JBFI scholarship awardees in Malawi advised to work hard, avoid HIV

Polytechnic students who are studying under the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI)multi-million Kwacha Edith Mtila Scholarship programme have expressed gratitude to former President and JBFI Founder, Joyce Banda, for giving them a chance to access higher education.

Poly students on JBFI scholarship

Poly students on JBFI scholarship

Students in class

Students in class

Gravious Winteram

Gravious Winteram

The students were speaking when JBFI officials paid them a visit at the campus for some inspirational talk; to give them words of encouragement and to assure them of their continued support through the scholarships.

“We would like to thank the JBFI for sending representatives to us, Poly students under the scholarship. We are very happy to hear that JBFI is committed to continue paying our tuition fees even if it is raised,” said GraviousWinteram, one of the beneficiaries who spoke on behalf of the students.

The students told the officials that JBFI’s words of encouragement would not go to waste and promised to work extra harder in their studies and excel in what they are doing.

Said Winteram: “We would also like to thank you for your commitment to support our various academic projects. Among us, there are amazing projects that if supported, they would significantly change the economic status of Malawi as well as the lives of many people in Malawi and beyond.

He, however, said the students still face some challenges such inadequate stationery, the common problem among university students in Malawi.

“We (the sponsored students) are not given stationery allowance like our friends not on sponsorship because we believe the university thinks our scholarship caters for stationery as well. We therefore request JBF to assist us in this regard,” he said.

The students also requested JBFI assistance in arranging for internship programmes.

“Another issue that we would like JBFI to assist us is the issue to do with internships. When we close school, we stay at home for a long time and this we feel is a waste of time as we can be productive in our respective sectors of specialty,” he said, adding that they are more than ready to work with JBFI in its various programmes.

A JBFI official who spoke at the meeting, Madalitso Banda said it was an honour for the organization to be associated with these students through the Edith Mtila scholarship programme.

“The Founder Dr. Joyce Banda has always been associated with helping others. She has always felt duty-bound to facilitate education for many students because she is aware that it is only an educated nation that can develop faster,” Banda said, adding that it because of Dr. Joyce Banda’s endless efforts to assist the underprivileged that she has earned international recognition.

Banda said most of the Poly students on the JBFI programme could have no opportunity to get higher education and achieve their full life potential.

“We feel honoured to have played this amiable part,” he mused, encouraging the students to conduct themselves exemplarily and avoid indulging in immoral behaviour.

“HIV/Aids is real; avoid catching the virus that has caused a lot misery to our nation. These scholarships would be useless if awardees die before reaping the fruits of our initiative,” he said.

“We would also like to assure the students and the nation that this scholarshipprogramme is here to stay and that more students are bound to benefit,” he said, adding that JBFI would look into the issues of stationery allowance and internship programmes as requested by the students.

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31 thoughts on “JBFI scholarship awardees in Malawi advised to work hard, avoid HIV”

  1. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Well done JB thats the way to go

  2. Magede wampasa mimba Getu says:

    In JB we have a selfless woman. One who puts interests of her people first, born a fighter and humble lady. May God continue giving you long life so that Malawians can wake up from their slumber and realise that you are the only one fit to take malawi out of abyss we are in. Viva JB Viva.

  3. Prudence wa Magede says:

    Joyce Banda has no match as far as human heart is concerned. She is npt doing this for politics otherwise she could ave abandoned the thousands of students she has been supporting in various schools. Im lost for words on how best i can describe you madam president. You are simply marvellous. Bravo JB….

  4. Magede si Wandale says:

    Na pokhapo amai ndimakutailani mtengo mulibe mzanu. Bravo JB.

  5. Mercedes says:

    Whilst the Peter Mutharika administration is busy stealing, JB is busy helping the poor. That’s why God keeps blessing mama JB

  6. Nachisale says:

    It’s good to encourage the youth of today to work hard in class. That’s the only way they can have a good future. Joyce Banda is the only Presidant Malawi has had with people’s warefare at heart. We miss you mama JB, may the good lord keep blessing you

  7. Voxy says:

    Pa Malawi pano takhala ndi ma President osiyana, palibe amene amaonetsa mtima wa chifundo ngati Joyce Banda, indeed she is a leader. Hate her at your own peril

  8. Carina says:

    That’s what Malawians what to hear, we need leaders like JB. Bravo mama were behing you

  9. Biti Foloko says:

    Koma zimakhala Ku Mulakho zija Aids ingathe?

  10. Palibe Anzeru says:

    JB sanamange ndalama kudimba Ngati Bingu kkkkkkkkk College ku Thyolo?….kuseli Kwa nyumba yako?

  11. Tangokumana says:

    Iwe Getu ukuona izi?…..iwe uyamba liti?….ma kiss basi!

  12. Chetepa Ali says:

    JB anayamba kale kuthandiza Osati mbava ilipo leroyi

  13. Benz says:

    May the Good lord keep blesssing mama JB

  14. sabiti says:

    Whatever we do, if we dont do anything to ease the life of the poor then we are totally doining nothing. Bravo JB

  15. ujeni says:

    Is that a classroom at Polytechnic a University? My gosh it is so shabby, look at the desks, like primary school ones.

  16. Mmalawi says:

    JB alibe nzake, osati zinazi kufuna kulemela mpaka kusiya kuphunzitsa hehehehehehe!

  17. mboba says:

    Winteram waku DRC?

  18. Geoma says:

    Thats being kind the former President, if you have its ggod to share to those who do not have not taking the little we they have. Blessed the jand that gives

  19. Kwiksy says:

    The purpose of life is to help others,if you cant try atleast not to hurt them……God bless JB!

  20. zilimmalunje says:

    Amayi awa alibe nzawo

  21. Okay says:

    Anyamata a kwa che Mtogolo, kwa malemia ku Zomba awa (zocheza). Koma tsono vuto ndiloti amanuwo athawatu. Tsono akadzanjatidwa za cashgate, monga mmene Katengeza akunenera ndi Kalonga, zizatha bwa? Long term solutions need long term plans. Otherwise, calling it a spade is a spade, maphunziro ndi ofunika. Anyamata ndi msikana limbikirani maphunziro bola inu mupindulepo, za cashgatezo ndi zake.

  22. Euthini kambavi polisi says says:

    Bravo JB but come back home we miss you Dear Mum. you are a giver since time in memorial.

  23. opportunist says:

    JB 4 life

  24. Patriot says:

    Nde muone mene atanyozere Nankhumwa, ngati kuti beam ndi kanthu.Mzinda wa Lilongwe udakali wa uve ati beam chqni chani, za zi.
    Bungwe koma limenelo. Linayamba 1984 mpaka pano.

  25. manjolow says:

    actually 12 boys : 1 girl – shaaaa

  26. manjolow says:

    Why ratio of 10 boys : 1 girl in this JBFI program???? Musovenge- where are our girls that she sings her songs for wherever she is going? She comes back – she sees that the boys are the ones who can carry machetes during campaigns – fokofo

  27. apao says:


  28. Mapwiya says:

    Gravious winteram are you Malawian?

    1. Ine says:

      What makes one Malawian?

  29. moya says:

    God blesses the hand that gives.

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