K38m down the drain in two days of Malawi Parliament staff strike

During the two days Parliament Secretariat staff  have been on sit-in strike demanding  for a pay , aboutK38.6 million has gone down the drain as members of parliament were being paid for inaction.

Lucius Banda:  Its unfair

Lucius Banda:  MPs paid for nothings

The amount that has been wasted in two days (K38.6 million) could provide 50 kilogramme (kg) bags of maize to some 8 500  families which on average comprise six people—meaning that it can benefit around 51 000 people starving due to floods that have ravaged the country, according to daily newspaper The Nation.

Leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) in the House Lucius Banda described the situation as “a pity and costly” to both government and the taxpayer.

Banda bemoaned that the MP were being  “paid for nothing, which is unfair to the ordinary people out there. “

He is quoted by The Nation saying: “Government spends about K100 000 [including allowances] on a single MP a day and if you do the calculations you will agree with what I am saying.”

Based on the K100 000 cost per MP, it means that during the past two days of inaction in the House—K38.6 million has gone down the drain.

Malawi government has  since offered the striking staff 18 percent increment to be paid in arrears from October 2014 and a six percent raise to be effected in July 2015, but backdated to October as well.

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38 thoughts on “K38m down the drain in two days of Malawi Parliament staff strike”

  1. Dapalapa says:

    Dziko ndi anthu ake!!

  2. sheriff allan says:

    Amalawi kusowa mtima wachikondi ndalama imeneyo bwanji osathandizila anthu amend akudzidwa ndi flood

  3. Dr. Mango says:

    Gani munthu; whether it is K100,000.00 or K50,000.00 per day that is not the issue here but whether the allowances will be paid back to Government or not! You MPs seem to be a bunch of greedy fellows! Do you fear God or you are the followers of the Devil??? Do not defend anything against God, it will turn against you. You may not find yourself in the next sitting if you play with God!!!

  4. mpimpa says:

    my question to him, ndalamazo walandira nawo? If yes zen za ziiii

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Lucius Banda, MP . Please as matter of diplomacy don’t say MPs are being for doing nothing. Next time say MPs are receiving allowances without doing their work. None of you has returned then money,yet you know the reason you are getting such money. That’s what happened with journalists at Sanjika palace in BT.

    In short we have two groups of thieves at parliament now. These are Parliament staff and MPs.

    This session will be extend by two without allowance or these should be recovered from your salaries.

    Zachamba ai.No free money.

  6. ALPHAH says:

    Do they work for us or for their families? they tell us that they are working on public service reform zopanda nzeru

  7. Matako says:

    clueless and inept leadership that does not know how to govern. THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD. THESE PEOPLE MUST GO BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  8. Chimwamowa says:

    Kusonyeza Kuti Inuyo Alucius Simunalandirenao Allowance Ya 2days pokhuzidwa ndima flood victims?

  9. gondwe says:

    Why should MPs get allowances for coming to Parliament? This is there place of work. The job that they had applied for and they get monthly salary. I will understand if they are not paid monthly salaries.
    No need to pay them allowances.

  10. chete says:

    Ofoila kwambiri ndi inneyo. Chifikwa. Anthuwa ndizitsiru. Bola mafumu timavana. Koma iwowa amaona ngati afikapo. Koma kunali anzanu.

  11. Yankeez says:

    Eetu ehh.

  12. Phodo wa Phodogoma says:

    Please Lazarus Chakwera return the seating allowance before timothy Mtambo drags you to court. CSOs this is an obvious issue to persuade not nacgate. In this issue you will track down big gulewamkulu including Lazarus which is very good. You will show your commitment here. Go Mtambo go Mtambo. Then we will know that you are fighting for a good cause not political cause as it stands that you have political influence in your daily actions like feaudalism.

  13. ganimunthu says:

    Mr Banda tell the People the truth . MPs get K50000 for Hotel , food , meals and phone bills. Where do you receive this money Mr Banda. Please tell us we do not get such amount and you are here misleading the people.

    Members of Parliament we have suffered abuse when the truth is hidden. People Say we receive over K1,500.000 a month . please tell them the truth that you only receive K480,000 and this includes your other allowances apart from Fuel.

    let us stop hatred and move on as a country and also let us support those receiving low Salaries as they deserve more but without Nsanje

    May you rest in Place

  14. nkhedu says:

    agenda for change for sure kkkkk

  15. munyasa says:

    kkkkk thats mps job ……getting what they did not sow

  16. Zladko says:

    In fact it makes almost no difference weather they are sitting or not the results are the same.

  17. Dan says:

    Anthu onse andale ndiozikonda okha ndikaona amangokhutisa zimimba zawo afiti amenewa

  18. wangalusa says:

    Easy come, easy go money!

  19. aishoshe says:

    Even when there is no strike what do we benefit from Parliamentary deliberations? Its all a waste of time.

  20. Aseleka says:

    It wont be proper to compare the costs of striking staff to that of flooding families….The MP’s are being paid for what they were voted for,some of zem does come from as far as Chitipa Wenya,how can they pay for aroom in Lilongwe,how about lunch..at the same time the striking support staff cannot be blamed coz they want an increase due to the cost of living…….irest my case ua honourable Comrades

  21. Aseleka says:

    It wont be proper to compare the costs of striking staff to that of flooding families….The MP’s are being paid for what they were voted for,some of zem does come from as far as Chitipa Wenya,how can they pay for aroom in Lilongwe,how about lunch..at the same time the striking support staff cannot be blamed coz they want an increase due to the cost of living…….

  22. LUNGUSA says:

    dziko ndizinthu zonse ndi zanu sangalatsani moyo wanu eni dziko enafe ndiolira mayoooo!

  23. zaoneka sizi says:

    bastards, mp s for wat and who . all u do is fucking each other mma hotel olo mahule with the big sums of allowances fr
    forgetting the staving flood victims. basi phwii kumangotenthetsa mapwala. idiots

  24. Ndife amodzi says:

    Maphuzitsi osawapatsa ndiamene anapangitsa kuti DPP iwine.

    1. LUNGUSA says:

      mboni yako ndani leave poor Malawian teachers alone do not mix politics na payments atipasa uchita manyazi

  25. Lucius Banda ndi Dilu
    Soldier Woyeeeeee!

  26. Mark Dambalika says:


  27. Uncle Thom says:

    Please paliamentalians retain the money,you haven’t worked for them please ofcourse its not your fault but this is too much especially this time around when Malawi is in a water crisis.

  28. Nasir Rose says:

    munakakhala inu munakatani akulu akulu…kubwenza??? are u serious..is it the MP’s fault 4 christ sake

  29. paulo says:

    Selfish bastards, Malawians are starving and homeless due to the floods, and these bastards on 100,000 a day are crying like little children for more money, floofs aside, what is the average wage per day for the rest of Malawians, even if they are fortunate to get a job,

  30. g. kwanje says:

    nanga chonchi ndiye mkumati ndi ufulu wawooo, wena akuvutika kumudzi ndi madzi osefukira,,,plz think 2ce

  31. Kanyimbi says:

    If the MPs are serious, they will refund the sitting allowance and take only acomodation allowance.

  32. Patriot says:

    MP’s were paid allowances pamene ogwira ntchito m’boma amu ministry of education, olo one tambala kulandira malipiro olo.
    Boma lozunza anthu ngati ili sindinaonepo.
    Anthu osawapatsa malipiro awo mpaka pano wina atanyamula ndalamazo kukadyera ku Ethiopia. Panonso akugawana zina ku parliament pamene asakugwira ntchito. Kodi anthuwa mumawalipira asanagwire ntchito chifukwa ninji?
    Lero akufuna kutinyengelera ndi kutsitsa mtengo wa mafuta pamene zinthu zisinatsike olo.
    Boma ili ndi la nkhanza kwa ma Civil Servant. Zoona kukuthandizani kubera mavoti lero mukutizunza chonchi?
    Tizaonana 2019.

  33. Mphwache says:

    I work for 2 months to get MK200,000, while these our parliamentarians just sit and fuck around for 2 days and Hey Presto!

    1. The difference is that your job is permanent with benefits,while our MPs is temporary with no benefits once voted out

  34. Emmatuwa says:

    Parliament staff please go on with strike this is bad goverment

  35. True patriot says:

    Good reasoning and concerns.But did you reject the allowances yourself Hon.Lucius Banda?God is watching.

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