K12.9m Cashgate convict Ndovie to get sentence on 17 Nov

The Lilongwe Magistrate court will pass sentence on November 17 to businessperson Esnart Nenani Ndovi following her conviction on her own plea of guilty over a Cashgate transaction amounting to K12.9 million ($23,035). He is now on remand in prison.

Ndovi (hiding her face) leaves Lilongwe Magistrate court with her husband (R) and other well-wishers

Ndovi (hiding her face) leaves Lilongwe Magistrate court with her husband (R) and other well-wishers

After her own plea, the court convicted Ndovi on charges of money laundering which attracts a maximum sentence of 10 years and lending a business certificate for personification which attracts a sentence of three years.

State prosecutor Michael Kalonga asked the court to adjourn he case for two weeks so that prosecutors can evaluate the car Toyota Hilux  which the convict surrendered .Road Traffic and Safety Services valued the vehicle at K15 million.

Kalonga said the State would like to make their own evaluations and also to finalise all necessary documents relating to her conviction.

Defence lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa asked for court not to revoke bail because Ndovi was suffering a medical ailment which would prevent her from withstanding prison conditions. But he did not provide to the court evidence to show that she is not fit and well.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) lawyer Imran Saidi did not object to the bail application

Senior resident magistrate Patrick Chirwa revoked Ndovie’s bail arguing there was no medical reports to support her argument.

“The convict looks okay, she is able to stand and respond to questions. Unless the defence brought evidence from a certified medical practitioner to show that she cannot stay in prison,” said the Magistrate.

Said the magistrate: “After being convicted, one loses the right to bail and there is no clear law propagating for bail pending sentencing. Therefore, I deny to grant bail pending sentencing. Until court sentences the convict, the convict will remain in custody.”

The court has since asked the ACB to agree with the defence to carry out a joint evaluation of the vehicle which has been handed over to ACB as restitution.

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29 thoughts on “K12.9m Cashgate convict Ndovie to get sentence on 17 Nov”

  1. King Preevah de First says:

    Azimayixo kuba? Ameneyo2 ofunika kumulanda çhilichonse kungomusiyira bra mmozi ndi pant mmodzi mkumuchitaso zina ndi zina kuti mbava zina zazikazi zitengerepo phunziro

  2. PIERRE says:

    stupit coment no,is mphwiyo tumbka?

  3. Likatuluka says:

    Her cousin Caroline Savala was also arrested ,,,so it’s a family thing

  4. KK says:

    Atumbuka mwanyanya kukokelana. Mwapatsana ma contract. Lero ndiye ndi izi. Pali ponse Atumbuka!!!!! Atumbuka!!!! Kodi munatani anthu inu?????????

  5. Even the Banks officials were part of this mess how did they manage to withdraw such huge amount a cheque of millions withdrawing at once?

  6. Kondwani says:

    It seems every criminal in this country has a medical condition!

  7. peeping lizard says:


  8. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    These cashgaters should pay back the stolen money with heavy interest.Just mere arresting them is not a solution.They have destroyed the economy of Malawi.They will be enjoying the loot when they come back from the prisons.Make sure that all the money is recovered and build modern schools for kids in villages.They should stop covering their faces.The mzungu was also benefitting from loot instead of doing shifts in his home country.

  9. Decent Citizen says:

    The issue is not about atumbuka but about cashgaters.The Dpp is shielding their cohorts of 577 billion in which even Pitala is involved.Mumva kuti wina wagwa ndi mtima posachedwapa.The victims are only during Amayi Era.Anzanu sakugona tulo ndi nkhani 577 billion.Ma state funeral ndiye adakabwera.Mtundu wa Amalawi walira kwa nthawi yayitali.

  10. Koma ????? says:

    north north! eeeeh

  11. ntha..... says:

    This case is done. What about the kalongas, katengezas and the kasambala/mphwiyos.

  12. hens master says:

    Questions for ACB, POLICE, FIU. Who signed contracts with suspects of casgates? Who certified works? Who received supplied goods? Who authorised payments? Who signed cheques? Where did they cash cheques? Who cashed them?

    Pick all of them. They played various roles in the cashgate.

  13. guguh says:

    Kodi matendawa amagwira anthu olemera okha to justify kuti they can’t survive in prison bwanji??. How about anthu osauka with health problems. Treat all accused the same despite their financial status!

  14. All those who are sentenced are either from North or not belong to DDP? How much did those who are in DDP stole? Will never know because they are protected by DDP/APM as he is a party of DDP money laudering. Where did the bags of dollars go the one which were found at state house? Bingu did not take the money? This is part of the money APM boost that he is a millionaire. If he was a millinaire why did hes come and want t be a president whe. He had not lived in Malawi for more 40 years? Malawians please use heads not body. Michona and old are not good for the nation.

  15. Zagwa says:

    This country would move forward if we had judges with the mentality of magistrate Patrick Chirwa. Not these clowns we call judges….kulilila Prado ngati anabadwilamo olo kuti adzaitenga pokufa? If it’s for mobility, why not settle for any reasonably priced car? Ndinu akuba….but wait and see the changes that are coming…kunali Kamuzu kuno….anatha bwa?

  16. kkkkk says:

    Very true why not the owners?

  17. Ibo says:

    atumbuka agwiritsana manyi/bibi chifukwa ckokonda kukonderana kupatsana ma contract, kulembana ntchito mpaka kuba kumene zones pachibale kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiieeeesssssttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Those who are being sentenced are only those who were being used as conduits, get bank managers, cheque signatories, those who were prooving vouchers etc etc

  19. KK says:

    Atumbuka woyyyyyeeeee!!!!!!! Wakwithu syndrome woooooyyyy!!!!!!!

  20. Antiracist says:

    Only small fish getting sentenced. When are we going to get to the real money and big thieves?

  21. Dikisan says:

    Atumbuka kuba; Mulibe chisoni ndi dziko lino. Ndovie ndimameneyo akukalowa. Jalapamlomo!

  22. gulugunya says:

    Ngakhale ubise nkhope ife maneba takuonabe. Ndipo ukukalowa basi. Kudya bwino konse kuja ndiwe bava eti. Shiiiiiiiii.

  23. phodos says:

    I think you did it. Thus why you are hiding your face. You were not satisfied.

    1. air walker says:

      what do you mean by ‘i think you did it?’ she said she did it and plead gulity, that’s why she’s a now convict waiting sentencing. are you ok?

  24. Mkwapu says:

    10 years please!!!!!

  25. mlanjira says:

    Amandinyansa ma lawyers amene amayimilira mbavazi. Why backing them now instead of advising them before or after? Do you know how Malawians suffered because of these cashgaters? You dont feel it cos you are also a thief stealing from them, munadyera limodzi.

    We need justice. Sankadziwa kuti mapeto ake akhala amenewa? No sweet without sweat, let them suffer.

  26. Josophat Returns says:

    Reaping where she did not sow. Foolish woman.

  27. Nangozo says:

    The wages of sin is death.

  28. Blessed Banda says:

    When will Kalonga and Katengeza be sentenced? We are waiting to hear how long will their sentences be. Is there any technical matter that is delaying their sentencing?

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