JB foundation in safe motherhood pact with Area 23 clinic

The Joyce Banda Foundation International on Monday signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where the foundation will foot all delivery bills at Achikondi Clinic in Area 23 in Lilongwe.

Signing the agreement

Signing the agreement

Baby named Joyce

Baby named Joyce

This is the second time that the foundation is reviving the pact after it hit snags last year after the charity wrote the clinic about the discontinuation of the deal.

However, acting executing director of Joyce Banda Foundation (JBF) Flora Kaluwire said it has been the wish of the former Malawi president Joyce Banda, founder of the foundation, to continue with safe motherhood campaign.

“I have been sent here to sign MOU with Achikondi Clinic here in Area 23, what it means is that JBF will pay all the bills for women who will be delivering here,” said Kaluwire.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Managing Director of Achikondi Clinic Charity Salima commended Joyce Banda for the deal.

Salima urged more women to come and deliver at the clinic in order to save more lives.

During the ceremony, Kaluwire named a baby who was born on the same day of the ceremony, Joyce, named after the former president Joyce Banda.

Achikondi Clinic was officially opened in 2014 by the minister of health Dr Jean Kalirani and the clinic started operating at a small scale in 2008.

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16 thoughts on “JB foundation in safe motherhood pact with Area 23 clinic”

  1. Mnyasaland says:

    Arkm can you do what JBFI done rather commenting nonsense. Why cant you learn to say thank you to good things that others have done. Have you heard that all those that go to this Clinic have many children or the Foundation is targeting any woman who comes to this clinic. 99.99% supported Madam Joice Banda and the whole Foundation , keep it up !!!

  2. arkm says:

    Malawi politicians and local organizations I believe promote laziness and irresponsibility. I mean having a child is something that should be planned for. Husband and wife MUST sit down before they have any child and discuss how many children they want to raise. This will depend on their inci as well. Even Jesus said that one cannot start building a tower before he calculates the cost. most people in Malawi view marriage as a child making business, that is why you will find a very poor family have eleven malnourished children who can’t even go to school coz of poverty. When neighbors, religions, politicians and these organizations come to “donate” to such ones, they promote unplanned child birth in one way or another. This is why this country will struggle big time to develop because our economy can’t support this booming population. JBI, make donations that can add value in peoples lives, not just to accumulate political and social mileage

  3. god bress you all amen

  4. mosiowatunga mosiowatunga says:

    zabwinotu zimenezo

  5. Edwin Phiri says:

    ngati akuthandiza ndi mtima wake ose chabwino God bless and forgive koma ngati akuthandiza ndicholinga chofunaso obadwawo kapena obadwitsawo takana mdalitso sukhalapo! tisave zina ku23 kuti anthu ayamba kusowa.

  6. Nakubala 2 says:

    Ndikuyamika Mayi Salima pokhala ndi mwayi umenewu umene upindulire azimayi a ku Area 23 komanso madera ena ozungulira. Mulungu akuthandizeni pokupatsani nzeru zochuluka. Komanso ndikuthokoza Mtsogoleri wa bungwe la Joyce Banda Foundation poganizira clinic imeneyi.

  7. Boko says:

    This is what aGetu cannot do instead of saving thelives of fellow women, she is busy stealing NAC money killing millions of women who are mothers in the process. What a shame Gertrude with your daft foolish husband Matanyula Pitala. Kuba basi is what Peter is good at ndikugonana ndiamuna anzake. Fotseki.

    1. Kamphombo says:

      No no no. Please do not dent the good service of Mai Salima by cursing others through this report. Please only comment on the service provider and her donors. Za ena sizikhuza apa. Chone. Dzina la clinic iyi ndi ‘ACHIKONDI’ so lets only talk love here. Please. All the best Mai Salima

  8. malago Malango says:

    That’s good

  9. Vendor says:

    This is why Malawi will not develop, you want to have a child but can not plan the costs of having the child? You want someone to pay for the birth? This is subsidizing unsafe sex! More babies next year and with them, more H…..

  10. BTN says:

    fragrance clings to the hand that gives roses, thumbs up JBF

  11. Aliphee says:

    thats the way JBF not anawo amadikira alowe kaye mboma kenako nkuyambitsa BEAM

  12. Mwama Du says:

    President koma ameneyu! Enawa ali bize ndi beauty. Kkkkkk

  13. Nakubala says:

    Achikondi ndithu. Not for personal gains, but for service to your community. May God Almighty Bless you Mai Salima and all those who serve with you. God Bless JB

  14. Matebule wa Mathanyula says:

    Thats the way to go. Keep it up Mai Joyce Banda for your courage and love for fellow women especially those in need. The initiative will go along way in saving lives of many women. Once again keep it up.

  15. opportunist says:

    More fire

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