JB applauds Mutharika; Hails German, UK for Malawi cashgate probe 

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has applauded her successor Peter Mutharika for continuing with what she started on crackdown into the biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history called cashgate.

Banda at London School of Economics

Banda at London School of Economics

London School of Economics auditorium fully packed when Banda delivered her lecture

London School of Economics auditorium fully packed when Banda delivered her lecture

Banda, during a lecture at the prestigious London School of Economics and Police Science on Wednesday evening said former EU envoy to Malawi Alexander Baum played a vital role in helping her realise that there was pilfering of public funds with “loopholes” in the public payment system introduced by her predecessor Bingu wa Mutharika.

She said the looting actually took place over a longer period dating back to 2005 when Mutharika, who died suddenly in 2012, was in power.

“Upon learning the nature and gravity of theft of resources in the public service, I immediately instituted a forensic audit by external auditors,” Banda told a fully packed LSE auditorium in a lecture which was streaming live at the top university’s website.

“I had decided to get to the bottom of the problem and stop theft and corruption in government once and for all. Government audit reports indicated that this systemic cancer had started way back in 2001 but had been left to permeate and mature.”

A number of government officials implicated in the fraud are facing criminal charges, and a first official was jailed last month for three years over the scandal.

“I had committed myself to fight corruption without fear knowing very well the repercussions on my political career as elections were just months away.

“I had realized that if we stopped theft and corruption in Government, we would save close to 30 percent of our national budget. I made these decisions knowing very well that those affected will fight back, smear and blackmail me with all sorts of name calling and threats including death threats. But I needed to deal with the matter once and for all,” said Banda.

Malawi former president hailed the British Government for providing to financial support to conduct an external forensic audit conducted by London based Baker Tilly into the cashgate scandal.

She   also the German Government “who have taken my request to finance the second phase of the forensic audit into 2009 to 2012 period.”

Germany, one of the countries that suspended aid to Malawi after the cashgate scandal, has granted Malawi  about K9 billion  ( $25-million)  to conduct an audit under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rule in what is being christened as ‘DPP K92bn cashgate’ scandal..

“The German-funded audit is to quantify the amount misappropriated over the period 2009-2013,” Katrin Pfeiffer, head of development co-operation at the German embassy, said in a statement.

An interim investigative audit report of the government payment system known as Integrated Financial Management and information System (Ifmis) that the National Audit Office carried out between November 2011 and first half of 2012, which was kept under wraps, showed that government lost over K90 billion through abuse and irregularities.

Price waterhouse Coopers (PwC) International has been named as the audit firm to carry out the exercise.

During the LSE lecture, Banda also hailed Mutharika for continuing with the cashgate probe.

“I also wish to applaud my successor President Peter Mutharika for deciding to continue with this program to fight theft and corruption in the country,” said Banda.

The drama began in September 2013  when Paul Mphwiyo, the then  budget director and the person former president Banda  had tasked to close the loopholes in the public purse, was shot three times in the head in Lilongwe. Miraculously, he survived the attack and is amongst state witness in his shooting case.

Ralph Kasambara, former minister of Justice, has been accused of orchestrating the assassination attempt of Mphwiyo and if facing charges related to that. He is also facing separate money laundering  charges together with chief suspect Oswald Lutepo. He denies any wrong doing.

The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) says roughly K20 billion went missing Banda’s two year rule. They add that probably another K90 billion went missing over the eight years of the presidency of the late Bingu wa Mutharika, equal to roughly $500m at the exchange rate of the time.

In total about 30 per cent of the country’s budget could have been looted over a decade – almost as much as donors have provided Malawi over the same period.

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69 thoughts on “JB applauds Mutharika; Hails German, UK for Malawi cashgate probe ”

  1. mai nsato says:

    JB wayamba kale kunjenjemera zedi pomva za Mphwiyo kuti walowa.

  2. mtumbukangoni says:

    Why the government still hide some cash gaters names? If JB or anyone who was on the big position in JB government should face jail. Please don’t just give them 3 fucking years jail. These people killed alot of people in hospitals. I would say jail them at least 20 some years or life in prison because they are killers.

  3. moses says:

    jb ndi dhilu
    APM is just copy and paste many of the programes of jb

  4. kanthu says:

    He better do so(APM)

  5. Naganza says:

    The best to do is to return the money which was stolen and put into their houses. It is a lot of money and can help this country, instead of begging from whites who have developed their nations and are giving us their tax payers money when we ourselves are stealing. Some of these thieves have so much money which they have built houses and businesses. Look at those thieves, they are young but already very rich. Where in Malawi can a young man who is earning 150 000 kwacha build a mansion like the one for Mphwiyo and Lutepo?. Even if one earned 500 000 kwacha can one build a mansion without a mortgage. Malawians will never stop stealing. It is a disease, very hard to cure it. Recover the money and jail those who stole tax payers money and donors money. Only jail will not make people to stop stealing. But paying back the money and jail them will frighten others who take a risk of stealing. The evil people who have made this country very poor should burn. People should stone these People or go to their homes and destroy their mansions just like they have let others die in hospitals without medicines.

  6. REX MSISKA says:

    Please malawians from all quarters support and demand reports of findings on both, the JB and Bingo’s(the German reports) regimes. Why? because malawians want to leave a good legacy for the future generation. Malawians must not conform to the African norm of corruption, but be transformed by getting to the root of corruption and bring the culprits to books, be it politicians and the public at large. Worse the politicians.

    Please don’t be regionalistic or tribalistic about the evil of corruption. If you do you are creating disaster for your future generation.

    You would be respected to toy toy to know the results and action taken against the culprits because its corruption which denies citizens of their rights to service delivery. Don’t live for today.

    I learned a lot on my visit to China. The have a generation period budget. This means that what they are spending now is what the previous generation made.

    Malawians the mess you make now affects generations to come as malawians and not only as Lomwes, Tumbukas, Chewas, etc. It might look nice now for any tribe or region, but as long as the God of the nation, Malawi cries against injustice the nice times of any tribe or region are nothing, but temporal and catastrophic.

    Politicians come and go, but the Nation(the citizens) remains

    God bless Malawi.

  7. Windows wa Colly says:

    Zachamba bax!

  8. private fraser says:

    jb z not serious

  9. goody says:

    a mouth speaks anything as well as ears hear everything.clapping hands may mean applauding or sign of boring to let u sit down quickly

  10. WAMISALA says:

    akuba awa kumangotibera ndalama zathu basi mukafusa akuti akusata malamulo mbava izi

  11. tsetsefly says:

    Peter Munthalika or whatever they call you, if you are man enough release the cashgate names. The waiting has been too long.

    Then I am also seeing cowardly comments in reaction to the German funding of the much awaited investigation of the MK92B theft. If DPP has no skeleton in thier cupboard they have nothing to fear. Infact a true leader would actually see this as an opportunity worthy supporting.

  12. AKIMU GAGA says:


  13. Keen Observer says:

    I personally don’t buy this, if you talk of the Bingu regime this same woman was second in-charge so what’s the story here? Malawians are clever & you can’t fool them

    1. Tinka says:

      It makes perfect sense to me. Even though JB was second in command at that time, we are all know that she did not have any powers to probe dubious activities during the Bingu era. Yes, it makes sense that she can push for such an audit so that the truth should come out. External auditors would do their professional work without fear or favor, to unearth some culprits or exonerate others who are being suspected.

    2. Chemwali chimwene says:

      We all know that JB was not a figurehead vp, peter was the vp. Tonse tinkaona. Bingu never had a functioning vp. Chilumpha and JB never functioned as was expected, tisamayankhule ngati tili pa mpira womanga ndi ma plastic.

  14. mona says:

    Apm wakanika kulamulira dziko

  15. mona says:

    Kodi inu a dpp maina a cashgate simunamalizebe ku panga edit. Tatopa ndi kudikira ife

  16. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    JB in applauding APM for cashgate probe continuation has got some hidden meanings angulu inu. Peter is involved in these lootings so it will be hard 4 him to follow the 92 billion. Wait 4 hard times to come bcz of dpp back in govt

  17. kwangu says:

    Kodi mubwera liti abiti?

  18. JB…? Mayi olimba mtima,timasangalala nawo koma panopa amdalawa zawakanika.

  19. Common sense says:

    a Devil in a dress. Where is the money you sold the Presidential jet and where is the money for the Malawian crude oil in Nigeria? We will smoke you out!

  20. mapwala ansumbu says:

    jjjj bbbhb ndi dhilu basi kaya utani utan

  21. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Kodi mukamati ali popular ndi azungu ine sindikumvetsa. Azungu omwewo anawmana ndalama zoyendesela boma. At ma sanctions. Lero ali pa mbalambanda ndiye kumati Joice bwera kuno uzatilakhule. ine sindikuomapo chanzeru chilichonse apa

    1. saulosi Chilima says:

      Sungaonepodi chanzeru galu ngati iwe.

  22. mbuje says:

    Then why was Phwiyo shot? What were the reasons behind Phwiyo’s shooting,Why among all the people only Phwiyo was to be killed ? Who masterminded the assassination of Phwiyo? If this plot of killing was successful what would have happened ? Let’s wait for all these stories are in court.

  23. O 'jere says:


  24. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    She knows the truth and decided to quote the bitter pill in sugar. Mayi inu mumapephera kumene? Kupanda Mphwiyo kuombeledwa tikanakadziziwa zimenezi. Just tell the white man that you wanted money to fund your election campaign . Hence the cashgate . Period. Ask Lutepo. Komabe thanks for recogising APM . Tate , Namatetule, Namalamba.

  25. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Maiyutu ali popular ndi azungu. You can see from the invitations she is getting to address international gatherings, the UN meetings, LSE. No wonder APM and his cohorts are feeling very un ease. But Mayiwa alibe mangawa ndi munthu that is why she can congratulate APM where he is doing fine. Lets emulate her example.

  26. Mango says:

    Amangidwe bas

  27. Redeemed says:

    Yet we wonder why a white man hardly trusts a black man.

  28. Penu says says:



    These are all lies, these two presidents stole a lot of money during their tenure.. They keep stealing and it will not stop!!!

  30. Everytreeaforest says:

    that’s shrewdness at its best. mature politix. thats the best way to do it to all cheaters.hit them hard and fast.kwali mwekha!!

  31. MULHAKO says:

    JB must be commended for involving external neutral auditors. APM must be applauded for his new effort but Malawians must be cautious since we are dealing with the same people here. U see UDF & DPP now bedding while Muluzi case has stalled. I ask donor to use their money direct not through government in fact Malawi can develop better with Whites controlling the purse than these cursed black race. See where whites stayed long SA KUNO tinalakwisa kuthamangisa azungu msanga. Pomwe mzungu wakhalisa amatukulapo koma pomwe wakuda wakhalisapo amaonongapo. 13 & 92 billions.

  32. George Lihoma. says:

    Our leaders should learn fighting an opponent in the frontline and NOT in the backyard.
    Nonetheless thanks to JB for appreciating for the first time APM’s work though akukanenera kwaeni.Kwanu ndikuno.Kikikikiki.

  33. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Your stay in the overseas and by leaking the whole information to the donors is what will bring the rigged government of DPP down. They never wanted to be audited by overseas company for fear to be exposed . Good job done Mai.

  34. Taweni says:

    And the current President has already passed judgement that his cabinet is/was not involved in the looting of public funds.

    What a joke.


  35. Tikafatsa tiziganiza tisayiwale tili ngati mu sitima tili paulendo tonse ikamila tidzamila limodzi Lets see who is going down this time around DPP or PP Gurus whosoever was involved in this impudence will dance to the beat of the law Posachedwapa wina apachikidwa Tambala asanalire Katatu Kaya zanu izo amphawi kwathu nkulira you will die of BP

  36. Mambo says:

    Good JB

  37. Liz says:

    JB is right by applauding President Mutharika because she realized that he is fighting corruption in government very hard

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      When a thief who stole agoat gets three years in prison with hard labour and a triza, a big thief gets three years for stealing 63 million kwacha. She is lomwe and a relative to mp anna kachikho. The attorney general, kaphale was her lawyer, shame to the juduciary system. Chigamulo chikuona nkhope

  38. dzikolathu says:

    People with show minds, the former Government so something that was happening and assigned Paul Mphwiyo to scrutinise the expenditure .So these mbava came up with an idea of killing Paul full stop. You don’t need to go to school only inorder to understand things.

  39. Mau says:

    The whole world will know what went down regarding looting of Government funds!

  40. Zomba Banda says:

    To madame Joice Banda, I think it is too early for you to speak of cashgate when investigations are under way, lecture of it once all the findings are done and concluded, Remember that those white idiots you are lecturing wil not vote for your PP party, its Malawians. So watch out

  41. Malamulo says:

    Zoonadi a Former President APM must be commended for his commitment to pursue cashgate

  42. KK S says:

    Kodi eti APM ndi Dholu eti chabwino masten

  43. Lapazo says:


    Am now supporting APM amayi atero okha

  44. Oops says:

    APM is failing miserably, he has no clue what he is doing. Things are going down hill at an alarming rate

    1. waa says:

      What things?

  45. Mbwiye says:

    JB ndikofunikatu nthawi yachisankho azunguwo azibwela kuzakuvoterani apo bi muzikhalira kulephera kokhakokha ndi kulira kokhakokha. Mukhoza kunamiza azungu osati amalawi ai mpaka mubweze ndalama za Jet, za chimanga kuyambira muli chairperson ku ADMARC ndinso za cashgate.

  46. Malindima says:

    There is a strong belief that 40 per cent of aid provided by donors was ending up in private pockets.
    If corruption is fought ruthlessly and that all loopholes are closed and that who ever abuses government funds is jailed on long sentences, then we would not be needing the 40 percent donor funding.

  47. Mistake yomwe JB analuzira chisankho chapitachi ndi imeneyi despite being an incumbent
    She focused her energy too much on impressing white masters,if I were her I would focus much on impressing the masses”us the downtrodden” with a hope that somehow down the line we can be compassionate when Cash-gate
    Charges she’s facing becomes beyond her control_
    But Alas! she’s still dancing the very same WHITE song

  48. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Koma unaluza basi, olo ulirechotani palibenso zachisoni apa ndipo suzawina nso uzaferamo.

    1. chitipa wenya says:

      Fotseki iwe ndiye Mulungu kuti unene kuti J B sazawinanso, dikila uone zomwe Mulungu amachita

  49. Big brain says:

    AZungu opusa kumvela za ziiii.

    This we continue with people like her this country will my develop.

    Speaking and doing different things

  50. samvudekesa says:

    I don’t think it is proper for our leaders to hold themselves out as having the determination to fight fraud and corruption. insiders like us find these assertions to be total lies and a mockery of citizens. these people (all the past leaders) were told of what was going on but they decided not to take action because they were part of the looters. Lets go back and look at the facts: I thought it was the shooting of mr mphwiyo that prompted government to act. and of course ndalama zomwe zinapezeka in the boot of cars and other strange places. And I don’t think it is true to say that Mphwiyo was tasked to ‘seal loopholes’.

  51. loveness says:


  52. Dwangwazi says:

    can we have a full text of the former president presentation? Please

  53. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Yes what Joyce Banda was doing is now bearing fruits,thieves are now being sentenced,bravo Dr Joyce Banda

    1. ntopwa says:

      Mxiii iyeyo ali mbava imene, unadya za ndege ndiwe eti fotseki

  54. Dissappointed says:

    I thought the forensic audit by external auditors was after or in reaction to the shooting saga. There is an unpleasant spin to these claims. What would have happened if there was never a shooting?

  55. How long should we say that Jezebel whom your are sugarcoating,did not institute an inquiry but the British?You can fool some people sometime but you cant fool all the people all the time,we are anxiously waiting to hear what she and the chief suspect-Looterpol were discussing from 1 January to 31 December 2013.

  56. Gonapamhanya says:

    What did she deliver on this school of Economics???????

  57. Makito says:

    This lady is no novice in politics. No wonder DPP and APM are scared to death! I enjoy this shrewdness, it can benefit Malawians in general.

  58. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let the truth come out, or else Malawi leadership will be haunted to the gate of hell. When you twist the truth, watch out when it springs back. No longer how long it takes.

  59. nomsa says:

    Tamva komano sananene bwanji kwa anthuwo kuti chinautsa mapiri pa chigwa ndi kuombeledwa kwa mphwiyo? She didnt start the fixing of loopholes until mphwiyo was shot. Infact she told pple that she knows who shot mphwiyo upon being shocked of what happened. Komanso ndalama za ndege atiuza chani popeza DPP inde ili mgulumo komanso iyeyo took part in the corruption. We have seen how her relations have prospered within these two years she was in power.

  60. Ineyo says:

    JB ndi kawawa. This is great kuyamika APM an also asking the German’s to help sniff through all the cashgate throughout its period.

    This lady has the welfare of Malawi and Malawians at heart and is fearless. Wina alira ndithu.

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