Joyce Banda appoints Uladi acting PP president

Former president Joyce Banda has appointed the party’s vice president and Salima South Member of Parliament, Uladi Mussa as the acting president for the party dashing hopes of Khumbo kachale to lead the party.

Uladi Mussa: PP acting president and party leader in parliament

Uladi Mussa: PP acting president and party leader in parliament

People’s Party (PP) publicist Ken Msonda told Nyasa Times that Banda has appointed Mussa to lead the party in her abscece.

“This means in her absence all party affairs will be handled by Mr Mussa as our president until such time when Her Excellency comes back in the country, “said Nsonda

Msonda, however, said the appointment of Mussa, who was the leader of PP in parliament does not mean Banda will never come to Malawi.

“Honourable Mussa can act for a day or two or a year, acting in a capacity has no limitations. She was born here in Malawi, she has grown in Malawi and she has a lot of interests in Malawi than these other people who lived and grew up in diaspora,” Msonda said.

The appointment will also anger a section of PP officials who were campaigning for Kachale to be at the helm.

The party’s regional governor for the north Christopher Mzomera Ngwira was fired from the party for lobbying for Kachale to be acting president.

Banda left Malawi soon after losing the presidential election to Peter Mutharika in 2014.

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72 thoughts on “Joyce Banda appoints Uladi acting PP president”

  1. Willie Chimseu says:

    Malawi’s politics so crazy but we’re used to very clever leaders with very little education back ground. Change goal yemweyo than educated fools & nepotic

  2. Chidzukulu says:

    Ndie kuti maiwo ????????? Mpaka liti? Zoopsa kobasi ndie kulibwino kukhala mphawi, ndikumadya therere langa mwa ufulu mbambadi

  3. ADE says:


  4. Tengupenya says:

    when convincing evidence will reach the right hands, any person worth their reputation would not be afraid to clear their name or to confess any wrong doing. self incrimination is not to be expected. investigators have to do their job and present credible evidence of wrong doing.

  5. Tetilia says:

    MCP, start preparing for grand welcoming of the North. Mzomela, Kilifa, KK ife takonzeka wa kwa a Busa basi.

  6. guta says:


  7. chikhadzula says:

    Change goal conglatulationz ,malawias shud learn to appreciate any good development. Uladi he s nt a power hungly man .. New year gift.

  8. Mau Musamatha says:

    That’s better.
    fact is; khumbo & mzomera had good ideas but poor timing. There was no way the two could get pp leadership leaving main actors like ken msonda & ibrahim matola.
    I vividly remember when Achair realized that he mistakenly gave UDF to jumbe, bakili asked musonda to get it from jumbe. msonda took UDF from jumbe gave it to chilumpha then back to Achair. JB saw it coming & appointed musonda as administrative secretary to block khumbo from taking the party. musonda is useless! khumbo was using a wrong person – mzomera.

  9. george says:

    Now what is the meaning of this? Is she throwing in the towel

  10. Adrian says:


  11. Shonai says:

    Kodi Ku PP anthu atha Mpaka kuika mbuli.
    He is not a good roll model.

  12. Kodi nanga abwerera liti???? Kodi akuopanji?????

  13. titus Scoti says:

    Ndale zafikapo. Kodi siuja a PP mwamukana Khumbo kuti akhale ogwirizira wa president? Ndiye yemwe mwamupatsayo Maya azavonera kuchokapo, kaya!Ndiri chenji golo ameneyo. Piano ndiye masteni achitaya chipani basis. Momwe ziririmu adzabweranso ngati? If I were Chenji Golo bwenzi nditaitakata game kuti ndidzaweruke bwino. All the best!!!

  14. bamusi says:

    Time will tell

  15. mtumbuka1 says:

    That country needs a revolutionary fighter like Me. People are busy fighting in and out of courts to justify their wealth they stole from Malawians and sadly Malawians are only remembered when it’s voting time. I will come internet that country not for presidency but to take the government and give it to ordinary Malawians who have been lied to and promised heaven for the last 50 years. Tell those fighting assholes that people needs better lives our there and they can put on hold this competition of saying who stole much money between jb and dpp.

  16. MCHEMO says:


  17. Kadakwiza says:

    We are watching very close.

  18. Nthandalanda says:

    That is how it goes. Zikomo mayi for doing this. Malawians love you!

  19. Uladi musa? Hahahaha chibwana chenicheni chanchombo lende. DPP beyond 2024 boooomaa kaya azungu afune kaya asafune. But DPP should jackup on escom, waterboard and processing of payments at accountant general in order not to frastrate the civil service and contractors. Joice banda wagwanayo chagada kikik. Yathina cashgate.

  20. titus scoti says:

    Koma abale ndale! Woyenera kuchita act anali Khumbo Kachali. Eeeh koma ndiye yemwe mwampatsa u acting yo adzalola kuusiya udindo ameneyo? Fisi matama!!!
    Btw, zafika poika acting president eti? Basi masteni achitaya chipani chija sadzabweranso ayi. if I were chenji golo mwayi wanga wochidyera chipani uja ndikanangoti ndi umenewu. This is the beginning of the end. Good luck Chenji Golo! bdikanangoti

  21. Freedom fighter samathawa amalora zoyensedwa zimuchitikire e.g chihana, kanyama chiume, kb and others why staying away?

  22. Brilliant Boy says:

    This shows that JB will never come back to Malawi. Mayiwa adaba ndalama zathu ndithu.

  23. Temaco says:

    Basi kutha kwa chipani ndikumeneko.Vuto la ndale zakwathu ndi limenelo,munthu akayambisa chipani mwina kukhala mtsogoleli wake,basi zonse zimakhala za mnyumba mwake.Chipani chimakhala ndi ma structures komanso constitution yake therefore bwanji osaitanisa convention kuti asankhe munthu wogwirizila udindo pamene mtsogoleli wake palibe?

  24. johnM says:

    I guess she is not coming back then

  25. Mlembo Harawa says:

    this is what happens when brainy pipo are mixed wth many idiots!! how will northerners ever be trusted in this cursed land? kod amai akuziwa kuti mavoti ambiri a PP anachoka ku mpoto? we wil meet again in 2019!

  26. blessing lipengs says:

    This one of big jokes of the year! I see no future of pp come back , this a clear sign that something is wrong in pp.Banda is outside running away from unknown and while u r there you appoint an acting president without the NEC ! who owns the part here? where is internal democracy in pp? and why not telling Malawians when u are you coming back to malawi and why are you so afraid if you are clean on cash gate ?
    Thank you for giving MCP more votes ,the best could
    b to dissolve the PARTY

  27. william says:

    Jb wants to sideline people from the north yet thEy gave him all the support. This is a tactical move to hand over the party to MCP and soon baNd igawana zida. Chipani ichi chatha atsalamo ndi a Nsonda, ralph jooma ndi ibrahim matola

  28. Joseph Banda says:

    koma abale! Bwanji Jooma?

  29. Shaaaaaa! Chipani kutha ngati makatanitu uku nanga Uladi Mussa ndimunthu?
    Loko watsekeka basi kkkkkkkkk

  30. Its a good development.. we are happy dat atleast someone is there to take care of party affairs!! Just for a minor correction.. Uladi is the MP for Salima south nt central..!!

  31. meneava uphsyunumu says:

    If at all she will come.

  32. Point of correction Mr Writer sir, Uladi Basikolo Mussah is an MP for Salima South not Salima Centre. Check this out

  33. Atusaye says:

    That’s good development

  34. Zuze says:

    Joyce Banda will never come back to Malawi because of cashgate, full stop!

  35. Za ziiiii pp mbava, udf mbava, mcp mbava, dpp mbava zipani zonse mbava zokha zokha anthuwa ndi amodzi mizu ya kachere sindidzavotaso

  36. No Laughing Matter says:

    Leading by means of remote control, even those that are following her must be crazy

  37. The Most Concerned says:

    No Moslem shall rule ths Country again. Ths z now wat we call dieing a natural death for PP, wt no hope of resurrection. RIP PP, RIP Joyce Banda.

  38. Dr love says:

    kodi madamu mwati uladi mussa atenge udindo wanu? mwaiwala kuti ameneyo ndi change GOAL wapomda ponda tizipani tonse malawi muno

  39. Che Katundu says:

    Muzatiimilenso pa u president bola ,kudzawina 2019

  40. La 40 Lakwana says:

    At least it’s a good move


    Paja tili ndi anthu 7 okha omwe amakondedwa ndi anthu amadela akwawo; Uladi is one of them and since the dawn of multiparty in this country they never loose their sits which means they are really well organised.

    Koma mastain mudzabweradi????????????????????

  42. Indeed great interest for our country like Cashgate. To grow up in diaspora it’s not an issue in anyway. What about Kamuzu? Did he grow up in Malawi? But didn’t he steer up development in Malawi????? After all who is Nsonda cos Im 48yrs but I can’t point any tangible thing that can be put in the same sentence with Nsonda. Joyce Banda anathawa that’s a fact we must not beat about the bush. Had it been that she was around them Mutharika starts persecuting her people could have thought that maybe it could be political witch-hunting but kuthawa ??? Oyipa athawa yekha that’s a living proof.

  43. Tinyade says:


  44. TCHUTCHUTCHU says:

    Who said she will never come mukuzidabwaaaa kapena chani, just pass the info to public without saying it does not mean she will never come wakufunsani ndani respect your leader after all kuli ambiri ochuka ali kunja more than she has stayed. Wacha wasi wasi Msonda.

  45. Malawian!!! says:

    Acting? Hahaha haha haha haha haha! Will she comes back? After who’s death?

  46. mapwevupwevu says:

    A party of losers and tribalists!

  47. GRM says:

    Mmm. Msonda is not serious or is lying. Acting positions have time limits. In most organizations rules are clear. You cannot act more than six months at my organization. In other NGOs you cannot act more than one year. It is an abuse of someone acting if he does so above normal time limits.

  48. Dyabulosi says:

    This appointment is out of anger. The most senior person is khumbo kachale. Jb is always shortsighted. Look at Gwengwe choice

  49. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Joisi Banda now appointing her successors, in dictatorial fashion. Asa!
    PP is not her personal possession, and so, leaders, even temporary ones, should be elected by the party. Not like this; obviously, to pave the way for her son! Wosakhwima (inexperienced and immature and politically naive too).
    So far the party is at a fork: one path to the Northerners (Kachali) and the other to the rest (Mussa). More divisions will follow, as sub-regional cliques will eventually solidify. Inevitably, resulting in dissolution of the Party; or splitting into two or three “suitcase” parties, with ZERO chance of winning mpando wonona (the presidency). Even PP, in its present incarnation, has NO chance; and this move by JB just accelerates the demise.
    Good riddance indeed. PP has created problems which, arguably, have never been recorded in our country before! And that party is majorly responsible.

  50. Joseph Moyo says:

    mai yu sabwera bas,komano a Malawi tizachenera lit?zomwe amapanga a china kumbo kachali ndi anzawo posankhana maudindo nzolondola siizi.kod chomagwirizira udindo ngat iyeyo akuchita zanzeru kunako bwanji.kupusa kumeneko nkuja anthu amakamtenga kamuzu kunja kut alamulire ngat iwowo sangalamulire.tadzukani a Malawi Uladi mussa mmene amalankhulira sangapange leadership yabwino akadatha kukhala regional leader monga vice president ku central mukadapezanso wina kumwera kuno kut chipani chisathe.muli ndi mabasi ku area30ndinu olemera you can run the party o you need is a sober mind

  51. padoko says:

    PP following UDF to the grave. Muthanso ngati makatani. Your president has abandoned you citing their is no house befitting her status in Malawi. Tell her to stay at her home village if she was really born and grew up here PP yatha.

  52. ngongoliwa says:

    Bravo jb, Uladi Mussa is a PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL, not thiz others today pp, 2moro campaigning for apm aaaaa, no principles

  53. muderanji says:

    Aaaaaaaa basi amai is not coming

  54. anadimba says:

    koma phuma liri mwa a change goal lokhalo.kaya ndi upresidentwo .ayi congrats aswiswiri a ku PP. Mbewa kulibe basi.

  55. kasim says:


  56. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Eagerly waiting to hear from Mzomera and Kachali camp but I believe that Joyce Banda’s choice of Uladi Mussa is the beginning of the ending of PP as a party.
    Uladi is just another failed political moron who can bring nothing to Malawians. He don’t ve morals.
    Its my plea to you my Brethren especially in Mzomera/Kachali camp to look thrice, reason twice and at least speak once.
    Mind you, there is no permanent enemy in politics, come back to where you belong and its my believe and hope that the Blue camp where u were fished out from will surely welcome you all because Uladi as JB’s choice is an insult to you PP die-hards in the North.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!

  57. Koma change golo ndiye matama okhawo

  58. mpkm says:

    koma ziliko PP inanyamukadi mwanva. Apa ma brake a Pp sakugwirasotu, basi wakuphompho. kk

  59. Angoni apaphata says:

    Mumaona ngati chipani angapatse atumbukA

  60. JBM says:

    KKKKKKK! mavuto ndithu

  61. kwanga ndi kuseka basi. Change golo?

  62. gregua says:

    following patiently

  63. Kkkk zikaola ponyerani nchewa wodya mbewa stupid people

  64. Chiukepo says:

    Very good decision album I can no longer be trusted for that position looking into the way he behaved after elections

  65. Ineyo says:

    Umangoziwiratu Ka People’s Party Katha Basi.

  66. Mtumbuka2 says:

    Good strategy

  67. Mary Manda says:

    Now its clear and vindicates Mrs Senzani statement of the former President Joyce Banda involvement in Cashgate thats why she is outside Malawi…..The arrest of Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo and Ralph Kasambala the cash gate inner circle with Joyce Banda has feared her so much that she cannot come to Malawi……I feel sorry for former America ambassador Jackson,Uk Ambassador Micheal nevin and former EU Head of Mission for supporting Joyce Banda regime that has destroyed Malawi future through stealing of public funds under their watch…..So government should give Hon Uladi Mussa the former President Joyce banda retirement home……..Hon Khumbo Kachale whats next move…as the party is gone for now

  68. tvendort says:

    I loved PP but this woman has lost direction

  69. Mwakipiki says:

    The beginning of the end

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