Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda grants Deputy Speakers injunction to save them from suspension

Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda of the High Court in Blantyre has granted an injunction sought by have First and Second Deputy Speakers of Parliament [Esther Mcheka Chilenge and Clement Chiwaya respectively]  through private practice lawyer Frank Mbeta stopping Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua,  moving a motion to have  Parliament’s  two deputy speaker  suspended over their  dubious housing allowances saga.

Chiwaya:  Deputy speaker gets injunction

Chiwaya: Deputy speaker gets injunction

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje: Pulled a fast one with a court injunction

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje: Pulled a fast one with a court injunction

A motion under notice dated March 10 2016, signed by Kalua, says the two have been involved in swindling money at Parliament.

“First Deputy Speaker and Second Deputy Speaker have been involved in swindling our august House of its hard -allocated money through dubious rental claims since their election to the high offices,” reads part of the motion seen by Nyasa Times.

The motion further says the matter has brought the high office of the Speaker into disrepute and it is a regressive step in the fight against corruption in the light of Cashgate corruption scandal bedevilling the nation.

According to Kalua, recognising the importance of the House to lead in the fight against corruption and in the spirit of Section 12(1)subsections A,B,C, and Section 13(o) of the Constitution, it is imperative for the House to suspend the two Deputy Speakers.

But Mcheka Chilenje and Chiwaya pulled a fast one by instructing lawyer Mbeta to seek a court injunction stopping the motion which Justice Kenyata Nyirenda issued pending a judicial review of the matter.

The two deputy speakers were drawing millions of kwacha a year on rental allowances against their entitlements.

According to their Conditions of Service, a Deputy Speaker who resides or is privately accommodate is entitled to K250 000 per month. But if they are residing in a rented house they are entitled to a maximum of K550 000 per month.

However, the two are said to have been staying in personal houses between May and October 2014 while claiming allowances at maximum entitlement of someone staying in a rented house.

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) later resolved that the two should no longer be paid K550 000 per month, but K250 000 and they have not challenged the decision. Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating the two Deputy Speakers.

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Paul Vida

Kenyatta is most corrupt judge on earth . Mukutichitisa manyazi Atumbuka anzanu chindere.


If ever there were two people who needed to see their day of reckoning it is these two, Mcheka-Chilenje and her friend Chiwaya.Even a kid at montessori can see through such a silly scam like over-claiming allowances.Injunction or no injunction,day 40 has arrived guys.Time to face the music.

Mweene a mamweene

Guys, i want to see how this rabbit called kenyatta looks like. May be he looks like chaponda. This judge embarrassess the justice system and should quit


And you Bwibwite think like a goat!!


I shall never trust Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda. He is always available for injustice not justice. I don’t understand why he is called “justice”.


That’s Kenyatta Nyirenda for us. Everything which comes from this judge sounds more of jokes including election results.

Jelbin mk

The last time i checked with our constitution i found out that courts has no jurisdiction of control over parliament like wise with the vice versa. It continues that all the three arms of government should not interfere with each other at any time. Anyway if there was sich a jurisdiction what reasons did the complaints bring forward to get yhe approval of an injunction did they tell the judge tha MP to table the bill had no mandate? And the judge agreed? Kenyatta is so daft to be paid money and flaut justice.

Grace mhere

That’s the stupid laws of malawi.in the uk the same happened mp were claiming money and some had to resign,only in Malawi we rush to get silly and rubbish injunctions.idiots


…can the Court stop Parliament from debating a motion or bill? That sounds very unconstitutional!!!

Nyachikaz saimon

Ine mkamava zanyirenda sindidabwa coz amatenga lamuro ngati mkazi wake pano tili pabvuto chifukwa chaiyeu kodi bvuto mchiani nyirenda ndi mmwamba mulimo kapangani zofuna zaamalawi

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