JB joins Lutepo case, obtains stay order against call logs

Malawi former President Joyce Banda through her lawyer on Monday made an application to High Court registry in Zomba to join Oswald Lutepo’s money laundering case as an interested party which the court has accepted.

Banda made application after obtaining an injunction preventing the release of her call logs to main suspect in the cashgate scandal and business tycoon Lutepo who is answering money laundering charges and possession of stolen property charges.

Lawyer  for Banda, Mauya Msuku  argued that producing the former head of state’s call logs “will be intruding in her privacy.”

He said: “That [obtaining call logs] would have infringed on the privacy of the former president as a citizen of this country. Mr. Lutepo asked for Dr Banda’s call logs uninterrupted from January 1 to December 31 2013. This is not in order because some of the calls might have been to her family members and friends.”

Lutepo’s lawyer  Oswald Mtupila pointed out that although Lutepo asked for all the call logs, only those relevant to his case would be used.

During the last seating, in September 4, 2014, Zomba High Court Judge Redson Kapindu granted Lutepo access to Banda and former budget director Paul Mphwiyo call logs for fair trial.

Lutepo:  Chief suspect in cashgate

Lutepo: Chief suspect in cashgate

Apart from money laundering charges, Lutepo is also answering perjury charges and was recently arrested on charges of the attempted murder of Mphwiyo that took place on September 13 last year.

Former justice minister Ralph Kasambara who is also answering to money laundering charges and also an attempted murder of Mphwiyo took to social media to react on Banda’s injunction on call logs.

“This is how it all begun. Today I am not shocked to hear that there is an injunction/stay order stopping Lutepo-charged with looting billion Kwachas-from accessing her call logs. By the way the State has all my call logs; and as I am writing my phones are listened to, recorded and what have you. All this courtesy of my former President,” Kasambara posted in his Facebook Timeline.

Lead Prosecutor in cashgate Kamudoni Nyasulu asked the court for the amendment of the new charge sheet.

Nyasulu told the court that their investigations revealed that Lutepo allegedly stole K4.3 billion and not K3.1 as earlier submitted by the state.

Lutepo, who handed himself to police on November 6 2013,  has been a hostile an unreliable witness, changing statements now and again. He is on a K50 million bail bond and he  is also allegedly connected to the attempted murder of Mphwiyo and Director of Public Prosecutions Mary Kachale said he would be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The state earlier indicated that they will parade 14 witnesses, 3 investigators and 11 civilians.

The matter will come again for trial on October 17.

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37 thoughts on “JB joins Lutepo case, obtains stay order against call logs”

  1. Sekani says:

    In first place lutepo is such a very lunatic guy. He is being used by the likes of ralph to revenge on Amai and protect those whose name appears in the cashgate report.
    Releasing call logs of former president is suicidal and breach of national security. Why dont you focus on running the country than witch hunt? Mukumva naye kuwawa JB

  2. Aunt Getu Odwala says:

    Leave JB alone. She is not in your league we al know about that. She is noe mentioned in the cashgate then why are you so obsessed with implicating her? Haters

  3. Samantha ampatsa mimba says:

    Call lgs of Joyce Banda wont see the light of day. Like all malawians, she is protected by the law.
    Yes lutepo bcoz he is a coward he is being used. One thing i onow for sure JB is being targeted by dpp. Simukupuma naye bwino ata.

  4. Madolo anzanga ku Maula prison konzekan kukubwera dona kumeneko!!!! Koma samalan akatundu anu,ndiwakuba wamkulu mayiyo..MWINA BOLANSO INU GUYS!!

  5. KEERA says:

    Shocked to hear her refusal, why and how the logs have been denied yet she said she has no hand in Cash-gate. DPP refused vote recount we all said they know they rigged. JB refusing to grant Looter-po call log. How does the State interpret

  6. Mphatso mbewe says:

    Let the cashgaters be brought 2 book if found guilty let them rot in jail,corruption is an evil act. wy kuwasekerera.raphael is a son of satan, cashgater wamkulu,akadakhala maiko a chiluya penalty yake in death sentence he deserved that.

  7. sello Mvuyane says:

    akukana kukayezetsa akuopa chani, singing

  8. wtl says:

    Mai wakuba ameneyi atenga chiletso bwanji? umanama kuti wagwira mbala, let the phones reveal mmene unkawatumira, ukukanitsa bwanji? adanena anthu wakuba wotsogolera ndiwe. mwadziwika mai. mai wakuba! wopanda manyazi, kuba kuposa mzibambo! ndiye umatakataditu. thus why unkakakamira kuti usachoke pampando.uziona!!!

  9. PHWAXCAAN says:

    kumwamba kuli nkhani……

  10. binali gama says:

    Chabwino ndichiti kuba mavoti kapena ndalama. tisayiwale kuseli kwama voti kuli ndalama zankhaninkhani

  11. Mazulu says:

    Why Kasambala u like to post your views on fb?Why are neivous with thi case?Have seen ur friend on this case posting on fb?

  12. Weniweni says:


  13. nkhedu says:

    i have my husband by my side and am not worried at o. andiuza kale kuti phuma nje akazi anga, tizidya ndalama za boma apa.tikawagwetsa ndi fuso limozi lokha ma village lawyerziwa.kkkkkk

  14. Billiat says:

    Kasambara as a professional I’d have expected you to act in a dignified manner. How will such posts on Facebook help your case? Anyway, dignity has never been one of your attributes. This just goes to show you are nervous as you have something to hide. Idiot.

  15. MaiMai says:

    Kasambara is sick really! Why be writing on face book such big case? When they put you at police cell you become sick quickly to run away from prosecution. … FB sikuthandiza
    how did mk5b find its way into your bank account RK?

    1. K5billion in one’s account and visilu vina kumasekerere these guys are clucks please do not listen from them how can you trust mbava just kufuna ku gwira JB kikikikiki pakuti ma judge tilibe ku malawi kuno akangowona chitumba cha ma aluvera mitu imachita zwe

  16. original KK says:

    What happened to muluzis 1.7bn case . Donors please don’t give this leaking bucket state any more monies

  17. Matrobwino says:

    Aunt achapaphewawo asathawe, akhala akuliudza dziko lonse lapansi kuti ndi iwo amene agwila anthu amaba ndalama mu boma. Komanso ananena kuti amene anawombela Mphiyo akumudziwa. Tsono ngati sanatengepo mbali pokuba akuopa chiyani? Ine ndikachotsa chiletso atengacho monga malawi okhudzidwa.

  18. Let Chilungamo chiziwike basi.

  19. Taelos says:

    Tsoka oba nkhuku ndi njinga

  20. Big braing says:

    Woooooo Matama amai

  21. mlopwana says:

    it is not an absolute right i guess akuopa chani

  22. BigMan says:

    Abiti, you’ve started barking, barking, and barking some more about……..cashgate! You will soon be swinging in the gallows you miserable old thief!

  23. Dick says:

    Let the former president be respected

  24. gulukunyinda says:

    Inu amayi, zimene munachita, mayi ndagoma ndakugomelani. Osayiwala kuti padziko la pansi Palibe chinsisi zizaululika- saleta phiri

  25. Slender says:

    Who the cap fit let them wear it.

  26. Is this true? Can JB do this? Is Green telling the truth? Can somebody the truth of what I am reading on this wall. Am I blind or what? JB acting against call logs over this national case so that Malawians should learn the truth? ZIKUOPSATU IZI.

  27. Kb says:

    Lutepo bn persecuted for some other people, lutepo come out and say it amayi anatuluka m’boma sakuthandizanso ayi!

  28. Waakulu says:

    Wakanaaaa kukayezetsaa akuopaaa chaiiiiiiiii !!!kuimba nyimbo ya #Malume Bokosi.

  29. Kanyimbi says:

    Njoka yayamba kuzimeza yokha. Mwazipereka kuti mukhala interested party? Koma tiwona zowopsa chaka chino.

  30. Nyasa says:

    Koma kumeneko. Chaka chake ndichino wina akozedwa kunyowesa skirt yonse. I thought you are innocent. Tsopano ukuopa chani? This big fish cashgated our money and she is not innocent. Ubibidwa nthawi yakwana yoti chilungamo chidziwike. Hehehehehe ine kumva kukoma kwambiri hehehehede ulu …..

  31. Chrispine Salanje says:

    call logs what for:?we also need call logs between Bingu and Mulli on how the swindled 92 Bilion kwacha?

  32. Galu Piter Munthalika says:

    DPp and your Guvermment you are all idiots.
    It’s not far we will put Piter and his friends to jail very soon. Panyapanu a dpp including Piter pathako munthalika!!

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Ukunnso ndiye kulemba kwanji? zopusa basi.

    2. Asante says:

      You have just exposed your nakedness. Children are laughing to see chadada

  33. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Hhhhm interesting. I wonder why get an injunction if there is nothing to hide.

    kakawuluka wuluka kamazatera. Mutwiuza mmene zitayendere

    1. MUNTHU NDINU says:


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