Jamaican reggae singer Fantan Mojah coming to Malawi

After missing out on one of Jamaican reggae artists, Luciano due to Ebola outbreak in West Africa Malawians have an opportunity to watch another Island’s singer, Fantan Mojah.

Fantan Mojah

Fantan Mojah

Fantan Mojah is expected to perform in the country on December 21 at Lilongwe Golf Club in a show which will atleast compesate the reggae music fanatics who missed out great entertainment from the Jah Messenger, Luciano.

Luciano was forced to cancel his first ever show in Malawi that was slated for October due to Ebola outbreak in some West African countries.

No Ebola case has been reported in southern Africa and singer Fantan Mojah while confirming of expected show in December said was keenly following updates on the outbreak.

His performance in Malawi is under courtesy of Born Afrikan Productions, which was also behind Luciano’s cancelled event.

“I am trying to keep updated on the news to see if they have it under control,” Mojah  said.

Born Afrikan Productions- owned by South African based Malawian reggae artist, Nelson Shaba- has started promoting the event almost a month before.

According the organisers, the Lilongwe show will feature special appearance of Jamaican singer G’Ivoany, and will be curtain-raised by local artists including Blasto and Trumel.

Mojah once spoke against placing a ban on travelling to Africa describing it as a drastic decision as Africans are not to be blamed for the creation of the virus.

“I am not going to say write off Mama Africa, because it is not the people who carry that virus on themselves. I would definitely go to Africa to perform,  because it is a continent and it’s only a little
part that is affected,” he said.

Fantan Mojah born Owen Moncrieffe is notable for being one of contemporary reggae singers who prefer to include positive themes in their lyrics.

He is popular for songs like Nuh Build Great Man featuring Jah Cure, Hungry, Thanks and Praises and has three albums to his credit- Hail the King (2005), Stronger (2008) and Rebel I am released in 2012.

Mojah will be one of several Jamaican reggae stars to perform in Malawi after  late Junior ‘Jux’ Delgado, Chrisinti, Igulah Rastafari, Jimi Lyons, Kucha Knox, Michael “Ibo” Cooper of Third World band, Evarton Blender, Congo Bongo Jesse Jendah, Shalom and Mutabaruka.

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20 thoughts on “Jamaican reggae singer Fantan Mojah coming to Malawi”

  1. blesss says:

    Come and sing my favourite song “RASTA GOT SOUL”

  2. Magagula says:

    Come and teach us how you do it to make a name. MaBlacks dzafiken and support him.

  3. wobeba wanga says:

    Here Comes Ebola In Malawi, lets welcome It With Open Hands. We Patiently waited For The Virus

  4. kasokeza says:

    Dont promises and lies,because other plans are made under the influence of chamba.osatipusisapo apaaa

  5. Coopez 1 says:

    Everybody say ‘YES RASTA!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG FUN 4 DI LOVERS OF LOVE AND PEACE.ITS ONCE IN A LIFETIME Babie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. samartha says:

    bola osatipatsira ebola

  7. samartha says:

    bwerani mbuyache koma zaulele tilibe ndalama ife

  8. Havez al Sahalaaw says:

    Zimenezi zidzasokoneza a Nongà game ya mpira. Chonde a Nongà musawauze.

  9. Lipukwe says:

    zizasutidwa ndudu moipa moti yemwe samasuta azakomoka ndi usi okha, kuzamangana ntambo kumeneko mani. eeeeeeee, naoso a Limbani Banda muwaona ndi nkhope ngati bakha atanyamula kandodo kao ka sungwi amvekele Jaaaa!!! zopusa basi akalulu mumatafuna kwamponda bwino acha nkukhala rasta inu? kkkkkkk

  10. Mike says:

    muzitiuza kuti wabwera osati akubwera .
    timatopa nkudikira ife..

  11. kasokeza says:

    No playing games, make it ril.more fire rasta!!

  12. Cheballoteli says:

    Rasta got soul,
    reggae music rocking my bones….

    cant wait tikavine zimenezi…

  13. cash says:

    tigule ticket ndiye muzatiuze last minute kuti show yalepheleka akuopa ebola….zachamba..
    tizalipila pakhomo

  14. Fanton nda? Can’t wait…..

  15. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Zoona Bon Africa,osafooka nkhondo patsogolo,next time Morgan Heritage plizzz…..

    1. hope mkandawire says:

      inddeed next tym should be morgan heritage

  16. Mavi pathako says:

    Sisizatheka zaboza izi foolish promoters how times have fooled as a Malawi muzandi kulupilira, foolish, ambitious promotors get out.

  17. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Did you know that Jamaica is the only Non-American and Non-European country that has managed to export music to each and every country in the world.

  18. Flames says:

    Yes pliz, visit my country

  19. Piper says:

    Life time opportunity !! Grab it people!!

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