JB Foundation donates maize, blankets to orphans at Msigalira School

The Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) on Monday, December 15, 2014, donated hundreds of 50 KG bags of maize and blankets to students of Msigalira Free Secondary School for Orphans in Domasi,Zomba.

Nhelma presenting donations from Joyce Banda Foundation

Nhelma presenting donations from Joyce Banda Foundation

Beneficiarries  at Msigalira school

Beneficiarries at Msigalira school

Bags of maize donated

Bags of maize donated

Blankets donated

Blankets donated

A senior JBFI official, Rosemary Nhlema, who was the guest of honour at the event, said the donation was part of this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“Within its objectives, JBFI provides full sponsorship to disadvantaged secondary school students, particularly orphans. Msigalira Free Secondary School for Orphans is a fully-fledged secondary school with full boarding facilities for both boys and girls,” Nhlema told the gathering.

Nhlema said JBFI founder and former president of the Republic of Malawi, Joyce Banda, who is currently in the United States, had assigned her to preside over the function at the school.

“She (Banda) is a renowned philanthropist; a mother who has the welfare of the disadvantaged people at heart. The former President and I spoke on the phone and she said while she is away, she will not let students at Msigalira go hungry during the festive season hence the donation,” said Nhlema.

Nhlema advised the students to work harder when schools reopen on January 5, 2015 so that they become useful and successful citizens in society.

“You should be aiming higher; you should become doctors, accountants, teachers, bankers and so on. The secret to this success is hard work and discipline. You must respect your teachers and guardians,” she said.

Deputy head teacher at Msigalira Free Secondary School, Charles Chikuni noted that nowadays, education “is very expensive” and that in order to achieve quality education, adequate resources have to be invested.

“We are grateful that even when education is extremely expensive, JBFI continues to run this free secondary school with adequate facilities. Apart from the provision of free education, you realized that the learning process couldn’t be smooth when students are learning on empty stomachs. As such, JBFI also provides breakfast, lunch and supper to all students. This is extremely commendable,” said Chikuni.

Speaking earlier, national director for JBFI’s Youth Movement for Development, Wyson Sumaili, said JBFI’s core objective is  to assist the marginalized of the society, especially women and children, “to have access to opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential in life”.

Other senior JBFI officials at the event included Levison Mwase and Annie Bwanali, among others.

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31 thoughts on “JB Foundation donates maize, blankets to orphans at Msigalira School”

  1. Jimmy says:

    In my view it looks like God didnt want JB to be dirten too much with politics,dont forget that once ppl talk about you everyday for good work,God keeps on blessing you in so many ways & give you the appropriate direction to persue your good work.Some.ppl are jst good at preaching without action.Its like preaching the good work which was done by Jesus while on earth but you cant do it again in the same way.Bcz you dnt have the capacity to do it.

  2. phillip mwamba says:

    God bless her more..she is great and shall be a great woman

  3. wolangiza says:

    musalile jb zake anapanga .muziririra wopanda manuyo akuthandizani mungoti mafani kuno kukutetha wosamuwuza wemwe munavoterayo bwa munya muwona

  4. Hebrews says:

    Tibwezeleni ndalama munaba mboma zija ife tikubvutika chifukwa cha Cashgate yomwe munayambisa inu ija! Munauza anyamata kuti nthawi yotakata wonani lero kutakata kuja kwabweletsa mabvuto! Mukuthawa chani kwanu kuno? Woipatu athawa yekha

  5. ine says:

    Amayi mutigawirenso ma fan, Malawi akutentha mochititsa mantha

  6. Will says:

    This woman was not born to become a politician who enriches herself, and this issue of becoming a politician was a way through to a better podium of reaching out to the vulnerable. she has a heart of people. I remember before bingu picked her for a runningmate she had already decided to quit politics. now that she has tasted what Dr Ntaba described as mpando wonona, my advice is that she should now focus on her duty as woman of influence to help the less previlaged first in Malawi which is one of poor countries before others. Let her be patriotic and forget about politics and I believe God is going to take to greatest hieghts.

  7. chigumbuli says:

    mom,anthu amakunenani kuti ng’ombe yayikazi sikoka ngolo koma yayimuna ija ikulephera kuno,yayang’ana ngolo..ndipo aliyense akudandaula kuti tinamasula BARABA..

  8. mphatso says:

    This mentality of distributing blankets and maize from time immemorial is disgusting.Why dont you build a proper beautiful school than the one iam seeing in the picture

  9. well done mama: we love you ;mumalonjeza ndipo mumakwaniritsa [ petulo] anatinamiza kuti azatsitsa malata koma pakana pano palibe chomwe chachitika.Bola inu mama mumamangira anthu tizimbuzi tija anthu amayamikatu.tabweranitu muzaone malawi uja pano tikukumbuka inu mayi.

  10. Nankungwi says:

    well curruptinh peole all the time. We need these chronies to get out of Malawian politics for ever!

  11. Mulhakho says:

    Komano wosabwerako kujako bwanji? Mene munachokera kuno amayi ndi kale,tikukumanani mango kuno ayambatu

  12. Pichi says:

    Dzaulele basi? Kuti muthu aliyense adzadya thukuta lake ayi? Mukhala choncho a Malawi!

  13. Ineyo says:

    kuimbira mfiti mmanja..za zii

  14. Chemapikichala says:

    Then the photos of these poor children will be sold here in New York for personal profits.

  15. Dausi says:

    Zikomo, Amai Ambuye Mulungu azikudalitsani.

  16. tamanda chimaliro says:

    zathu zomwe,cashgate foundation international woyeeeeee

  17. Umenewo nde utsogoleri,sharing the little we have

  18. chatonda says:

    If this is her own school for the orphans, why going public. Can you go public when you but food for your own children? This is madness of the heighest order by the failed JB . Whose attention can this lady called JB attract in this country? Only those relatives and the old woman who walks like a duck called Nhlema can afford to waiste her time on this silly donation. Infact this maize is the left over of the maize she stole and distribute during her failed campaign and now she has nowhere to take it to. Gawani but silently please. We have had enough of you please. Stop making any silly noise in this country.

  19. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    awa nde atsogoleri osati zinazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. chomanika says:

    amai omwewo kuti wa!wa!wa!wa! osamalimbana ndi anthu adyerawa ana APM kuchita kubera ma voti dyera lomwelo ife timakukondani amai kumeneko ndiye kubwera. PALIBENSO 2020 INU NDI IFE WOOOO!

  21. King says:

    Pppppppppppppp. !!! Yanyamuka!!! odi uko
    Amai adutse!

    Kodi kachipani kameneka kalipobe?????

  22. opportunist says:

    Good gesture .JB 4 life

  23. Xris says:

    Thumbs up amayi!

  24. czar says:

    Zoona zoona amayii



  26. boko harram says:

    Uko ndi kubwera mayi

  27. Chimbwi Cha Ku Sanjika says:

    Institute of Public Affairs public lecture

    Date: Wednesday 15 October 2014
    Time: 6.30-8pm
    Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building
    Speaker: Dr Joyce Banda
    Discussants: Dr Purna Sen, Marie-Pierre Lloyd
    Chair: Professor Baroness Afshar

    Joyce Banda will reflect on her journey to the highest level of public life. This event launches a new Institute of Public Affairs project exploring the roads taken by women who shape public life.

    Joyce Banda was the first female President of Malawi (2012 – 2014) and only the second woman to lead a country in Africa.

  28. MuharaF says:

    ndiye kubwera kumeneko amayi wathu. this is the heart of a mother

  29. J kawale says:

    Jb woyee?

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