Jappie chides donors, mocks Malawi journalists over Information bill

Information minister Jappie Mhango says government will not be stampeded into passing the Access to Information bill into law under pressure from donors.

Jappie Mhango :Journalists are still reporting what access to information are they looking for, am puzzled

Jappie Mhango :Journalists are still reporting what access to information are they looking for, am puzzled

Mhango said this Thursday during an interview with Capital Radio’s Day Break Malawi program after a journalist told him that the delay in passing the bill is holding K80 billion in European donor money.

“When we are working, we don’t work under pressure, we can’t work just because some people are pushing us. We work for Malawians,” said Mhango in apparent reference to donors demand.

The European Union has given the government up to December 31 to pass the bill otherwise it would withhold the K80 billion.

Malawi is facing the worst economic woes since 1992 when donors withdrew aid to force the country embrace multiparty system of government.

Mhango, in the interview insinuated the European Union is free to withhold the aid package but the government would not be forced to call for an emergency meeting of parliament before the December 31 deadline expires.

The Information minister also wondered why the powerful media owners and managers have decided to petition President Peter Mutharika on the matter in newspapers and radios where they are placing petition advertisements.

“You don’t serve a petition to government through newspapers, you write the government,” he said.

He said President Mutharika is ready to meet Leonard Chikadya, Times Group managing director, Mbumba Banda, Nation Publications Limited chief executive officer and Gospel Kadzako, managing director of Zodiak among others who signed the petition on Access to Information bill.

“He is willing to meet the media owners, audience was already granted only that he has been busy, his schedule has been tight,” said Mhango.

Mhango could not however say the inconsistencies that led to the delay in submitting the bill to parliament in the last seating of parliament, saying they will be known after the cabinet committee on legal affairs have met to scrutinise the bill.

He wondered why journalists are pressing for the bill when everyday their newspapers are covered with news back to back and radios in the country have news aired all day long.

“I wonder what type of information you want, you the media puzzle me,” said Mhango.

Mhango claimed he had not seen the petition advertisements in newspapers although he had heard about them.

Executive director of Media Council of Malawi Vales Machila said he has not received communication from the government since they started putting the petition advertisements in the media.

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48 thoughts on “Jappie chides donors, mocks Malawi journalists over Information bill”

  1. tan'gatan'ga says:

    AMhango inu. Musatipange anzanu ngati tilibe nzeru. Mukuononga zinthu zathu zambiri ndiye mukufuna kuti ife tisamadziwe.

  2. Lloyd Mpofu says:

    We are already surviving without your support: go away with your silly conditions. We don’t need your money anymore

  3. Mbuya says:

    Koma azungu amenewa they r still kutilamulira one day azatiwudza kuti tikawasambitse kaye ,China keep helping us

  4. sam says:

    Government should have passed this bill in this parliament session, but donors also please be realistic dont give conditions which cannot be acheived , it seems that donors do not want to help Poor malawians whenever time for aid giving comes you bring new conditions. If you dont want to give aid just leave Malawi and go God is with us

  5. Funzo says:

    If you are going to have your photograph taken remember the flag and your bottle of water!

  6. George Kamanga says:

    Agalu akamakuwa sadikira Kaye kuti ena asiye Kaye kuti amvatsetse zomwe wins akukuwira.

    Chimodzimodzi ndi a DPP zomwe amakuwa sizimveka chifukwa one amakuwira nthswi imodzi osamvetsetsa kuti Galu wins akukuwa chifukwa ninji. Amalawi a DPP ngi Agalu otheratu. Lero wina akuwa ichi mawa wina China nkucha wins chinanso. a DPP anakhala anthu bwenzi akuyankhula zomveka koma poti ndi Agalu otheratu asiye azikuya mpaka tsiku
    lina azagendedwe ndi myala poti ndi njira yabwino kuthana ndi Agalu achiwewe.

  7. Kumamvetsa says:

    Listen to what’s being said. Otherwise you’re out of order like Jappie the herds boy.
    One of the reasons bills are debated is to remove the so called inconsistences. Blind support isn’t good for our country.
    Our major worry should be the inconsistence and contradictions displayed by our leadership. Do you think people out there will take us seriously? Are we not a nation of jokers?

  8. Bwitoto says:

    DPP when shall this party learn?

  9. wah says:

    Love is the only thing that will make us grow. Without Love we are nothing. Fearing God is the crucial thing here. One who fears God cannot steal, kill, etc. Acts which are under developing our nations. Please lets love our country in order to develop this nation.

  10. The ambassador says:

    Listen my people, it was the whole president who stood in parliament and assured malawians about tabling of the ATI bill.and it just not make sense when the cabinet claims that there are so many discrepancies in it so when did they realized it?does it not vindicate those who say that this president is being remote controlled? how could he openly tell the nation one thing and his cabinet tells the contrary?

  11. Mwama Du says:

    Kudos to donors! Be our monitors!

  12. Saiziyakana says:

    The full is siting besides our beautiful flag and belting out stupidity. This country has foolish politicians. ATI bill is not for the president and cabinet but for Malawians. Pass it please – donor aid yo yikalepheleka because of your greed – one more sensible reason for people to react. Anthu opanda nzure inu.

  13. Sapitwa says:

    I never heard that the bill will not be passed. What I heard was that it had some inconsistencies and it should pass through in 2016. Where is 31 December coming from? Do you really want a special parliament sitting just for this bill? That’s why I hate aid because it takes us like fools who can not work hard to be free from these unreasonable shackles.
    We are surviving and can not be pushed by crooks with personal agendas with sinister motives.

  14. Mwapareya says:

    The so called british donors ruled this country for 70 years from 1891 to 1961 when we attained self government and all they could do in 70 years was less than 200km of tarmac road ie only the Blantyre-Thyolo and Blantyre-Zomba road were tarmacked ndiye lero adzichuluka nzeru? Where was your money when you were exploiting and plundering this country?

  15. Umunthu says:

    Where is that group which nearly kicked him at the funeral? Abwere adzamuthamangitse galu uyu akulankhula mbwererayu. Mwina ndi chiwewe nde angayambe kuluma alendo amene akufuna kubweretsa aid. Tamuneni zimaso

    1. King Jaffe Joffer says:

      Mr Mhango you are cursed and you are the spokesperson of a cursed government. Your government is broke and you want to lose money for fear of unknown? I don’t just know the type of cabinet APM is heading. Ufiti chani?

  16. I am equally concerned by government’s procrastination on this bill. However, I take exception when donors poke too much of their noses into such issues, to the extent of giving government unrealistic deadlines to pass it or withold their aid. Parliament has a calendar for its meetings, which they should respect. This is not a matter of life and death. If cabinet noted problems with the bill, let them address them before taking it to parliament. We do not want half baked pieces of legislation in the name of getting donor aid. Quality comes first.

    Having said that, government should speed up the processing of the bill. Malawi needs this legislation, donors or no donors.

  17. Pete Nyandoro says:

    The Managing Director of Zodiak is Gospel Kazako, not Kadzako. This is a Sena name not a Chewa name from Dedza. Journalists, you must learn to be precise with people’s names, if you are not the simple rule is call to ask. This is shameful in journalism.

  18. Nebuchadnezzar says:

    Iwe Jappie which malawians are you talking about, choti udziwe ndichakuti anzako adachita zomwe ukuchita iwezi koma pano akuliraq.

  19. Enawa says:

    Whether it b passed or not am Malawian and am at pc

  20. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    malawi is an independent and sovereign state. as such we dont want aid wit strings attached, we dont want chitsamunda not at all. if u want to help us do so, if not tek your aid, tizikhalabe mwamantha, zauchitsiru. we dont want ATI bill passed now. Our journalism is stil babish wit its irresponsible reporting. u d
    media directors dont just seek an audience wt the HE for the sake of gng ku state house, fight for pressing issues. reporters frm, BNL,NPL,ZODIAC are not patriotic and ths lack of patriotism starts frm the tp

  21. Parallel Market says:

    My fellow Malawians,

    This thing called ‘Access to Information Bill’ is causing unnecessary hullabaloos in our beautiful republic. How special is this thing? What kind of information is this which people are crying for? Is there any kind of information which has been held under wraps in these days of WhatApp, Facebook, etc such that Government should be pressured to pass a bill so that people can access it?

    I for one think that we do not need a bill to access information. There is no secret under the sun so why bother passing a bill? Cashgate, Jetgate, Maizegate, etc, scandalls were known without a bill. Kamlepo Kalua has been revealing what others could call them confidential matters without access to information bill. Sometimes Malawians we like wasting our precious time and energy on issues that are not really important to the development of our country. While our friends and neighbours are advancing economically, socially and politically we are busy chasing the winds.

    We have got challenges in Malawi which need all of us to come together, think and come up with a way out from economic hardship, substandard education system, hunger, the sinking health standards in our hospitals, insecurity in our cities and towns, nepotism, religious intolerance and all forms of injustices. Those who think are able to make the loudest noise, use your advantage to announce solutions to Malawi’s perennial problems instead of bothering us with this thing called “Access to Information Bill”

    Merry Christmas to all who will read this!!!!

  22. bamusi says:

    That’s try and error government musova

  23. Uchindami says:

    “Malawi is facing the worst economic woes since 1992 when the donors withdrew aid to force the country embrace multiparty system of government” Kodi zija zidachitika mu 2011 sizikuposa za nthawi ino?

    Mbale Mhango ali ndi ncthito yayikulu kwambiri komanso yovuta. Pena imafuna kulankhula bodza kapena kulavula mwano. Mwatsoka umaoneka woyipa ndiwe amene ukulankhulira dziko.

    Abwana adali kunja komwe amapempha mabungwe ndi maiko othandiza dziko lino kuti ayambirenso kutithandiza. Othandizawo adayika mfundo zingapo zoti tikwaniritse ngati tikufunitsitsa thandizo lawo. Ndiye poti imodzi mwamfundoyo yomwe ikukhudza kuphasa bilo yothandiza kupeza nkhani mosavuta anzathuwa akuyiwopa kwambiri, ndalama sidzibwera nsanga kapena sidzidzabweranso. A DPP nkachiwiri aka kulamuliranso dzikoli. Mudachitika zambiri mu ulamuliro wawo woyamba (2005-2012). Pali nkhani ya MK61billion. Atangolowanso mboma mu 2014, nkhaniyi adayikhalira osati mwamasewera ndipo pano kwati zii. Pali kanthu komwe akuopa kokhudzana ndi bilo komanso MK61billion. Muwerenge nyuzipepala ya Nation yomwe abwana adati adapezamo “inconsistencies” atangowerenga theka la biloyo! Mtheradi!

  24. Mlomwe says:

    Mhango kharo ulije alekani wakukuswa kukaya.Tazamuonana 2019 walya skoni eti

  25. Chifwede says:

    this govt is full of fools right away from the head, yes the head of state Peter Mutharika. Just recently Mutharika was in Malta and then in the UK where he begged for donor aid resumption.

    And now this stupid guy Jappie says the same govt that was begging for donor aid resumption wont bow down to donor requirement of passing the access to information bill which is among the conditions for donor aid resumption coz this govt moves and acts at its own pace.

    The Finance Minister is panting on IMF extended facility hoping this coming February the country will get a positive nod from IMF

    Now this Jappie Mhango is not even mindful of the K80 billion at stake. What foolishness! What arrogance

  26. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Kaya wina afune kaya asafune we Malawians are too daft to run our own affairs. We are so fake as a nation. The evidence is just the environment around us because that’s the manifesting product of our thinking capacity. (Unstable currency, power failure, poor road infrastructure, sorry health system, erratic water supply, poor sanitation etc) And yet this is a country that has enjoyed peace and have all governance structures.

  27. Zondiwe says:

    If the government hired Hon Jappie for his arrogance, the ultimate loser is the government itself. It is not good to be rude to our development partners.
    A Minister of Information needs to be someone who is capable of instilling some confidence in the people, even if the situation is dire like it is now, rather than fighting the donors, the media, the religious leaders, and literally everyone in the country.
    Recently Hon Jappie caused a scandal at his predecessor’s funeral. How does Hon Jappie behave? One is left wondering.
    What does our Minister of Information want to achieve by his rogue behaviour?

  28. DOBO says:

    This Government is a Government of INCONSISTENCES for INCONSISTENCES by INCONSISTENCES. The Leader of Opposition made excellent observation when he said this Government is INCONSISTENT. This is most INCONSISTENT Government in the world. What they say is totally different from what they do. Lucky that DPP is in Malawi where most people don’t know what their support is for.

  29. Alungwana says:

    Mr Mhango, one day you shall fully need this AIB.

  30. Mkwapu says:

    Mavi ghako japi

  31. Kumametsa says:

    What else can we do? We need aid. And it’s much easier to do what they are saying than being unnecessarily arrogant.

    By the kodi Hon. Mhango anakulila ku busa kolisya ng’ombe? He’s so militant that he can only have come from that background. He’s is looking for a fight where there is none.

  32. bleb nzungu says:

    chikuwawe you are a prity stupid man you cant use your gum correctly

  33. Gadabwali says:

    Point of order, ATI is not for journalists, it’s for us Malawians. Period.

  34. jp says:

    Iyi ndiye mbuzi inanso m’boma he thinks that he knows everything? Eishi,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Njolinjo says:

    Chikuwawe your head is empty just shut up if you have nothing to say. Shupit!!!!!!!

  36. Chifwede says:

    this govt is full of useless people starting with the Head of State, Inde, President Peter Mutharika. Not long ago the president was in Malta then in the UK. His message was that of begging the donor community resume donor support.

    Back home Finance Minister is sweating on IMF extended facility hoping that by February 2016 the country will be in the right track and closed donor aid taps will open.

    And now we have this biggest FOOL Jappie Mhango saying Govt can not succumb to donor pressure on ATI Bill coz the Govt work for Malawians. What nonsense! What Arrogance!

  37. Hamu says:

    KKKKKKK APM needs donor support, Jappie Mhango says Fuck off donors.

  38. wisdom says:

    This is Malawi. There is just too much at stake for the powers that be for them to allow this bill to be passed into law. The minister talking nonsense here, knows that it is alright if people and media houses speculate and guess what might have happened because it leaves them (politicians) room to deny. However if the media have the information in black and white, now that is something else. Without this law, the fight against corruption will be preached but never adhered to. That is the Malawian way of doing things. The minister is right. Why should we do what the mzungu is saying while we have our own way of doing things? After all, things have been, and are working fine in this beautiful country of ours.
    Fellow Malawians, we will need everything thrown at these guys for them to bring this bill to parliament for debate. Those of you who think this will just happen, are blinded by I don’t know what (search your own hearts).

  39. Victor Jumbo says:

    I think your so called Jappie Mhango is not fit to be the Information Minister. As the government minister, your job is to serve the public and in this case, the Malawian people. So who are you to stop the Malawian people their right to allow access to information bill to be passed in parliament. You are a servant of the Malawian people who is paid for by tax payers money and should learn to respect the hands that feeds you and your family and not serve for your masters interests. Access to information bill needs to be passed in parliament sooner rather than later. It is an important bill to people as it gives them the right to know how things are going on well or bad in ministrial places and other government organisations. This checks imbalances and will help prevent rooting of government coffers and injustices and corruption just to mention a few. Jappie stop bluffing to say you are puzzled by journalists asking for Access to information bill to be passed and that the delay is withholding K80 billion in donor funds. There is nothing to be puzzled with here. Its people’s rights to know. You know this fact. Unless if you are trying to buy more time to hide the truth in government departments before you can table the bill in parliament. I believe you are scared that the cashgate information would come out quickly as I believe most of the people in government now were involved in rooting out government coffers at capital hill. That is why you are delaying to pass information bill in fear massive exposure that would follow. No wonder no body in government now is taking seriously the cashgate scandal to sorted out and bring the culprits to book. Nobody from top to bottom. Shame on you Jappie Mhango. You serve your Masters instead of the poor Malawians. The poor people need the donor money so table the bill now without further delays please.
    Victor Jumbo

  40. JB says:

    JB and all pay masters you are nothing without donor aid who are you kidding here? You are failing to govern the kwacha is depreciating daily and you sit there with ur cheap suit like you have options, you have none and this arrogance is affecting innocent people who cant steal from government like yourselves. Stupid stupid people

  41. peter says:

    When are we going to press charges of ‘act of sabotage’ to the current cabinet? If Malawi is suffering due to continual withdrawal of donor funds as a consequence of cabinet’s decision not to follow good governance, then Malawians should be able to press charges against the current cabinet.

  42. akolo ake a peturo says:

    tisamaope chifukwa mwatiopseza,we nid this bill to be passed,,wea is good governance ngat mkukanika kukwanilisa zofuna za anthu anu?failed state

  43. haward says:

    Zachamba eti, mesa ndinu nomwe munkanena kuti this bill will be tabled during this last sitting of pariament? Ndiye pano zalephereka kukufunsani muziti fweee ngati simukudziwa, mukuwopa chiyani kwenikweni. Mukudziwa a Mhango kuti zaka ziwiri zikutha mukupanga zopusa koma

  44. Eugene says:

    What is this brute trying to hide? Akuganiza kuti they will be in government forever…Mxiiii the

  45. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    This is arrogance at its best. Someone foresure has been caught pants down…

  46. chikuwawe says:

    A Malawi, we like to use aid withdrawal as threat to sitting governments. Zoona? Zachikale and za chicolonial mentality. The got has promised to finalise the bill and let us follow up during the next meeting. I think there is too much activism in Malawi and negative energy.

    1. maliroagonepati says:

      This pathetic DPP administration should make up its mind: Either it can do without donors and will not pass the ATI (which BTW it promised to pass in its manifesto) or it should comply with donor demands. There is nothing colonial about this – olo inuyo aChikuwawe mutapita kwa wakatapila akakupatsani ma conditions: Musiye passport kapena laptop ndipo interest ndi mwala ku mwala.

      This thieving administration is withholding the ATI for its own selfish reasons, otherwise it would have specified the alleged “inconsistencies”. To insinuate that they are delaying passing the bill in the interest of Malawians is adding insult to injury…

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