Joyce Banda says Rose Chibambo was her ‘role model’: Pays tribute to heroine

Malawi first female president Joyce Banda has paid tribute to heroine and first female cabinet minister, Rose Chibambo, saying she was her ‘role model’.

Banda with Rose Chibambo

Banda with Rose Chibambo

Chibambo died this week in Blantyre and will be buried on Saturday.

In a statement, Banda said she has learnt with “shock” the death of Chibambo.

“As far as I am concerned she was a ‘Heroine’.  She was my ‘Role Model’ since I was very young,” said Banda.

She stated: “Rose Chibambo was one of four women who were arrested, tried, sentenced and sent to prison in the 1960s.  Her crime was the fight against the minority White rule and colonialism.

“In 2009, the late President Bingu wa Mutharika charged me with the responsibility of liaising with Mrs. Chibambo when he wanted to name a road in her honor in Mzuzu.  After the afternoon event at the road site, there was a celebration dinner at Mzuzu Hotel where I was present and spoke on behalf of our late President.

“This event provided me with a rare opportunity to chat with her and learn more from her about her political life.   She told me that when she went to prison, she was breastfeeding.   Being a mother myself, It was difficult for me to comprehend how she could give up so much for our sake,” said Banda.

Banda recalls that when the country got independence from Britain in 1964, Chibambo became the first Deputy Minister in Malawi.

“ As my role model, I used to stand outside Parliament in Zomba just to watch Rose Chibambo enter Parliament,” she said.

“A few months after her appointment and following the infamous 1964 cabinet crisis she and her husband had to leave Malawi to go and live in Zambia.  Unfortunately her children had to remain behind.  Most tragic was the death of her husband a few years later in Zambia,” recalls Banda.

“I have lived to admire the courage of Mrs. Rose Chibambo.  Her faith, her capacity to love and her ability to forgive have inspired me.  She was a woman who sacrificed so much for Malawi’s freedom,” said Banda.

The former president described Chibambo as  “extraordinary woman” and appealed to Malawians to also celebrate her life.

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31 thoughts on “Joyce Banda says Rose Chibambo was her ‘role model’: Pays tribute to heroine”

  1. evance kossam says:

    na kuzangomanga JB ndth u smukalowa ku heaven coz inuo palibe mukuchta bola mama aja

  2. foster says:

    zokoma ife tikamalowerera zandale. komanso timamva bwanji tikamatukwana pa line ngati apa. tiphunzire ulemu abale ndi kupewa mau onyazitsa. nthawi zina zimangoonetsa komwe takulira ndi banja lomwe takulira

  3. HASTINGS says:

    Joyce was good than this gentleman.

  4. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    You Lomwes you sniffing blood of JB, so you can devour her. why insisting that she comes back. You idiots!!!!

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    you are calling for JB to come home so you can kill her. stop this nonse you idiots!

  6. mtumbuka says:

    Amai bwanji m’bwele kuti mzawasanzi amalemuwa as your role model please.

  7. Guantanamo says:

    We can make good comments without using HATE language. If JB has committed any crime in Malawi, let ACB or DPP or Police issue warrant of arrest. Fellow Malawians, even if we don’t like a particular person is no reason to use fowl or bad language

  8. Robert says:

    Inna lillah wa inna ilaih rajoon

  9. Tonde says:

    Masten u used to distribute maize kumbuyo why not now nthawi yanjala?

  10. Adamson Phiri MP Thyolo east says:

    JB tiziti umkachoka ku Domasi going ku Parliament kukaona mama Chirambo akukalowa mu Parliament basi????? umasowa zochita ndithu no Wanda

  11. kabwande says:

    Bweranitu ku maliro mayi JB

  12. levelheaded says:

    But she did not steal money as you did.

  13. The Observer says:

    If Mai Chibambo (m.h.s.r.i.p) was indeed her role model , then JB missed the que.
    The late was in exile for Principled politics Not betrayal of public trust i.e STEAING PUBLIC MONEY.

  14. meeee says:

    Kenneth Saiba
    Your English is pathetic. Go back to school and start in standard 5.

  15. Patrick Kachingwe says:

    Rest in peace Amai Rose Chibambo. You lived by example. We hope and wish Malawians will follow your footsteps not the bozos we have stealing from the people. Looking forward to listening to your last interview.

  16. Taweni says:

    Some people do not understand that there comes a time one has to live in exile for one reason or another. And this is not strange when JB is in diaspora. As for me I miss this President being the only female president this country has ever known.

  17. Eddy Gomez says:

    Joyce Bandayo Wangosowa Chonena.

  18. Eddy Gomez says:

    Masten Ndi A Bodza.Ngatidi Anali Role Model Wawo Why Don’t She Come Here To Attend The Burial Celemony.Ooo!!! Kuthawa Milandu Ya Cashgate Ija Eti?

  19. Vincent Kamtuwanje says:

    May her soul rest internal peace. Amen !!!

  20. Nilibe Polobulemu says:

    Possibly thats why JB is in Exile – Paja the Late Rose Chibambo, her role model, was also in Exile – The only difference is that JB’s exile is self imposed.

  21. Eddy Gomez says:

    So Why Don’t You Come To Attend The Burial Ceremony Of Your Role Model? Kapena Mukuopa Kunjatidwa Za Cashgate.

  22. JB, you are a fool. Why are you mentioning Bingu? Ufuna akukkhululukire cashgate? You are now dead silent after the Jappie Mhango’s press release. Come and attend the funeral tiwone ngati ubwelere kuli iweko. Koma ukuitsata cashgate JB? Waiwona pomwe yafikapa mayi wanga iwe? Ikupeza usadandaule and remember what the Americans said about your green card. JB munalakwitsa mid night 6 ija. Pay back time is fast approaching on you.

  23. if indeed Rose Chibambo was here role model, Why she can’t fly back home and atleast attend her burial ceremony? Please Abiti Mtila, adyawule kumangwawo!

  24. Keyboard says:

    Does JB understand ROLE Model. Role model means you try to live like the person. As usual JB is making a big lie. If Rose was her role model, she wouldnt have taken herself in self exile, she would have done cashgate, she wouldnt have been distributing gotsi and kawos.
    As usual JB doesnt miss abig opportunity to tell a bif lie. Akagwere.
    NOw do us a favouyr and come home to attend the funeral of your “role model”.

  25. Kenneth saiba says:

    Aunt Joice u educated salvage how can you talk bad abt Bingu and yet he is the 1 who made you to be the way you are.Ok if you are so clever why you dnt go home so dat you can stay wit ur family?The Late Rose Chibambo was a role model so why you dnt take a plain to attend her funeral service?Dont make noise so dat those stupid white pipo thy must love you cashgate is stil on and there are waiting for you to come no matter how long wil it take but thy gate you chemwa

  26. Hzwyzj Ian says:

    No 2 Read the story carefully, What nonsense has she spoken against Bingu there? Don’t hate her for no proper reasons

  27. clementine says:

    Instead of just paying your tribute to Rose not enough to you but talk nonsense against Bingu not so? You will find us no matter how long you will hide.

  28. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Zonama baasi za izi ma role model (dishonest “role model” claim by the former President). The personalities do not match at all.
    Most importantly, the late Rose Chibambo never stole from the public purse, the way Joisi Banda did. Leader of the Malawi political mafia.
    The former was humble; JB was boastful, and full of vengeance.
    The former had commendable political principles; JB had none: she’s famous for kunyanyala (abandoning arguments and disgruntlement)
    The former was an early bloomer in politics; the latter a “Johney come lately”.
    the former was a martyr; the latter was an opportunist, to the nth degree.
    …the contrasts could go on and on.
    JB should not associate herself with political heroes, when it suits her, and when the timing is not appropriate. Self aggrandizement, may be?

  29. 2016 welcome says:

    Come home! Jenya has given a good account of cashgate.

  30. nomachelsea says:

    Kodi alimoyo munamuuza kuti anali role model wanu ? coz timakonda kuyamikira munthu akamwalilra.

  31. tractor salesman says:

    can you come home to attend the funeral of your role model?

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