Joyce Banda withdrawn as ‘witness’: New twist to Cashgate shooting case

In a dramatic turn of events in the ongoing attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder ‘cashgate’ case, former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier Macdonald Kumwembe and Pika Manondo have advised the High Court that they no longer need former president Joyce Banda as their ‘witnesses’ as suggested earlier, Nyasa Times understands.

Joyce Banda: Suspects are withdrawing her name as witness

Joyce Banda: Suspects are withdrawing her name as witness

The two are answering charges of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder of former Ministry of Finance budget director, Paul Mphwiyo. They are being tried alongside former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Raphael Kasambara.

Kumwembe had recently named Banda as one of his witnesses he wants to cross examine while Manondo expressed only intent to invite the former president as his witness as well.

Other witnesses that the duo expressed interest to invite include high-profile politicians Hophmally Makande and Friday Jumbe.

Kumwembe told Nyasa Times in an interview on Tuesday that in the interest of a speedy conclusion of the trial, it has dawned on him and his co-accused to drop Banda as a witness.

“Inviting [former president] Banda would only delay the case since she is outside the country,” he said, adding the case has already been dragging for a long time “having commenced in 2013”.

“This matter commenced in 2013 and we cannot afford to delay it further; I want to have my life back and that can only be achieved after the case has been concluded, whichever way it goes,” said Kumwembe.

Manondo could not be reached to confirm or deny the sudden change of heart neither could his legal counsel, Gift Mwakhwawa.

In 2013, the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo led to revelations of the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill.

Former president Banda has accused the DPP government of using cashgate suspects to implicate her in ‘cashgate’, a scandal associated with the loss of billions of Kwacha at Capital during and before her reign. Banda was president between 2012 and 2014.

She has maintained her innocence and accuses the DPP of cooking up evidence designed to implicate innocent political opponents under the guise of cashgate inorder to deviate pubic focus from the current economic challenges. ‘

The former president emphasizes that in October 2013, when it became apparent that there was looting of public resources, she dissolved and dropped ministers who were closely linked to that looting.

“Several businessmen and civil servants were arrested in connection with cashgate. About 50 bank accounts connected to cashgate were frozen,” she recalls adding that she also initiated a forensic audit into cashgate and that with the help of the British government, her government that time engage an internationally-renowned audit firm, Baker Tilly, to conduct the forensic audit.

“The Baker Tilly audit report was released on October 30, 2014 complete with names of the people involved in cash-gate. It is a public document and my name does not appear anywhere in that report. How could I have taken all these steps to fight fraud and corruption if I were personally involved? This is bad politics,” she says.

In May this year, a financial analysis report by audit and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also established that about K577 billion in public funds could not be reconciliated between 2009 and December 31 2014.

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39 thoughts on “Joyce Banda withdrawn as ‘witness’: New twist to Cashgate shooting case”

  1. Now it is clear that joice banda was just being can you drop the only sole witness whom you thought is the only bridge leading you to cashgate case success?

  2. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ayamba kuthothoka masamba, kkkkkkkk kenaka uzakhala opanda masamba, mtengo umenewo kkkkkkkk.

  3. galundani says:

    Mungolimbana for the benefit few stupid politicians who think they own malawi one thing that is common is No matter how big and strong you are,you shall not carry yoursef to your grave.Be humble.
    no matter how tall you are,you can never see tomorrow.Be patient
    4.No matter how rich and many cars you have,you will always walk to bed.Be contented
    Ask your friends amene amaononga za anthu ovutika or jat go and read the bible anthu amisinkho sakalowa kumwamba

    Cashgate myfoot

  4. Real Patriot says:

    Amayi ndi ana awo and others close to the thieving system enriched themselves massively while the mass Malawians withered from poverty.Dpp is shielding themselves from the 577 billion scandal.Only the few scapegoat are the one feeling the pinch to hoodwink Malawians that they are doing the job while the real master minders of cashgate are left scot free.Where are the big fish on this crazy stuff?That’s what the American Ambassador Virginia Palmer asked.Everybody is claiming to be filthy rich after joining politics,but they had problem declaring their assets before joining the corrupt govt.Who are they trying to cheat.Do they think Malawians are kids?

  5. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Selective justice on earth planet.We are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ when they will be a proper government,not when corrupt and immoral lawyers loves pieces gold and silver.Zonsenzi Mulungu akukuonani ndipo mukanthidwa pansi pompano.Mwazikundikira zichuma pamene mtundu wachimalawi ukuvutika.

  6. colman says:

    All of you, you know where money goes if your left hand stole something the right hand must know that

  7. peeping lizard says:


  8. jahmai says:

    mama God is with matter what you are protected by the blood of jesus…

  9. mtima wa nyani says:


  10. dadaboma says:

    I have always said that JB is a clean lady. If she were dirty and involved in cashgate she would never have taken steps to reveal it, audit it, reveal names of people involved, dissolve cabinet to remove those ministers suspected of involvement including Ken Lipenga (then finance minister), and arrest those involved. Bingu had hidden everything about cashgate because it is him who masterminded it. He was found with bags of money some of which were hidden at Mpumulo wa Bata by his zealots when he died. Why are people linking JB to cashgate? JB is the only person who can liberate Malawi from economic misery – and there’s no other truth besides this.

  11. Maxy says:

    Bravo Mr Pika and Mr Kumwembe for the wise decision.

  12. abwereko adzafotokoze komwe anapititsa k61billion imene anaipeza ku ndata.joisi ndi mbuzi yaikazi

  13. john gwedela says:

    are u confisticating their as well or its just a matter of sharing the already minimal resources that malawi has

  14. nkhedu says:

    In a related development, rough kaswambala has implicated bwampini for causing his illness.

  15. If JB had continued Malawi to day had money. Why. She knew what she was going to do if she won. It is truely that she is the one who went out to tell Malawians about Cash Gate. She was not stupid to risk herself. She is not clean but sh thought enough is enough. If it was the government of DDP during that time do you think they could gone out? NO. Abale amuna kumba. But when a woman steals little it becomes big thing. BINGU was bosting just like his brother saying he had right to take 20% of kalekela mining money to his provate account. Is nature resouces a private business of a president? The person who stole more was Bingu. If it 577 billions do you think it was taken in two years of JB? It just increased. JB made a mistake she was travelling to muchand had no time for his children in the office. So they formed a game CASH GATE. But it was already there during Bingu. It just became too easy tha even an office boy could TAPAKO. Malawians ar born thieves. They could not do it during Kamuzu Banda. After Kamuzu i was free. People without love for their nation. Ethiopia a country we used to see hunger to day is the most growing natio . First tram in Africa. Internatio. Scandinavian chain of clothes called H&M. Alla African countries are developing but not Malawi. I dreamed of better Malawi but will never see it. Too old now. So sad. WHY?????

  16. VICHA says:

    tatopa ndi cashgate pano ma indian akuzunza kuposa cashgate

  17. cotton says:

    Tatopa ndi kutivinitsa, what this guy has suggested is true because i can see that the problem is with our courts. What are they delaying the matters?

    But JB shud testify who shot mphwiyo cos she told us at a meeting in lunzu.

  18. Jabulosi says:

    Why is Dr. Ken Lipenga who was finance minister during late Bingu 2009 to April 2012 and during JB April 2012 to Cashgate September 2013 not being questioned???????? Surely he knows about the MK577 Billion and MK23 Billion!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. nyachirwa says:

    Amayi waiting for you

  20. Mabotcho says:

    Truth is prevailing on its own. There might have no basis for their witness to be called for her evidence as if in their first cross examination (statements) Joyce had a part.
    That was stated just to delay the case. Much as I believe she new about siphoning govt money but might have no hand of engineering or accomplicing it. She might be just a beneficially as any other beneficiary or she was so clever to initiate that in her time cause nobody could crucify her with all her powers. So amai this should be the point return. Repent if u havent. U let the masses suffer which is worse today cause u inherited and accepted the act to continue in ur power that u benefitted amongst the rooters.
    Atleast we have some rooters in jail and court and the lucky ones r free but we need the rooters of 577 billion to be booked. Milandu siiwola tizakumangani to bring donor confidence. Donors need ur action now or continue pushing innocent Malawians who will turn against u come 2019

  21. joyce mbambande says:

    Amayi omwewooo kut wawawaw munya muona ziululika 500 billion mubweza makape anyan

  22. gibbbbbbo says:

    i can see chilungamo kuyenda ngati madz………

  23. nyogo says:

    just publish the names of those who are concerned

  24. OVERSEAR says:

    amai tsopano. mwatenga anointing water wa lion of judah kwa major 1. pano milandu yayamba kukusiyani yokha. musazachimwensooo

  25. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Olo mwamutaya she will never ever set foot in Nyasaland again! Rough Kasambara akudikira kuti akadzangoyerekeza kubwera pa Flames adzauluritu zones zomwe wakhala akusungira za mfiti yaikazi imeneyi! Mzimayi oyipa uyu!

  26. CHINJOKA says:

    Kkkkkkk Masten asumileni anyapapi amenewa adakuyipitsilani mbiri.

  27. Mtombwi says:

    Amayi mulungu akuoneni

  28. Waziyamba Dala says:

    Zayamba kuululika tsano musamale inu ma bootlickers makamaka a DPP zikugwerani. ife tifuna za K577 billion . paja kwasala miyezi ingati kuti maina a okhuzidwa atuluke?

  29. Yoswa Kaungazi says:

    I agree with you Pinango. I think the court is not interested to call JB as a witness why is it taking so long to judge and if it is to call JB as a testimony no matter how far is she. She is always a Malawian can be called back that is by the court it’s self through the Malawian Representatives in where ever she might be. Osatipusisa chonde, tapepa nanu. Chilungamo ndichilungamo…….

  30. nyapapi says:

    Now the responsible people at government level should play its role to bring to book for trial on cashgate during 2012 to 2014 . Those cashgaters who were walking with cash in carboots during JB.

  31. Prodigalson says:

    Ndiye mumangidwa nokhatu Joy alipa ufulu.kkkkkkkkkkk

  32. CheBonoS2011 says:

    ENTRAPMENT AT ITS BEST!! It will resurface once she decides to come home! Time for a sword for a sworder!

  33. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very careful

  34. Dominic says:

    Banda said herself that she knows those that shot Mphwiyo – why is she then mentioning DPP. It is herself who mentioned this when she was head of state. Ukayenda usasiye mulomo koma usiye phazi.

  35. PIERRE says:


  36. mayi wanyema zammanja uyu says:

    Anyamata inu wakupatsani zingati mayiyu yokutsekerani pakamwa.

  37. pinango says:

    Truth will always prevail

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