Jumbe heading to Africa Development Bank: Mkwezalamba to IMF

Malawi economist and former finance Minister Friday Anderson Jumbe is heading for a post at African Development Bank (AfDB) while another former finance minister Maxwell Mkwezalamba has been picked as International Monetary Fund (IMF) executive director.

Jumbe: To work  at AfDB

Jumbe: To work at AfDB

Mkwezalamba: To IMF

Mkwezalamba: To IMF

Jumbe, who contested for the presidency in May 20 elections under the New Labour Party and lost miserably, stepped down as party leader and withdrew from frontline politics last month.

His move is said to have been preparation for the job at AfDB.

He has been seconded by Malawi government.

Meanwhile, Mkwezalamba who was finance minister in Joyce Banda administration will be IMF director to represent Malawi and other 21 African countries on the fund’s board for the next two years.

He was nominated to the job by Malawi government together with former Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) general manager Wilson Banda and former RBM governor, Elias Ngalande not as it is now Malawi’s turn to provide a director for the Africa Group Constituency.

The three underwent interviews by a group of African finance ministers in Washington DC last week but Mkwezalamba, who previously also served as economic commissioner at the African Union, emerged as successful.

The position is a full time salaried job paid by the IMF and the office holder will be based in Washington DC where he will attend IMF executive board meetings representing the Africa Group Constituency.

Malawi will take over the directorship from Gambia whose national Momodoe Bamba Saho has been executive director since November 1, 2012.

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37 thoughts on “Jumbe heading to Africa Development Bank: Mkwezalamba to IMF”

  1. nellie mwa says:

    Districts with high concentration of children born to northerners

    Wen the II was the capital I have two kumwendas who share one father but married neither.
    Chikanda vge next to Chanco. Kuli aChirwa Gondwe nunthali name them. Did they go back to send them to school? Blantyre osanena Mpemba from the Staff training school, Soche Makhetha Ana spa Poly skugona Ku Maone
    around Mikolongwe
    The Hospital

    malo ambiri . Mbuli zambiri ndi Ana any mumachitira experiment before going home kukalowola. Very rare will a man married to a southerner cheat on their wives with a northerner but tumbukas cannot resist the temptation to sleep with the mbulis from the other regions. We have Zimbas Munyenyembes Ku Bt. Do they send them to school like the other children in their homes? Kumamgotukwana not knowing you are the culprit of the problem. I refute here that Northerners are not more intelligent than the rest of the country.

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    Izi Kanyimbi saikapo ndemanga. Ndilowe kumphanga ndizigona.

  3. Hezlon Lungu says:

    Educated pipo will always enjoy the fruits of ther sweat osa phunzirafe tizingolimbana zandale basi bravo to Mkwezalamba “when one door is close the other door will always be open”

  4. Abiti says:

    No. 6, Always substantiate your claim when writing publicly, otherwise you will be taken as a nicompoup who is blindly triblalistic.

  5. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Where were the so called Tumbuka’s when these super pple were interviewed. Stupid northerners, mwayiyamba dala nkhondo muyimalize musovanso muona

  6. Phpintl says:

    Interesting post, It will be interesting to see how these two will ultilize fundings in the next few years.

  7. Watela says:

    If Goodal Gondwe attended these interviews he wud have been the prefered candidate based on his credentials which Mkwezalamba can not match. So those talking about northerners shud be ashemed and know that the north has brains in every field. What about Dr Connelius Mwalwanda?

  8. yohane says:

    I dont know why people from south and central are silent on the matter of division of malawi. Let me tell you my fellow central region brothers and sisters, say something on this and do action on the matter. These tumbukaz are every where they scholling in our district sec schools lets take our place and really show them that they start this division and is now real. Kodi a livingstonia mumalalika chani in church? One christ or your own pastors.

  9. Mbwiye says:

    Congrats Friday my former CEO at ADMARC. Please work extra hard there to prove that you are worth the salt. Please complete your Phd there, I want you to come back a Dr not u Doctor wa a JB wa fake. Tell JB to do masters first.

  10. aem says:

    Well done, you continue to make us proud!

  11. pearson sadala says:

    Congrats Max

  12. Chikadzakuwani says:

    We should be proud of our men to take those positions, bring money to Malawi ife abale anu tikubvutika muzitigawilako

  13. phiri says:


  14. palibekanthu says:

    Atumbuka ali ngwindiiiii

  15. Chakwanuleka says:

    Malipiro a Jumbe for obtaining an injunction. This guy is a spent force, i bet he could not have passed an interview if this post was placed for competition

  16. GRM says:

    Apa ndiye pali merit. Otherwise a former JB cabinet minister would not have been nominated by APM. I WISH THEM ALL THE BEST

  17. iwe munganya says:

    Munganya, it is not a level field. Why do we have quota? Let us accept that our friends from the north are smart. I have been asked a question several times by expatriates I work with whether I come from the north after noticing my work ethics and these are independent people. To some extent, let us agree that our friends from the north are hard workers, visionary and patient . On another note, Dr Mkwezalamba is far more experienced in terms of working with international organizations than the two other people in addition to serving on one of the highest politically appointed positions in Malawi, of Minister of Finance. All this gave him an edge over others and was likely going to be a preferred choice. If we are to be honest with ourselves, we can see that one had an upper hand already. His experience here counted but it may not necessarily mean he is very intelligent or capable person than the other two people something I dont have evidence at the moment.

    1. Chembe says:

      First and foremost all candidates were PhD holders with at least economics as a minor. Mkwezalamba was already destined for this job before he became a finance minister. Those who matter in Malawi government had already locked him as their future point man in Washington, D.C. and he was seen in and out of bretton woods institution over the months campaigning for the job. I’m not very sure if it was Malawi’s turn or sadcc turn because Swaziland name was in the mix until couple months ago.

    2. Hagar the Horrible says:

      But Ngalande is equally experienced. I know that they both come from an academic background, they were both Economics lecturers at Chancellor College. Besides, both of them worked in Ministry of Finance at PS level. Ngalande was Secretary to Treasury and later Reserve Bank Governor. These are all political appointments. While Mkwezalamba worked in World Bank and later African Union, Ngalande has and I believe still heads MEFMI, a regional training institute.

      I’m aware that Wilson Banda is equally well educated and experienced, he was General Manager at RBM. In short, all three candidates were good, but only one had to sail through. We may not know what other factors the interviewers considered. Whatever they are, Mkwezalamba seems to have been the best fit.

      On a different note, I’m always baffled by the assertions here and other forums that northerners are more intelligent or smarter than the rest of Malawians. Apart from such sweeping statements, nobody has ever come up with scientific evidence to prove that fact. I’m not a northerner myself, but have been classmates with northerners. I have come across some brilliant northerners, some average, but hardworking ones but also not so bright ones. I have also seen students from the rest of the country with similar characteristics.

      My point is that education attainment is dependent on several variables, and it is wrong to conclude that northerners or indeed people form a certain corner of a country are more intelligent than others. There could be a combination of factors that may result in the seemingly better education attainment for a particular segment of our society. As far as I am aware, nobody has ever demonstrated the correlation between intelligence and tribe/place of origin in Malawi. These are pure stereotypes.

      1. cashgate1 says:

        Am from north, but like your objectivity in your contribution. That’s the way to go, not just a mere hatred.

        1. namandwa says:

          I am not from the north but I like the objectivity in the explanation. It is really not based on hatred.

  18. Zondiwe says:

    No. 6, please leave the Northerners alone.
    The enemies of this country are poverty and ignorance. It is not about Northerners.
    What has Hon Jumbe’s appointment got to do with Northerners?
    Stop this unfair targeting of innocent people.
    Whether you like it or not, Northerners will always love their region and will not stop being Northerners. The North is a gift from God and you have got to learn to live with this fact.

    1. nellie mwa says:

      Malawi is one country and will always be. The north is part of Malawi. My father comes from there.My mother is a Yao from Blantyre in the southern region. We were five in our family.
      It is true that many people in the central and southern regions are not as educated as their counterparts in the northern region. This has nothing to do with intelligence or hard work. It has to do with tradition and culture. Chikamwini and zinamwali or dambwe in the central region. Under Chikamwini the children belong to the uncle. The father is just a ceremonial figure so who wants to educate his children for another person. Secondly destructive cultural practices fuel early marriages children dropping out from school etc. Chikamwini also contributes to high levels of divorce leading to many children growing up without fatherly love. Up north the man owns the children therefore he will do all he can to send HIS CHILDREN to school. Zinamwali is also a good catalyst for under age prostitution. Northerners make a good percentage of clients no wonder we have southerners and chewas with Tumbuka names yet they have never seen their fathers. Most of the tenants in yr farms up north are actually your brothers if u were to carry DNA tests you will find they are actually your own blood seeded by the educated northerners who experiment on the proceeds of these evil cultures that are not found up north. What I am saying is that if northerners are more intelligent than others could the same be true of the people in Zambia and Tanzania who share the border with Northern Malawi. Is this in yr genes or the water or soil composition or could it be the weather that make others more intelligent than others. We r one people let us celebrate our differences. Respect the tenants you never know who their father is. Ndife amodzi. Let us stop living a lie and be ourselves Malawians-period.

  19. THEN-GO says:


  20. congratulation to Max Mkwezalamba!

  21. Charter says:

    Anthu anzeru ndi matukutuku asowe tichite ndale mtimali pansi ife! Kugawa masikono mwakathithi!

    1. Chembe lumbe says:

      On IMF appointment this government had no say otherwise they would have dispatched dr chikaonda there to silence him. Apart from kapito, chikaonda is the worst nightmare this government is sitting on. Anyway he is on the populous side and connected

  22. Hello! says:

    Congratulations. Remember to invest back home when you are working abroad.

  23. boston mlotha says:

    appeasement politics in use

  24. Munganya says:

    On a level field, Notherners do not dominate, but when the personnel managers are northerners then eish. And the compliain about being victimized when they are the ones victimizing others based on wakwituism.

  25. chief says:

    Lost opportunity to young Malawians. This was an opportunity to groom future young economists and not these about to retire or retirees, we can also say politicians. With this kind of thinking, are we going to develop? Though very capable people, we all know how they performed as Ministers, no professionalism. I cry for my beloved country.

    1. Bolero says:

      Maxwell had to be selected because he has greater credentials than his colleagues having served at the World Bank as Country Economist, Principal Secretary for Finance at Min of Finance, Economic Affairs Commissioner with AU and recently as Minister of Finance. Congrats to you dude. Now you will be close to your first wife over there.

  26. Kangandiwamba says:

    He shld serve as a representative

  27. Zabwino zimalondana,ndalama zikungopita kwa anthu andalama kale,shaaaaa! However,all the best mr man

  28. makito says:

    Muhlako wanzeru, selected on merit

  29. makito says:

    Congrats my lecturer

    1. nellie mwa says:

      Mangochi also has a very large population of children sired by tumbukas who have been attending workshops along the lakeshore district. Most of the vendors don’t know their fathers. Their mother were amber cire or the abiti nyamulas who offered one night stands to your wadada with no names. Wen the one night stand ends up in pregnancy the mother can not tell who is responsible except that he had a tumbuka accent. So u have che Yusuf che Sanudi who are tumbuka blood. They can not go to school for lack of school fees. They will go kuchinamwali be a father at an early age have his own children and the circle continues. You write that mumaberekana kwambiri yet muli inu. Politicians benefit though Ana anuwo don’t know you.

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