JB  fundraising success for Malawi floods survivors in New York

Former president Joyce Banda through her Joyce Banda Foundation International joined hands with Jack Brewer Foundation  in New York, United States to mobile  support for victims of deadly floods in Malawi.

Banda and other checking the items donated

Banda and other checking the items donated

Banda speaking the event

Banda speaking the event

Some of the items donated

Some of the items donated

The event for the Malawi Flood Appeal was met with success after people flocked to donate items and relief material to help flood survivors.

“The response is unbelievable,” remarked Banda.

The event raised  a total of $90,000 worth of goods .

Banda  hailed Bobby Kumar from New York who led the team that mobilized the goods.

In her speech, Banda emphasized the importance  of transparency in the distribution of the relief items.

“These should reach the intended beneficiaries ,” she appealed.

She  thanked  many partners  of Joyce Banda Foundation who contributed  to the goods but also the mobilization of the goods all over the world.

“ I appeal for the continued mobilization of the things for the whole year.  It is sad that 200 people have died and 200,000 displaced.  It is the duty of all Malawians to help one another at a time such as this,” said Banda.

She called  upon all Malawians who have international networks to reach out to do whatever they can to lessen the suffering of Malawians.

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62 thoughts on “JB  fundraising success for Malawi floods survivors in New York”

  1. Well says:

    God bless you Daughter of Malawi. Joseph was
    Sold and sent to Egypt. Gos allowed because He saw famine coming.
    JB loss of Elections is a gain. Whether we differ but this Lady is putting Malawi on the Map. If God says yes nobody can say no. I choose not to judge her because yesterday is gone and God is doing a Newvthing.May God continue to bless u Mrs Banda and ur family. May the angels of protection suound u like sn Army.

  2. Mbalambala says:

    Jb more fire singanga iliku state house

  3. phodox says:

    That is the duty of JB. Yes running a donation institute like JBF as founder. Not running the busieness of government as president. ‘Running government is a serious business’ a quote from ACHEYA. Ali phee ku BCA Hill.After all JB has never been the president of Malawi. But she has been Malawi’s Acting president. The only person who inherited presidency in malawi.If she was the president of Malawi not acting but she would have reelected in 2014 as it has been the tradition of Malawi that every president has to be re-elected. Then why your she-duck was not elected. I mean, Who is bwampini between JB and our APM. Obviously JB is the big bwampini who tested presidency by INHERITANCE as if it was a kingdom or chiefdom or villagedom. She cant do anything. And we DPP we told her that she was just taking care of our presidency and it has just worked like that, you idiots calling my uncle APM as bwampini.Mukweza chinthu chosayenera kuchikweza bwanji.

  4. Magede si Wandale says:

    Frankly speaking JB is in class of her own. Siiizi tili nazo ku state house zi. Madala osatha kulankhula. Mao nawo odwaladwala. JB you are real deal.

  5. sapitwa says:

    Jb is a good mum so far osati bwampini

  6. zibwerani ndi katunduyo mayi kuno anzanu ndiye alephera kuthandiza even he i president. thank u mayi and brewer

  7. Mayi wazero jb not mwapini wanuyo guyz

  8. Dedza Guy says:

    Lets be united for the sake of our fellow brothers and sisters. Lets forget about politics. This is an issue of national concern.

  9. charlie hebdo says:

    once a thief, always a thief!! a hyena does not change it’s spots. ADMARC-GATE, CASHGATE, JETGATE,NAIJA CRUDE OIL-GATE and now FLOOD-GATE! Using Malawi’s name to fatten herself!! May the Gods intervene!!

  10. ngangaube says:

    thats the JB Malawi has always known not this bwampini we have for a president, clueless and empty headed professor. Malawi needs well thought and clear minded leaders of JB type

  11. I Lost My Trust On Her.

  12. nathy chitenje says:

    if you hate JB you better think twice to your future if that so called current president of yours will bring change to malawi nation, we thank god for giving jb such wisdom,, n it was her regime that has opened your eyes kuti anthu amaba in government without pipo knowing,

  13. apao says:

    The will of God is there but it takes ahuman bn to iplmnt it as JB did, kp on burning maiii

  14. Akuluakulu jelasi siumuna. JB is one of the best becoz she is approachable, and serious wth current flood disasters

  15. INU Lalirani says:

    mwamposa papa

  16. chingwe chambuzi says:

    wakuba iwe..ukufunika kuno..sizopempha chithandizo musanayendeleko even malo omwe akhuzidwawo..ukatero chithandizo chimenecho muchikhotesa.

  17. bimani says:

    We are all MAlawians and we have to come together in times like this. There is nothing wrong in fundraising. Those writing negative comments bear in mind that these are the worst floods in our country’s history and if we can all join hands despite our political affiliations then we will help those in needy. Those making negative comments, ask yourself, WHAT have I done to help then comment later. Keep it up JB and all those taking part within and outside Malawi.

  18. Makiu says:

    Be ware of this crook. she is like a village crook who goes out to raise money for condolence after hearing people mourn without visiting the deceased house. I dont know why these stupid white still trust this fugitive. she is wanted here for stealing our money and goes out there pretend that she is doing something for Malawians. Only stupid people can still trust this crook and give her money and expect that she will bring it to Malawi. she will only bring soiled underwear and torn shoes.stupid

    1. Elhapo says:

      You are sick. You need deliverance!!

    2. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      A Makiu satana wakukhalirani. Kumayamika zabwino zimene anthu ena akupanga. Inu mwachitapo chiyani? You seem to have a personal issu with JB. Anakukanani chibwenzi? You are making a slave of yourself in your heart and I don’t want you to die of nsanje in your heart. You are not at peace with JB. God forgive you.

  19. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Those raising negative comments over the gesture shown by the former President,JB, are doing so out of hate, jealousy and mare cowardise. What is wrong for a Malawian citizen of her stature use her talent to raise funds and other materials to assist fellow Malawians in need back home! It takes a natural good human heart to do that. Instead of writing negative comments we should encourage all Malawians, regardless of their status, to join hands with the Government in providing the required assistance to the families affected by floods.

  20. Happy Manda says:

    Am afraid if thesr items are in safe hands. Many like to display but what goes behind is dangerous. I have seen people fundraising and display items but do not reach the intended purpose. Alredy sorting in America other were choosing best for themselves. I hate to praise on things in pictures, sorry. let action speak louder than pictures.

  21. Tianjane says:

    My message to Mr. Collins Magalasi

    Mr. Magalasi, I assume you are the lead advisor to the First Lady on BEAM actvies. I am cincerned that you are misguiding Madam Muthalika on her support to flood victims. Mr. Magalasi you are a development worker/expert. You should therefore know that the TVM food distribution shows you are subjecting the first Lady to are doing more pyschological harm to those communities who need systematic relief support and not a one hour political show.

    Indeed, the First Lady has a big responsibilty in resource mobilization for our brethren in distress, but not in bits and piece with intimidating blue-donned sycophants in tow. After she leaves with her cameras, who actually benefits from the ‘donations’?

    Let the First Lady collect the cash, food, clothes etc and HANDOVER to organizations with the expertise to ditribute to intended beneficiaries through appropriate channels. It mayy be necessary for example to have community development assistants and nutrionists to demonstrate how to cook soy bits which may be unfamiliar food to people of Chiendausiku.

  22. We are regarded as living below poverty line,i wonder why some are raising those stupid issues that these are second hand clothes,yet you haven even donated 1 packet of sugar to those ppl.Its totally inhumane character.You must be ashamed of yourself.

  23. Blessing says:

    Joice Banda is very cunning! Buying time and sympathy from malawIans , she playing politics just like what Bakili has been doing . We must remind you , u will never be a president of malawi again and Peoples is dead . You were the worst leader malawi ever had and you were demoted in shame . You could have easily won the election but u were blinded with emptiness seemed a substance to u . I wrote long time ago that peter will wait to consolidate his power after that he will arrest you based on evidence . Ur the darling of the west and painting yourself and Angel of light to malawians yet not . A run away ex emergency president

  24. Good samaritan,God will always guide you as you share the pain of those suffering,not these ones here at home where you see some officials wearing suits when visiting those affected hungry displaced ppl.There not even concerned,stupid useless administration which is toped by power hungry officials.

  25. Othandiza inu, chithandizo chanu chidzizera ku boma osati ti ma bungwe tosadziwika bwinoti. paja timabungwe timeneti timadziwika bwino ndikupakula. mwachitandizo chanu ndikhulupilira kuti 30% yokha ndi imene ingafikire kwa ochifuna, 70% yo chashgate.

  26. Major chimesha says:

    Mumakwanira mama Joice Banda.

  27. mann says:

    sichoncho abele asiyeni apemphe pemphe nathandizire abale ndi alongo amene akhuzidwa.

  28. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    God bless u mam others cannot do while he/she is out of power lastly God bless you.

  29. Marioshona man says:

    Nobody will dare to distribute the items.Jb come and distribute yourself as you were doing in the past two years with maize flour .

  30. pansi says:

    No. 11 Pichi, are you saying the truth ‘anybody can fund raising in the West’ are you sure, have you done that yourself? Are you in the West? you must be joking? Madam JB, Well done, and may the LORD Almighty continue to bless you, your Foundation and your Vision for Malawi and the Globe. Thank you the former Lady president of our beloved MW!!

  31. Big brain says:

    Second hand clothes eeee dumping to the poor

    1. Well says:

      I hope you Big Brain are contributing good brands straight from the factory.

  32. angondo says:

    good work,kukonza kapansi kuti kammwamba katsikke, ukaipa dziwa nyimbo

  33. Cashgate 1 says:

    176 people have died not 200, and 322,053 people have been displaced not 200,000, while 58,555 households have been displaced. This is according to Disaster Management Department (DoDMA) Malawi Report, 19th January 2015. So please let us verify figures and report correctly.

  34. aaron mofolo says:

    Eeeee ndakaika ngati ati alandile.pepani ife sitimathandizika timadziwa ife ndi get get monga iyi ikhala ameitemscashget that is americanitemscashget very soon you will hear from us abale anga akugona panopa mu school block ya mpala ringht in mulanje but nothing is hapening they are sturving mulungu ngati aliko amukanthe yense amene ayesa kuba ndalama zimenezi

  35. Maliseche says:

    Bingu(Angwazi)-MHSRP-anawalakwira a Mayie,this is her blood duty not presidency-she highly deserves a World Social Worker Coordinator post-bravo aMaah!
    Koma mubwere osaopa kumangidwa ndendezi anapangira anthu ngati inu mubwere muzathane nazo!

  36. chdebe says:

    Koma mayiwo abwera liti kuno kumudzi?

  37. Let’s be truthful this is very good

  38. HEAD BOY says:

    Good gesture. Koma mudzagawe nokha, azibapo zimenezi kumalawi kuno kwakula ndi kusolola.

  39. opportunist says:

    JB 4 life .

  40. Floodgate says:

    Nanga a Mathanyula sanangopita manjamanja popanda chopereka atavala suit ndikukhala pa red carpet kikikikikikikiki

  41. Ngasimukufuna zisiyeni wanuyo wapereka chani nde pane muzidiyanisa

  42. josephy says:

    At least better

  43. Pichi says:

    Mubwere nokha mudzapereke. ki ki ki ki ki ki. Anybody can fund raise in the West. Azungu akufuna potayira dzinadzi. I hope you will not load it on government to transport and distribute that.

    1. Geofrey says:

      Even a common man can do fundraising in the west one way of disposing their belongings u are right!

    2. Think Tank says:

      if anyone can do it in the West,this is your chance to help your brothers and sisters who are affected by floods: go and fund-raise.

    3. Elhapo says:

      Negativity is a sin. It never blessed anyone!

    4. thoko says:

      Chindere chakufikapo

    5. roots says:

      Ndiwe chitsilu osaganiza bakha!! Anthu akuvutika and u are busy speeking nuances.

  44. J.Banda says:

    Thanks mama, Tayesesani taluza anthu komanso katundu.Akudalitseni Mulungu.(Mutipeza)

  45. acn says:


  46. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Zikomo mayi.

  47. Hello! says:

    Zikomo Mama JB for the good gesture. Uku ndiko kukhala. Ambuye akudalitseni.

  48. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    This is true spirit of a Malawian.we appreciate for your kind gesture and unity shown in this tough time you kind imagine even the former president appreciating APM on recent public address on recent floods.If this unity carries on Malawi will never be the same few years to come because we now realise political differences are not source of hatred but platform of checks and balances.I like this and proud of being a Malawian.My prayer now is to pray for those who insults leaders on net that is inhuman.God bless Malawi

  49. Akulisinga says:

    my president and former president of malawi. may God continue blessing you. inu ndi inu basi.

  50. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Kodi Abale uku akuchita fund raising ku kulibe Ma Embassy kodi. Ali mtulo kapena eti. Mwawaona anzanutu achangu. A Chair ananenatu kuti kumachenjera pa town. Amayi zainu timadziwa ndithu kuti ndi mthandizi zachibadwa. Takunyadilani Amayi

  51. emma says:

    A mama woo……. a beautiful soul malawi did not discover….. you’re a woman of Valour mum…. I miss your love

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