Jesus of Bethlehem’s humble life

God chose Bethlehem a town that completely had nothing to be the birth place of His only begotten Son Jesus. Micah 5:2 foretold about Bethlehem that though being little among the thousands of Judah, the Lord Jesus was to be born there.Jesus ch

Bethlehem means the house of Bread and this is why Jesus referred to Himself as the Bread of Life. Bread is one of life’s most common things to be accessible to everyone any time, and it is also the same with Jesus, the Bread of life who has to be available and accessible to everyone all the time.

Christmas has been celebrated by many people as the day that Jesus Christ was born. The truth is that Jesus was not born on 25th December which does not matter or bother us because what is important is that the Bread of Life was still born and without Him being born the redemption plan would not have been completed.

As we are celebrating Christmas, we should remember that we should accept or receive this greatest gift that was given to us freely. The gifts that we receive during the festive season should be symbolic to the greatest gift that was given to us by God and therefore should make us want to search our hearts if Jesus Christ is real in us.

If you notice, for the most part that Jesus Christ spent on this earth; He was rejected by the people, starting from then people from His Home town who referred to Him as the carpenter’s son and others stated that nothing good could come out of Bethlehem.

Despite being rejected, he still continued that God sent Him to do in the world until the day that he left. It is the same even now that the true people who are saving God, or preaching the true word of God are despised or hated by the world which has allowed the enemy to invade the church with prosperity and encouragement teaching messages that are pleasing to most people.

Some preachers if you get a chance to just let them pour there heart to you, they will tell you that they just have to preach prosperity messages to get the clouds. Some people are looking for prophesies that they are willing to pay a lot of money. Jesus said many will come in His name but not all are sent by God.

The real true preachers are despised and are very few, but because they are so humble and despised, the people are not able to recognize them just like it was with Jesus because of His humble beginnings of Bethlehem.

So as we are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us work on our relationship and pray to God that we should be more like Him. The Bible tells us that; “and you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free”. This tells us that we should be people who are looking for the real word of God, which can only come in our life because of getting close to God by spending quality time with Him.

We may be despised because we are not of the world, but we should know that Jesus also was not accepted, but our focus should be the word of God which is the bread that we need every day and God will start revealing Himself to us.

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Masozi Mwenifumbo
Br/Sr Cindy, Grace, mercies, love & peace of the FATHER, Son, and HOLY Spirit be multiplied to you and to all mankind. Thanks for your article. I just would like to comment like others have done already and advise against some idolatrous material you erroneously added to your otherwise good article. You see, Yahweh God Almighty said in Deuteronomy 4:15-19 He did not appear to Israel in any form when giving His Law to them at MOUNT Horeb lest they make any image/similitude/picture/likeness of any figure, male or female, fowl, fish, through corrupting themselves. He further forewarned us of these… Read more »
Aaron brown nyasulu



I can’t believe that all Wokwiya can see from this is the image. What will the image do to you?




@Gile, save me from what? Im just warning you against being brainwashed. Read more than just the Bible. And use your reasoning power to discern fact from fiction


@wokwiya the image will not save anyone and has completely nothing with the message. If you want to read the word of God, please do so, otherwise shut your big mouth and let those of us who want to hear the word do so.

Great article, thanks Cindy! I have always thought and believed that Jesus was from Nazareth but, born in Bethrehem after his parents (from Nazareth but of the tribe of Judah) went for census. They took baby Jesus back home (Nazareth) after birth. Yesu wa Ku Nazareth was what he was portrayed by the soldiers during his crucifixion. I have also known and believe that Bethrehem (Beit Lehame or Lahame is Arabic which translates to House -Beit and Animals – Lehame/Lahame. Bethrehem (house of animals) is where the shepherds were with their heads of animals (about 3 miles away from where… Read more »

Amen. This is very inspiring. Am blessed.


Why are you still using this wrong picture of Jesus Christ? Jesus was a Jew, not a Caucasian man as depicted here. Can you google the right picture simulated by experts?



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