Joyce Banda ‘ready’ to serve again, ‘Malawians hold key’: Speaks out on Voice of America

Malawi’s former president Joyce Banda has finally declared that she is ready to bounce back as the country’s Head of State should Malawians ask her to do so.

Joyce Banda and her husbands retired Chief Justice Richard Banda after VOA interview on Straight Talk Africa

Joyce Banda and her husband retired Chief Justice Richard Banda after VOA interview on Straight Talk Africa

Joyce Banda with VOA presenter for Straght Talk Africa Shakka

Joyce Banda with VOA presenter for Straght Talk Africa Shakka

She made the declaration on Voice of America (VOA) Straight Talk Africa programme aired live across the globe on the evening of Wednesday, November 23, 2016 from Washington DC, United States.

The programme was also televised on private media houses Times TV and broadcast on Capital Radio in Malawi.

“At the end of the day, if you are talking about my political life, it is Malawians who will decide.

“If Malawians are saying I should continue; they want me to stand again, I shall go back home and answer that call,” Banda told VOA veteran journalist Shaka Ssali during the hour-long interview.

Banda said she was “willing to serve the people of Malawi”.

She said currently she was working to finish her research on women’s leadership and girls’ education at the Woodrow Wilson Center and Center for Global Development (CGD) in Washington where she is a Distinguished Research Fellow and present and publish the papers.

“My future plans are for me to continue my development work; fight for women’s right and women’s leadership,” Banda said.

Reminiscing about her tenure as Head of State in Malawi and the notable good achievements Malawi registered between 2012 and 2014, former President Banda said she “owed it to Malawians”.

“It’s not me alone; God gave me a good team of men and women; it is Malawians; when you engage them they listen to you.

“What I have discovered is that this is not going to be only about women; yes I made very important appointments of women but I had strong men who worked for me and with me,” she noted.

On the fight against cashgate, the infamous looting of public funds, Banda said as a leader, she fought against the vice with unreserved commitment as exemplified by her declaration on September 7, 2013, upon being alerted of the theft, that she would set up a team to investigate the matter, which later culminated in the arrest of scores of suspects.

“When I heard that some people in my cabinet were being mentioned, I dissolved cabinet to ask them to step aside in order for investigations to take place. That’s what a leader must do; when you are alerted, you allow investigations to take place; you arrest the people (involved). That’s what I did,” she said.

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22 thoughts on “Joyce Banda ‘ready’ to serve again, ‘Malawians hold key’: Speaks out on Voice of America”

  1. Nambwewe says:

    No she is vernom to malawi. We have tried her once and we dnt want her back. Thank you. Westill have not sortd out all tat money that went missing when she was in power what gives you the audacity that you can just walk back in Malawi and inflict more pain, more deaths! we are still sturggling with your legacy madam saty away from us!

  2. winston msowoya says:

    JB your coming is now overdue but,if you are coming to see your beloved ones it is a good notion altogether.If you are coming to rejoin politics,you will meet hard times and mixed receiptions because the way how you left,many Malawians were cought aback and during your stay in self-exile,your globe-trotting filled Malawians with mixed perceptions and the coming of the CASHGATE SCANDLE soon after you had left,certainly confused your supporters and Malawians alike.To be candid with you,if you are coming to rejoin politics,it would be a hard and tough task to lead your almost disorganised Party and to convince the morally disoriented hardcore supporters.The few years you have left Malawi,people have become more and more patriotic and committed to their cherished beliefs and ideals than you left them.To be candid with you,CASHGATE SCANDAL has become very contumacious issue which is centered on your leadership,you must be ready to encounter rigid questions in different phraseology and otherwise.Wish you safe trip back to your lovely motherland Malawi where,politically and economically,people have lost sense of normality.

  3. Nambewe says:

    Disaster! would Malawi really allow this woman back into Malawi? cause more damage?

  4. Abeat Minthu says:

    She will be better than this black junk Peter. U might hate her but DDP has stolen more but because u are hypocrites against a woman u allow the same people keep stealing. She is the one Who reviewed cashgate. She told u to recount the votes. U Malawians will never develope. With her there was electricity, forex. U Deserve the corruption and suffering u are. undergo.

  5. Third Knowles sister says:

    Heeeheee abiti mtila tazingodyani

  6. santana says:

    Mayiwa atopa kukhala m’misonkhano ya Bushiri. Asiyeni abwere akamutulutse Kasambara ndi Lutepo.

  7. Muchiwere mu Nyolonyo says:

    Which Malawian wants her back? Malawi is suffering today because of cashgate. Unatikwana iwe ndi ana ako…shaaaa! Ubwerenso? Yesa uwone what shaved the guinea fowl.

  8. P.p Boss says:

    Sorry JB that’s what we. Call madness at its best.
    Research on white people cannot work on Blacks. Even those blacks in America are suffering under the whites.
    Now Iam glad Hillary Clinton lost this JB would have been difficult to us

  9. MCP die hard supporter says:

    Good news mama. Just know that time to call you is gone . Only your party members Wil call you. Don’t think it’s like Kamuzu. That time people were ignorant
    Why waiting to be called yo your own country. I thought you are saying that you are coming.Only lunatics will call you. From Airport to Zomba prison to meet Kasambara
    Mama you are starving your husband sexually .That is total abuse and inhuman
    Chitsilu cha mkazi foolish

    1. tman says:

      tamulekeni azaimenso,mwina mkuzadya nao ndalama zija.sanatopebe kulira?

  10. santana says:

    Mr Nsipe-Bawi, what proof do you want that Joyce Banda was tested by Malawians and failed? Where in the world did you see the ruling party being booted out to position 3? It only shows that Malawians had no mercy with her. So when you say you need her back to power, is it the same Malawians who will put her there? She says she wants to lead women in this and that. How can a failure lead others and expect them to win? If Joyce Banda did everything to convince Malawians that she has performed in the given 2 years, why did they boot her out of office? What course did she do in exile that when given a second chance she can perform? Talk about the Liberia woman president not our Joyce. She is a complete embarrassment. If PP has no other candidate for 2019 then let it support any opposition candidate other than fielding this cashgater.

  11. Pido says:

    come back Joyce. Just remember two things: First: You were once our president ..not through the ballot but death put you there. Second: The ballot showed you the exit and you have since been on the run. Come back Joy

  12. UKBASE says:

    Koma zinazi. Inu amayi tangokhalani ku amelikako pheee, Boma ndilo linakulephelani kale ndiukatangale wanu. Tingokumvelani chisoni chifukwa chakuti ndinu amayi koma munakayenela kumangidwa chifukwa cash ya boma imene inasowa

  13. Hazzwell Nyaude says:

    Mama you need to come back,Malawi is in shambles,come to save Malawi,imagine all the Public Univesities are closed,water taps are dry,no electricity the whole country,please come back Mama

  14. Mwananyanian says:

    No sane Malawian will ever ask her to come back and engage in politics of pilferage. Which is what she and her Party are best at. She brings nothing but shame to this country.
    BTW, what quality of research should we realistically expect from her, considering she never made it past the old form five?

  15. Nsipe-Bawi says:

    JB is the only president that can save Malawi. JB we need you to rule Malawi. JB please come back to contest for presidency. DPP is rubbish, complete crap. MCP is MCP – a tribal party of central region, with no experience of governing in multiparty dispensation. Mama JB, you’re our hope, our future,our pillar.

  16. Maunits says:

    Mama stay in America DPP will kill you. They want to assassinate our president and leader of Malawi opposition in Parliament due fear that they will not match him 2019. They want also to take chances of the confusion by disgruntled members but GOD says no you are the leading the country come 2019 and I am the almighty God to save your life.

  17. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    Bwerani Mama. Anzanu asewenza kale ndipo atulukanso!

  18. chikhwa says:

    Mayi, zipulani. Osazitokose dala. Retiring from retirement!!! Malawi

  19. Kuntiga says:

    Kutaya nthawi, kalereni ana mayi.

  20. She is a leader of vision . We want you mama come back to save our country. We regrate for our choice.we need power back ,water back.and many more

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