Jenda-Edingeni road completition to delay – Minister

Government has confirmed that construction works of the long awaited Jenda-Edingeni road will not be completed by June this year as planned due to some technical challenges.

Kasaira: Delay

Kasaira: Delay

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday, Minister of Transport, Roads Infrastructure and Public Works, Francis Kasaila said shortage of resources and proper mobilization between the government and the contractor had hampered the project.

“At first we did not have equipment in time and later we noticed some issues to do with the design of the road  plus shortage of  resources to give to the contractor thus in 2013 and it took us time to negotiate with the contractor,” Kasaila said.

“What is happening right now is that we are still having some negotiations with the contractor, when we are done we will come back to Malawians and tell them the exact time when they should expect the construction of the road to be completed, that will be very soon and I can assure the general public on that one,” he added.

Commenting on the progress of the Lumbadzi-Chezi road in Lilongwe which commenced in 2013 and was supposed to be completed by 2014 December, Kasaila said the project was stopped due to financial problems.

“The Lumbadzi-Chezi road could have been finished by now but it also succumbed to financial challenges hence its zero progression. Right now the government is trying to negotiate with the contractor so that the work on this road should recommence and we are assured that this will be done,” said the minister.

The Jenda –Edingeni road commenced on 16th December 2013 the contractor is China Rail Number 5 Group while Lumbadzi –Chezi road is being constructed by Silicone.

Roads infrastructure development is among the top priorities of the DPP government and among other roads under construction apart from Jenda-Edingeni road and Lumbadzi-Chezi road are, Zomba-Jali –Migowi road and Nkhoma-Kamphata roa

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24 thoughts on “Jenda-Edingeni road completition to delay – Minister”

  1. Malindima says:

    The problem is that one of the main reasons used is the number of vehicles that use a given road to be constructed. Where there are too many vehicles, priority goes to those roads. That’s why some of these projects are stalling.

  2. mbuli ya ku south and central says:

    The roads in Malawi are pathetic. I was in Malawi for Xmas and the amount of pot holes and bad roads e.g. Lake shore Rd is too much. From UDF, DPP and PP all useless people. It was embarrassing taking my zambian wife around malawi and see the so called devolpment. I left malawi under MCP and we have gone backwards. The so called shopping mall is pathetic not to mention toilets in lilongwe OMG.

    1. Malindima says:

      Which part of Africa do you stay? If in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania then the potholes you encountered are right there and not in Malawi only. I have lived in these countries and if you go in townships and other remote areas, it is frustrating to drive through the potholes. I can’t waste my time being detailed but since you claim to have married a Zambian woman, there is nothing strange because her country’s roads are even worse with potholes.

  3. ujeni says:

    All these roads, if there end point was Thyolo or Mozambique, money would have been allocated and available but being a country ran by mitu bii Mozambicans, excuses after excuse until 50 years will pass in this small country

  4. Just a question? says:

    Numbers 1 and 2, is Lumbadzi=Chezi road in the North?

  5. Kenn says:

    Kaya, misewu yoyamba nthawi ya kampeni imavuta kumalimadzitsa.

  6. davido says:

    There is no issue of tribalism here,people you must understand the main cause before you say anything . pali misewu yambiri inayambika kalekale koma sinamalizidwe.

  7. Bristol says:

    I would like to thank the Minister of Transport & Public Works for the feedback. I know him an honest man. Please, continue to give feedback to the people of Malawi so that we know any progress on roads construction happening in this country.

    I write to ask my fellow Malawians that we should desist to look at issues from regional point of view – United we should as a nation to enjoy the fruits of development.

  8. KING SOLOMON says:


  9. diesel says:

    There is no business at edingeni please concentrate on other roads and not pleasing the mbelwa regime

  10. Kapenandiye says:

    Tribalism? No!!! I think u don’t follow issues, Zomba Jali Phalombe Chitakale Road, chiringa chiradzulu road, thyolo thekerani nsanje road just to mention a few are all iin the south come and visit them to see if there is any progress. All these have stalled for some time now but we don’t make noise as u do up there. What i undrestand now is that northerners are more tribalistic than any region.

  11. faines says:

    And while the Chingale to nowhere road is fully financed. What economic activity happens in the Chingale area to warrant paved road? The Ekwendeni-Engucwini-Kamwe and beyond contributes about 5 percent of the tobacco sold in Malawi but it’s never even talked or doesn’t exist at all in the plans….sorry ass govt.

  12. dumerang mfwetu says:

    Koma ukankhala waku Thyolo bwenzi utatha, zachamba basi yaaaaaa


  14. duduzi says:

    My Fellow Nortjherners, Please understand that these people will never come close to addressing our priorities no matter what, therefore, it is high time we need to organise ourselves and create space for ourselves any cost. They are just playing with us as if we are blind….we can see what is and has been happening even on the little and scarce projects that trickles down to our motherland. Their time is over, we need autonomy and self rule atleast a federal state and nothing else. We can not keep on being sidelined and believing they will change their attitude towards us and our land. They are living on borrowed time. We need to make administrative and developmental decisions ourselves because we understand what our people and ourselves want. We have the vision of how we want our areas to look like and we can not accept some unknown people make decisions for us because they do not know our people and us as a region. Get this, the dpp gvt, we do not want you to delay the development of our land……you have killed our grandpas for the passed 50yearsin trying to suppress their great minds..we know that. We remember the following for falling in your hands; Orton Chirwa, Dunduzu Chisiza, Chihana etc but time has come for their souls to smile. You wiped our forest, Chikangawa and now you have sent your people to produce charcoal so that our ‘republic’ should become as bare as your two regions due to overpopulation. You are surprised with the floods!!!!! Go to school again if you tried to go to one…..You keep on teaching your children how to bear more children in initiation camps instead of sending them to school and eventually blame Northerners for your problems that come through overpopulation. You introduce quota to kill more Northerners through poor educational standards or opportunity denial and believe you are improving the nation…to HELL with you! We will answer your provocation one day and you will regret it. We can not keep on living like this for the other 50years….and you keep on lying to us that you are developing our areas yet we taught you to go to school….VYALEMA NASE SONO….MUKAPHALE KWA WISEMWE FARAO….amanye kuti ma ‘Malawian Jews’ akuti atopa akufuna kubwelera kwawo ku Canaan(Northern Region) ndipo muwalore ngati simuwalora FLOODS will continue and some more calamities will emerge because of our ancestors spirits ….they are angry….VYALEMA CHOMENE NKHANIRA KUPONDELEZEDWA!!!!!

  15. Agalu Pa Mpando[APM] says:

    Tribalism at its best.

  16. Peter says:

    This Government and halting projects.

  17. Wafedulo says:

    Fotseki zikanakhala zakwanu bwenzi mutamali. Agalu achabechabe.

  18. ganimunthu says:

    You are a liar and we will expose you.

  19. Namalila says:

    Can someone enlighten me, did the contractor move in on the site and start the Jenda- Edingeni road?
    The road is quite bad during rainy season.

  20. GOODALL GONDWE STILL CLINGING TO PEOPLE THAT REJECT YOU. PP started it but dpp will divert the resources if not still them.

  21. Kadakwiza says:

    Developments done in the north always are used as campaign tools. Developments done in the north always are not first priorities. Nothing has started in the north. Northern region will always be last. Nobody knows but the government. So I think secession is the option for the north when comes to development.

  22. Aidgate says:

    This just validates the importance of federalism.

  23. cisse says:

    The fact of the matter is that tribalism makes all roads in the North low priority

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