Joyce Banda meets US Secretary of State John Kerry: Speaks to Harvard University students on women leadership

Malawi former president Joyce Banda (JB) on Tuesday met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Boston, United States of America and addressed students at Harvard University on threats to women’s leadership, democratisation and the rule of law in Africa.

John Kerry and Joyce Banda in US

John Kerry and Joyce Banda in US

Joyce Banda having a discussion with John Kerrym US Secretary of State

Joyce Banda having a discussion with John Kerrym US Secretary of State

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda addressing Havard University student in United States of America

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda addressing Havard University student in United States of America

Havard University students listening to former Malawi president Joyce Banda

Havard University students listening to former Malawi president Joyce Banda

Photo opportunity for Havard University students with Malawi former president Joyce Banda

Photo opportunity for Havard University students with Malawi former president Joyce Banda

JB’s media assistant Tusekele Mwanyongo said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that the former president was in Boston at the invitation of the JFK Jr. Forum, which is part of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Institute of Politics (IOP).

According to Mwanyongo, the office of the US Secretary of State requested that Banda and Kerry meet when they both addressed students at Harvard University.

Details about the meeting’s agenda are unknown, but the statement says JB told reporters after the meeting that they had “cordial and fruitful discussions.”

Banda then addressed students at Havard Univeristy on challenges and opportunities that aspiring young people and women may face as they seek to take up leadership roles

The JFK Jr. Forum is Harvard’s premier arena for political speech, discussion and debate.

The most important feature of the forum is the requirement that all speakers participate in a question and answer session with members of the audience, a practice that invariably results in lively exchanges..

Recently, the Forum has hosted US Vice President Joe Biden, President Aquino of the Philippines, Barbara Walters, cellist Yo-yo Ma and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, among others.

In her speech, Banda addressed the students on various broad themes covering her tenure, including her experience as a leader; the most important lessons for young people aspiring to become leaders; the place of gender in African leaderships; the structure and functioning of government and whether it is suitable in addressing emerging challenges; and life in a post-presidential role.

Banda also shared with the students events of April 2012 when some officials of the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) attempted to block her ascension to the presidency following the sudden death of President Bingu wa Mutharika. She was then State Vice President.

She recounted how she overcame that ‘deadlock’ with the aid of the Malawi Army, the diplomatic community, civil society and the people of Malawi. During that time, the DPP officials allegedly attempted to circumvent constitutional order so that Peter Mutharika, brother to the late president, takes over as President when constitutionally, the Vice President was supposed to step in.

“She also discussed the broader implications of her experience and those of other Heads of States for democratic stability in Africa,” Mwanyongo said.

According to the statement, JB also told the students that Africa has some of the world’s fastest growing economies in the world and that a new crop of African leaders determined to uphold human rights and good governance and fight corruption is emerging.

“There are no military governments in Africa today; Africa has a continental body, the African Union (AU) with a clear mission, mandate and plan for this period all the way to 2063, the next 50 years. AU pays close attention to the emancipation of women with 2015 declared as a ‘Year for Women’ and 2010-2020 as a ‘Decade’ and other special initiatives such as ‘Women in Agriculture’ launched this year.

“AU plays a crucial role in peace-making and peace-keeping wherever there are armed and other conflicts. There are also other regional political, trade and economic blocs fostering closer relations among African states such as the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), East African Community (EAC), among others,” she said.

Furthermore, Banda called on ‘international partners’ to support African leaders who are determined to pursue a “different type of progressive politics and thinking” for Africa to achieve speedy social, economic and political development.

Apart from her speaking engagements at Harvard University, Banda held discussions pertaining to leadership with senior officials who included Maggie Williams, Director of the Institute of Politics,Professor Calestous Juma from the Kennedy School of Government and Lindiwe Mazibuko, Fall 2015 Fellow, Institute of Politics, Harvard University.

Mazibuko, 35, is former Member of Parliament and parliamentary leader for the opposition Democratic Alliance in South Africa.

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85 thoughts on “Joyce Banda meets US Secretary of State John Kerry: Speaks to Harvard University students on women leadership”

  1. Fuck you says:

    This is bullshit, what for????? at this state of affairs busy addressing women shit for what?????? Fuck that, fuck that US secretary fuck the students, fuck anybody who was there fuck you all

  2. KoKolikoko says:

    Omayi kuno kuli njala chaka chino kazibwerani mudzatiphikire nsima!!!!!!

  3. Wilson Banda says:

    Proper leadership and governance need wisdom and intelligence.

  4. Balamanthu says:

    Amayi bwerani kumuzi.Bububu anatipatsa mbwiye Mbendera atalira ching’ang’adza angoba kuno, kulandira ziphuphu kwamwenye ndi ma lebanese ndinso kungosolola nkumatikalipira ngati ife timadya kunyumba kwache.Mbuzi ya mano kunsi-iyeyo amati Nyaphaphi!


  5. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    Mayi pamene zafikapa ndi Boma la… Tazindikila kut ofunikila ndi inu.. Kuno zinthu zanyasa.. Bwelan amama… Muzatiphule kumotooooo

  6. mankhaule mlamuu baaabaa says:

    Amai tabwerani kuno mudzathetse milandu. u will not be persecuted but prosecuted. Asiyeni azunguwo kaya mukumana ndi ndani kaya ndani mudze kuno. Mantha ngati khwangwala baasi. unamumva mzungu uja, atitu big fish itofunika, motl
    mmene u were shakn hands ndi azunguwo mumtima mwawo amangoti BIG FISH ija ndiimeneyi, kumakuaekelelaaa iwe uli mweeeeeee azungu azungu, akusewera ndi BIG FISH

  7. Spectator. says:

    Ena akapita kumeneko amakomana ndi ma councilors’ inu mpaka J K mpaka Ku Harvard University azungu amakukondani heavy koma manyasa samakukondani. Okondedwa ndi azungu ededwa ndi manyasa mwaona manje

  8. DOBO says:

    Point taken,these whites have all machinary to know what is actually happening in other countries. They know that DPP is waste genesis and waste plunder of state resources in Malawi.They know that Joice Banda just inherited the system and continued it for her PP. They that know she has the right information about cashgate and started it being well linked with DPP. Donors will never have trust in DPP. Malawi will suffer under DPP and don’t cheat ourselves that Malawi survive well without western Doors.May be in 30 yrs time but for the time being its is a long way to go only to fooled that things will improve

  9. Malawians Lets Recommend What The Former State President Is Doing She Is Doing This To Influence Some Pple Who Can Assist This Collapsing Economy

  10. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Odi Uko Mayi Banda Aduse

  11. Chidzukulu says:

    Tabwerani kumudzi anthu akukufunani muzaone mmene akuzuzikira nci umbava wanu uja. Anyamata anu munkawatuma aja enatu adalowa kale mndende. Inunso zitseko za ndende zili dakhwi dakhwi kukonzekera kukulandilani. Musadandaule muzikapanga speaking engagements ku ndende konko. Munameza zambiri mai

  12. nyolokan says:

    Malawians not only do we forget easily but our politics is too partisan, hence we do not differentiate between governance and politicking. Joyce Banda oversaw the biggest plunder of government coffers during her twp year tenure as the president, yet the people have arleady forgotten and they want her back at the helm. We have gotten carried away with praise of JB’s globe trotting meeting important public figures, yet no one questions why she can not come back to Malawi, no one asks where she get the money to spend outside the country for that long, dont you think all these expenses could have supported a one dispensary let alone a District hospital in Malawi? Obviously yes. The real reason she met Sec.John Kerry was to seek the US intervention into her pending ARREST in Malawi due to CASHGATE. So let us not prop JB once more. she had her time and it was a misery.

  13. Mlaliki says:

    Azungu akufuna kuziwa chifukwa chomwe a malawi anadana naye. Remember even failures are popular at school.

  14. clement says:

    Mayi Amandasi!

  15. Nyirongo says:

    Paja ndichikhalidwe chake chosata mzake mmapazi..

  16. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Very sad that she is busy buying sympathy from Azungu a ku America. Go ahead but forget that you will never be president again of Malawi. How can loose while you were in control of resources at your disposal

  17. Zaid says:

    Koma akukhala kuti a former president

  18. thokophil says:

    She Deserves Credit

  19. Mwala omwe amisili anaukana unasanduka wapangodya.

  20. kusimbwa says:

    If I were the current president I could have persuaded jb to assist me in running the government but alas see what is happening here kaduka kuphangira kufuna kutchuka ndizimenezi dziko lirimmanja mwagaru

  21. jk says:

    So what?? Remember, she is just a woman who was once a president. Remember, she is not a Lecturer at Havard, nor is she studying PHD there. Wangodutsako basi.

  22. bernard chimangeni says:

    Joyce Banda is doing personal business not for the benefit of the country

  23. Mafikizolo says:

    To be quite honest, the events captured in this article look more distinguished and more presidential than the so – called public lecture attended by the Ben Phiris of this world which APM delivered in a small “class-room” at Yale University a few days ago .

  24. mbuli67 says:

    Zamkutu, za ziii, zopanda mchere, a Malawi angapindule nazo chiyani ndi zimenezi? Zasiyana chiyani ndikutiuza kuti ndiri ndi ma million Ku ma bank a Ku USA? Andale onse ndi a bakha basis!

  25. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Yea, dziko mwaliyenda ama kkkkkkkkk. Tikukufunirani nthawi yabwino.

  26. Mirella K says:

    ‘Speaks to Harvard University students on women leadership’? Where did she start at? Haha by the way, iyi bolatu kusiyana ndi Yale ija! Kuberana shine-tu uku haha!!

  27. Peter Truman says:

    The former president is progressing well. DPP nearly rape the constitution when they were blocking Joyce from taking the leadership. I think Joyce is better off staying outside Malawi than coming home and Pitala starting witch hunting her.

    Pitala is dictator just like his brother. It is paining him seeing Joyce is recognize internationally more than himself.

  28. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    In this setting, Joisi Banda is out of place; like fish out of water.
    This is abundantly evident in her body language. Waste of time and resources. Her speech was as simple as they come: nothing sophisticated, especially considering she was “head of state”. But then, she never went beyond form 5 (old Cambridge) at Providence Secondary School, in Mulanje. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as she does not pretend otherwise.
    How long is she going to milk this cow – the one of associating with influential people, like John Kerry, or top notch institutions, like Harvard? Or by blatantly capitalizing on photo opps? (John Kerry could not say “no” to appearing in the same photo, even though though he knew Joisi Banda was going to capitalize on this.)
    In the eye of the average Malawian, the “bao player”, none of this can erase Jooisi Banda’s involvement in Cashgate. Asa!

  29. I do not have any problem personally with JB, neither I’m I a fan of APM. I have a problem when the Americans give conflicting signals on the issues relating to Malawi, to the extent that they may end up causing confusion in the country.

    Here is JB side by side with none other than the US Secretary of State, after being given a podium to address students at an American university. APM, the president was recently in the US, he even gave a lecture at a university, but John Kerry was no where near. Only a few weeks ago, the American Ambassador in Malawi made comments on the ongoing cash gate trials and insinuated that she would like to see big fish being netted. Although she never gave specifics, one is left guessing as to whom she was referring to, given recent confessions of some convicted individuals in the cash gate cases. What message is the US trying to convey? Are they intending to bring some political heavyweights on a collision course or what? Tikukuonanitu.

  30. Clement says:

    Stubborn woman but is she coming?? I can see she is playing delays tactics but no matter what how long you will hide there you will come back or else police Interpol will drop their job. Mwanyongo, tell your gogo friend and you must remind her that her husband is alone here.

  31. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Witness in 3 court cases jb come and stand in court


    This is the kind of a Leader Malawi need! Not the dictator and corrupt type of Peter Mutharika. Amai JB! U will come back to rule Malawi,just wait and see what God has instore for u.God bless Malawi!!

  33. MamAwee says:

    Even the Queen knows that there is a woman of influence called JB. If JB was still the President Of Malawi.
    ………………. Look how influential this woman is. Holding meeetings with JKerry. Its not easy to get to meet people like him.
    That tells us JB is big and influential.

  34. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Ena ankati “ng’ombe yaikazi sikoka ngolo” but as things are moving in Malawi, Joyce Banda was a lesser evil. Pano ng’ombe yaimuna yachiwewe ikukoka ngolo but direction sikudziwika ya ngoloyo.

  35. Kandapako says:

    Peter Mutharika, iwenso paja ukuti unakumana ndi ma president ndi anthu ochuka ena mmene unali ku UNGA. Tionetseni zithunzi zaketu!!! Mzimayi wationetsa umbonitu apa.

  36. Ogello oponyo says:

    What’s up sister are you running out of clothes. I notice you keep wearing the same outfit wherever you go. Bwererani kumudzi mayi

  37. Ntengatenga Ndi Ntokoma says:


  38. Fantabulous says:

    Lets hope JB didn’t tell Jkerry about APM loaded Accounts in US to be investigated coz it seems JB is Influential. Lets wait and see.

    But Mama mukukhwana. Mpaka kuonana ndi Secretary of State yet you are out of Office. People they look and wait for those opportunities but Opportunities follow you. You are blessed.

  39. koma says:

    Our President paid a Visit at Blantyre water board escorted by larger than life people. Look J Kelly , just a few people others are in Offices working. Africa will never change really. Appeasement too much no production. Yet we ve been told we should forget about handouts.

  40. Benson T Phiri says:

    asegula mimba basi or else cardiac will arise more fire JB kambani zonse za 577 billion cash gate kumeneko .timakunyadirani mai 2019 boma

  41. Phinifolo says:

    Kodi Pitala cardiac arrest imupeza liti kuti tipume mavutowa. Achina Mutharikawa ndi wongobweresa mavuto. Kumbukirani mchimwene wake za kusowa kwa forex, mafuta, sugar etc. Pano Pitala nayo wagwa nayo dziko la Malawi.

  42. syamboza says:

    uyu nde presdent sizinazi kulephera chilichonse Mayi 2019 mudzalitenge Boma lanuli chitsiluchi kuba ndil alomwe anzake

  43. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I’m looking forward to the day when all Malawian leaders, inside and outside, will swallow their selflessness and work together, without revenge, fear, bitterness and out of campaign mood for the good of mother Malawi.

  44. popapo says:

    Joyce mwamkana, Bishiri mukumukana nanga Malawi woti muzaMbvomera akhale ndani? mUMAYIMBA KUTI USIWA WATHA, USIWA WATHA (A SPLASH KUIKA VOLUME KUTI ANTHU AMVE BWINO) nanga usiwawo watha !!!

  45. Myao says:


  46. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    A woman of substance. A born leader,osati zinazi.

  47. brit chiumia says:

    better to have azimayi kulamula,than amuna ongoganiza zawo komanso osaganizira a mphawi.kayatitani ife amalawi ntchitonso zikatha?

  48. drogba says:

    Kkkkkk Malawians, still living in that era where meeting and talking to a white man is a big achievement. too pathetic you people

  49. Kavuluvulu says:

    That was an empty forum.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  50. Masoambeta says:

    Why is this woman constantly outside the country? Who is paying for her absence in malawi?

  51. blessing lipengs says:

    The thinking of Malawians sometimes is very strange! where in the wold can a mere visit of a briefly former President after visiting a US secretary of State has ever translated into economic success of the country. Joice Banda failed to lead Malawi miserably ,how can the whole President be going out to giving goats and cows ! she never stayed in the office a month , she was always on the move .
    The truth is no matter how great she may be ! its about selfishness and has nothing to do with the well being of Malawians .which female leader can emulate Her leadership style?
    Joyce Banda, Bakili , Bingu , peter are the reasons why malawi is poor

  52. Alole says:

    UKumva bwanji multmillionar? Osatsegula mmimbatu eeh! Thumb up our JB

  53. Stampycious says:

    We dnt need u Pitala, Ok? Chikamayankhula ngati chayika mitanda 10 mkamwa, palibe chomwe chimamveka olo

  54. ODALA says:

    PP+MCP Boma…zinazi ndi nyansi!

  55. Stampycious says:

    Iwe ng’we ng’we ng’we ng’we ngati zikukuwawa kagone panjanje sitima ikuponde sitikukusowa ayi, JB forward ever, backward never. We are always proud of you amai.

  56. mMalawi says:

    Amjiba bambo. Munthu wamayi wamkulukulu. Igweeeeee. Go JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. sapitwa says:

    APM addressed students a Yale University. Did Malawi benefit from his story? No! Obama invited young African Leaders last year including from Malawi and posed on a photograph with them. Did Malawi benefit from this? No!
    JB addressed so many forums in the world during the past year. Did Malawi benefit from these addresses? No!

    APM visited China and New York recently. Did Malawi benefit? Yes; K17bn from China and K9bn from America. He is going to India. Is Malawi going to benefit? Yes. Money for BWB.

    I recently visited Capitol Hill into the Parliament Chamber and House Congress and went into the Dome. Being a Malawian, did this benefit Malawi? No!

    It is left to you to make choices for issues that are important and those that are garbage!

  58. ZZ Junior says:

    Odi Uko. Chiwongolero Amai

  59. Denguzman says:

    She is a strong uman, osateketseka koma zake zikuyenda mwa smart. Tikamati utsogoleri siu Professor think nokha mumatha kuwona.

  60. the truth says:

    You clap hands when she is busy spending your millions on PR stunts using Cashgate and presidential jets proceeds. Shame on you handclappers.The nation is suffering yet she is hopping from on bed to another. It’s only in Malawi whrn people celebrate with taxpayers’ money

  61. Wamile says:

    a 2year president, shame!

  62. nyadani mutchona says:


  63. james mbondo Gundaphiri says:

    Mayi pls tabwelani muzamuchonsepo pampando wanuwu uyu ati peter

  64. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Mwawaona amayitu… Kupanga zakupsya. Nde wina adziti ng’we ng’we ng’we!!!

  65. anadimba says:

    mayi Banda mwatenga uproffessor basi.tamvana zimenezo?ziko ambiri.

  66. John Magalasi says:

    this is very gud,but amyi tikufa kuno kumudzi ndi ukavu ,hungry, madzinso ,ploblem, tikanena za ulova ndiye iiiiii iiii iiii tisakambe.ukadandaula tikugoti ngwe ngwe ngwe ngati achome,cats ndiye poti aliyense amalirira amake we are craying to our mother pastors, priestsakutilimbisa mtima kuti tisadandaule God is looking at us.

  67. joh says:

    vuto la amalawi munthu akachita zabwino u dont comment. ufiti basi.. this is inspiring our mother

  68. i miss kamuzu says:

    masteni ndiyamba kuwasapota tsopano. zikuoneka kuti ndi a chikoka. kaya ikagwira line frenzo yawo ija hillary clinton ndiye zitha bwanji kaya. ehe

  69. Chrispine Salanje says:

    koma kumeneko,JB ndiwe Katundu Muzito

  70. mtate mike rsa says:

    To be agood leader is not aselfmade it is the pipo who recognise u can be aprofesa with empty head. Joice Banda true Malawian her property is in Malawi born in Malawi grewup in Malaw even Dr H ngwazi yeniyeni the owner of Malawi development knows Joice education well.BIGUP MAMA I LOVE U.BUT PLZ JUST 4GIVE THEM THEY DON’T HOW TO RUN GOVERNMENT THE BLIND CAN NOT LEAD ANOTHER ALL THE BEST MAMA

  71. ECONOMIST says:

    JOICE BANDA NDI DILU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. time wasters says:

    This clearly shows the west don’t like mutharika and dpp,but JB.This is enough proof,the mistake made on 20 may 2014 is too huge to be borne,condolences malawians,for the coming 4 more years.

  73. Thyolo Thava says:

    Pitala ukumva bwani mthupimo

  74. nkhedu says:

    Zikumuwawayo should just go & hug a transformer .iyaaa!!!

  75. Mlauzi says:

    Influential lady. A good man (woman) is never honoured in his (her) own yard. Kunena zoona, nthawi ya mayiyu zinthu zimayenda bwino

  76. Ndatani says:

    APM choncho osapuma bwino ayi. He wishes it was him meeting John Kerry. Cardiac arrest should come upon you (APM) soon so that you can rest and Malawi flourishes again.

  77. mbi says:

    That’s Amayi for you

  78. EDSON JOWELO says:

    ambiyazodooka mwasowa zolemba eti mabvuto alimunowa nesa abwera ndi huleli ish a musatinyasepo apa ndi hule lanulo

  79. Stambuli wa ku karonga says:

    This just goes to show how bigger a loser is Peter mutharika and his lack of capabilities. Joyce banda has really outshined Peter mutharika

  80. mapapaya says:

    Uyu ofuna kummanga chifukwa wayamba kunyada wamva iye kuti samangidwa.

  81. Nyazgambo says:

    Hihihi, wina kumva kuwawa

  82. jack Phalombe says:

    We are proud of you keep it up

  83. Mbiyazodooka says:

    There are only two Malawians who, if treated properly, are capable of bringing the much needed forex to the ailing economy and these are Joyce Banda and Major 1.

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