Joyce Banda decorated in Bahamas: ‘Women of distinction awards’

Founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) and former President of Malawi, Joyce Banda was awarded the 2015 ‘Women of Distinction Global Leadership Award in Politics’ by Celebrating Women International (CWI), at a ceremony that took place on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the Atlantis Theatre, Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

JB and other awardees

JB and other awardees

JB stands up as the Bahamas Nation Anthem is played before activities got under way

JB stands up as the Bahamas Nation Anthem is played before activities got under way

Four time Grammy and Academy Award winning vocalist Regina Belle performs during the award ceremony at the Atlantis Theatre, The Bahamas

Four time Grammy and Academy Award winning vocalist Regina Belle performs during the award ceremony at the Atlantis Theatre, The Bahamas

JB with Nelson Mandela grandson Ndaba Mandela, Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and daughter Edith Akridge

JB with Nelson Mandela grandson Ndaba Mandela, Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and daughter Edith Akridge

JB's daughter Edith Akridge and other family members attended the colourful event in The Bahamas on Saturday

JB’s daughter Edith Akridge and other family members attended the colourful event in The Bahamas on Saturday

CWI is a group of prestigious women’s advocates in The Bahamas, Canada and the USA. Together, they form a team that has one common goal—to support women’s rights.

It was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of The King Global Humanitarian Foundation (TKHGFI),a non-profit organization that aims at to “mobilize and inspire women across the globe; to honour, recognize and celebrate their achievements and leveraging their untapped leadership capabilities in order for them to thrive and lead productive lives”.

According to Lynn Whitfield (actress) and Clint Watson (journalist), who were directors of ceremonies at the event, CWI recognized Banda and her fellow awardees for demonstrating an untiring zeal for service to the community and selfless commitment to improving the lives of others.

Other awardees in the ‘Global Leadership in Politics’ category included Catherine Samba-Panza, President of the Central African Republican, Janet Kataaha Museveni, First Lady of the Republic of Uganda, Sheikha Bint Khalid Al Qasini, Minister of International Cooperation and Dvelopment, United Arab Emirates, Sandra Granger, First Lady of Guyana and C. V. Hope Strachan, MP and Minister of Financial Services.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, former wife of the late Nelson Mandela was honoured under the ‘Global Leadership Award in Social Justice and Development, alongside Deolatchmee Ramotar, former First Lady of Guyana and Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Gospel singer Cissy Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston, was also recognized during the event.

In her acceptance speech, Banda dedicated her award “to the women of Africa”, whom she described as “persevering and hardworking”.

She said through her own experience, she had observed that African women face many obstacles to acquire education, access modern antenatal and medical services and gender imbalances in their quest for leadership.

JB said for some time now, she has worked tirelessly to ensure that girls attain basic and tertiary education. In this regard, she said she runs primary and secondary schools for the underprivileged children and said the current enrolment in these schools is at 3,500.

“Distinguished ladies, I also resolved that as long as I live, I will not tolerate incidences of women dying while giving birth because they cannot access modern antenatal services. During my time as President, I made sure that we construct holding shelters at many health facilities so that pregnant women can stay before giving birth. We discouraged pregnant women seeking traditional birth attendants’ services because it is simply unsafe,” said Joyce Banda.

She said women ought to support each so that they have a “fair representation at policy formulating tables”. She, however, cautioned women against sidelining men in any of their endeavours and aspirations, saying men and women ought to be “partners and work together to emancipate and empower women and the girl child”.

The event was spiced up by a powerful, five-star live performance by American four-time Grammy and Academy Award winning artist, Regina Bella. Apart from receiving the award, Dr. Joyce Banda also received a gift from the Founder and President of CWI Rudy King, who described the former Head of State as “highly inspirational”.

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Joyce Banda is a recipient of more than 15 international accolades including “Hunger Project Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger” that she shared with President Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique in 1997.

She founded the Joyce Banda Foundation International in 1997, which has guided projects from empowering women, rural communities to providing orphans education.

Currently JBFI has benefitted over 1.3 million people in Malawi through various programs and interventions ranging from economic empowerment, agriculture and food security, education, water and sanitation, youth development.

Other organization that Banda established are the National Association of Business Women, which lends start-up cash to business women, and the Young Women’s Leadership Network, which mentors female students in schools.

On the international scene, Banda was instrumental in the formation of such organizations as the African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE) currently running in 41 countries in Africa, Council for the Economic Empowerment of Women in Africa (CEEWA) and Americans & Africans Business Women’s Alliance (AABWA) of which she served as First President.

The ‘Women of Distinction Global Leadership Award in Politics’ award is an addition to a litany of awards that have been conferred on Banda over her glittering career. Between 2014 and 2015, Joyce Banda has received nine (9) International Awards, including being named as the ‘Most Inspirational Woman in Politics’ by CNN; the ‘Legacy Award’ by the International Women’s Forum; and the African Union (AU) “Living Legends’ Award in South Africa.

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84 thoughts on “Joyce Banda decorated in Bahamas: ‘Women of distinction awards’”

  1. Ameneyo says:

    JB walowa DPP wayamba kubvala Malaya a Blue. Chenjerani a First Lady. Kodi inu muyamba liti kulandira ma award? Kodi Beautify Malawi anthu kunjaku sakuyidziwa?

  2. Thako Lambeta says:

    Kodi amama mwatsala ndima award angati kuti mulandire, tatopa kukhala tokha ife opanda mai pakhomo adad nawonso atopa ndikuphika ngati osakwatira.

  3. Thako Lambeta says:

    Kodi amama mwatsala ndima award angati kuti mulandire, tatopa kukhala tokha iwe opanda mai pakhomo adad nawonso atopa ndikuphika ngati osakwatira.

  4. Thakwalakwa says:

    Let amayi do what she is doing.Enanu mukufuna akabwera mudzawanamize kuti mudzawadyere.
    Just concentrate on how you can manage mabvuto a za chuma akukukhaulitsaniwa.

  5. chris says:

    Yes Mama, I proud of you.

  6. Jimbo says:

    JB is now living in exile. She is wandering the world proclaiming all the wonderful things she has done and is doing in her native Malawi. She will never return as longs as the DPP are in power. My big question is: Who is funding her travels around the world? If she is using her own money, where did it all come from? To live outside Malawi for so many months and to travel around presumably by plane must be costing many thousands of dollars/pounds. If she is not in Malawi, how can she claim to be doing anything to improve the lives of women and girls in Malawi? So many questions and no real answers. She is trading on her two years in office as President and her audiences are taken in by it all.

  7. i miss kamuzu says:

    ndalephela kuwerenga nkhaniyi chifukwa cha ntchafu zili pa chithunzi chomalizilacho. the woman in the middle has very nice thighs. i’ve alredy downloaded the photo.

  8. gomba says:

    Chokani alomwe anthu osatha kulankhula. You are putting us in problems. Look at what your presidents have done. If God is this stupidity will come to an end. Don’t assume that you are above Him.

  9. Bakayawo says:


  10. Bazooka says:

    This is what we call a woman of substance. Malawians are jealous people. Especially the Lomwes. They want everything for themselves. Thats why we chose this clueless lMuthalika and rejected Joyce Banda. A woman who has the welfare of Malawians at heart.

  11. funky says:

    koma amai inu basi mudzingotelo jumping from one country to another basi .Eniake simukuwabowako kumeneko? Ndithu inu simukuona kuti mukuchitawu ndiuchitsiru? mukamapita mmaderamo olo manyazi olo kuti anthu akukusekani kuti simukupita kwanu?

    1. Bon says:

      Vuto si iwe koma A Pitala amene ali ambuyako

  12. Inu anthu atulo Atumbuka please get ready and strategise for 2019 and stop touting this woman who shall not make it even to number 4. Ife tikadzawina ndiye mudzizati tabera yet you are wasting your valuable time and energy on a spent force like joice? Munya 2019 muwona. Whether by vote or not, we Lomwezi are proceeding beyond 2024. Ndabisa kanthu yapa ngati?

    1. Bon says:

      Dzina la munthu limatha kusonyeza mmene muthuyo alili , what you have posted shows that you realy shallow minded nzeru nzochepedi sitingadabwe, pitilizani kubwebwetako.

  13. BRAJOE says:

    Nthawi yamavoti yikabwera zianthu zimene zili ku south africa zimabwelera kumudzi kuzavota nawo. Zinthu ngati zimenezi ndizimene zimavotera anthu opanda mano monga ngati a APM. Ndikunena anthu a kumangochi angoti mbwe penapaliponse ku south africa.
    Atiwongela dziko lathu,

  14. BRAJOE says:

    Congrats mama malawi. Remember thyolo has the largest number of stupid people, so dont worry APM is useless than a rat, he was an office cleaner in the US but when he came back home he called himself a proffessor. BULLSHIT……

  15. Theo says:

    if only you could have embarked on the journey to Bahamas from Kamuzu International Airport!!

  16. MLOMWE says:

    yahhhhhhhhhhhhh thus our proud Malawi za mathanyula ali kunoyi ntchito kuziwonesa ku YALE ati amutame kut pano ndi president ha hahahaha koma ine alomwefe sitizatheka ndithu.mama plz we r sorei for not bealiving your say that time this APM Is good for nothing .za Doner funding uwiwale u think Malawi is an Estate u think internationala community is not watching you.he heheheh suanti ulila APM and IMF ikabwelanso december sikuti uwelengele kanthu palibe chomwe uphule.

  17. MALAWI MALAWI says:

    Thats my mama, alwez making me proud, osati awa amapwevupwevu.

  18. angozo says:

    WOOW!!!! amayi mubwera liti??? kuno sukulu yatha, ana kuyamba std 1 kumampita mpaka form 4 certificate ndi imodzi kungolephera 4 ndiyekuti wakumunda kolima. Chilima ndi Mbendela anatiyika m’mavuto.Tikuphula njerwa ana Israel achepa.

  19. hisbolla says:


  20. chemwali kulibe says:

    osati bububu opanda mano.proffesor of financial mismanagement , useless leader Malawi has ever had.Too dull who doesnt deserve to rule this country.The whole world is laughing at us.Ruling with stolen votes.Whoever assisted him to be on the throne God will punish them.Malawians doesnt deserve this for sure.God has his own ways of doing things.Wait and see.

  21. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Malawi and it’s citizens. So funny!

  22. Chimani. Game says:

    Not just addressing 11 people at Yale university.people knew that the block has no nonsense and did not want to waste their time.

  23. Emmanuel Kafunda says:

    Congratulations my dear mama! We still love you.

  24. Dwambazi says:

    BEAM was not recognized???? Kunalibe
    Osesa misewu and cabbage collectors???? Kikikikikikikiki

  25. anadimba says:

    p p p yanyamuka .odi uko,amai adutse,

  26. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I support the government of the day. Only that life now is worse than when this lady was ruling. No wonder in the government we still cling to the fact that all the ills we face today are because of her.

  27. Mr Aninon Masi says:

    Do you have any idea about some of these women you are giving honours? Winnie Mandela has a lot of blood in her hands. She ordered the killing of Stompie, a 14yr old boy. She continued shagging Dali Mpofu, half her age, two years even after Mandela was released. And Joyce Banda….why not come home to face the music!!!!

  28. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Mama, you’ve done us, Malawians, pride. May God give you more days and the opportunity to do more for the people of Africa in general and Malawi in particular.

  29. Peter says:

    Too many people for the award these days you can get an award for doing nothing so long if you have the money…….what has Late Nelson Mandela grandson did to receive the award interesting changing hands always

  30. Issa says:

    how does this help us as a country

  31. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Simple question, requiring a simple yes or no answer: Is the former president returning home this month, as stated by her political party?
    Or are the plans off, based on the latest developments on Cashgate? Possible direct cashgating, as Kasambara may point out.

  32. APM says:

    Mama , pls come home and assist peter with some national governance clues. He is completely lost, boma akuyendesa ndi a gudogondwe pls assit mami

  33. Jimuni says:

    This is all crap! Firstly, how does some so called international community or organisation give an award to the likes of (a) deserter like JB who hasnt been in her country since she was ousted thru ballot? (b) Uganda’s first lady whose husband is clinging to power under the guise of democracy?

    Secondly, why are such unscrupulous accollades timed with UN General Assembly?

    Thirdly; do we really know who the directors of ceremonies are are than in this particular event poised as actress and journalist?

    This is a staged event!

  34. Chikopa says:

    The Foundation is a private school and not looking after orphans. Please somebody should call a spade a spade. I am sick of diplomacy. Higher achievers do not lean on others to tell them that they are the best. They know it themselves.

  35. walero says:

    Atiuze komwe anakasiya ndege yathu and why anayambisa cashgate.akangotero tizampasa ulemu kuposa akupasidwao coz awo akumpasawo sakudziwa zimene anachita kuno kumudzi zimene zikumulepheretsa kufika kuno kokhala kwao
    ulemu ofunikira ndiumene angalandire kuno osati Ku Bahamas!!!!

  36. dennis says:

    U raise the Malawi flag

  37. Mwaona JB ali ndi ulemu ndipo mwambo wapamwamba kobasi osati bwana APM,alibe chikoka,alibe chikondi, alibe chisoni,alibe luso,alibe manyazi,alibe nzelu,alibe masomphenya,alibe ulemu,alibe mwambo,alibe mano. Ndangonena zochepa zokha. Ndipo 2019 azaona zeni zeni chifukwa utambwali ndi gulu lomwe linamuthandiza kubela mavoti zizakhala zitamuchokela.

  38. Nasoweka Phiri says:

    Mama Congrats. We are proud of you. You have done tremendous work for the lives of African women. Fellow women please take this as an example. If all well to do women just assist one needy girl even in their villages,,Malawi will never be the same. God bless you Mama

  39. jk says:

    Za ziiiiii!

  40. zab says:

    You are mighty, Madam Malawi is miss yr good serices,conglats

  41. Chipwisi says:

    Kungoti Getrude Muthalika anabisala ku UN akanamuchita decorate ndi “mabi” chifukwa choba ndalana za NAC..

  42. Liness Moorr says:

    mzimayi uyu anaba ndalama ndiizo wapenga nazo angoti uku wapita uku wapita , ma award opeleka kwa mbava tilibe nawo tchito.

  43. Malawian!!! says:

    Sweet home! Sweet home! Home is best! Come back home!

  44. Muzaza says:

    That is a fugitive on the run. Check on former Nigeria oil minister is arrested in UK. Si omwe JB amapanga nawo ma dilo.

  45. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Dr Joyce Banda we are proud of you.

  46. GRM says:

    Bwerakoni kaye muzayankhe za cashgate kuno

  47. Uchitsiru basi. Anathawa chiyani hule ameneyu. Mzimayi wodabwitsa opanda khalidwe. Mbava.

  48. Chosadziwa Piliot says:

    Good things follow the hardworkers mum let’s gorify his name

  49. Richard Banda says:

    yes she has repented from cashgate plandering.I believe she is waiting to apologise and return the remender from campaignfunding to the Poor otherwise these awards are Jersiberic.Mama God loves you remember what shall it profit a man if get all the awards of the world and sells hi sole to the satan?

  50. madzi apita says:

    kodi kuthandiza azimayi munthu ali ku mphanga kodi a Joyce muzabwera liti mukuthawa kwanu mukufunako

  51. changalikandu pwagu says:

    All these awards despite proving an utter failure when it came to leading Malawi out of poverty. Cashgate occured right under her nose. She cannot escape responsibility.

  52. Felix Wisdom Banda says:

    Congratulations Mummie. Am personally proud of you.

  53. dadaboma says:

    Malawi is the stupidest, as a result the poorest, country in the world by rejecting to vote for the most celebrated, the most powerful, the most economically foresighted woman leader of world class as their president. By not voting for JB, Malawi chose a path towards self destruction. It’s a matter of time before this country clashes, and all its people perish. No one but JB will save this country.

  54. RoyK says:

    Komanso osaiwala cashgate issues

  55. Benson T Phiri says:

    katundu wawa, timakunyadirani mai wanthu.2019 woyeeeeee

  56. yohane mbatizi says:


  57. Ma says:

    Mubwera liti kumuzi? Mwakhalitsaka kunjako mpaka every one knows now mukuthawa cash gate cases kkkkkk

  58. Bristol says:

    Congrats JB for efforts to put Africa on the global map. You will always be regarded a selfless and hardworking woman of Malawi.

  59. aah says:

    APM sanamuite bwa?

  60. clement says:

    Za zii! Woman of distinction?? Bulshit with your fucken Joyce. We are waiting for her arrival to save jail sentence. No excuse.

  61. Nyatwa says:

    Ndiye ena akupeleka public lecture in a classroom .

  62. Denguzman says:

    Zikamatere tere….tere…iyayi….zikamatere tere….koma zikukoma… Mai, osakondwa nanu akagwere. Congrats mama inu mukunjoya ndima Awards wina akutsegula mmimba coz a IMF amumana ndrama, kuyendetsa dziko siu Professor koma ndi nzeru zochokera kwa mulungu.

  63. becks says:

    APM has also received his award. Award for economic mismanagement and corruption

  64. Inu says:

    Good for her but what is it for us Malawians. I know some Malawians were impressed by her leadership which just shows why we are one of the poorest countries in the world. We really dont have any ambitions. If you want to know about inspiring leadership follow Paul Kagame of Rwanda. That is one inspiring leader who delivers. Some may not like him for his rights attributes but hey who eats human rights other than the activists? Rights demand come naturally with economic development and not the other way round

  65. wez says:

    Ena simdagonelero poganizila amai Banda akuwina kunja. Amai mulungu akusungeni kuti muone adani anu akulowa pansi kopanda even one achievement,kumangokweza zithu mmashop, kuononga zomwe inu mai mdanga ndi manjaanu.

  66. CHANDA KATWA says:

    joice is far much better t.han the toothless

  67. The real ujeni says:

    Kumunyoza in Malawi but recognise, appreciated and respected in USA, Canada, German UK, South Africa etc musova, mavotavota

  68. Mbona says:

    Wow!!! Abit Mtila all de bests

  69. Lulululu Mama JB Palibenso says:

    Being elevated not from back Door. Mama Chonde don’t come back. Did you hear what they were saying in US. The fact Tha you were there they . had to instigate you but God is not allowing that. The more they try to pull you down God brings in another colourful surprise. Mama you are called names, but God calls you His Daughter. Laying tables for you and feeling your cup to the brim and over flowing. Stay there Mama until God tells you to come. May God continue to honour and bless you. You are putting Malawi on a Map. Mai wolimba mtima ngati uyu une sindinaonenso.

  70. Willie Chimseu says:

    madame malawians are proud of you believe it mumakwana.

  71. ngulenjet says:

    The prophet is indeed without honour in his home city but should it always be as this look at Bushiri the same

  72. Yasin Yusuf Sanud says:

    Congrats Mama, proud of You

  73. Atonga says:

    Mama timakunyadilani kwambiri you are most welcome

  74. noreply says:


  75. paty says:

    Azungu sadziwa zabwino.

  76. Mthawanji says:

    Ayi zabwino zonse mayi.koma tithandizeni capital ya business zinthu sizili bwino.

  77. msumbo rsa says:

    That’s the qualities that speaks for itself not chinyalala chamunthu ngati pitala profesorwambewa nyani

  78. Chatty Man says:

    Congratulations mama all the best.

  79. Nabetha says:

    Pliz mama come back home now. Slowly your reputation is fading away even from many people who adore you. Come home and contribute to the development of our nation. Your stay in foreign land makes very little sense.

  80. omex says:

    Choncho Ena amatsekula nazo mmimba akamva zimenezi.

  81. Alex Likoswe says:

    Looking at some names, not credible as Joisi is

  82. opportunist says:

    Mama looking elegant .Congrats

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