Joyce Banda in US for ‘Strong Women, Strong World’ conference

Malawi’s former Head of State, Joyce Banda, on Friday, December 5, 2014 attended the 10th Annual Conference of a network of women known as ‘Strong Women, Strong World’at the Metropolitan Club, One East, in New York City, United States of America.

Banda in US for women conference

Banda in US for women conference

‘Strong Women, Strong World’ was conceptualized to help World Vision International raise funds for the implementation of international NGO’s various activities worldwide.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

According to the office of the Former President, this year ‘Strong Women, Strong World’ is raising money for World Vision to facilitate the provision of clean water to rural communities worldwide.

“The former Head of State (Joyce Banda) was invited to attend in recognition of continued pursuits to raise money for clean water in Malawi and Africa,” reads a statement issued on Saturday, December 6, 2014.

“Several international organizations that are working towards providing clean water to Malawi were there and the former President used that opportunity to encourage them to continue their commendable work.  The former President also expressed gratitude to all organizations helping World Vision to provide clean water in Malawi,” the statement adds.

The main speaker at the event was Alexandra Cousteau, water policy expert and environmental advocate.

Banda is a renowned philanthropist. In 1997, she founded the Joyce Banda Foundation with the core objective of assisting the marginalized of the society, especially women and children, to have access to opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential in life.

Today, the Joyce Banda Foundation is a fully-fledged and duly registered non-governmental organization (NGO), a member of both Council for Non Governmental Organizations in Malawi (Congoma) and the NGO Board.

Banda recently announced that the Joyce Banda Foundation International is now looking again at its strategy and “we have decided to ‘refine’ what we have been doing in the past 16 years here in Malawi. We are taking Joyce Banda Foundation beyond our borders to across Africa”.

The new strategy followed the recognition that the challenges facing a Malawian woman and girl child are the same for most of Africa, she said.

“It has therefore pleased the Foundation to refocus its work and rollout into Africa”, she said on September 24, 2014, during the official launch of the Joyce Banda Foundation International Africa Initiative (JBFI Africa) at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Building in New York United States.

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42 thoughts on “Joyce Banda in US for ‘Strong Women, Strong World’ conference”

  1. I wish we could see it clearly that politics is making her stay in the bush but really she is a great mother I have ever seen! I thank God that she z not looking at you people to appreciate her duty bt rather she z doing all what she can for Africa! Enanu mukhalira ndale zomwezo but surely when she dies today she will be written in the book of the World and even God will be on her side, she will have an answer to God if she z asked about her duty on Earth, enanu mudzayankha chani?

  2. Fathi Alshab says:

    chieongolero,i sgree with jb was seen dolving problms snd hrlping pipo..koma a pro dhame at keast he shyd revrrse bad things such as firex shottage continues cash misuse. undeservrd sslary hikes apm saulis mps cut on benefits and reduce nbr of mpd ee csn msnage eith 100…basi, aftetsll counsrllirs are ondite but now thry mudt plsy ball in the dix months judt like spm apsnga chisni choeoneks
    by the wsy spm when r ur advudors going condult the religiua fratenity kukhsle mapephero for rsin..moti simukudabwa kathu ayi? xoona a bwana predident?

    1. aTeacher says:

      Kodi is this English or chinglish? Kumalemba bwino kuti aziphunzitsi ngati ife tisamavutike kuwerenga

  3. padoko says:

    Congratulations, mama!! You have made our nation proud pamaso pa azungu yet pamaso pathu, shame on you!!!, you have made our nation more miserable because you are amidst cashgaters. Come back mama to answer a few questions so that we may possibly not stay long in these pangs of misery you forced us into. Oh mama, vumbulukani muzabwezeko cashgate yatithyola

  4. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Maseko, I guess you meant Sata’s predecessor because successor is the one who takes over and the earlier is the one going out

  5. JOHN CHISALE says:

    AKHALE NTCHONA atakalamba kale a a a a home country is good.



  7. no fear jb jb says:

    hahaha akumvetsani kuwawa jb pamgani zanu anthu inu

  8. amayi says:

    Kodi does it matter where she goes kuno anachoka kale kale.

  9. Patriot says:

    Wa Beautify chani chani uja kunalibe? kikikiki

  10. chandiona says:

    this so called JB is very stupi?d why is she failling to come home if indeed she is innocent, this mandasi lady is very afraid of what Lutepo said and to say that cctv were not working is very stupid thinking .there is no way the state house can have broken cctv no way.

  11. m'dzakupepe says:

    #chelume# bulutu ndiweyo coz ukukanika kuvomela chilungamo….dzikoli silikufunika kuyendesedwa ndi ophunzila koma amandasi omwewo ask Elson muluzi

  12. benjamin says:

    zowona mayi JB. pitilizana kugwira ntchito molimbika

  13. benjamin says:


  14. benjamin says:

    mayi ameneyu ngwazeru .pitirizani mayi. dziko lamalawi lilipambuyo panu

  15. dadaboma says:

    Malawi had missed a huge opportunity in its leadership by not voting for JB. Now Malawi is a country without leadership. It is a country on autopilot. The imbeciles that voted for DPP have brought Malawi down to it knees; it is now one of the very poorest countries in Africa, and it continues sliding downwards economically. JB, wherever you are, we wish you all the best. You are a leader by default. You will one day return to rule Malawi, and if the Malawi imbeciles still do not recognize your capabilities, then you’ll be leader of the world. You’re a great person, with great vision, great capabilities, great compassion, great fortitude, great zeal, great philanthropist, great leader, great politician, great mother, and above all, the greatest president Malawi has ever had. May the Almighty God keep you soaring in His lofty bounties.

  16. wa Mpata says:

    Chelume, indeed you are an empty tin. Ahahahahah!!! Making alot of noise without reasoning.

  17. The Fast and Furious says:

    Respects to JB, the President we could all trust and with no tribalistic tendencies!

  18. kalebe malamba says:

    Iam proud of u mama go ahead with ur programes.

  19. ineyo says:

    This is not an issue that’s just publicity stunt at such conference policies are made but are they implemented no! So dat is just nothing

  20. Teleza Mhura says:

    Malipiro atikwezera mwezi wa October 2014 koma ife amaudindo ang’ono ang’ono atibera kwambiri.Mwachitsanso Grade L yemwe ndi mphunzitsi wa ku primary achoka pa K51,430 pamwezi kufika pa K69,000 pamwezi. Grade I yemwe ndi mphunzitsi wa ku secondary achoka pa K104,000 kufika pa K177,000 pamwezi. Grade H ( P5) achoka pa K205,000 kufika pa K435,000 pamwezi. Kodi a TUM, CSTU, A President adziko lino ndi a Vice awo akuwona mmene ife tikuvutikira.

    Amayi Joyce Banda mumayesetsa potikwezera malipiro munthawi yanu ija ndipo sitidzakuyiwalani.

    1. dadaboma says:

      Munataya nokha munthu wofunikira. Munasankha nokha chimbalangondo. Musalire.

  21. jedi says:

    This woman has deserted her country, why?? Do you call that being a strong woman?

    That shows the west were for a numb nutcase like her for the country’s leader

  22. Nyapapi says:

    Am wondering how do these azungu know where to find her?

  23. maseko says:

    dpp funs siyani kutukwana former president. just tell ur educated president to solve the problems malawians are facing now. prices of goods are rising daily. i salute late president of zambia, sata because he tried to stabilised their kwacha. he did not spent his time damaging his successor which will not assist malawians.

  24. Mau Apaseli says:

    Amfumu iyi Ndi Asylum kodi?

  25. Nenazako says:

    Keep up the job Mama others are not sleeping here trying to bring you down but your God, Mosses’s, Jacob’s God is alive and he reigns- may He continue protecting u. Chalo chiri mu neutral Mama.

  26. opportunist says:

    JB for life .

  27. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Kodi mbava imeneyi ibwera liti kuzayankha mlandu. Mlandu siuwola , uzaupeza. Mbava ya mayi ,Cashgate.

    1. mayayalende says:

      Mbava ndi iweyo this is our great leader and she will rule again by God’s grace, mukufuna abwere mudzamuphe ma killers inu

      1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

        leader uti? Amenei? Wochuka ndi zokuba baasi!

  28. Tigris River says:

    For U who were asking of her whereabouts u r hap now. Zimaoneka zopweka akamapanga wina. Kukusiila,kusowa poyambira.Nzeru zonse kuti balala! Osamatha mawu!

  29. chioolo says:

    kuopa kupita ku mudzi ndiye kumangozungukira nyumba za eni! Ndalama za kuba zomwezo kudyera ku Amerika. Zochititsa manyanzi ndi zoopsya. If you did not steal money, then why are you scared to go home? Your husband can not pay farm employees too. Wakuba iew Joisi banda.

  30. Sidix says:

    Zoonadi chitsime chimaoneka chakuya madzi akapwa.Pano adzanu chitukuko ponseponse cha ma strike. Kuba monga inu,iwo kwawo ndi kwa system. Kuli NACGATE, MINISTRYGATE etc.CCTV inayamba kugwira ntchito,ingoonetsa zithunzi zanu ndi Lutepo basi.Ikulephera kuonetsa cardiac arresting ya Bingu pomwe anali ndi Penemulungu.CCTV yasiyanso kugwira ntchito itangotulutsa zithunzi zanu.

  31. chatty man says:

    Proud of you mama! Carry on with the good work while others are busy talking about you.

  32. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    Bwerani kumudzi mayi mudzapitilize kugawa a pusi ndi nkhukundembo.

  33. MaiBanda says:

    U are indeed a strong woman no wonder big men here at home are having sleepless night. Please Mama, stay their dont come here. Ankhwezule achuluka. Ma jelasi sakumwa nanu madzi. But all in all keep interceeding for Malawi and keep praying and praising God. May God continue giving u unmerited favours. God bless u mama.

  34. Namaseko says:

    Mai wa nzeru ngati inu ine sindinamuone keep it up mai zintchito zanu ife kuno kumudzi tikuziona .JB She is strong women and she is helping many many women in Malawi and also children through Joyce Banda foundation international /Malawi we are proud of you mama .Kuno Petulo dziko lamulaka wayamba kupha a police tsopano kkkk

    1. Chelume says:

      Mzeru zake ziti nawe wamandasiyo mbava yachabechabe. Even 2 years yake walamulayo ma policy anzeru amene anapanga bulutu ameneyi ndi ati. Don’t make me laugh.i thank God pomuchosa bulutu ameneyi akanationongera dziko

      1. Davie Gama says:

        Ophunzira anuwo nde akupanga chani choyenera? Maona kuyendetsa dziko ngati m’bwiza eti

  35. Moya says:

    This is just sending shivers to DPP instead of them focusing on the economy and managing pending strikes. Focus DPP.

  36. Quota system says:

    After leaving the state house, JB still has something to do.

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