Iam happy for you !!!!

  84. General Nkhuku says:

    Your Honour SKC kindly accept my heartfelt and warm congratulations on your well deserved achievement.

    You inspire many more in this country.

  85. nyotso says:

    Awa ndiye ma DR amene ali ndi track record osati kukhonza mayeso oti sunalembe dziko lonse ndi kudabwa kuti awanso?

  86. C Sekeani says:

    Congratulations boss!

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