‘Judge shopping’ warning from Malawi Chief Justice

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda says Malawians should not shy away from reporting misbehaving judges to authorities whenever there are questionable judgements.

Chief Justice Nyirenda

Chief Justice Nyirenda

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MBC, the chief justice said judges should be professional all the time because Malawians watch them constantly.

“The more they pervert their opinions, the more unprofessional they become,” said Nyirenda.

He, however, said in the absence of official complaints, there is nothing the judiciary can do to stem out the malpractice.

He said Malawians are fond of complaining in silence, saying this culture can make judges work with impunity.

“People don’t come to complain with they have issues with the judiciary, probably for the fear of the unknown,” said Nyirenda.

Nyirenda nonetheless said the judiciary cannot work on anonymous tips.

The Chief Justice also said courts will in two to three months time use new technologies as they move away from old colonial era case management. He also said it will soon be engaging the public on feedback.

The chief justice said he was happy to take over for the mantle well respected in the world for its independence although he bemoaned lack of human resource and financial resources as the major setback.

He gave an example of the country having only 4 chief magistrates against hundreds of magistrates they supervise in the country.

Nyirenda said he was happy that issues of judge shopping has drastically been minimised at the institution.

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25 thoughts on “‘Judge shopping’ warning from Malawi Chief Justice”

  1. Much as he said, Andrew Nyirenda did not give the populace a leeway (appropriate channel) where they can complain their concerns. You need to give people Toll free numbers where they can courageously report their grievances. Do you expect me to walk into the office of the Chief Justice without being turned way by the Secretary and guards?

    Mr. CJ you need to give us the appropriate channels otherwise I am not convinced by your explanation.

    Secondly, there is no substance to compare CJ and Justice Kenyatta as both of them follow the rules of natural justice when making determiniations.

  2. Can you please solve the problems or clean the mess at the industrial relations court which stopped hearing cases long time ago? How do you expect unfairly dismissed Malawians to survive after losing their jobs. The cases are rotting and some complainants dying. Please clean up the mess. The case have stalled in the last 4 to 6 years.

  3. Can solve the problems or clean the mess at the industrial relations court which stopped hearing cases long time ago? How do you expect unfairly dismissed Malawians to survive after losing their jobs. The cases are rotting and some complainants dying. Please clean up the mess. The case have stalled in the last 4 to 6 years.

  4. titus Scoti says:

    Andrew Nyirenda is not the same persin as Kenyatta Nyirenda of General Elections. Chulungamo palibe pa dziko. Mlandu woba nkhuku nkulangidwa zaka 7 koma woba K62.0 million kumangidwa 3 years. What justice is this? Mudzafa infa yowawa. God will judge justly inu ninse na judge omwe mukupereka zilango zolakwika

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Andrew Nyirenda and Kenyatta Nyirenda are two different people. So please do not taint Andrew with that stupid misfit elections Kenyatta.

  6. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Chauta akuwona zonse.


    A Nyarenda musatinamizepo apa.There is no Justice in Malawi.I am not suprised when I hear that Kamuzu sidelined you.You are a bunch of fools.You Sustainened The Patron Saint of Corruption Bakili Muluzi for ten years where he plundered the wealth of the nation like nobody business.It was only Dunstainand Late Chimasula Phiri that stood up to him to protect the downtroden while you dined with the wicked.We are suffering now because you voted for this toothless,clueless Bwampini by twisting our Laws.Just zip up your mouth.

  8. mr fair comment says:

    Komadi zimadabwitsa all the patties to a case ali ku Blantyre koma muona one of the lawyers goes to commence it in mzuzu or zomba and serve the documents on his friend in Blantyre chifukwa akuziwana ndi judge wa ku mzuzu or zomba a cj help us on judge shopping and fixing of judges to habdle certain cases

  9. Mwethu says:

    Sometimes the CJ shouldn’t wait for anybody to complain, especially when even a baby can see that apa pali judge shopping or chigamulo chachitika sichachilungamo. Afterall the suffering that most malawians do in silence is not because they want to but most are ignorant of the law so inuyo ophunziranu mukuyenera kumawathandiza anthu sometimes. There is a lack of pro bono work amongst most of malawian lawyers who could assist such people when justice seems not to be served.

  10. Analyst says:

    I have no respect for Kenyata Nyirenda for what he did on his election judgement. What he did to the Malawi nation is unforgivable.

  11. Brazilian Wax says:

    How can we take you seriously when you represent the ugly side of Malawi judiciary. You will go down in the annals of Malawi as a judge who “raped” the Malawi constitution to endorse the outcome of a dubious general election. In fact your appointment is classic example of “chief Justice shopping”

  12. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Let the clean ppl claim that osati chi chief justice cha magazi mmanja chi Nyirendacho iyayi

  13. Mungete says:

    People, do not confuse high court judge, Kenyata Nyirenda and Chief justice, Andrew Nyirenda

  14. chatonda says:

    Inu a Kenyata Nyirenda sanakuguleni Peter Muthariak to declare him winner of the 2014 elections? Bodza ndi lanji apa nanunso? Demonstrate your seriousness on the issue because we are watching your foot steps.

  15. Malawiano says:

    Judge wake iweyo akuba ngati ndlibe nanu mtchito athu oipa inu okuba buzi twelve years in priso cash gate k 100 bilion six month. In prison why then you say your a judge best judge is creator ALLAH SWT not you

  16. ... says:

    Judge wa DPP uyu anamulumbiritsa mseli president wa alomwe uja.

  17. NAWE says:

    I totally concur with the Hon. Chief Justice. We dont only complain but also cry in sience. Go to Nathenje Magistrate and his prosecutors. Just tell us where we can report these culprits who are killing the whole spirit of justice on our land. Also u should assure the nation if u wl have teeth to bite your own children.

  18. Gopaninji says:

    Judges for who? Ntchito kuba basi!

  19. nthandalanda says:

    A Nyirenda ife tikudandaula inu pa nlhani ya ma voti ijs. Tsono mukunamapo chani apa? God is the best judge, ife tinaiwala za inutu. We dont mind about You but God ONLY

  20. Pata phiri says:

    Very true this will be the least Malawians judges will go low that far then thats the end of Malawians

  21. Alungwana says:

    If it wasnt for ‘judge shopping’, somebody could be Malawi’s president as of now. Judge shoping has put irresponsible persons into leadership positions . Malawi is quickly drowning because of judge shopping.

  22. Jelbin mk says:

    I respect you Mr Nyirenda I hope you will bring sanity to the justice system in Malawi,while I agree with you that Malawians have a problem of complaining silently I also would like to remind you as a chief justice that it is your duty to make sure that your guys do not disfigure and erode the justice system of its vital service to the nation so that people do not lose confidence in it. Therefore with or without a formal complaint you should go through all the rulings that looks suspicious the like of the 2014 elections case where Kinyata gave a non-professional ruling where you didn’t need to be petitioned you had to get a panel of judges to review the ruling in order to save the face of the justice system in Malawi.

  23. namatikitiki says:

    Amene amakonda Judge shopping ndi amzathu a ku mpoto. Pano tili okondwa chifukwa akusankhani inuyo ndiye muthana nawo ulendo wa a china Ralph etal.

  24. Malawi crime iz going out of control nw wats wrong with u guys

  25. ben phiri says:

    oyamba ndi uja anabera zisakho pa 20 may 2014 atapatsidwa ndalama from DPP

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