Joyce Banda a concluded chapter – Malawi newspaper ‘Raw Stuff’ columnist

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, our elders say that mphini yobwerezabwereza ndiimene imawala; basically meaning that ‘wise’ sayings repeated often stand out and stick in the people’s minds, and, we add, give better direction to one’s life.

This is what we want to attempt today; of course, by not posing as wise soothsayers or sages of our times, but just as ordinary folks who believe in the mphini wisdom of our elders.

A case in point is that of Acheemwa JB. It seems dust is refusing to settle down in Capital Hill and at other political podiums, where the embattled former head of State keeps being the centre of focus and unwarranted vilification by some esteemed folks.

Yet, as we said last time, Acheemwa JB, whom we all showed the exit door from State House a few months ago, should not be our major preoccupation at all. We all have something more serious to do or think about so that our economy and families start to tick again than being twisted towards a fellow citizen who is just going about her life.

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, last time we argued that this country has a myriad of issues to attend to; for example, to fast conclude the Cashgate issues that are heavily weighing on our necks; to curb the rising crime in our midst; to put some steam into our weak and shackled public service delivery system—one that seems being in the ICU of the international and local arena; to engage in gainful talk and activities so that we arrest the growing unemployment engulfing our school and college leavers; to do something serious about the HIV and Aids spread; and, not the least, to help the authorities to block the threat of Ebola  scourge, which is real and most likely on our doorsteps.

We also talked about the uphill task of the just-passed zero-aid national budge—that we must all reckon with this financial year amid many other challenges. The new-look budget (though doable on paper) somehow rekindles the depressing memories and turmoil as well as challenges that the zero-deficit budget that the late Professor Moya bequeathed us not long ago.

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, we also said Capital Hill and all its functionaries ought to be seriously rendering an ear to the multiple voices that are coming from across the Republic regarding issues of under- or skewed national development; federalism; secession or all material in that paradigm; the pestilence of alarming poverty levels among us, over 50 years down the independence lane.

Former Malawi leader Joyce Banda

Former Malawi leader Joyce Banda

But to have our attention and efforts diverted or glued to the JB personal travels and constitutional freedoms, it all seems surprising and a big let-down to most of us who would like to contribute in rebuilding this country through the new lean team in town.

That is why, we repeat, let us leave JB alone: if she chooses to ‘cartoon’ herself or shadow the President’s engagements here or abroad, so be it; as long as she does not do so using our hard-earned taxes.

She is, after all, a free citizen under the Constitution that we all fought hard for and cherish so dearly.

Again, as our elders often say, when you indulge in a bout of foul-mouthing with a foul-mouthed person, onlookers cannot distinguish who between you two is the cleaner-mouthed fellow—or something like that.

And in West African literature, somebody put this in the following terms and imagery: ‘A good, upright fly followed a dead body to the grave!’

We, therefore, repeat, JB is a finished chapter in our current national reconstruction endeavours.  She has her life to lead and ours, as a nation, to rebuild.

Of course, if she still is a force to reckon with, we will make that decision in the next election.

But for the time being, we need to build Mother Malawi with the wise, visionary words found in our national anthem, so that we are free from fear, hunger, disease and envy—as we chart the best course for this country.

In fact, one Atcheya the other day said something like: Kodi JB amayenda m’makomo mwa achamanu? A line that was repeated by one VP the other time, drawing mixed reaction: unnecessary wrath from some quarters and applause from others…as our lives went on.

  • The article appeared in Weekend Nation newspaper under ‘Raw Stuff’ column.
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29 thoughts on “Joyce Banda a concluded chapter – Malawi newspaper ‘Raw Stuff’ columnist”

  1. ZinaUkaona says:

    Kodi International Figure eti?? Nde nkhani njiti pamenepo _ Kukwera Ndege, kukumana nda Zungu kapena chani???

  2. hahaha malawi fuko langa lets move forward leave jb alone her time is over, now is ur time

  3. newton banda says:

    i repeat kodi JB amanyenda mumakomo achamanu?

  4. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  5. Colo says:

    Interational figure on cashgate ayione wat kind of awoman ws she kumangodya wekha moti ugaire anthu ena iphani chilombo

  6. Franklin says:

    I’m not a Malawian citizen. The people of Malawi have sold themselves into perpetual slavery by killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Joyce Banda’s glory will ironically rise more amidst the political game against her.

  7. Weniweni says:

    JB ndi dilu basi, we love you mama. You are an International figure

  8. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    Many Malawians have been left in suspense insofar as the corruption and fraud issues are concerned. Politicians used these issues more as a bait to win votes rather than as a serious national tragedy which has a far reaching economic consequencies. Finger pointing and negative reporting will cease only when the genesis and those involved in these corruption and fraud incidences( be it Mk20 billion, Mk92 billion etc) are exposed by a body that is considered neutral by the majority of Malawians. Putting a lid on the boiling pot is not the best long term solution.

  9. kamowa says:

    Kaliyati akumva phain heavy…

  10. that’s type of politics we practice in malawi, i don’t if we are to wake up. Always hate remarks. If the sitting government castigate the previous regime and its officials just know that lilibe or latha ma plan.

  11. jessy mtila banda says:

    is correcting her wrong doings diverting efforts and attention. who told you that the mair saying that she cobtradicting the president consititute to diverting efforts and attention? its not true she just derserve to be called what she is


    That is JB PHOBIA. Why fear a woman who is free citizen. Cashgate anayamba Malemu Mbava Bingu wakuba Mutharika 92 billion imene pano Mbava Pita Wakuba Mutharika akupitiriza. JB ndi Mayi wa dziko pamene Pitala ndi Tate wa a Lomwe okha odya njoka ma refugee a njala ochokera ku Mozambique 1914 apa

  13. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Hehede marketing jb? Ndiye malozatu. Ameneuja tinathana naye basi oyenda ngati bakha uja anatero a sidik mia nthawi inayake.
    Zingavute zingatani jb sazauwonanso upresident ai ananyanya mwano, kuba, kulalata, kunyoza anthu akumwera ndi kunyoza maliro a bingu. Ife sitingaiwale anapanga zija, so tinathana basi.

    1. Malawianmom says:


  14. Philosopher says:

    DPP is a bunch of dunderheads

  15. Mmaso Motuwamo says:

    Author, Perhaps-mlembi,mphele za pusi- Leave Joyce Banda alone-Musiye Joyce Banda-She has done tremendous job in the Government of Malawi-Mai Joyce Banda agwira ntchito yotamandika-Men were hiding behind Cash Gate Curtain-Azibambo amakhalira Katangale wa Cash Gate ku Ofesi ya zachuma cha Malawi ku Lilongwe-It took a brave leader like Joyce Banda to reveal to Malawi Nation that there is Cash Gate at Capital Hill-Zinatengera kulimba mtima kwa Mai Joyce Banda kuyima poyera pa mbaranganda kuwulura ku mtundu wa amalawi kuti kuli akapuchi ku ofesi ya zachuma ya Boma Ku Lilongwe amene aluteketa chuma cha Boma…

    Mai Joyce Banda lemekezekani ndi Ulemu wanu polamulira dziko la Malawi-Kulamulira Dziko la Malawi sitchimo koma ndi chikondi cha Mulungu Namalenga…

    Mulungu naye malengalenga anthuni, kulenga anthu ena wobera chisankho monga awa a DPP,wosolola Chuma cha Boma mothandizana ndi Mulli Brothers Limited,ena akukamwa wotukwana,wosanena za nzeru,komanso analenga anthu ena omangosokosera ngati mbalame,chimene alunena osadziwika,Ena anzeru monga mai Joyce Banda wolera mtundu wa amalawi…

  16. mphevu says:

    a prophet has no honour in his country. JB is despised in Malawi but highly honored internationally. She has telephone numbers of many international political leaders and distinguished people ready and willing to assist her with her Foundation. Malawi needs her more than she does.

    Stop hatred of JB and start exploring ways of using her for the benefit of the country.

  17. Boza says:

    Joyce Banda a concluded chapter lero? What about her two years she did nothing but castgating the dead Bingu? Lero ndiye muziti leave her alone? Ufiti chani? As long as she is unclean, she will sit in the ditch she dug herself!

  18. baby says:

    Asiyeni abiti mtila alibe ntchito awa. Namalira wa mkulu.

  19. BLINDED says:

    If u write about her she is still a DEAL…………….DEAL or no DEAL she is a DEAL

  20. drogba says:

    you have proved to be a plastic headed homo sapien Mr/Mrs dadaboma or whatever you call the creature inside you. this article does not mean that your jb whatever is finished politically as you insinuate here in your comment. the writer is saying that joisi Banda is no longer in government now, she is no longer president of this country and as such, this govt shouldn’t waste its precious time and resources on her travels and any business. what the article is trying to say is that this govt should now let her do whatever she wants to do as any ordinary citizen does, including traveling freely, without unnecessarily following her.
    on the other note, as a country in general, I think we need investments more than a 400million kwacha donation. joisi Banda got this 400million kwacha in the USA coz she did what she knows best there, begging(kupemphesa kwa azungu) from azungu. even during her time, she used to boast about the “money” the whites had given her every trip she visited their land. although I am not saying that all the business investments that this APM talked about will come to Malawi, I strongly advocate that as a country, we need business investments more than monetary donations to individuals. it is these investments that will help us to become independent economically. to me, this APM thing did something wiser in begging for hooks that we will use to catch our own fish one day, not begging the already hooked fish. so get your points straight mr/mrs dadaboma

  21. EBOLA says:

    JB is & was good person who increased our salaries even when donor locked their ATMS. Peter give us salaries not ma change. Leave JB alone an honourable woman who did not divide this country but kept it in one piece. We will welcome her in our Nyika Republib. Don’t mention cashgate since Peter is also a big thief anabera limodzi ndi Bingu MHC HOUSES. Shupiti!

  22. Nyika says:

    I have never commented on articles related to APM for the single reason that the man speaks to himself…I do not get anything from the wild, disorganized noise he calls talking….His wife must be having a tough time kungokhalira, ha? mwati chani? sindinamve kena kalikose? come again? pardon! excuse me, say it again

  23. babatu says:

    Yes indeed love her or hate her JB is a force to reckon with. DPP syndicate has not been able to sleep. They threaten to arrest her due to cash gate and yet it has more criminals in its midst than Malawians will ever know. As the senior DPP executive warned APM to trade very carefully on Cash gate arrests. DPP is the most corrupt and archtect of cash gate

  24. dadaboma says:

    You’re sarcastic and hateful to JB. She is not a finished chapter – you yourselves are finished under your APM; your hopes for a vibrant country under your APM are dashed; Malawi is finished, and so are you. There is no hope for meaningful development under APM. This man is a complete waste of time for Malawi. He has no idea how to develop and unite Malawi. Recently he was in US and came back home with “investment promises” but nothing tangible to justify the 400 million kwacha spent on the trip. On the other hand JB was also in US at the same time, but came back home with over 400 million kwacha for her JB Foundation. Who is finished between JB and you under your APM? You’re the people that have let Malawi down, and it will never get up under your APM – You are a finished chapter. Very soon Malawi will be erased. So leave the mighty JB alone – she is the hope of many.

    1. Nyasa says:

      Kkkkkkkkk. Which school did you go to? Koma atumbuka ndi mbuzi zopandadi nzeru eti. Are you a NZUZU CORNER BENEFICIARY? You mean you can’t understand this simple written article? Kungoyamba kutukwana ngati wachiwewe galu, waimva bwinobwino koma article yi?

  25. John says:

    I love the article. How JB is such a threat and still in the mouths of all DPP bigwigs when they unequivocally state that they defeated her in the last election, beats me! And thats is happening 5 months down the line, the gvt still busy buying all corrupt mouths they can find, be it journalists, judges, and now the MEC himself just to talk about JB.

  26. tchaka says:

    Za ziiiii! Mxxii

  27. Kaseka says:

    She will cost them as Peter costed her. Let them continue marketing her. Good luck.
    We have issues to look into and a government to manage.

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