Justice Chikopa weigh in on MBC procurement laptop scandal

In what can be describe as a bizarre situation, Malawi Supreme Court Justice Lovemore Chikopa was personally involved in a struggle with Malawi police junior officers in Blantyre Thursday night over custody of a laptop belonging to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Justice Lovemore Chikopa

Justice Lovemore Chikopa reportedly escorted Pahuwa to police to collect laptop

Pahuwa and the laptop

Pahuwa and the laptop

Chikopa drove to the police station in the company of MBC employee George Pahuwa apparently to demand back a laptop belonging to MBC.

The police earlier collected the laptop from Pahuwa’s residence on instructions from MBC management.

According to Blantyre police spokesperson Ramsy Mushane, Pahuwa a procurement officer at MBC was clinging to the office laptop a day after he was transferred from his office to pave way for an audit.

‘‘Yes, we received a request from MBC security officer to accompany him to collect a company laptop which Mr Pahuwa was keeping without company authority. We collected it after a struggle with Pahuwa and took it to Blantyre police for safe custody’’, said Mushani.

Pahuwa allegedly showered insults and profanities at the police officers and the MBC security officer who accompanied them.

Mushane added that minutes after the police arrived at the Blantyre office Station with the laptop, Justice Chikopa stormed the police station in the company of Pahuwa.

The two demanded that the laptop be returned to Pahuwa and that MBC security officer a Mr. Mphande be locked up for harassment.

The police say they did not find the conduct of the honourable Justice in order and that after consultations with their superiors, they refused to release the laptop.

‘‘We asked the Judge in what capacity he was at the station giving orders and what was his interest in the MBC laptop; he could not give proper answers and instead started shouting at our officers and threatening them’’, the Police said.

According to MBC public relations officer Ruth Gama, MBC management last Wednesday transferred Pahuwa to another office and instructed him to immediately handover his office including the office laptop to a new occupier.

Upon receipt of the transfer instruction, Pahuwa packed the company laptop in his bag, rushed out of MBC without taking leave and went to his home in Ndirande newlines.

When Pahuwa was called by MBC administration to bring back the laptop, he angrily replied saying he should not be bothered as he had started a holiday. ironically, MBC administration denied having authorised any holiday for Pahuwa.

‘‘Later our security alerted us that they had information that Mr. Pahuwa had asked an IT expert at MBC [name withheld] to immediately follow him home to help him erase data from a laptop. That’s when Management directed the security section to immediately recover the laptop ,’’ Gama said.

When asked to comment on the incident, Justice Chikopa could not be reached on phone while Pahuwa shouted at this reporter.

‘‘What’s your business? Justice Chikopa is my friend, so what? “ shouted Pahuwa.

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54 thoughts on “Justice Chikopa weigh in on MBC procurement laptop scandal”

  1. watch dog sayz says:

    MBC management this Mphande will make u cough a lot of millionz soon, keep watching this space. A lot of pple r cuing seeking for legal advice over issues that were misrepresented to u by ur unprofessional mlonda mphande. Ubwino wake izi tikuzidziwa kumphika kuno

  2. abiti says:

    nanunso musatichitise manyazi kuyaluka coz of laptop?

  3. It will soon be revealed!!! says:


  4. tedzani says:

    Pahuwa amaonjeza kuba abale.Zikakoma zimafunika kusiya nthawi zina.Nanga Mupita ku mudzi Ku Balaka tsopano mukakhale

  5. gado says:

    Pahuwa ndi munthu mmodzi walowesa MBC pansi ndi ma deal ake. Ena machita nawo ndi Mateyu yemwe anachosedwa ntchito, Monica waku Finance etc. Timangoona timadziwa kuti tsiku la 40 George lizamupeza.Lero lakwana. Mnyamata ameneyu wadya ndalama za MBC mwakanthithi.Ndipo mwamutulukira mochedwa. A Mphande ndi a Polisi amagwira ntchito yao. Panalibe chifukwa chowatukwanire. nanu a Chikopa chifukwa kuti Pahuwa ndi mnzanu kwambiri mwatu mimba tiye tiye muononga ka professional kanu kobooka kaleko.MBC ipeze procurememnt office wina wabwino.

  6. nyachisambi says:

    Harassment of ethnic is bad here in malawi we inter marry

  7. Gimbogo says:

    Alomwe a DPP

  8. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    It is ignorant that some commentators inject the poison of tribalism in this piece of news just because the names paint a picture of aLhomwe. But Pahuwa and/or Chikopa may not be from that ethnic group at all!
    No tribe has a monopoly for innocence ; and no tribe is immune to corruption either. So, stop the nonsense! Stop the ethnic hatred!

  9. Itini phee-e.Kalipo kalipo.Funsani a neighbour ku Zambia akuuzani bwino zamkulu ameneyu.Kaya!Chilungamo palibe pa dziko lapansi

  10. weaklicks says:

    This so called chikopa smokes chamba he used to work at chatsika and company

  11. BECHI says:

    Judges are learnt people with knowledge but not wisdom from God thus why the judge acted in this strange manner.

  12. angoni akwa Gomani says:

    Tiyeni nazo!

  13. Truth says:

    Ukamacheza ndi zitsiru, iwenso umakhala chitsiru…a justice mwapepelatu apa….laptop?

  14. zaluma says:

    When in the world the supreme court judge act as a legal representative of a particular client. This is strange and very fun. The learned judge needs to explain why he went to police station in company with the yet-to-be cashgater. This is the reason I strongly believe that Malawi shall execute justice and justice will never come from their chambers. They are highly paid BUT very corrupt human beings in Nyasaland. Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe azawakangántha siku limodzi ananzikambe wa. Tawasiyeni 40 days yili pafupi

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Have a problem to wholly accept this story. You mean MBC could not keep this laptop within their premises or the CEOs office.

    What’s so special about this laptop? Or MBC has only one laptop.
    Was Pahuwa, only transferred or he is dismissed? He will not need a laptop now

    BT police station, is full of stupid officers. How can a security officer tell you to accompany him, yet you always tell that you have no transport. And you got the laptop after struggles, was it stolen from MBC?

    1. Haven’t you read the whole story? A certain paragraph says, ” He (George Pahuwa) asked an MBC IT technician to follow him to his home to erase some data from the laptop”. He was the Procurement Officer. So don’t you see the reason?

      Iwenso ndi bakha eti?

    2. Wodala says:

      Inu Achimidzimidzi you really have a huge problem. The main story is why the WHOLE SPREME JUDGE OF APPEAL act in the capacity of a mere lawyer? Achimwene wosamapsya mtima pa zinthu zomwe simukuziziwa. You may end up advertising your scanty kwowledge of things.

  16. Wakiki says:

    when you such situation in a country like my mother Malawi it becomes appauling. How can the whole judge carry his office to offer escort to a laptop computer wothymk250,000. What a Banana republican !!!!. Kaya. lets wait and see. next time tizaona one of our minister escorting a messenger to toilet to collect tissues. Guys salani bwino, ndapita

  17. Jostin Fombe says:

    Nde Pahuwa wailowa ngati Akuzike??????

  18. Jostin Fombe says:

    Paja Chikopa ndi uja amayambitsa ma strike Ku court uja??

  19. Jostin Fombe says:

    Tifufuze za katundu uja Benson Tembo wamangira Community radio Ku Neno. Pahuwa ukuti bwanji? Nanga ma suppliers amthumba ngati a Mateyu aja bwa.

  20. Joda says:

    Procurement termination contracts on the move. We are watchn closely with keen interest. Watchdog


  22. justice skin says:

    Akudziwana amenewo mwina amasusa mbale imodzi anthu amenewa

  23. Wapa pompa says:

    shupit judges like him, thats why are the ones most creating civil war in and out of the countries.

  24. OGO!! says:

    Chikopa muyaluka za zii. I bet PAHUWA has shody files in there…sex videos, ma procurement deals olakwika etc. I don’t see why he can cling on to company property as his own. Tonse timadziwa kuti company property is company property which can be dmanded backa t any time a Pahuwa awa nchiyani? something is cooking…

  25. collins kafa says:

    Dpp operatives are going after chikopa. He was in charge of the disgruntled during the strikes and he is popular with junior employees

  26. akatswiri says:

    That is Lovemore,at its best, wina alira.

  27. akuzike says:

    The story is twisted to favour one side.Chikopa went to police as a legal freind of Pahuwa to understand what was going on.Why did police go to Pahuwa to confiscate laptop at night and not in the day ? The procurement audit has nothing to do with this as it was initiated by Internal Audit not management. Nyasa has given us biased info.wait for real truth.MBC security officer will appear in court for criminal trespassing.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      He went with the police!!

  28. Mwana wa hule says:

    Stupid judge mwasiyana bwanji ndi andale apa mchaka munalephera job ku Zambia f*****k your ass

  29. Wa ku Lilongwe says:

    Kodi paja zifukwa zoti paliyamenti imuchotse ntchito judge zimakhala zifukwa zanji?

  30. Kwitanda says:

    Guys y do u hate the lhomwes? Zagwirizana pati nkhani ya laptop ndi alhomwe? U mean u can not have a judge as a friend? Lovemore it means u r friendly big up!!!!!

  31. chibwatiko says:

    ma judge ndi ma magistrate ambiri mmalawi muno ali ngati agalu. Amangopanga zinthu unprofessionaly. Zitsiru zotheratu.

  32. Angozo says:

    This judge needs to be discplined, nobody is above the law.

  33. This is a foolish judge. Educated by mistake

  34. tuvitwana says:


  35. wina akuwoneka ngati utitili unaluma kalekale

  36. Desire says:

    Malawi the warm heart of corruption!

  37. Namarokoro says:

    Koma suit ya Justice yo amnzanga! Ayayayayayayayaya!

  38. mpumulo massa says:

    anamuthamangitsa ku Zambia nkulu ameneyu…..

  39. aphiri says:

    Is he not the same judge who was chosen by late president Sata of Zambia to lead a tribunal? Fake judges in Malawi wina ndi mbendela.lol

    1. Teketeke says:

      Justice Mbendera zawakudzanso pati abale? Koma aMalawi ena inu… eish, kukhalira kulira osatonthola. Nkhani ndi Justice Chikopa kuthandizira Pahuwa kuophyeza a police!
      That laptop must not be released and checked what information it has….

  40. How could his lordship be humiliated by his juniors in the name of police officers? Nobody is above the law for sure. Mr Lovemore Chitipa own an explanation to the state as to his capacity of escorting Mapuwa to police.

  41. Lusungu says:

    Musova mpaka Judge eeeeeeeeee kaya

  42. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Only God exercises justice not wth these so called human judges. ifyakwa! 8

  43. Gringotts says:

    Even if he had succeeded in erasing the harddrive, the data could still be recovered. I think the judge and Pahuwa are partners in crime. Shame.

  44. Nkhombokombo says:

    Kukulitsa nkhani anthuni, there is no proven case here, its just a wishful thinking and a rush to put someone in trouble. A londa ndi a MBC miseche imeneyo!

  45. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Ahlomwe tsopano. A Chikopa mpaka pamenepa. We will never trust you as a judge. Hw much did Pahuwa bribe you with? You must be dismissed!! Ndiye poti ndinu mbaua nokhanokha musungana koma Mulungu adzalanga.

  46. katundumadzi says:

    kuyalukira mamina a mwana!

  47. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    One really wonders if the judge was under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. Getting personally involved in a case about a friend’s employment? The judge’s bosses must be shaking their heads, and itching to bring him in for an “interview”. And the process must be transparent; and the results made public. Anything less is NOT acceptable.

  48. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Hahaha frothing is a good indicator of immaturity

  49. AMUNAMUNA says:

    What a story? How can the whole ‘justice’ behave like that? Investigate him, he has to be disciplined 4 this behaviour.

  50. Hoitty says:

    I’ll not be sirprised to see Chikopa’s name in the files. Zimenezi ndi zomwe zingachitike Ralph Kasambara atasankhidwa Judge. Muzionesesa

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