JB responds to Mutharika’s remarks on her presidential record: ‘Inconsistencies and inaccuracies’

During an appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on September 25, President Peter Mutharika of Malawi discussed a range of issues relating to his 15-month tenure as head-of-state and his government’s policies.

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda defends her presidential record

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda defends her presidential record

In his remarks during the on-the-record session, he criticized his predecessor, Joyce Banda, who was defeated in the 2014 elections. Banda served as vice president under Bingu wa Mutharika, the current president’s brother, who tried to replace her with his younger sibling before he died in office in 2012.

Despite efforts to block her ascendancy, Banda became president on April 7, 2012 and served for two years.

After reading the transcript of the CFR session, which was facilitated by AllAfrica’s Reed Kramer, Banda submitted a response to Mutharika’s remarks, which she said “contained inconsistencies and inaccuracies concerning me”.

Banda’s statement:

  1. In an attempt to articulate his government’s commitment to fighting corruption and create an enabling environment for political co-existence, the President fell into the usual trap that now defines his presidency. He blamed my previous People’s Party (PP) government for the ills of his government, for ‘Cashgate’ and the current economic turmoil.

President Mutharika failed to acknowledge that I am the first Head of State in Malawi to take bold steps to fight corruption and staunch theft of public resources. I publicly stated that there was a problem of theft and corruption since 2005 when the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) was installed and rallied everyone to jump on board to deal with it once and for all. I personally and aggressively led the fight against theft, fraud and corruption.

When the European Union (EU) Head of Delegation, Alexander Baum, alerted me about loopholes in the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), I announced on September 7, 2013 the introduction of measures to seal all IFMIS loopholes to root out theft, fraud and corruption. My government drew up a comprehensive work plan to deal with corruption and plunder of public resources. The plan was subject to regular review by a Cabinet Committee, which was headed by the Minister of Good Governance, Chris Daza.

This work plan was shared with our donors and cooperating partners. My government initiated a forensic audit into Cashgate. I shall forever be grateful to the British Government for its provision of resources to enable us to engage an internationally-renowned audit firm, Baker Tilly, to conduct the forensic audit. The Baker Tilly audit report was released on October 30, 2014. It included the names of the people involved in Cashgate. It is a public document.

In October 2013, when it became apparent that there was looting of public resources, I dissolved my cabinet and removed the ministers who were mentioned in relation to the looting. About 68 businessmen and civil servants were arrested in connection with Cashgate. Some 50 bank accounts connected to Cashgate were frozen.

The Cashgate trials and subsequent convictions taking place now are a result of the arrests that were made during my time as head of state and following the release of the Baker Tilly forensic audit report.

It was during my time as head of state that I we presented to Parliament for passage ‘the Declaration of Assets’ Bill aimed at checking unexplained amassing of personal wealth by public servants.

  1. President Mutharika’s government has ignored national and international calls to institute a forensic audit into an alleged 577 billion Kwacha ‘Cashgate’ that occurred between 2009 and 2012 before I came into office. Just like the British Government provided financial support for a forensic audit during my time, the German Government has committed money to facilitate a forensic audit by Price Waterhouse into this financial scandal. However, President Mutharika’s government has shown no interest to expedite the audit.

Recently, robbers broke into a German envoy’s house in (city) where documents containing information about the 577 billion Kwacha forensic audit were stolen. In the midst of the outcries, a senior Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) official, Issa Njaunju, was brutally murdered in early July 2015. Since that time, no concrete investigations have been carried out.

His family, the diplomatic community and many Malawians are demanding justice as investigations seem to have stalled. The British High Commissioner recently led a team of ambassadors to meet officials of the ACB to demand an explanation of the apparent lack of interest to hunt down Mr. Njaunju’s killers.

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46 thoughts on “JB responds to Mutharika’s remarks on her presidential record: ‘Inconsistencies and inaccuracies’”

  1. Rodgers Banda says:

    JB explains it all. Is it a lie? What’s Peters song? Peter surely should resign
    Votes were stolen to destroy Malawi. These cropks should go before they cause more damage.

  2. Are you sure you mean JB is the most bad person comparing to this michona .Guys be serious you will be missing fiti kumaloza munthu osalakwa

  3. Clement Chiwoko says:

    Joyce has given us an insight into what was and is going on. The British and the Germany funded reports should be published in full without deleting anything and then us Malawians can make up our minds who is saying the truth, under whose watch was our money squandered. Why is Mutharika not allowing these reports to be fully in public domain? What is he hiding?

  4. mtima wa nyani says:

    tammabwerani inu muzafafanize fungo lili kunoli. azaunguwatu sakuziwa mmene timavutikila kuno. paja suuyanga nderetu. uthawa mfuu wanu omwe cemwa, tazangubwerani , msatitopetse nazo izi poti tuziwa alipo amapopa kuti izi zicitike. nkesa olo uluze umapitilabe kukhala nda anthu ako. bodza ili mucitali mutseke mmaso nda. ubwela sakuti mathelo a mwezi uno, na ngati bwetule salunama so ,yake ija mutu ngati ciboli, kukamwa ngati mlamba eti maso ngati khakano.
    joisi unatitopetsa ,kukana kuulula,kuvomera zomwe zinacitika, iwe camkholowa oyenda cokwawa,

  5. Njobanunu says:

    Good response, but why don’t you come back home so that we should be crying together and tell people the truth. Your party is dying because of your absence.

  6. Concerned citizen says:

    We can really spot out the difference JB had a big vision for this country apart from some alarming scadals portrayed i her reign

  7. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Why then is she hiding in some bolt holes in some foreign lands?Its time she came back to clear her name.

  8. Judge Judy says:

    Why did this woman receive 22 cars from the cashgate friend thief Liutepo and spoke highly of him that Lutepo really loved her failed PP.Where is his friend Mphwiyo who was messing our public coffers with his filthy hands?Its time Joyce came home to get grilled together with her cashgate bedfellows.She should stop claiming until she went the whole process of being grilled.

  9. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:


  10. MaKopa says:

    Joyce Banda you know the truth why wasting your time outside the country
    Come home and tell Malawians the truth of cash gate. Demonstration against corruption at all levels

  11. nkhakamila says:

    i think footsoldier has some brains.these pple are one and they have one interest thus to rob you and me.nobody is an angel here

  12. dadaboma says:

    In not voting for JB to be president Malawi lost immense opportunity to develop. APM’s bootlickers will praise him even if he is failing miserably to govern Malawi to prosperity. These bootlickers are the people killing Malawi. They need to die, alongside APM, so that Malawi shall regain consciousness. Only JB has what is required to bail Malawi out of this quagmire.

  13. McGoodson Ngoma says:

    To say truth regardless political parties we are belonging to i support jb statement and is very corrent,during her tym it ws better and we saw things changing within short period but this gvnment its over 16 months now things are changing from good,bad to worse

  14. FootSoldier says:

    I have struggled to figure out what type of people (without prior agendas) listen to JB. I dont believe she has any brain cells to help her think through any issue just like her successor APM!

  15. palibe wabwino onse athu akumba awa ine ndivotera richard banda basi

  16. Issa Kabudula says:

    The fight between PP & DPP is coming to my nerve, and lest we as Malawians will see ourselves drowning the see of shame. There are two problems which the DPP government must learn here;
    1. The president must not worry of who is talking wj=hat out side governance, the president must learn from Chilima (the Deputy President), he go early to work and talks less and comments less and talks sense.
    2. No need to fight a woman (JB) its hard to win the war, every day women will fake tears and people will judge based on the tears of a woman.

    As Malawians – please lets work together and develop Malawi. One thing am afraid to say is that as Malawians we are treating the Bingu family as a foreign family and this must be stopped. The second thing is that Malawi is at a good position with the leadership of Bingu, I can openly advice the MCP, PP, UDF and other small parties to please one president at a time and we don’t want to see or read in the papers something bad about either Peter of Joyce Banda or Chakwera, please voters are waiting for development and you are fighting – is that democracy?

    APM, JB Chakwala war must come to un end, we are counting days – 2019 is very close, and the people will chose – count my words. We don’t want useless people, we need leaders. its time we talk DEVELOPMENT.

  17. mtila says:

    The truth is that there are a lot of accusations being leveled against you here. Come here and clear yourself before Director of Public Prosecution.Why are you at large if you are a samaritan? How many people have mentioned you as a witness in cashgate scandles?

  18. Zinthu apa ndazavuta

  19. Chinthiti says:

    Mbendera ndi Chilima, mudzaona polekera, boma lanuli likulimbana ndi Jb,Zodiak komaso Chakwera, mmalo molimbana ndi mavuto onwe ife amalawi tikukhaura nawo pano Jb Jb chiyani za ziiiii tatsini mntengo wa Fertilizer anthu tizigura, nanga njalayi simukuiona, tatiuzani zoona zenizeni za komwe kunachoka ndalama zotengera anthu 106 kupita nawo ku UNGA nanga 577 billion inayenda bwanji amalawi tidziwe?Jb woyeeeeeee

  20. George Kamanga says:

    DPP is a party of thieves, robbers, killers, murderers, assasinators. They will never tell the truth.

    clearly issues to prove yourselves innocent but you twist them. Just accept to investigate K577 billion, K92 billion, Njaunje death and robbers who broke into German offices.

    No one is painting Malawi black outside but even a child knows that Malawi was brought to it’s knees by bingu ,& now APM is continuing where his stupid late brother stopped

  21. chitsiru bwampini says:

    Amayi inu ndi anzeru..osati nyapapi bwampini akulamulilayu!..this guy is not a Malawian, he is from pluto where aliens and bwampini’s stay

  22. chimphax says:

    i dont trust political leaders even Joyceyo i dont mind,they are all crooks they pretend to be doing good job for pple to the side they are pocketing our money.But take care GOD is watching ur steps.pple suffering becoz of u be pity urself ,be first to love ur country as leaders.

  23. chinyau says:

    kunena moona mtima , Joyce Banda did well in the 2 years time . tiganizile mavuto omwe analipo before JB kukhala president then tionenso kuti atalowa , mavuto omwe analipowo anachepa kapena ayi ? then from there , tipeza yankhop tokha . Ngakhale kunachitika cash gate , koma mavuto ali panowa , kunalibe ndipo akanakhalabe president , sizikanafika pamenepa . just imagine , Teachers , nurses and doctors are not employed since finishing their school some two years ago . very bad indeed .

  24. Pat says:

    Paja mubwera liti? Kkkkkk, oipa athawa yekha!

  25. Mnzwanya says:

    The idiot who’s calling himself LEVELHEADED is NOT, and I repeat is not levelheaded at all!! So you think JB has said anything that is eroding donors’ confidence? My foot!! Wake up and face reality that whoever is critiquing this clueless government is not doing so because of envy of the Mutharika’s!! Come on dude!!

  26. peter says:

    Personally, I think sentiments being shared by JB are all correct. APM lacks sincerity and time will reveal it sooner than expected! JB is making this statement in response to what APM told the donors and she has stated the truth.

  27. Ma says:

    Khokhokho truth pains. .she is right as mych as she also stole some cash but dpp was worse in stealing and killing

  28. Honourable says:

    Peter and his ‘UN delegation gate’ why keep blaming his failures on his predecessor. Prove the salt by giving hope to ailing Malawians. Give hope to suffering Malawans. Perpetual attacks on JB is no solution to the falling economy. Wake up boot leakers!!! We have no time for your foolish blame game. We want results

  29. Kingman says:

    From 2005 to 2012 Joice Banda was in that government, if she is honest enough she would have revealed the deal before she started her own political party after all she is not the one who revealed the deal of Cashgate, it was the police officers at the capital hill whom upon searching a vehicle a certain vehicle they find in a lot of money in it. Joice Banda has been speaking ill against Peter Mutharika just because she was hungry power as she saw Peter a great threat to her during elections and that Bingu wanted Peter and not Joice Banda the next President. Come God and rescue Malawi coz ppo are suffering and you know the whole truth more than i do

  30. Mazda says:

    I don’t know why Malawians keep fighting JB for cashgate. She’s the one who told Malawians about the money which was stolen ku government. This cashgate started with the DPP. We need the 92 billion report apa

  31. Jeep says:

    Honestly Malawians are missing u mama JB. You took Malawi into greater heights. We miss you mama

  32. Caro says:

    JB was the best President. Whatever she’s saying here is very true

  33. Chrispine Salanje says:

    We all know that DPP and Muthalikas are the genesis of cashgate in Malawi,JB is the one who started to arrest all those invoived in cashgate and from Baker Tilly report JB is clean

  34. benjnes says:


  35. Namalira wamkulu says:

    Shee mpaka zinafika poteropa. Keep us updated abt current messes @ d state house abiti Mtila. Happy mother’s day by the way….

  36. Noah says:

    We are tired with this,, talk about who can now help us with enough money for fertiliser,,, Njala ikupha anthu mmidzi, ana anu akumadya daily ,,,inu muli busy kumangokamba zopanda mutu but da truth is failing to be prevailed..Kulakwa kwa munthu ukhale mwayiwanu??? Aaaaaa Check this out

  37. Stampycious says:

    JB akunena zowona, iweyo pamene ulipo kuti udziwe zoti kuli “CASHGATE” wadziwa nthawi ya JB. Mmbuyo monsemu umangokha ngati mbuzi never knowing that gov officials are massively practicing money laundering, bastards!!!!! Nkhani ya Njaunju ili pati? what about the DPP prople who broke into the house of German envoy in the city and stole papers to do with K577 billion looted by DPP gov. Mwama wanjoka ndimwana wanjoka basi, amalumabe

    1. mzamba wamkulu says:

      very true! she was the one who started to arrest the thieves. mkulu wa apm anezekanso ndi money kuchipinda iwowo amafuna athawe nazo

  38. Hd says:

    A jb kunjako akuononga mbiri ya malawi adzabweranso? Akufuna adzatani popeza anthu amene akuwakhomerera ndi a malawi osati apm amalawi nsanje nanga bwanji ngati manja mwao muli moyera osabwerako kumudzi bwanji now its almost 16 months akuopa chiyani chilungamo akuchidziwa

  39. levelheaded says:

    Jb you are a big disgrace to this country Malawi. I regret the day Bingu chose you to be the vice president of this country in the name of pushing for gender equality. So while the government and the people of Malawi are working tirelessly to win back donor aid, you are fooling around insinuating that cashgate started in 2005? Does it make sence that you left the corruption which took place from 2005 and put the forensic audit on corruption done in 2013 by your government? You think all of us are fools to swallow your vomit? You can fool those morons who envy the mutharikas. My advice to the government of Malawi and the president of this republic is that, fix this woman and put her to the position where she belong. We can try as much as we can to move this country forward but there is this woman wOman who is pulling on the opposite side. Ndipo sindikudziwa chomwe akupangira zimenezi chifukwa munjira iliyonse joice sangadzalamulirenso dziko lino. Pempho langa kwa a president ndi a mboma one amene mukuwelenga uthengawu, dziwani kuti the biggest enemy we have now for this country is joice banda.

    1. peter says:

      check what JB has stated and if these are not correct against what APM told some donors! You don’t win donor support by using crooked means! You must first be sincere with yourself and then you will be honest with any other person. APM lacks sincerity. We goofed as a nation to put this man on this important position.

  40. Swadick says:

    we all know that one day u will come president again

  41. Think Tank says:

    The battle line has been drawn. We will eventually have a liar exposed as the two will be dishing out it out. This is the begining of battle of truth against propaganda. Her coming is now eagerly awaited.

  42. mmalawi says:

    And then???

  43. Benson T Phiri says:

    l support the sentiment kip pressuring

  44. Truck says:


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