Jappie tells Livingstonia Synod to concentrate on preaching not criticising Malawi govt

Malawi government spokesman Jappie Mhango has lashed at Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbytery (CCAP) concentrate on matters of the pulpit in preaching than giving checks and balances to government.

Rev Chipofya: Church concerned with insecurity

Rev Chipofya: Church concerned with insecurity

Mhango, who is also Minister of Information and Civic Education, was reacting to concerns the synod raised on the insecurity in the country.

Synod’s spiritual father, Rev Douglous Chipofya said Malawians are living in fear because if poor security both in rural and urban areas.

The Synod moderator condemned the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government “for failing to provide security to citizens since it went into power (2014).”

Chipofya is quoted by Daily Times saying: “Our children with albinism are killed under the leadership of DPP.

“People are burnt to ashes and old people are killed after being suspected of practising witchcraft in the Southern region.”

He added that there is rising theft of property.

“Why are these things happening now? Where is the leadership,” he querried.

He also condemned  the violence that threatened to disrupt a solidarity rally organised by three opposition parties at Chibavi Primary School ground on Sunday.

Rev Chipofya  said it is regrettable that police could not provide security to Malawi Congress Party (MCP), PP and Alliance for Democracy (Aford) at their meeting despite being alerted about it and that  MCP president Lazarus Chakwera deserved protection as leader of opposition in parliament – a constitutional title  that means he is part of government.

But responding to the criticism, government spokesman trashed the synod saying they are not security experts.

“Are they  experts in economy, security and all things?” querried Mhango.

“Let them concentrate on preaching and not commenting on anything,” said the government spokesman.

But the paper quoted  Boniface Dulani, a political analyst from Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima),saying the Synod concerns are valid.

He said DPP should listen to the warning bells that “things are not going on well in this country.”

Dulani accused government of being “selective” in providing security, saying the administration has failed  on social obligation.

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35 thoughts on “Jappie tells Livingstonia Synod to concentrate on preaching not criticising Malawi govt”

  1. ineyo says:

    where does this Jappie the fool come from? where was he when the six RC bishops wrote that letter? was it not the same church that championed the multiparty system if govt?

    Jappie learn to accept constructive criticisms please! being a govt spokesperson does not mean being arrogant, rude, self centred etc …..

    Just a reminder Mr Mhango u r coming from the region with people of very unpredictable attitude. come 2019 ask me if u r going to retain your parliamentary seat.

    in short Jappie u r fool no wonder Gloria wa mungomo refers to u as a puppet yes indeed u r. mwafwasa kulya ndalama mwajala na makutu wuwo!. Does APM know about this? he should act swiftly on this Jappie thing.

  2. Kamija says:

    Jappie becareful we are watching you here in Rumphi.You will face us time will come

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    I apologize for using the name ” Gadama ” instead of “Malan Lungu” in my piece on Jappie the PHOO!!! May Gadama and friends lay in peace.

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Jappie ukukhwezga soni fuku la CHITUMBUKA.Ka uli wakochi iwe munthu? As a matter of fact, you are a shaming us. They were others like you soon after the famous Cabinet crisis of September,1964,the like of Gadamas and Q.Chibambos who stooped so low to Mphonongo H. Banda, that propelled them into their shameful downfall.The both unprincipled ex Ministers were absolutely reduced to ciphers and indignity. 2019 is not that far,the voters will deal with you squarely and appropriately.You are a lunatic opportunist never seen before from the North.Comeon be educated.

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    DPP and Jappie are all dead animals never pay attention to them!

  6. Chola says:

    A jappie kauzyanga ni fwiti yayi machelo muzamukumbuka

  7. roy hauya says:

    Minister Mhango

    the church has the interest of the people at heart. thats the job of all churches and faith bodies worldwide without exception. if you sat down and called all your wits together you would arrive at the undestanding that the synod are not wrong. in any case government needs the church in many areas for developmg to take root in this country. take these sentiments postively as guidance to government. government will do well and maintain its authority by working together with people and the ideas they raise not by contradiciting with everything. that is counter productive. in reacting this way, you are doing government harm not good.

  8. Jason Muhango says:

    Fuck you Jappie. Rather go and do an honest day’s work instead of criticizing the Livingstonia Synod who only has the best interest of the people at heart unlike you who only have your own interest at heart. You are a despicable little piece of rubbish who belong on rubbish dump. But your day will come!!!!

  9. Mulungu akalankhula wina ndikumakana mauwo musiyeni .mulungu yemweyo amaona modutsira mwake

  10. Patriots says:

    Hon Minister Mhango instead of ridiculing the church he should learn that the church is a prophetic voice to the nation and in all spheres of influence where purposes and plans of God are ushered. God used Moses, Elijah , Joseph, David to speak to Kings with the wisdom of God. The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases.
    Proverb 21:1 It so sad the current government is not giving ear Gods counsel where there’s divine wisdom.

    1. sd says:

      Moses,Elijah,David&Josephy were they Malawians?

  11. Peter wayankhula says:

    Musayiwale kuti Livingstonia Synod imapanga control ma affairs ya ku mpoto. mau akowa Mhango ndiye kuti Boma/ President wayankhula. Chabwino! izi zikutanthauza kuti ngakhale chikalata cha Katolika chija mumayankhanso mumtima. tiwona. ndikuyankhane ndinenso wa Mpingo wina.

  12. Kenkkk says:

    He is a mad dog, typical dpp bootlicking slave. School evaded him, not him evading school.

  13. Zilani says:

    Here is my free advice to you my old friend Jappie, don’t condemn criticism. It’s easy to turn it into an advice likely hinting a solution. A word is enough to the wise.

  14. Starling Kondowe from Chikwina CDSS in Nkhatabay says:

    The honourable minister,should simply listen to what the church is saying.The Church is a prophetic voice of state and society.Being a spokesperson,he should have audience with concerned at the end we need a better Malawi.

  15. Chambe says:

    Thou shall not kill
    Thou shall not commit adultery
    Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
    These are some of the commandments that help to make our people become good citizens.
    If the church really worked very hard to convert as many citizens as possible, the Reverends could not find themselves complaining to the leaders of the government

  16. Toad says:

    For sure jappie uli chindere chakufikapo. Uli wakutembeleleka you are more useless than a rabid dog.

  17. Born says:

    Pachiphwisi pako jappie,mwana wa patchile, gologolo,gulukunyinda, khwakhwananda,malinyelo,galu,shupiti zako.

  18. Mwana mphoka says:

    Jappie talera wekha tekha iwe aleka waka thena ukulimbana na Synod uti umalenge nga ni UDF.Wene mpoto wakukwiyira tazamuonana pa 2019

  19. gerry says:

    do u really need to be an expert to know that albinos are being killled, old penple too are facing the same fate. seriously mr minister u can do better than that. give hope to malawians or do the honourable, admit u have failed then go

  20. frank kapalamula says:

    every hasa rit ofexpressing his or views….

  21. mwana nyungwe says:

    Jappie another rotten idiot of DPP just like your master remember your days are numbered the writings are on the wall Shem on DPP gulus

  22. nixon says:

    Zina anthu amanena zoona.Vomelani kuti zinthu zina mukulakwisa.Dziko lonse anzeru ndinu nokha?Ajapi,u will need church leaders soon.Muna buledi mukamwa simungazuzule/advice pulesident wisely.Ur time.Mzakwacha Nixon-+27731440799.Pretoria.

  23. Nixon says:

    Japi,understand where people want things to change.%True,somewhere things are going very wrong with ur boma.All people cant be wrong.Accept cristisms,and change.Mbwenu wanthu wose wangawa wambula mahala mahala yawe yaimwe pera a japi/DPP?Think of mawa,u will need the very church leader and people on your way down.Mahala mpha mphala a bwana.Tell &Advise president wisely where things are wrong and must change.Mzakwacha Nixon(+27731440799),Pretoria.RSA.Yewo.

  24. James Adin says:

    I did not know that this Jappie Mhango is such a dull man who cannot reason. Does he not have the guts to realize that the church is well positioned to condemn the rot of the DPP? Even if the church was to be at the pulpit to preach they will not fail to include the condemnation of what the idiots in DPP propagate and do. Shame on you frogman. It is high time you felt very sorry for yourself and your satanic soul. You will be roasted in hello for the sins you are commiting now. Repent, repent , repent now and stop beeing the senseless idiot you are.

  25. peter says:

    Is Jappie an expert in media and communication let alone in government operations? What is he doing at Ministry of information? Are all cabinet ministers experts in the areas that pertain to their ministries? Why is it that our president still entrusted them with such big responsibilities of minister? This nonsense of raising a flag of expertise must STOP coz nobody is expert!!! We are all learning as social beings.

  26. gulugunya says:

    Churches teach LOVE to all people.If everyone has love towards one another according to church elders’s teachings, there can’t be any insecurity.If this statement is true then its churches which are failing to teach LOVE among its NKHOSA. Its the church leaders who have failed not the government leaders. Then churches should not blame the goverment but they should blame themselves.

  27. Milambo says:

    A Jappie bwetukani kukamwako m’mene mungabwetukile…..ili ndi dziko!!!! Lili ngati perete…akangoti …about turn…..wapatsogolo amakhala pambuyo ndipo wapambuyo amakhala patsogolo….
    Anyway sizodabwitsa poti zonyoza atumiki a Mulungu kukhala ngati ndi za kuntundu….tinaonera Ambuyanu!!!!!!

  28. chipalamandule says:

    His days are numbered Sitiyankha pemphero.

  29. Chiskuli Chikununkha says:

    it is a pity for the Honorable Minister to criticize the clergy. The honorable minister is intoxicated with power but he has forgotten that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If I were him I wouldn’t have criticized men in collar. It is a big joke he is doing.

  30. Gold Ruyondo says:

    when there is nobody to speak for the down troden it becomes the duty of the church

  31. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Kodi anthu a DPP inu munakhala bwanji? Kumango khalira kunyoza atumiki a Mulungu,zoona zimenezi? Iwe munthu ovunda mau iwe (Jappie) ndi mbwiyako choti mudziwe nchoti ili ndi dziko..mwanva agalu inu!!!!

  32. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Komanso a Synod pray kuti zinthuzo zisachitike.Inu mumapemphera zichani?Kuti mugule Magalimoto,mumange nyumba basi.Pangani mapemphero mulungu ali teteze Dziko lathu.Dyera basi Forsake

  33. Yappie says:

    Jappie! Yapping nonsense as usual. What good can come out from his stinking beak? Blue sputum as usual. Sanzani mmene mungathere ndi nthawi yanu.

  34. petermustfall says:

    A Jappie musayiwale za mawa. Don’t forget when PP took over government, all you DPP were nobody, dziko limasintha, the best thing u can do is listen to what these Spiritual people are saying, mawa muzawafuna. Don’t forget during your campaign days, u were going to the very same guys for help.

    PS: How come you never answered back the Catholic Priest when they wrote the Pastoral Letter, kodi a CCAP mumawawonelela ?

    Ndatha ine wanu…….Concerned Citizen

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