Joyce Banda reacts to Lutepo’s cashgate allegations

  • Lutepo claims JB was main beneficiary of cashgate

  • JB says allegations are false, malicious

  • Lutepo is being used as a pawn to drag JB into cashgate

  • There are written confessions on implicating JB

  • K92bn cashgate should not be swept under the carpet


Malawi former president Joyce Banda has denied allegations made by chief suspect in cashgate scandal, Oswald Lutepo on Zodiak Broadcasting Station that while she was Head of State, she was the “main beneficiary” of the money Lutepo had admitted he was siphoning off money from government coffers through fraudulent use of procurement systems.

Banda: Allegations are false and malicious

Banda: Allegations are false and malicious

Lutepo told the radio in an exclusive interview he claimed was conducted in his hide-out that indeed he admits wrong doing in the looting of public funds but that he was only “a conduit” in the whole cashgate scandal

Banda, who became southern Africa’s first female head of state in 2012, said Lutepo’s allegations are “false, malicious, defamatory “and a calculated attempt by some desperate quarters to implicate her in the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

In a statement her media liaison officer Tusekele Mwanyongo issued on Friday, she said is fully aware that issues of cashgate are presently in court and it is unacceptable, under the law, to comment on such matters – however she said considering the gravity of allegations made by. Lutepo, she is left with no choice but to set the record straight, “for posterity.”

The statement said Lutepo’s allegations come fast on the heels of the Forensic Audit by UK’s Baker Tilly on cashgate where Banda’s name does not appear anywhere in the report contrary to the expectations of some quarters and yet Lutepo’s name appears prominently in that report hence his present indictment.

According to the statement, Banda is aware that in the absence of her name in the Forensic Audit Report, “her political detractors are using Mr. Lutepo as a pawn to drag her in the mud in order to dent her reputation as a citizen of Malawi, wife, mother, politician and philanthropist.”

The former president said it has been in the public domain that Lutepo has been under pressure to implicate her in exchange for his own freedom or failing which his wife and daughter would be arrested on related charges.

Banda also said she has in possession “written confessions by other cashgate suspects” that some state agents have been pressurizing them to implicate her.

“These written confessions would be made public at an appropriate time,” reads the statement.

The statement said Lutepo’s allegations “smell fishy, especially coming at a time when there is growing discontentment among Malawians following the deteriorating economic situation. Calls for the return to Malawi of the former Head of State have grown louder and some quarters seem to be panicking hence the demonization campaign against her.”

Banda appealed to her People’s Party (PP) supporters, her family, relatives and friends to “remain calm” in the light of the on-going “political witch-hunt and machinations.”

The former president said remains “resolute as a servant of the people, particularly the marginalized and disadvantaged.”

She encourages Malawians and the country’s leadership to concentrate more on dealing with the worsening political, social and economic situation than listening to a cashgate suspect Lutepo who she said has so far proved to be “unreliable, untrustworthy and susceptible to manipulation”, pointing it that that apart from the cashgate charges, Lutepo is also answering other charges bordering on telling lies.

Another charge Lutepo is facing is that of attempted murder of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

The Cashgate scandal first came to light following the near-fatal shooting of Mphwiyo, who is thought to have been about to blow the whistle on the scam.

In the police raids that followed, civil servants were discovered with thousands of dollars stashed in their car boots and at their homes.

Banda insists the corruption began 15 years ago and was ignored by previous presidents yet she braved to tackling the graft head-on and called for forensic audit. She said instead of focusing on extorting information from Lutepo and others, authorities must also focus on getting to the root of other financial scandals, such as the much-touted MK92 billion scam during the DPP-area, which have had a negative impact on the national economy.

The former Malawi leader denies any wrong doing in cashgate, saying during her reign, she dedicated her efforts to ensuring that all people involved in the plunder of public resources face the law.

Lutepo in the radio interview also sounded political, apologising to President Peter Mutharika, saying he is sorry to him as he will fail to govern due to economic turmoil caused by about K20 billion cashgate under Banda rule. He did not mention of the K92 billion cashgate under DPP rule.

Banda said even though she inherited an ailing economy which was also affected by K92 billion cashgate, she did well with her reformist agenda after the death of her autocratic predecessor Bingu wa Mutharika.

“ Malawians are well aware of her achievements during her two-year reign, which included reliable electricity and water supply, sufficient food for citizens, sufficient fuel and forex, improved rural housing, successful Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP), fertilizer loan scheme, respect of freedom of speech and press,” reads the statement.

Banda believes that the only way out of the current “economic political quagmire” is for the present administration to reach out to other leaders, including her, to explore common spaces and find workable solutions for sustainable economic, social and political development.

“Political witch-hunting will only serve to exacerbate the already hostile environment,” she said.

Banda is, meanwhile, consulting her legal advisors to determine the way forward following Lutepo’s allegations.

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129 thoughts on “Joyce Banda reacts to Lutepo’s cashgate allegations”

  1. WA DPP says:

    We r now tired of de so called cash gate. Peter z a thief he can’t deny dat. Siuyu mchipwene wake anapezeka ndi ma dollars kuchipinda atafa. Anali minister den. Ndizokhazokha zakuba kungotiseka mmaso amalawi. Lutepo ur mad wid de money unakakumbira pansi zija kakumbe ukuzunza anthu iwe. Tikufuna chitukuko osati daily Lutepo khumbo kachali. After a peter atakunyemerani kuti zimuthere.

  2. supporter says:

    mama, dont worry these people they lack intergrity , you will overpower them and they will confess to you mama

  3. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Mavuto pa Malawi dziko lakukanikani a DPP

  4. oswald litepo says:

    Amayi siolakwa iya odi uko !!!! Boma la ddp ZANGOVUTA

  5. skalind B M says:


  6. KK says:

    mayiwa ndichisiru kuba amatero,ine ndimaziwa chifukwa chikakamira iye kuti mavoti awelengedwenso amafuna kuti awine zoterezi zitsapangike,azingobabe

  7. Sekani Wambina says:

    It is utter foolishness to ever think JB can think of stealing from her own government. Not only is it impossible but also it is incomprehensible. JB is a patriot. She is suffering for the sake of poor Malawians. She has the welfair of poor malawians at heart. Viva JB viva.

  8. kashigeti says:

    Someone correct me if am wrong: didn’t her Excellency the madame president and her PP accept a donation of 22 vehicles or so from Lutepo ?? When quizzed on this generous gift she indicated its not up to her to find out where the suspect Lutepo got the money and that all she knows is that the suspect donated the 22 vehicles? Come’ on guys isn’t obvious that the Chief lady was involved here. Where and when in Malawi have you ever heard of one man donating 22 vehicles to a single party. !?? A malawi mwatani kodi. Anyway, Oswald- I just wish you had said no to be used- tawona tsopano its your name not JB’ s on the chopping board. I feel sorry 4 u. But its obvious you were used.!

  9. M,KHWEMA says:

    LUTEPO,uyiwale zoti ukageba ndi amayi,ndi wekha basi! kkkkk! iwe ndi wa PP.usayiwale.! DPP. Ikumangokugwiritsa ntcito.pepa mnzanga!

  10. M,KHWEMA says:

    LUTEPO ,a complete and dangerous mbava (thief .) too late 4 lies . u will face law.

  11. ABzione says:

    The sad thing about all of this is, nothing will come out this, just like the Ministry Education Scandal, the Maize Scandal etc years back. And you know why? Because they can get away with murder! The Terezas and the like are the ones that will pay for the crime (no way is this an endorsement). Pretty soon life will come to normal as usual, i.e. People suffering, complaining of hard life and yes siphoning government funds including siphoning the repossessed funds and property from the so called CASHGATE. Back to square one until the next episode.

  12. Bua Shire Lake Nyasa says:

    Mwaiwala kuti mayiwa adanena kale kuti iwo ndi ongolandila zakubazo iwo alibe mlandu???????BIG FISH IS JB NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.KKKKKK

  13. Overseer says:

    At first ndimaganiza kuti mzimayi angasunge mtundu koma mmmh ngati kuli mbava yoopsa kumalawi ndi yachizimayi Joice Banda. Kuba opanda manyazi, mopandanso chisoni bola zake ndi anake ziyende. Kuba osasiya trace kuposa tcheya. Koma mkazi uyu iiih professor in thefty ideologies.

  14. Nyenyeni says:

    A Malawi u lived so much in darkness n fo u to realise sum realsitic things it will take u long,school ndiyofunika kwambiri bt its unfortunate it has landed on the minority here so bear in mind justice may be blind but it can see in the darkness.

  15. Old APM says:

    Lutepo, JB, APM onsewa akuba. Remember K92,000,000,000 that went missing during first DPP rule? Why is it that the money is not being mentioned. Akadzalowa wina nanunso a DPP waku Maula.

    1. seventeen says:

      Palibe umboni wa 92 billuion, JB was in power bwanji anagoti chete. Nde kuti palibe umboni kapena apo bii anadya limodzi.

  16. Mbakwazulu says:

    Angozooo! inuso mwasanduka khoti? Kapena ndinu Judge? Kodi ndinudi m’malawi oti mumatsatiladi ndale za malawi kapena za a DPP akakhala m’boma momwe zimayendela? mwa Chitsanzo, Dr.B Muluzi, Boma lomwero la DPP linamumanga ankatiso waba ndalama za boma, lero nkhaniyo mumayimvaso momwe yidathera? lero siawa alinso limodzi. a DPP womwewoso adamsemelaso nyau Dr. Cassim Chilumpha kuti amafuna kupha Bingu, nanga nkhaniyo mumayidziwaso pomwe yidathera? Leronso ndi izi ayambaso za mayi Banda. M’malo moti akhale bize kukonza dziko likuwonongekali. mzanga Ngozo, tiye tigalamuke. Lero ndimasiku ena a ndalewa asamatitenge ngati tikanagonabe tulo, kuti boma akamalephera kuyendetsa azisemela anzawo nyau, ndicholinga choti anthufe tisamakhale ndi chidwi pakulephela kwawo kuyendetsa boma m’malo mwake tidzikhala bize kumamvetsera ma propaganda awowo. Angozo kuyambira lero mukhala mzanga weniweni, a ndalewaa mpira wawo ndiwomwewo wopondana. Ife tiyeni tidekhe tiwonele limodzi momwe zidzathere, Tatopa ndikunamizidwa.

  17. kingsley kaund says:

    Amayiwa chilango chake angopohedwabasi chifukwa akubwenzera chitukuko mbuyo

  18. Mau anga says:

    Do u know how much we r suffering bcoz what u did. How can u plunder the cash which would have been used for the whole solid year. Malawi iz our country,where do u think we can go and survive? Kungowamanga osabweza ndalama zilibe meaning. Mulungu akhululukileni amai potisautsa ife.

  19. Michal says:

    the light and darkness never meets,some people says two parallel line never meets,in ths situation a great miracle is to happen whch z absolutely obvious at grassroom,
    a human being never signs in the running water,but only WaTeR whch ar calm a person signs with happnes-UNITY AND FREEDOM. Oh LORD HEAR OUR CRY!

  20. Dr nyasaland says:

    Who is the owner of the buses?that are in area 30

  21. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    why do these other cash gate suspects talk to Joyce Banda when hey know that they are in trouble because of her. There must be a links. They Shared the money. Confess God forgives and You will earn eternal life.

  22. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    I said a year ago that if our justice system was robust the entire PP executive should have been operating from Maula prison cell

  23. Angozo says:

    Amayi wa asakane anabadi bwanji nthawi imene Mphwiyo anaomberedwa iwo adanena poyela kuti anthu amene anachita zimenezo akuwadziwa, anawadziwa bwanji? Asamukanile Lutepo tonse tikudziwa kuti anali mwana wawo wa pa mtima. Ndiye kumanena kuti ndi za ndale zopusa basi, ndale yachiyani? Zikakhudza wa udindo ndi ndale koma zikakhudza opanda udindo ndiye ndi kuba. Kodi andale munakhala bwanji? JB anabadi akhaula ndipo ndibwino kulapa ngati m’mene wachitila Lutepo chifukwa boma limulanga koma Mulungu amukhululukila. JB, let me tell you, nobody is influencing Lutepo, there is no politics in cash gate. Do you hear me.

  24. Chiyendausiku says:

    Asakane jb anadya zochuluka amene

  25. Bwanji lutepo sadatchure a chakwera koma watchura iwe joyce banda? Ukuziwapotu kanthu apa osamanamizira kuti its govt plan to implicate you… Ndiwe oyipatu … Pliz mungobweza ma taxes athu coz munalanga mizimu yosalakwa…kulira kwathu simuzapeza mtandere paziko lino…

  26. Njolopingo says:

    If beneficiaries are to be taken to task, then it will not be JB alone, Lutepo donated a lot of money to building of Church in Kasungu at which he is a member. I hope the church also need to be answerable to the same. He took his retired civil servant father from the village and brought him to town (Kasungu) and bought him even a car of his own, then this oldman also need to be aswerable as well for benefiting from stollen money, hope his entire family won’t be left behind since they are direct benefectors of this dirt-cash, up untill all this is done shall we say justice is really taking it’s course.

  27. Nyapapi says:

    Baker Tilly is a bunch of gutter accountants with no credibility whatsoever! They were hired without following proper procedures with the sole purpose of keeping Joyce Banda out of this shit! That’s why she keeps on referring to their stupid report that it does not mention her!

    Mzimayi wakuba uyu sidzinawonekenso pa Nyasaland!

  28. ndizoona koma chilungamo chimawawa

  29. Mupenga Ndi Nkhaniyi says:

    Do not sweep Lutepo’s Confessions under carpet. Use Call Logs between JB and Lutepo and get to the CCCTv if the palace has any.Ask Lutepo what made him donate more than 20 vehicles to PP Party. Companies give back to the society for their service and support. What did PP or JB do to Lutepo to warrant that magnitude of Gift. From which profits.

    It totally stupid for JB to think she is innocent on this matter. Kasambara already stated that JB would be his witness over Mphwiyo attempted killing. Mphwiyo must come in the open also to clear the mist because he was also used.

    Joyce Banda you stole through these innocent chaps and you want them punished. You say there is 92 billion stollen before you stole your portion which must be investigated also. Do you realise what you are saying? Are you saying you stole 20 billion because your master boss Bingu stole 92 billion.Is it why you never saw each others eye.

    Dada Joyce Banda do you realise that Bingu was dead long ago and that you will be answearable since you were second in comand and that you never resigned then.

    Let us push the matter and watch we are here to see who gets the fixing!!!

  30. Lottie says:

    Well let us hope that Lutepo does not needlessly implicate the former president. In my opinion, though, JB should be careful in the manner she responds to these allegations. We remember very well that she publicly said that she knew who were behind the attempted murder of Phwiyo. Later on she recoiled. Later on she said that beneficiaries of stolen money and or goods were not to blame. The nation wondered what she meant by these words. Now she says she has written confessions of people being pressured by state agents to have her implicated. She even promises that these confessions will be publicised in due course. Well, let us wait and see. My advice though to JB is that you have your peace in tact if you did not benefit from stolen money. Stay cool and do your business. The arm of the law can not come knocking on your door if you are innocent. My advice to LUtepo: as a nation we have noted your confession – however, we still need the truth, nothing but the truth. The nation is crying for the truth. What really happened? Wait until the right time and make sure that you have solid evidence to substantiate your claims. All those who are involved in the entire ‘cash gate value chain’ are fidgeting like a fish that is threatened with drought.

  31. phunda says:

    IMO madyera ndipo mukudziwana. You may not have left traces but traces are within yourselves and one day you will account for it.

  32. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Abiti pipiiiiiiiiiiiii yanyamuka waku mikuyu. Anthuni ife timkadabwa munthu akaba wopasidwa zakuba alibe mulandu. Abiti amkakamba lutepo atangomangidwa kumene lero zaululika wopasidwayo tamuziwa amalawi.
    Kodi MCP & kabwila mutipo ciani tsopano. Nkhani iyitu yobwera yokha osacitanso kufunsa zambiri.
    Lutepo well done, usakakanenso ai kuti akakumange caka cimodzi basi.

  33. Mendulo says:

    It is also possible that JB could also be implicated in the 92bn because she was very influencial, up to VP in the DPP government. She only fell out of favour with only 3 years remaining of Bingu rule. So she was in that camp for 7 years, the last two as VP

    1. Perks says:

      Very true.

  34. kagonanitu says:

    Tikuzizwa yayi kuyambira pa kwamba uyo wakulondezga nkhani iyi wunenesko ngwakuti tikulimbana na amama chiuta ndiyo wakumanya icho chilipo. udani poti ndi amayi 92 billion sitimayiwona nthawi ija tikuvutika mayendedwe koma pano mupwetekesa mubale wanu anthu amapemphera tuu kunja kuno ndipo mulungu amamva.

  35. mwama says:

    Lutepo must be an angel devil who dwells between truth and lie. Achititsa manyazi onse ophunzira kudzera mu unima.

  36. 92 billion speculation came to light when Joyce Banda was still a temporary,acting head of state
    one should wonder if the allegation holds any truth` what prohibited her to prosecute the matter?
    don’t befuddle Malawians,there’s no such thing as 92 billion
    If I heard him right(Lutepo) said he have evidence at his disposal……so chill Ngumbi potuluka amayamba ndiagang’a

  37. Jimz says:

    Lutepo is hiding to mama while he knows that is pleasing new government failling to do what mai Joice did when DPP finished our nice country

  38. Haw says:

    Amai anati, kodi wina akaba ndikukupatsa iwe zobedwazo ndiye kuti iwe wabanso? In law, is this not convictitable? You accept things that you are fully aware that are stilen, then are you not an interested party? What about the 22 vehicles plus buses? Amaitu apa tsono simuithawa nkhaniyi. Zavuta basi.

  39. mayeso pindani says:

    No secret under the sun,jetgate,tembogate and maize gate to follow malawians arent fools chifukwa choti bingu anaba iweso kuba ndiye kamufukule ayankhe ngati zingatheke

  40. big thought says:

    Please write as if you are not courts how do you know JB is innocent or not? Let Lutepo explain in detail what really happened from the start up to the shooting of Mphwiyo? And also where did he get money to purchase and donate vehicles to the party? Was he himself a well wisher if so why couldn’t he buy maize and give it to the poor in those days? I am crying for my good land Malawi.

  41. Odala Tili Odala says:

    If its true then she has to face the consequences; however i smell staging of the situation! Hey think about this ‘ if Lutepo is realy sory for stealing Malawians money, why is he apologizing peter mutharika as a president instead of Malawians whose money he stole? Think Malawians think

  42. Isaac says:

    Had he known, Bingu would have not chosen Joyce Banda to be the VP. Just look at her reactions to the claims made by Lutepo. She wants others to be sentenced yet they did it for her. Lutepo pointed out clearly that he took the money and hand it over to JB and she denies it. After all why the call logs requested by Lutepo were not brought forward? She knew they will be strong evidence that will lead her to imprisonment.

  43. Tambala says:

    Though Lutepo is not realible but it’s true that Joyce benefited in this cash gate, you can run but you can not hide from God considering number of people who die becoz of this cash gate ,until now our country is still bleeding from this and is going to take years for the country to heal from this wounds.God will punish you if you had hand in this game.

  44. Bantu says:

    Banda would have been prudent to consult her lawyers before making this unwise denial. It is clearly that Abiti Mtila will forever remain Abiti Mtila

  45. Wazala Lutepo says:

    Amayi Mtima Pasi Iwo Alipagulu Galu Woyamba Ndi Peter Lutepo Unya Zosayamba Ziphinjo

  46. Dausi says:

    JB, ndiwe woyera, mlandu sapakana ngati soap.

  47. ngwazi kumzuzu says:

    ena akamangidwa ku police ndi maBP, koma uyu Lutepo wachita misala. St Johns mental services kamuoneni wodwala uyu kumene akuti akubisalako.CHONDE !!!!!!

  48. wobeba wanga says:

    Lutepo watopa ndi ulemu, he knows well his destiny and has no reason as to why hiding the chief cashgate. Lutepo is right indeed, JB is in the group. I wondered why the report did not even mention JB guys, could that be true??? She might be involved in one way or the other

  49. Muchizi John says:

    Lupeto is a very unreliable witness. I doubt whether this character is in sound mind. What he’s said at different times points to a person with mental disability. For anybody sensible enough Lutepo’s confession is nothing less than a joke. If I were JB I wouldn’t even bother to react.

  50. my former predent please this world its like a ball things are touchining and it rotate one thing to remind you is you were not born in Uk if you are true mother say the truth about Lutepo’s allegations. remember these points when you were asked by malawians about cashgate
    1 my ministers did not know computer
    2 22 pps party vehicles were bought by well wishers you didn’t mention whom well wishers
    now Lutepo saying that it was planned for campaign
    3 many Malawians advised you on travel we did not forget you speech saying your
    trip was funded by well wisher you were not even mentioning them then we should say Lutepo is mud today NOTE lutepo is challenging that even cctv cameras can show several times when he was visit state house .
    my play malawians lets jacap follow our leaders they will not cheat us and these they should avoid cheating whitepeople smoke can not be smoke without fire Joice Banda has to face law
    if 92bmk during time of late Bingu is trurth then let tembo answer the same charge what want is our leaders should handling of cash and departments and even respect the citizens.

  51. Wakukaya. says:

    Lutepo zamupengesa ndalama.JB simungamuthe.

  52. Kaya Watani says:

    Lutepo is right, since he was promised protection and bussiness in Government when JB was a leader, You were the beneficialy considering all statements you have been telling people, you thought you were smart, the law has to take its cause

  53. Khongoni Boy says:

    Lutepo Mbuzi Za Anthu Ndi Zodiak Yakoyo Leav Mai Alone Wanva

  54. saulosi Chilima says:

    I can’t trust Lutepo now, why didn’t you implicate her in the first place when you were taken to court? Now because Attorny Genaral and his team have forced you to implicate her then you come on air to do it. I cannot rule out 100% her involvement in this cashgate scandal but the way it has bn handled leaves alot to be desired. If you have the tangible evidence that will convince the court beyond reasonable doubt that the woman was involved then it’s good, let her face it. But don’t fool the nation by giving an oral evidence instead of a written one, because no onewill trust it. All in all am glad that you have accepted you stole our money though it was on radio but am hopeful you will do likewise in court so that you serve the court’s time. The court will only have to come up with a verdict to either incarcerate you or let you go scort free as per what you agreed and signed with Mathanyula. But one thing you should know is that if the government decides to free you because you have done their wish know that mob justice is just waiting for you paja akuba onse timaotcha masiku ano. Every one connected to this foolish animal be it Abiti Mtila will have to test the sweetness of Malawi’s prisons. Behold your names will in no time turn inmates kkkkkk I wish Lutepo was sent to Matchaya prison Kasungu azatilimireko chimanga ife.

  55. Jumbo says:

    Now that he has confessed when is he giving back the money, teachers need to be paid. Government you now know where the money to buy medicines is go get it and ease suffering of people.



  57. hastings says:

    Akuti Nthawi Ya a Bingu Ndalama Yokwana 92bn Inabedwa,ndiye Cashgateyi Ingachitike Osawakhuza aJB,usi sufuka popanda moto.A Chakwera & a Kabwira Nkhani Yokamba Ndi Iyi aLutepo Ayiyambitsa, a APM angatse Bwanji Mavuto Alipowa Opanda Ma-donor, Ma Billion Atabedwa Ndi Mbavazi.

  58. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    We may try to argue on this and that but one thing is clear: It is the courts that are vested with powers to try a suspect. How many different statements will Mr Lutepo or be it Mtatepo give? Is this not lying over oath? I hope international intelligence services will intervene to solve this mess. From political oppression to political extortion. A Malawi tilibe pothawira. We are the losers.

  59. Dunstan Phiri says:

    Those who trust what Lutepo said are thieves/thugs.Who on earth can trust him ,he has been changing statements several times,and you think he is now telling the truth just because JB’s name is mentioned?Stupid malawians I feel sorry for you.Even the MBC DPP radio broacasting this trash and Zodiak DPP radio presenting interview for this thug when he has numerous cases to answer in a court of law.DPP has completily failed to govern this country and they want to divert peoples attention by framing charges for JB.When JB took over it only took her less than 6 months to bring back fuel,forex and what has APM done so far-strikes,sky rocketing of prices for commodities in the country.Stupid malawians who vote blindly.Sort out 92 billion that DPP gurus stole.We are fed up with you thugs.

  60. Jessica Ndalama says:

    Leave JB alone it’s not her who has made you to fail to run this govt,were was this silly boy called all this time to come up such nonsense.

  61. Stabilo says:

    All these stories are in Ntata’s book “Licence to Loot” [citig reports on media including Nyasa Times].

  62. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    There is no question whatsoever, in the court of public opinion in this country, that Joisi Banda was part and parcel of the group that started “cashgate”. Again, in the court of public opinion, she’s guilty. All that’s left is the courts to try her, and find her guilty. She’s lucky, these are NOT times of HKB: otherwise JB would be summarily found guilty of treason! And sentenced to death by hanging, or to (Nazi) Mikuyu Prison camp.
    The best JB can do now is remain overseas, and seek asylum based on dubious grounds. She should still be charged, even in her absence. Aasa!
    NGO’s should be planning demonstrations over JB and PP, for cashgate and the subsequent problems that has created for our economy. Instead of trying to demo against the current government; like it is responsible for the inherited mess! NGO’s trying to hoodwink the public: it makes one wonder if they benefited from this noxious saga of cashgate! These hyper-political NGO’s make me sick; like really sick to my stomach.

  63. Francis says:

    Kodi andale inu mumatitenga ngati amalawi ife ndiopusa. Nthawi yakwana yoti mumangidwe. A JB mungozimangirira basi

  64. Manuel says:

    Malawians are intelligent enough t know that since the British were doing a public relations job for JB, an audit firm hired by her frm UK can’t reveal her.’Nde simzungutu’, they kno how t protect their interests and support compatriots unlike us who can go t the West not t lobby for aid t our country but t block it further just bcoz we have failed t secure a seat of power-very foolish in-deed! She shudn’t expect all of us to be as daft as herself.

  65. Mdzukuru says:

    I wonder coz Lutepo started his business before 2012 and was DPP, does DPP know anything about his dealings before 2012? It is alleged he was loved by Late Bingu and he bought the tea estate whilst Bingu was in power its not like he started business after Bingu. Something is not right here, fishy. Remember, the truth will always prevail – matope osamangopakana kufuna kuipitsa ena.

  66. verson says:

    I pity my country Malawi.

  67. nyika says:

    lutepo is saying the truth, how can he donate 22 vehecle to PP?

  68. Matandalalume says:

    In a court of law, when you are defending yourself, you do not say, ‘I did not commit this but I suspect that my predecessor committed a more serious crime than me so should prosecute him/her first before prosecuting me so that he/she receives a stiffer punishment than me’. In effect that is what JB is telling the nation. She should defend herself from this. Action will obviously be taken on the 92bn because it is already public knowledge and no one can sit on it. It is this current issue that is top priority since it came to light after the shooting of Mphwiyo and her own statements about the shooting. Let you JB prove Lutepo wrong in a court of law.

  69. Joice, who cheated you kuti ukufunika ku Malawi kuno. We are comfortable without you. Umatizunza bakha iwe. Lero la forty lakukwanira. usalire. Prepare for life at Maula. Leave my dear APM alone.

  70. There may be sense in what Lutepo is alleging.How could he be paid such huge sums of money withount consent of the big bosses.Who was authorising the payments and for what job?Mr Lutepo spill more beans

  71. Happening boy says:

    Every citizen would want to look good to the ruling party and incumbent president mainly business gurus. Lutepo stole that money on his own with his cohorts. JB received donations not only from Lutepo but other business gurus, ask mota engil how much they gave her, the mwenyes, and it was business as usual. The question she asked in Machinga about bicycles tells that she didn’t know what was actually happening. How could he dream it was stolen money, the theft scheme that was used to get this cash, JB couldn’t know, but receive every donation for the betterment of the party, herself and the campaign then. What could you do if it were you, deny the donation in that time of campaign and trouble. JB is different from Bingu, Bingu kept cashgate money in his house knowingly kuti it’s stollen money but JB thought it was assistance from well wishers like Lutepo and others. Let the truth cone out but not the rantings Lutepo is making, that is rubbish.

  72. Desperate and poorly calculated move by Peter mutharika with his craftmen in. The names of Ben and brigyt

  73. wawaya says:

    izi ndiye zowona zake ndimadabwatu kuti zikutheka bwanji kuti “the big fish”sakupezeka bt only tabonya nkumagwidwa lets wait and see!!

  74. Sosten Gwengwe says:


  75. Iwe joisi ulibe nzeru pokana kuti sunabe nawo.AT THIS POINT,you are in.we are suffering because of you.Investigaters please take Lutepo’s statements as very true substance .Let her face the law like any common Malawian.No special trial to her crime.Let Lutepo give detailed explanations.

  76. gulukunyinda says:

    kodi mesa mmati ku OPC anati kuli cashgate yannanu manga zakumeneko anaba ndani? Kodi anthu inu mukuti bwanji samaulura nthawi ya Jb, sizikanatekha cz amayi anali in power plus anauza anthu onse omangidwa kuti akawina zisankho nkhani,zitha. Lutepo anafunsidwa kuti bwanji simumakana kukatenga ma cheque anati nthawi imeneyo anthuwa anali akulamula utakana nddekuti moyo wako uli pachiswe nanga aziona ngati ulura

  77. Magang'a says:

    Kaya muti chani chani but iye wakuululani basi and mmene ndimamuonela muja ameneyi sakunama ayi, I know him personally apapa akunenadi zoona Mayi Nachipanti ndiye mbava yolapitsa ya Cashgate.

  78. A JB musatipusitse mumatuma Lutepo ndipo. Musamupweteketse mwanayo. Kodi popanda mphiyo kuommbeledwa inu mukanatulutsa za cashgate. Bwanji inu muli m boma osamanga onse a DDP pa nkhani ya 92b bwanji mukunamiza dziko munayamba zaka 15 zapitazo mboni yanu ndani. Mayi oipa iwe. Ukadakhala wa nzeru ukanatula pansi udindo pobwera kunja kuja ataombeledwa mtumiki wako mphwiyo. Koma kUmangonamiza. Kodi umatitenga ngati mbuli pamene mbuli uli. Iwe sizinaonekepo dziko. Lapansi olamula kukhala nambala 3. Umbava unakupangitsa kutero LAPA wakuba iwe

  79. wakumudzi says:

    The issue here is about k20bn looted by jb and her pp.there is nothing like k92bn which jb want malawians to believe.if you were not part of the dirty scheme tell us where lutepo was taking the money not attempt to buy public sympathy we know how evil you jezebel are.

  80. Mau Apaseli says:

    Immediately after Dr Joyce Banda publicly acknowledged that there was massive looting of Government funds…she started getting threats…The Mafia warned her to stop Audit and investigations or else they would smear her or indeed kill her….The Lutepo Radio Smear is part of that threat….Dr Joyce knew the dangers of fighting corruption…it fights back she said….But God is in control!…Men were so scared of dealing with this massive fraud …if Dr Joyce Banda has not exposed this social ill it would still be business as usual around here….Donors funding a few rotten individual…..Personally I have never doubted Dr Joyce Banda integrity in all this….She is Clean on Wealth…..There is a reason why Crooks are called Crooks they have no shred of decency….But good will always triumph over evil…Dr Joyce Banda….Be Blessed!…..Celebration in Hell is always short lived!

  81. czar says:

    Phwiyo is not in the report. Amaba yekha Lutepoyo zake zimenezo. He started long time ago don’t fool us

  82. Palibe says:

    Fighting Corruption is dangerous because it fights back….the guys at the top are Mafioso….the Radio Station Zodiak …mmmmmmm….JB was threatened to back off the Cashgate investigations or else she would be dragged in or killed….mwayambapo…..don’t worry 92 billion iliponsotu

  83. This woman you call JB praised Mphwiyo as a no nonsense budget director and today she is changing statements like nothing.Some of us we don’t miss her.She was being used by the British as a stoogie for their own ends..Questionable people were donating cars like underwears to PP and were not questioned where they were getting such massive amount of monies.These were people were praised day and night in our tvs.Some of us cud simply switch off our tv coz of this useless talk.Dont trust this woman.She is just a total liar.

  84. Sekani Wambina says:

    Hahahhahhahhahahahahahahahahhhahaha at first when peoplemsaid peter mutharika is the dullest president ever i doubted. I now have every reason to believe the guy is lunatic. Cutting a deal with lutepo wont help you at all. You are going down. Soon malawians will topple you through pooular uprising. Just watch.

  85. Prudence wa Bright Msaka says:

    Dpp means desperate progressive party. Malawians cant buy that crap you fools. We need running water in our taps. We need affordable access to public services. Using Lutepomis poor strategy which will backfire. Bwampini mapwala ako.

  86. Masambiso January Sata says:

    Lutepo you are a big fool. everyone knows the dpp is so desperate. Why are you being used? You think you can get off the hook like that? Think again. Joyce Banda has nothing to hide.

  87. Zanga Phee says:

    Jb unayetsetsa onse akukunyozawa ndi alomwe omwe anasankha m’bale wawo uyu dziko likumukanikayu,amayi inu munali chiongolero,osat bwampini ngati mpwake wa malemu Daniel Phiri.

  88. Vyapasi says:

    JB should realize I did not vote for her because I wanted to know the whole truth about this animal called Cashgate. Neither did I vote DPP because I did not believe they had clean hands either. The result is very simple, this will be another “cat-and-mouse” chase. Dirty tactics indeed
    JB did nothing to unearth the MK20B theft but “fate” did. She only managed to play delay tactics to conceal the real culprits hoping she was going to win the election and manipulate the system.
    Lutepo please face the law. You do not have any evidence otherwise. This is a concluded matter. I do not need to spend 4 years at Chancellor College to study law to convict you. And please go and confess your sins to the JUDGE and not ZODIAK. FOOLISH MAN!!!

  89. koko says:

    Guys lets be very careful ,very soon FIB will get involved and then it will be a big mess in Malawi.
    that confession is good but could have been in the court of law not at radio station. Malawians be wise and play wiser.

  90. Kamps says:

    JB u were in power u r the one who started the cashgate probe,why did u not probe the 92bn?

    1. Manuel says:

      The reason is 92bn issue doesn’t exist(is not cashgate but normal audit query) otherwise she wld hav rushed for it knowing it wld help finish off DPP & APM faster than treason trial, green card etc

  91. zebe says:

    I for one cannot trust you JB. At one point you said you knew who shot Mphwiyo and later denied saying it kuvutitsa a police with investigations on something you claimed to know. You proclaimed Mphwiyo to have been fighting corruption and yet today he is one of the chief suspects and this cannot be doubted with his questionable accumulation of wealth. Who can really trust you? You said in public that wolandira katundu wakuba siwolakwa olo atakhala kuti akudziwa kuti katunduyo ndiwobedwa. Seriously? Do not capitalise on the ignorance of the many Malawians you interact with. Let the truth prevail.You are busy kunamiza azungu and I wonder why they regard you in such a high esteem yet you failed on many platforms as a leader.

  92. Mnngulu says:

    Malawians have very short memory that is why politicians thrive in fooling us. JB praised Lutepo more than three times for giving her and her PP 22 vehicles, vehicles, supporting the party, etc. Can we really be surprised with what Lutepo is saying? This is what we have been waiting for and you will hear more.

    Malawians search your souls and follow these allegations and get the truth. Then act to get rid of this evil practice by locking up these looters. JB is one of these looters.

  93. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Usi suphuka popanda moto , Lutepo ali okozeka kuperekera umboni, pamenepo BWA

    1. Amajta says:

      Kodi titangozisiya aliyense kumukhululukira mzake, chingachitike ndi chani? Coz ndawona kuti kuweluza ndikwamwini wake Mulungu coz zikuchitika apazi ndizoti aliyense ali ndimbali yomwe akukokera nde tizingokamba mpaka mwini namalenga kutipezelera tikungotozana dzala.

  94. last days of mlakho says:

    ine ndumadya zanga konanso ndine wa congress. kaya zanu izo

  95. Kes munthali says:

    It is public knowledge that amongst other things Bwana Lupeto gave ‘PP’ 22 brand spankin new vehicles, these vehicles were not registered in the name of PP, but Joyce Banda. This is what lead to joice saying ‘the one in the wrong is the thief and not the recepiet of stolen goods’. Bearing this in mind is this any different from what Lupeto was saying on Zodiak? The money went though his accounts yes, but the main recepient was some one else. This is also the reason, why Joyce banda’s name does not appear in the audit report, and as to why the audits are more less just a starting point of an investigation, it is the in the hands of the investigating authority to do the donkey work and link the pieces together.

  96. ujeni says:

    Solve economic mess dont hoodwink us with Lutepo lies

    1. Kes munthali says:

      Iwe nde mbuzi yeni yeni, nyapapi okumwa madzi ometera ndevu.

    2. Charles Harawa says:

      Ujeni – ndiwe chitsilu. You think the culprit Joyce Banda should go free without being held accountable? Let the wheels of the law punish her. Her soul is already reeling with fear, and running to political witch-hunt is not the answer. I am not a DPP apologist, but this government is not practicing any witch-hunt at the moment. Find a good lawyer. Otherwise, you are in for a rude awakening and Malawians are no longer as foolish as you think to reward you with public female sympathy. JB you betrayed people’s trust. The next will be your children and Khumbo Kachali. Remember, Lutepo’s confessions can be corroborated not only with evidence in JBs possession, but also by other errand boys like Kasambara.

  97. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    We want 92 billion which Bingu and DPP stole. Dont hide important issues here.Peter Mathanyula Mutharika is the main suspect here, not JB. Ndata Mansion and Mpumulo Wa Bata mousoleum were built from cashgate money and Peter himself has inherited millions of dollars and billions of kwacha that his brother Bingu stole from Malawians. So dont demonise JB for crimes committed by DPP and its cadets. mps must push for the change of laws in Malawi which will take away immunity from incumbent president so he can be dragged to courts like what other countries do!

  98. simulemba says:

    As civil servants we are lost for words. Unfortunately we cant reveal what we know for fear of losing our jobs. We have evidence of DPPs plunder and also the so called cashgate. We know that JB was hoodwinked into thinking Lutepo was making money from some legit business. In machinga JB once asked a confidant how Lutepo could afford to donate three trucks full of biycles. Why has Lutepo gone on air? Its obvious its political aimed at tarnishing JB. You may wish to find out how Mr C Kapalamula now in Brazil is owed MK1.3 billion by the police. Are you people aware that the MK400 million is now MK 2 billion? We are a nation of thieves full stop.

  99. CHIYAMBA says:


  100. kukukuki says:

    For the past 50 years what have we achieved as a nation. search me no one from the rejected region has ruled this country.

  101. ndumu says:

    walutepo mbatesi apa– wambakukhosomola vyautesi sono. wamulyesyani vichi mumulomo wa sibweni wa lutepo? mwalya nkholokolo? pamyakhe nkhungu?? mukayakochi nyengo yoseiyi kuti mzaphale today? pala mbunenesyo kuti wakampaninge ma cheque which you knew u had not delivered anything, why didnt u turn it down to prove you love your country? chifukwa zakuvutani mwamba kubwebweta –yayi chilaso pamutu,,, yayi mbambavu. Utesi pera uwu mukuyowoya apa walutepo.

  102. Matandalalume says:

    She said on more than one occassion that if someone gives you a share of property they have stolen, you are blameless but the one who actually stole. ‘Wina akaba ndikukugairako iwe sunalakwe pakuti siiwe waba’ or something similar to that. What did that mean?

  103. Nachipati says:

    Pa dzana paja munali limodzi kumwa wa mkaka ku state house uku mukuba ndalama za a malawi

    Lutepo is chief suspect in cashgate scandal, sanganene zonama. Apa mai mungokozeka mukayambe moyo wina ku maula

    Ndipo ife a malawi sitizakusowani mai oipa inu kwabasi, mwatakata monjeza pa zaka ziwirizi

    Inunso mai muwachule anthu ena ngati wapangira chief mu osati mukalowe nokha.

    1. chiduma says:

      Truth shall prevail

  104. Ngakha says:

    Mayi JB munanena kale kuti wogayilidwa zakuba alibe vutotu paja eeti? foolish woman. zikuvuta udziwanso. foolish woman.

  105. Doctor says:

    I can remeber well well the donation made by lutepo to jb and what is she goin to say yeah?

  106. mwika says:

    Could be true after all. Indeed i remember, a Dr. Amayi saying amene agwidwa ndi ndalama ndiye wakuba osati amene anamutuma kuti pita ukabe. Koma… I do not think the forensic audit should be the only source documents for cashgaters or their mothers. We cannot say because Mwika is not mentioned in this report then she is free and clean of wrong doing. Come on what thinking is this. Koma nawonso a Lutepo, what else does he know? What is is motivation? Does he accept to be hanged alongside the people who sent him?
    Odi ukooo. Kachali naweso yowoyapo mwana wakwithu

  107. Mwenecho says:

    he did not mention of 92 shaaa! Munabela mm busa nhkanga zawona

  108. A Malawi Anzanga says:

    Am I dreaming? Who has been calling for the return to Malawi of the former president?

    1. Kes munthali says:

      Mwina Bambo Msonda ndi A reverend James brown Mpinganjira

  109. chatonda says:

    You will deny everything but the law will take its course. Your innocence cannot be proven in the media but in the court of law. Yanyata tsopano. You can write so many statements in the media but truth will prevail. Wapatsindwi adaulutsa wapadzala. Usova . NKHANDWE IKADYA MAULA IMADZIWA KUTI IKANYERA AND YOU HAVE TO PROVE THE PROVERB WRONG NOW/


    1. chiduma says:

      I dont think so. This is just politics.

  111. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    Bring in FBI or Scotland Yard to get to the bottom on corruption in Malawi. There are too many people who have captured the state for the local police and investigators to untangle.

    Also bring a Political Party financing act to regulate sources of money donated by so called well wishers

    1. billy says:

      Who will bring in the FBI or Scotland yard then? The same Peter mutharika who shared k92bn with his late brother and used the cash for campaign? wishful thinking!

  112. Mendulo says:

    Will she also deny that she received 22 vehicles from Lutepo in broad day light and with all the types of media covering the event live? True, the 92Bn should and will be investigated but right now, let us discuss the issue at hand. Do not try to divert attention!!! Lero masewera akuthera!

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      JB is not your type. even your old man mathanyula is far from her. your dirty tricks will not work at all because God knows she did nothing wrong apart from exposing corruption which started with Bakili Muluzi and Bingu himself. Shame on Peter and DPP, they are failing to govern the country and are busy with witch hunting strategies. to hell with this idiot government! we can’t see future for Malawians!

      1. Mhesha says:

        She can’t be trusted either. She could claim she knew Mphwiyo’s shooter in public but later denied having said it.

      2. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

        Which god knows that JB is innocent in cashgate? Any way there are many gods.

      3. Talibo says:

        Chilungamo u are right Apm sangafane ndi chi zimai chokubachi

      4. Zadziwika says:

        If you benefited from Dyoyisi Banda’s cashgating, you will be netted along with her. Lutepo’s revelations are just confirming our thoughts- who could donate 22 cars to a party like that??? Mathanyula JB will rot in HELL sooner or later!!!

  113. Dowa says:

    All the money stolen can not be stolen without your knowledge mama..

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