Journalists snub ACB transport refunds:  Demand better treatment

Lilongwe based journalists on Friday opted not to receive any transport refunds from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which had courted them to a workshop in Salima.

Egritta Ndala: No comment

Egritta Ndala: No comment

The journalists, invited through a member of the Bwaila Media Club (BMC) to the ACB workshop on Operations, refused to pocket K1,600 to Salima for minibus and K400 bicycle taxi (kabaza) from Kamuzu Road to Lakeside Hotel.

They however received K34,000 for the two nights out.

One journalist said ACB through the contact asked for valid receipts to be used for transport refunds. He wondered how Kabanza operators would issue such a receipt.

“I think it is more of how most institutions underrate journalists than other professions. Would they do the same to lawyers and doctors? It’s about time we lived up and are treated to our billing,” he said. He said others had used their personal  vehicles and it was an insult to be refunded such a figure.

The Journalists Union of Malawi (Juma) responding to a Nyasa Times interview on the matter said it is pathetic that not even a bus was arranged to take the participants from Salima boma to Lakeside Hotel.

“We are talking of safety here. Riding kabanza such a long distance has a lot of risks. We know how busy and also narrow that road can be, sharing kabanza and cars. Also how was the invitation made? It should have been official letters describing e everything about the workshop including logistics.

“In our view, however, ACB should have cleared indicated this and it was up to employers to come in and ensure the travelling safety of their staff. ACB should also learn to respect the profession. What quality of coverage would they expect from frustrated journalists?

“Institutions must recognise the great contributions journalists make to the country’s development. Risking their lives cannot be condoned. They deserve better. Journalists must not be abused in any way within and outside their duty stations,” said M’theto Lungu, president of Juma.

Juma promotes better work rights of journalists and safety and work hazards is one of the areas of its interest.

ACB public relations officer Egritta Ndala could not be reached for comment.

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22 thoughts on “Journalists snub ACB transport refunds:  Demand better treatment”

  1. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Hahaha! What is journalism? No writer I know put journalism as his/her maybe be third choice. In fact these scribes chose to be writers after failing to be picked on their first three choices!

    Useless characters!

  2. Beatrice Chikaphonya says:

    matama basi why didnt you arrange before going to salima, mxxiii timakutengani kukulipilan koma nkhani osakalembanso mumanena mwano mumvekere palibe news apa

  3. Chilungamo says:

    Ma journalist mukusowa chilungamo. You are very greedy and selfish. I am a living example. You need to be professional. You can not write good english. Mispelling. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BRINGING CONFUSION IN MALAWI. Go get another job. Thumbs up ACB. journalists remember TO CUT COST? KKKKKKKK Think before you speak.

  4. Mirella K says:


  5. Myao says:

    Agreeing with drodo,atombolombowa kubwebwetuka zilizonse, with internet their proffession is now compromised,very much saturated and with lack of creativity hiiiiii ma newspaper tikungogulira ma advert ndi amtchona cartoon bazi. Ma journal munaba ndalama za Super league awards kagwereni uko.

  6. Pochi says:

    Why didn’t you refuse to recieve that K34,000 again? Very shameful and thats sign of poverty to you journal.

  7. Chilungamo says:

    Mukulira chiani suja mumachita matama kumabweza ndalama ku sanjika.Course yopita aliyense ngakhale osaka mbewa

  8. khal drogo says:

    kungoti nobody respects journalist because of your lack of professionalism. the article alone shows how money-hungry you are. you mean 34 grand still wasn’t enough?

    another thing, every timve and tsala is a journo nowadays which means the profession is flooded. and lastly, the disrespect of your profession starts with your own bosses. they should have organised your transport and allowances to and fro.

    your job is to report what you see and hear then sell it to the public. the best reports get the most readers therefore the most sales. ma reporter a bbc, cnn ndi sky pano ali pakati pa mabomba ndi zipolopolo ku syria uko. atha kuwapanga behead any time koma inu mukuwinya za 1 pin. kkkkkkk!

  9. Zitsiru says:

    Yassin Mtecha ukunamatu iwe ndiye ukutukwana ndani?

  10. Mtolankhani says:

    Kodi mtolankhani angafanane ndi dotolo ,nurse kapena lawyer?hehehe

  11. Zitsiru says:

    kkkk Tazioneni ziatombolombo. Mupite ku xool kuti muzipatsidwa heafty package. Imagine kunyanyala transport refund bwanji osakana allowance. Agalu inu! Mesa u are bizy xooling the public about un wise expenditure of the gvt. Machende anu ndithu nyero zamanu. Viva ACB..asaname awa ndi omwewa magavanala a MCP who are bizy…. attacking gvt inthe name of freedom of expression… machende anu ndithu.. nyero za achanganganu

  12. Advisory Committee says:

    ACB is senseless useless clueless thoughtless inhumane inconsiderate

  13. Tad ax says:

    Learn to dress well journalists to gain respect. Mmavala as if you never went to school

  14. gringo says:

    ma journo amazifoilira ,amaziwona ngati untouchable za zii

  15. namarokoro says:

    Journalism yake itinso apa makape inu. Ndipo kabanza anakulemekezani. U shud ‘ve walked. Who do u think u are???

  16. Mjomba Wangalusa says:

    hahaha need a receipt for Kabanza is the same as looking for an official issued receipt from a prostitute.

    Malawi Is still using old way of making things, how can a big institution like ACB fail to prepare a good welfare of their guests?

    Does they have a safety Officer? who is the human resource manager there?

  17. Hahahaha! Atolankhani, who do u think u are? Alwez want to make headlines! Last time our Professor gave u fat envelopes u were all over saying this en dat, others lying dat they have donated the money to CBOs, lero mwalandira za size yanu mukunyanyalanso. Hehehehe!

  18. kwacha says:

    Hehehe! After that they troll the president for taking a private jet instead of a commercial airliner. Size yanu ndi imeneyo basi. Why is Kabanza there? Its because of YOU!

  19. Mayena ngozo says:

    Biased reporting vuto lanu. Pali profession where do u work ngati mukuopsyeza kuti how can we report. Dont you receive salary

  20. Mbuya says:

    U shld hv asked be4 musanapite ve mode of tpt? kususuka ndi khophidi

  21. mbewe says:

    Kudzikonda, kudzimva kwambiri you journalists. What do you do apart from confusing people. ACB its an organisation thas has to be exemplarly in dealings. They were right by demanding gunurne reciept . You dont understand that Kabaza is booming busness and its your respobsibility to sensetise kabazas the need for having these reciepts. Does it require workshop to be sensetised. Why you people want to create your own world of immunity despite writing trash. Accept that you have learned something that youre short of recognising importance and existence kabaza business. That why you give half baked information kuzolowera tippong basi. kusavuka mabwana inu.
    If ypu fail to undeestand this can yoy really articulate issues without biase. I beg to differ with what these self acclaimed elites have done.

  22. Kenkkk says:

    Very shameful and embarrassing. 109% behind journalists complaint.

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