Judiciary workers refuse to bulge on perks: Malawi courts still shut down

Judiciary workers in Malawi have defied government calls to resume work  despite the recent government threat to seal off the courts and withhold salaries for striking staff members if they refuse to end the strike.

Malawi ifacing spate of industrial actions and workers strike

Malawi facing spate of industrial actions and workers strike

Government chief secretary George Mkondiwa directed that the striking workers should resume work on January 5 or else the government would seal off their premises and withhold their January salaries.

But the judiciary staff converged at their place of work on Tuesday to resume their strike, which has now entered its seventh week.

Spokesperson for the Judiciary,  Mlenga Mvula says the workers will not resume work until government meets their demands in full.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika said in his recent state of the nation address that his government will not meet the strikers’ demands because of financial constraints.

He said judiciary workers already receive higher salaries than colleagues elsewhere in the government.

“The gist of the strike is that those who have privileged salary scales want to continue to earn more than their mainstream civil servant colleagues. In short, they demand equal salary increments that will maintain their superiority over their mainstream civil servants. To do this means that we will have to have extra money from somewhere. There is just no money to increase their salary scales,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said his administration is implementing a salary harmonization policy, which seeks to ensure that all government workers of equal grades receive equal salary, regardless of their departments.

Mlenga says the issue of salary harmonization is out of context.

“The issue of salary harmonization has no legal basis because what we are talking about here is about the agreement made in 2012 that each time government is revising the salaries of the civil servants, we  will be increasing our salaries as well,” said Mvula.

However,  Malawi’s Human Rights Commission says the strike is violating people’s rights to justice. It has asked the workers to end their nearly two month-long stalemate.

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale echoed similar view saying the strike has no legal basis because it began before all channels of negotiations were exhausted.

He also said the 2012 agreement between the government and judiciary workers on salary increments has no legal binding.

“The conditions of service that the Judiciary are basing their demands on were made in 2012 and were approved by the Public Appointments Committee that year. There is no record that they were approved by the National Assembly itself,” stated Kaphale in his legal opinion.

Meanwhile, prison and police officials are complaining of overcrowded cells.

The ongoing strike is hampering progress of trials, as court operations remain suspended.

Several trials, including those in connection with the financial scandal have been indefinitely suspended.

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64 thoughts on “Judiciary workers refuse to bulge on perks: Malawi courts still shut down”

  1. John says:


  2. Hebrews says:

    Ine ma Judicial staff ndinu a corruption no1. Ndinu amene mumasowetsa ma file ambava zoopsa! Mwamanga manga nyumba ndi ndalama zobera anthu ndiye mukufuna chani? Inu munaphunzira kuposa ma Civil servants enawa kodi? Pack and go! Ngati simunakhutire bwanji osapanga resign!

  3. So sad, let’s join hands to build our nation instead of wasting time ndi zinthu zosathandiza. Pliz worker’s ur there to help people not self enrich.

  4. zebrono says:

    ife nde ndi o% bwana tiganizileni mukutidziwa kale

  5. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Don’t forget Mwalawians , DPP was telling Malawians workers during campaigns that once in power all the government workers will not receive changes , instead all the government workers were to go to their homes with real pay at the end of the month , We were asking DPP party campaigners as where they were going to get the money for the high salaries which they were promising government workers ? Their answers they were giving to all Malawians was that being in the government before for 8 years ,it was their jobs to find the money for all their government to get good salaries and they knew where to get the money.
    DPP was voted into power by civil servants especially court workers. APM went into government because of the support he got through court workers and all the lawyers from different corners. The courts were in forefront making judgements in favourer of Peter Munthalika.
    DPP should full fill the salary package they promised all the government workers .
    This is not a monarchy type of government and it’s not good to transport those idiots you call chiefs all the way from their homes to BT.
    Chiefs in others countries they are involved to run government matters because they have a sort of powers in Pariament which they contribute through the house of Chief ,not just these idiots chiefs to be used by every president who comes into power. Just full fill your promises do not even be threatening all the striking workers , if you go ahead with all what you doing , you won’t go anywhere and this journey of a five year term of luring Malawi will be a tough one , indeed.

  6. Mtendeko says:

    Kodi inu a Judiciary, mumaziona ngati ndinu opambana kuposa ma civil servants onse eti? Ngati simukufuna ntchito, bwanji osangochita resign, musatibowe. Just pack and go, zopusa basi.

  7. vigour says:

    These guys are useless fire them plz

  8. Sizikugwilizana ndi anthu akumpoto,izi nza fuko lonse la malawi,umbuli bwanji anthuni

    1. true says:

      Tatopa zonenana mitundu. Phindu ndi kuti?

  9. Anything that is legal goes through parliament or is delegated through an act of parliament. These guys should be fired. They will be surprised to see thousands of Malawians applying for their jobs. There are thousands of other civil servants who are getting peanuts and are doing vital jobs like teachers, policemen, nurses etc.

  10. the Northern speech says:

    Ngozo this issue is about national interest its not about racial tribal ,how northerners work in the judiciary? Penapake kumaganiza bwino siumbuli okha okha timakanawo .kafunseni evin mlomweyo akupanganawo strike POOR MALAWI WAKE UP

  11. Makileni says:

    This is selfishness at its best by judiciary staff. I hope they r not seeking other services such as hospital where there has been no increament

  12. God Hear Me says:

    According to what has been reported here, there are some statements which I find striking my mind like

    Salary harmonization is out of context we reject 25% mukapatse ana anu
    Ok what percentage do these people want?
    Ok what percentage was agreed in their conditions of service?

    Else where the judicially staff are paid more than their counterparts in the civil service
    Give us evidence just mention the countries and the context in terms of GDP, HDI etc of those countries

    So the goal of the strike is to be superior kkkkkkkk this is very funny. I think MHRC is right to call these strikes illegal. If you want to get more pay on the pretext of being superior than others then quit and do something else

    So the CSOs are organizing the demonstrations based on such kind of strikes claiming that the government has failed. I can see some connection between the organizers of demonstration and the strikers. But if the CSOs were indeed patriotic they would also condemn such acts and plead with these guys to go back to work and not just blaming government why can not they offer a helping by facilitating dialogue other than organizing demonstrations. I mean salary increment of 25 parts per 100 and you say mukapatse ana anu?

    Judcially staff you are really selfish and you no longer have my support fotseki fotseki fotseki and shupiti you deserve to be fired. please government fir them they are idiots and hypocrites fire them please

  13. Livulezi river says:

    Pafikapa, ndi bwino BOMA liluze ndalama zambiri kuwalipira a makhothiwa akawachotsa ntchito, kusiyana ndi kuti adziwanyengerera! Anthu asowe mtendere kulowa kupeza chilungamo chifukwa cha inu? Agalu achabechabe inu mwatani???

  14. Livulezi river says:

    They are afraid of the implementation of the salary harmonization! Chilima go for it!!! We, the laymen are on your back!!! Ngati safuna asiye ntchito! Bingu mukanamutero inu? Mwamutoratu Peteryu eti?? Peter, show them you are a replica of Bingu, asakutore!!!

  15. Livulezi river says:

    These labours at the courts are being sent by the judges to provoke the situation. A BOMA musawagonjere!!!

  16. Livulezi river says:

    Declare their posts vacant and advertise the posts ife tilemberako. After all, some of the judgements meted by our judges are dubious! Take all the cases to village chiefs now! You mean Chief Kyungu can fail to
    handle cases in this country the way amaonekera muja? Well educated, well mannered as well as very principled.

  17. Atonga says:

    The problem we are seeing is that president can have the some good points to say but he is failing to convece the judiciary staff.he dn’t have speakng skills.so please those advisor to the presiden t tel him the real issue on the ground not jst make hm happpe.

  18. A MPINGO says:



  19. Anthony K says:

    Just talk about issues,why mentioning northerners?!! am just happy that all presidents we have had here non of them is a northerner…it just shows how narrow minded you..its high time we tackle real issues that looking at regions because there is no difference between you and a northerner!!!..so be selective when it comes to what you say….muzasekedwa pamawa

    1. Ngozo G says:

      Amalawi tiyeni timenyane ndi anthu akumpotowa akujaila kwambiri ma tutsi amenewa..andikwana

      1. john jere says:

        We know you dont want us .we r lyk jews to adolf hitler!but definately we gona survive!dziwani anzanu tinakonda xul inu muli budy kubalana!u r an idiot i think.yes,a coward.

      2. Matapwata says:

        you should b satanic. this is unmalawian. penya malawi penya.

  20. Kapenandiye says:

    I want to know if the poster of ‘25% mukapatse ana anu’ in the picture is the percentage that the judiciary staff is rejecting. Ali boo amenewatu ife ationjezera 10% reason iconomic hardship, we are not striking. Alipo akuwatuma amenewa awapweteketsa. First thing, did the agreement of salary increment mention the percentage or it was like it has been writen in this story that whenever there is a salary increment in the civil service the judiciary staff will be considered. I understand not every civil servant has been given the same % increment, are they striking. What is so special with the milandu staff. Dont give them their salaries until they work up from their slumber. Dreamers!!!

  21. Ndalila says:

    Kkkklkkk-koma ufuluwu ayi ndithu. Mukapatse Ana anu?

  22. Time to fire these idiots has come.

  23. akatswiri says:

    is that your opinion not pay january salary, ok government do that and see what will happen next.

  24. Truth says:

    To others the doesnot have money.But for the president and his minister.dont condemn the judiciary pipo its in their condition of service.If there r no monies where is the money for mobilizing chief,parading them on MBC tV coming from.supporting this govt on this issue is giving them room to still.

  25. johnM says:

    Just fire this lot and recruit new personnel, there are lots of Malawians unemployed right now. Their strike is illegal anyway, why Govt is entertaining this lot, only God knows

  26. BECHI says:

    How could our Lords and the rest of staff continue with strike while they are failing to prove to the nation who proved their conditions of service as per Kaphale.APM fire them and see where would they go with their complaints. There is no issue for strike and Demostrations hence employ other people to work for the sake of our brothers in cell.

  27. mnenula kingston says:

    Anthu osayamika, ndalam mukulandilazo sizikukukwanani?

  28. Odala Ochibwe says:

    Osawalipira Ndiwodzikonda Amafuna Zambiri Bwanji Iwowa Kapena Amagwirira Kunja Ntchito?

  29. Kakha Erutu says:

    Kodi Chief Justice naye ali pa strike? Wangokhala phwii basi. bwanji osawalangiza anambuluzi ache akutibowa chonchiwa?
    Chonde chonde Mw govt, don’t pay these idiots until they see sense and return to work. If they continue with their mischief until January, declare their positions vacant. Don’t bother telling them, just go ahead and advertise their positions. They will wake up when they their jobs up in newspapers for grabs.
    Ndipo ndipofunika anthu amenewa tiwapange audit – Malawi izadabwa kuona kuti majority ndi o yowoya.

  30. NYIKA BOY says:


  31. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Thump up APM!! Never ever bow down to selfish judiciary support staff wishes. The Govt is being run on taxes. It is avery good learning process. We shd desist from donor dependancy.Leave White people alone. To hell with 40% budgetory support. PLZ harmonization of salary is a good idea. However grade k below shd be considered. 12,600mk increase is an insult.

  32. wapano says:

    Anthu aku court & ACB are selfish and greedy. Gvt should withhold their January salaries kuti azindikire how bad their actions are. I think it’s not fair for these people to demand salary increments when they know kuti they are the best paid departments in malawi

  33. Batchala says:

    Do not give them their January salaries. Apite ku khoti akatenge injunction ntchito ayambira pompo.

  34. Young Batile Tikuswera says:

    Just declare their positions vacant and advertise them.

    We have so many able dependants that can take up these positions and even perform far much better than these dinosaurs who don’t even have JCE.

  35. Let me advise DPP government that if it listens to these idiots’ demands, it will then face long term numerous strikes from numerous government departments.Let these Pharisees be ”long live striking staff” than having numerous strikes.A teacher by professional suggests!!

  36. Zonsezi ndi Kenyatta Nyirenda my Chaminade school mate


    It’s plainly truthful that a remuneration system that put Judicial staff and the like priviledged over other mainstream civil servants is a biased and unjustified one looking at it from a ‘natural justice’ perspective. In this vein, the salary harmonisation is a most welcome move. These judicial workers should wait until their salaries are at par with us before they could open their rotten buccal septic tanks to yearn for a pay rise. Imagine I’m also a Civil Servant who works nobly to save Malawian lives under very a pathetically under-equiped, understaffed Ministry of Health on a Technical Officer level and yet I’m told my current perks equals that of a Security Guard at the Judiciary, MY FOOT! Let’s put it straight here, “dont hike their pay or else we will as well demand to join a category of priviledgely remunerated civil servants and deservedly so.”

  38. Awo apaseni malipiro awo mukufuna kumaba nokha eti? Judiciary ilibwino ikufuna itibere kudzera kumalipiro. Kuba sikuthyola nyumba kokha kapena ndi mfutitu ayi amalawi iyino ndinjira yinans yobera ya anthu ophunzira. Zikomo judiciary ibani bwino!

  39. Mbanangwa says:

    Why Prof Kayuni gave ‘F’ grade for the leadership in Malawi is being reflected in the present events.

  40. wosamba says:

    Achosedwe ntchito amenewa milandu tizikakambila kwa fumu asamuvutitse Pitala wamavuto ndikaleyu

  41. The judiciary uses “winner takes all” scenario. They think they are on top of everybody in Malawi. That is not how a system works. Every civil servant is equally important. To hell with these guys.

  42. Karonga Boy says:

    Please,dpp Govt Don’t Bow Down To This So Called Judicialy Staff Demands They Are Selfish!Who Do They Think They Are.The Harmonazation Of Salaries Is The Good News To Every Civil Servant,APM please do anything in your power to this selfish strikers we are solemnly behind.SACK THEM!AMAZITENGA NGATI APAMWAMBA KWAMBIRI KOMA CHONSECHO ENA ALI NDI JC,MSCE BASI but they want to be receiving master’s holder degree salaries.NONSESE

  43. kagonanitu says:

    Ma MP ndi onse a cabinet simunawone kuchuluka kwa ndalama zimene apasidwa kuno koma mwanena nena mwatopa iwo akulandira koma a khoti mukuti ayi pali chilungamo apa? Justice should prevail talk and see things in sequence and not hap hazard. A leader should be exemplary. How many short falls are not worked on since he came to power just seven months and yet you talk of judicially. It is simple when someone is incharge but take it you will start perishing that is what has happened. All leaders can agree with this statement.

    He was a junior since he was born and is difficult to manage a leadership position now. It has come like a surprise. Where did he lead? On history nowhere I have seen him leading.

  44. WAKUKAYA says:


  45. Patriot says:

    Mayesa amati mfwe mfwe mfwe dzana lija?
    What are they waiting for?
    SEAL the Office now.
    Mukatha apo also seal University of Malawi.

  46. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    APM,are you seriously,you are still keeping these old people.Why can’t you just retire them.And all that money they want for what.We are keeping young ones in our homes who can work better than these idiots.Akanakhala JB atawachotsa kale.Mukagwele uko.

  47. Benson Njiwa says:

    This salary harmonisation issue leaves alot to be desired,most teachers got 35% increament,is that harmonisation?

  48. Kanonono says:

    Guys, learn to discuss issues and personalities or tribes. There are millions of sober-minded northerners who are irked by tribal sentiments on serious issues. Similarly, there are millions of southerners who hate tribal elements. An educated society does not discuss personalities. It discusses issue irrespective of who has raised it/them. Whether one likes it or not, Malawi is more important than any other region/tribe within the country. As poor as Malawi is, we have enough enemies to think about in the names of poverty, diseases, hunger and envy such that increasing the number of enemies to as far as tribalism is like adding insults to an injury. These tribal elements are doing much harm than good to the nation and whoever is promoting them must understand that he/she is one of the worst enemies that Malawi has ever had.

  49. yuona says:

    Unfortunately our Leaders promised them good salaries during campaign period. Kaya zanu izooo!!! Akakhala ma vote athu paja mudatienda njomba………..

  50. mzimwale says:


  51. muonosile says:

    Look, Mlenga Mvula, is this not one of the very Northerners we are fed up with? APM watch out.

  52. Asante says:


  53. mjiba says:

    These selfish judiciary staff should be told that under no certain circumstances will Government of Malawi pay them what they are demanding. Malawi’s economy has not recovered sufficiently for workers to start demanding an increase in wages. Government should now publish what these Judiciary staff earn so that other workers can see how selfish these idiots want to be. If they continue striking Government should immediately start recruiting new personnel to take over these positions, more Malawians with better qualifications are without jobs and would jump at the opportunity to work at the rate these scarvengers are being paid. IF THEY THINK THAT GOVT IS PAYING THEM PEANUTS, LOOK FOR GREEN PASTURES ELSEWHERE DONT HOLD THE COUNTRY AT RANSOM KUZOLOWERA ZIPHUPHU ETI. STOP THIS NOSENSE GOVT PUBLISH THE SALARIES OF THE JUDICIARY AND ACB NOW FOR ALL TO SEE HOW SELFISH THESE LAZYBONES ARE.

    1. Martin says:

      They are not holding the country at a ransom but this specific government because they are the ones who put it in power not the majority of the population. Maybe, I said maybe there was a certain agreement that was not fulfilled from the government’s side.

  54. Kenkkk says:

    The govt approach is flawed from start because it didn’t give the judiciary staff adequate notice of their intention to harmonise their salaries with the general civil service. The govt introduced the harmonisation issue abruptly without warning, a typical dictatorial action.

    I totally agree with the salary harmonisation but the govt approach is wrong. What the govt should do now is to honour what the judiciary stafff are demanding but at the same time tell them that with effect from say June this year or from next year their salaries will be harmonised with those of the general civil service. That is similar grades in the judiciary to those of general civil service will have the same salaries. It will mean general civil service salaries catching up with those of the judiciary and vice versa. If necesary the govt should also amend the judiciary pay arrangements curretly in place to harmonise them with those of the general civil service.

    The govt should therefore swallow its pride for the mess it has caused and resolve this matter immediately otherwise we will start to think that the govt has a hidden agenda as it always does on this matter as well. Withholding salaries is not the way to resolve this matter.

    The attorney general’s advice as we all now are aware is also heavily flawed leaving us not believing which side is telling the truth on the dispute.

    What is not deniable is the fact that the govt’s approach on this matter is wrong.

  55. Emmatuwa says:

    Mr Kapito utsogoleritu apa wabvuta ndithu [malawi lost leadership] DPP ziiiiiiiiiiii UDF woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pa 13th January tiyende kuti adziwe kuti amalawi zikwanyasa




  58. Bakala Maluzi says:

    What the judiciary support staff do not want to accept is that they are selfish. Osawalipira amambala amenewa. Wina akasauka, ayamba mmodzimodzi kupita kukagwira ntchito. When will we Malawians stop being greedy.

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