JB snubs Mutharika’s invitation on Independence celebration

Former President Joyce Banda has declined Malawi President Peter Mutharika’s invitation to attend this year’s independence celebration.

Banda (L) and Mutharika

Banda (L) and Mutharika

The country on Monday commemorates 51 years of independence with this year’s main celebration activities taking place at Kamuzu Stadium, Blantyre.

Nyasa Times established that government invited Banda among other high profile politicians to be part of the celebrations to be graced by President Mutharika.

In an interview, Banda’s Personal Aide, Andekuche Chanthunya said they did not receive the invitation.

”We have not received any invitation from government,” said Chanthunya.

Asked if the former president will attend the event despite the absence of the invitation, Chanthunya however refused to comment further, saying ”We will comment more once we get the invitation”.

But Minister of Information and government’s spokesperson, Kondwani Nankhumwa said they sent out the invitation last week.

”The invitation was sent by Tuesday. We have not received any confirmation of attendance but we expect her to be part of the audience as we commemorate our independence,” said Nankhumwa.

The main event at Kamuzu Stadium is expected to feature a football match between Malawi and Uganda.

Mutharika has a fractured relationship with Banda who turned down an “olive  branch” he offered after winning the 2014 disputed elections. Banda did not attend Mutharika’s swearing-in ceremony.

Banda has been outside the country since last year September.

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68 thoughts on “JB snubs Mutharika’s invitation on Independence celebration”

  1. atate says:


  2. Rodgers Banda says:

    Was this not a banquet for DPP comemorating destruction of Malawi?

  3. Jamax says:

    Kaodi mai JB ine ndili ndi funso? kodi kuno ku Malawi mukuthawako chiani??? Ifetu mukutipatsa picture yoti muli nawo mu CASHGATE eti… tikatero tilakwa ngati?

  4. babygirl says:

    Do you see anything to smile about? Malawi is approaching retirement age but nothing to show for it? So its now an offense to not want to celebrate while others still havent been paid? I dont blame her……..

  5. Ameneyo says:

    I did not attend the celebrations. Why is someone not accusing me for being unpatriotic? What is there to celebrate for anyway? Maybe I am missing something

  6. Her decision, I suppose

  7. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Independence celebrations will always remind people about independence, will help renovate some of the buildings, will help educate our children about independence and many more even about how politicians behave on this day. I don’t see any difference from the past regime.

  8. visit says:

    What I know is that opposition political leaders were not invited to the prayers, stadium and banquet and that is why they did not turn up. mCP attended the two former functions thru parliament as speaker and leader of the opposition in parliament.

    It was pathetic to observe that the banquet was dominated by the Cabinet and DPP cadres. Where were captains of the industry, parastatal bossses and no single opposition member?

    Does this reflect the reconciliation with the opposition that Mutharika was blubbing about when he came back from Mozambique?

  9. Uken says:

    Celebrating poverty for 51 yrs, n no hope for the future.

  10. JOZEY IBUKU says:


  11. Curious Cat 30 says:

    Its time Pitala concentrated in improving Malawi than wasting time with an old woman Joyce.Bakili Muluzi is enough since he got healed from back pains after Bingus death.He is always in Pitala’s armpits these days looking for favours his clean shaven son Atupele who is dying to lead Malawi sometime from his tattered inherited Udf party.Musiyeni Muluzi azingoti ndondondo mumapazi apitala kufufuta milandu ya 1.7 billion.Mzimayi winayanso let her enjoy her loot in Zumaland.Musatitopetsepo apa a Malawi ngati zenizeni.

  12. Mkonda Malawi says:

    Firstly there is nothing to celebrate for all the years of poverty in Malawi with no any progress.Joyce Banda can remain in self exile and nobody will miss her apart from her family and her cashgate cronies.Let her enjoy her loot as Malawians are suffering in poverty.Its only Lutepo and Mphwiyo who will miss her.So could you spare us from this crap of Joyce Banda and corrupt Pitala?There is no leadership material in these two people.They are just a drain to the meagre Malawian resources.Musiyeni Joyce azikhala Ku Joni sitikumusowa Ife.Ananena kale kuti alibe nyumba Ku Malawi mwina akuliranso Ku state house.Malawians have moved on.They are not looking back.Whether she was going to be around or not that will not change anything.

  13. Hope mbalaka says:

    Wachita bwino kusabwera JB. Angayambe kutipheranso APM

  14. bela says:

    This calls for a meeting btwen JB and APM to be chaired by PAC.

  15. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Ife kma zimenez za friendly osati za mpikisano ai, simbali yathu

  16. Useless Personally I don’t see the importance of independence. Independence yathandiza chani other than kungobweretsa ma dictator mu Africa omwe they thought that they’re saviours. Useless what can Malawians celebrate for?????

  17. munthu wamkulu says:

    mapwevupwevu basi their move have failed amafuna amuphenso mai wathuyu

  18. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Spare us from this madness Peter Mutharika. JB is not a Malawian leader any more. Do not distract our attention from real issues in Malawi.

  19. Mwanaka says:

    It was Kondwani Nankhumwa who publicly said JB killed Bingu. And do you think JB can attend the celebrations even if she received a card. Think before you talk.
    Bingu died because of heart attack resulting from not listening. The man had turned into a dictator and he could not listen to the cries of the people. God just “come here”

  20. Mulohmwe wa kwa Mendulo says:

    What is so special with the invitation of Her Excellence The former Head of State Dr Joyce Banda????? Zipangani zausiru zanuzo with the Muluzi family

  21. ChildofGod says:

    Though am not a fan of JB but I feel she is better off where she is. Please Madam JB, wisdom is the principal thing. We know you are where you are because of the circumstances here. I do not Think you will be safe here. Your life is at stake. This is all talk. There is hatred, bitterness, anger and envy. Please there are people who love you and you wouldn’t want to leave them untimely. You have a job to do helping alot of people. Think of those things. You are a wife, a mother a granny etc. Please stay there until God tells you to do so. You are not safe here. Continue on your knees. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Everyday is bringing you closer to coming home. May God continue to bless you and favour you everyday of your life. Remain blessed.

  22. Mulohmwe wa kwa Mendulo says:

    Mum do your personal gains asiyeni azisangalala pamene ma Civil Servants akulilira malipiro mpaka pano osalandira!!!!! Mapwevupwevu Govt

  23. Tione says:

    It is JB’s right to accept or refuse an invitation. Ngakhale mwana amakhala ndi nzeru munthu akamutukwana kapena kumumenya kena ndikumamupatsa sweet amadabwa. Mama JB please do not be fooled with this junk of so called professor wakuba mathanyula and this fool Nakhumwa. Iwe Nakhumwa suja umati JB anapha Daniel Phiri pano ndiye ukuti chiyani mfiti iwe? Mayi JB we love you and are praying for you. God will protect you. Whatever evil these people are planning on you should boomerang back to them. Mumva posachedwa. Gertude akhala mbetanso ena amukwatire. Afa nd muvi wachiponyeponye.

  24. malawian says:

    mmalo momu yamika mulungu anthu ali busy nd peter WHO IS PETER?

  25. mike gross says:

    These morron,danderhead,scruplus,stones,senseless gurus will indeed cry for JB’s life but they will cry invain.they don’t know what protection is she under.man’s rejection provokes GOD’s direction.we love you mum.

  26. Kennedy says:

    Better safe than cure, i don’t know why is God punishing malawian today?? Peter and his fellow cabnet are evil. Its all mbendera’s fault that we are sufering today. Lord of mercy, have mercy on us and remove this peter to easy millions of malawian plzzzzzz.

  27. DPP please concentrate on your business JB watani musiyeni mulibe onamizila zikulakeni noka

  28. Kadakwiza says:

    There is nothing to celebrate. For 51 years, many Malawians sleep with an empty stomach. No food, no jobs, no opportunities. There is no reason Malawians should go and spend K300 million while civil servants are struggling to get their salaries.

  29. Roy says:

    Mai watani

  30. poor Nyasaland @ 51….kkk bola tikudya nsima mkugona

  31. Charles says:

    Ebola lemba muchizulu mwina zimveka zomwe ukufuna kukamba

  32. Charles says:

    Choka iwe Agnes ulibe nzeru

  33. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Why is government wasting time on madam Joyce Banda? Just leave her, she pretty well knows that she messed up things in the period she was our leader by default. Guilty consciousness haunts her and believe me she is not comfortable wherever she is.
    She is afraid of her own shadow. Then why waste time on such a person? It is her choice to exile herself and lets respect that choice. If you have no person to invite, then invite the many suffering orphans there in Blantyre to help celebrate the independence.

  34. Chabwanda!! says:

    Mama ba njoyani kunjako kulibe cholongosoka ku Malawi kuno!

  35. chiko says:

    Kanjoyani, ife ogwira ntchito m’boma tili pamaliro osalipidwa.Misozi ikungotsikira mmimba poti chonena tilibe. kusowa olo suga woti tithire kuphala lamgayiwa. Koma dziko lamalawi lafikapodi.

  36. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Government invited Joyce Banda to be harassed by DPP members as they sing their party songs at Kamuzu Stadium.

    Believe me, APM can not shake the hand of JB from what APM had told the nation.APM himself said:

    1. JB fabricated a treason case against APM and he got arrested.
    2. JB sent bogus doctors to kill APM while in detantion at Lumbadzi.And
    DPP hold anniversary celebrations to remind Malawians that APM was
    arrested on wrong charges.
    3. JB tried to stop APM from becoming president by nullifing the elections
    4. Inference;JB is a main player in the cashgate scandal.(Minister of
    information is keeping CCTV, showing JB taking part)

  37. Alex says:

    Fuck DPP and Peter. Tired of you idiots.

  38. Alex says:

    Dziko la Malawi lili mmanja mwa achule anthu adyela. #bringbackourbank

  39. OBSERVER says:


  40. mack says:

    Asabweleko ameneyo

  41. chiko says:

    Amayiwa CHILIPO CHACHIKULU CHOMWE AKUOPA CHOTI AMALAWIFE WE DONT KNOW.Im her fanatic but on this one, Im disappointed. What is the problem just coming to attend the celebratn and fly out again soon thereafter if she feels she cant spend a night here? Otherwise, she must not hide behind lack of invitation.

  42. lyie says:

    You invited a lot what is so special with JB mpaka kuyima pa chulu kulengezesa, pangani zotukula dziko a Tonde inu,mukawuzenso anthu kumeneko why you rushed to sale the bank anthu akadakambilana,leaders will be answerable to God banjoyani padziko pano tikakuonerani kwa mwini zonse

  43. BigMan says:

    “we expect her to be part of the audience” !!!!!!!! Yeah right!

  44. Ozisata says:

    What a former head of state? Jodi mulira mpakana 2019?

  45. sir bentby says:

    mum don’t come, this man we call our President, is evil, ill-breded, he is killing anyone deemed to be his critic, we don’t want you to follow tenthani, or the ACB senior official, we love you mama and we know we are in hell here because of mec we didn’t voted for this man its mec that made him a President.

  46. Jelbin mk says:

    Do you love your country more than your life? What will benefit a man to gain the whole country and lose his own life and leave his own children. JB’s concerns lie on her security now of which we all know is at stake, even if it was me I couldn’t come in my own country if my security is not guaranteed with clear conscience.

  47. munyalika says:

    Thsts the best JB avoidance is the best cure they have tried and are failing little by little by little phwando la mapwevupwevu

  48. mbava says:

    Musatinyase apa ndi nkhani za JB anasankhidwa ndi yani kudziko kuno!!!!! Munthu ogona ngati amene uja amaberedwa bwanji ma vote Ali pampando as she claims???????

  49. agnes wanzeru says:

    Amayi zibwerani muzamukwatire Nankhumwa . He is obssed with you. Bwerani muzangomukwatira mtima wake ukhale pansi mwina angasiye kukamba za inu.

  50. we will still cerebrate the independent day whether her presence or her absence she cant change our freedom she went in self exile who twisted her next time we will say jb is is ploting awar why cant she be away for such along time

  51. Sapitwa says:

    Are you providing security to her here in Amerika? If so then you are wasting resources. She is just another ordinary person here that is not a target for anybody.she is not even in the news.

  52. DPP independance Celebration says:

    Masteni musabwere.
    The Olive branch is Poisonous.

  53. Sapitwa says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Wayitanidwa ndipo wakana so what is the big deal spending time writing this nonses?

  54. nenazako says:

    Where was the invitation sent to if I may ask

  55. Ebola says:

    dis gvt is really failing nothn notable fraction of action is notd how cn dey do a cerebration pole hum dey raise into power a glossly suffering no enough funds in department imagine patients hu voted 4 Dem eatng one poor diet a dy others suffering
    in hospital on queue as de facility is closed due to inadequate funds…………. God hv mercy

  56. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Mukufuna mudzawachite Tin Tin Amayi? Achita bwino osabwera

  57. MPONDA says:

    Good AMAYI. Mwachita bwino kusabwera. Anthu ali ndi kampeni kuphatsa awa. Pompano apha nkulu was ACB. Akufuna kuzakuchitani chimodzimodzi

  58. Che Jakisoni says:

    Ndi zomvetsa chisoni izi. Ndikupempheni aboma kuti musamamuwerengere JB pa zochitika za mdziko mini azikutayitsani nthawi kumayankha zopanda lake. Those in support of her forget that she is invited as a Former President and not JB. She is being uncivilized in her behaviour and it just shows she is still mourning the loss. JB hates Malawians for not voting her into power. She looks at the cows,the orange painted small houses,the everyday travels etc. Whether she attends or not,we will still celebrate. Osachita manyazi atsogoleri a mayiko ena kubwera kudzakhala nafe inu muli phwii dziko la eni. Mukanabwera mudzaone anzanu odzindikira a Chakwera,Mpinganjira,Msowoya,Kgumbo Kachali,Bakili akukhala nawo pa mwambowu. Musadzabwerenso kuno kumudzi mudzikhala moyendamo

  59. not serious. says:

    Smelling a rat in this invitation .Shame!

  60. captain says:

    Amai abwela bwanji anthuwa Ali ndi kampeni kumphasa. Ngati anatiuza kuti akufuna tikambilane za bank mmawa mwake nkugulitsa even ma MP Ali mu parliament nkumamva kuti Ku capital hill kuli handover ceremony ya bank ndiye ungawakhulupilire amenewa. Zonsezi ndi Bakili akumuuza pansi pansi

  61. hisbolla says:


  62. Obey GOD says:

    Petala ndi chitsiru chotheratu bwanji akulimbana ndi Joyce anakudyera zambiri zako eti chili chonse eeee Joyce moti aziganiza zoyendesa ziko ali busy kumalimbana ndi Joyce. Munthu wa mwamuna ngati ameneyo kumakhala busy ndi kulimbana ndi mzimayi si kupepelaku kwa chi Pitala chitsiru chimenechi ine chandikwana bwanji. Moti azipanga ma plan kuti ma civil servant alandire malipiro awo iye ali busy kulimbana ndi Joyce, Iweso Nankhumwa ndiwe opusa kwa basi fwefwefwefwe Joyce osamamuthandiza pitala kuti mulipire athu ogwira ntchito m,boma kumalimbana ndi Joyce iwe nde Nkhumba Nkhumba.

  63. martin says:

    Koma apa nde mwaonetsa kudzikonda amayi, ametero dziko lokhala lanu kumeneko ndikwanu, nde musazabwerensotu kuno muzikhala komko

  64. teps says:

    oky tamva nawo

  65. Dwambazi says:

    Somebody needs to be the grown up in this relationship. Both JB and Mathanyula are acting like two immature high school kids that need serious parenting………..this is getting really really old. Malawians are really getting sick and tired of this pettiness, we have serious issues to deal with. Right now we don’t even know when we will get paid, people are dying of hunger, health care and school systems are in shambles, we have unrealiable water and electricity supply etc, etc. and you two are bickering about an invitation….. Really??? Give us a break!!!!

  66. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkk JB

  67. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Amai love ur country at least you would hasve attended the event nanga invitation a boma anakakupasilani kuti munthu and few officers and ur hubby you are all over the world doing nothing apa boma tried its best and cant be blamed

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