K47m looted in Malawi ‘ghost workers’ from payroll of Ministry of Agriculture -report

Press reports on Friday indicated that K47 million in taxpayers money has allegedly been siphoned by officials through payments to ghost workers at Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development the principal secretary Erica Maganga confirmed the embezzlement of funds.

Manganga: Confirmed

Manganga: Confirmed the embezzlement of funds

Fresh cashgate with "ghost workers" in public sector payroll

Fresh cashgate with “ghost workers” in public sector payroll

The fresh cashgate involves five accounts assistants, three of them working at the ministry headquarters and two in agriculture development divisions (ADDs), The Nation reports.

The paper citing information which it has seen and corroborated by a police officer, the ministry headquarters based trio Cosmas Chafulumira, Chimwemwe Kampanje and Mwaiwawo Chipatso was allegedly conniving with their colleagues at ADDs notably Bertha Chakwera and Mabvuto Chilimba.

The officials were then giving each other exaggerated salaries of up to K600 000, almost tripple their monthly salaries and also created a chain of ghost workers who would then withdraw the money on their behalf and later on share.

The stolen money so far is estimated at K48 million, according to the report.

National Police deputy spokesperson Mable Msefula said the five “have been charged with conspirancy and theft by public servant.”

They are on bail.

According the the report, the ministry of finance, economic planning and development has since instituted a pay roll audit at the ministry to verify the number of employees and the monthly wage bill.

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47 thoughts on “K47m looted in Malawi ‘ghost workers’ from payroll of Ministry of Agriculture -report”

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  2. Hameed Chiwaya says:

    Ma accountant ntchito yawo ndi kuba zomwe akunena a PS ndi zowona accountant yemwe amamubwerekera ku Agriculture ku Balaka Tiyamike Boaz simmene amabera ndalama zaboma ndiza mafuta zomwe limodzi ndi Tsitsi komanso Vetta Zirahowa amakhala ndima ghost participants ama training ine ndine mboni ACB mubwerenso kuno mayi ameneyu wawonjeza

  3. Ana a mabwanatu ndi omwe akupanga izi. Kuzolowera. Mutaonetsetsa anthu omwe ali pa list ya anthu a Accounts a cashgate, ambiri abale awo ndi ma bwana mbomamu. Komanso gulu lake ndi lija linalembedwa mu 2007 lija. Analembedwa mwa chinyengo aja. Taonani mainawa, Kampanje, Chipaso. Tsegulani maso a Malawi.

  4. Koma anthu a ku Accounts akuwonjeza. Ma Cashgate okhaokha. Choonde sinthani. Mukutichitisa manyazi ife ma bwana anu.

  5. Sayimoni bayisikoloi says:

    If we have presidents and their cabinet as thieves then what do you expect ordinary people to do in their offices?The government pays these civil servants very low salaries but yet these people are able to build a multimillion house,drive an expensive cars,send their kids to expensive schools,and they can even afford to drink for the whole month and where do you expect these to get this extra money without any viable business?The short cut ndikusolola. Malawi is rotten from the top most person to the office sweeper.This is cancer in Malawi from the Public sector to the private sector.

  6. kampanje ife kudabwa ma surf munthu osapanga ndi business yomwe kkkkk koma umabela fans deleku?and drinking like a fish was the habit,f**king like a horse was the day order, money money money is a serious evil


    The government should conduct a head count Of personnel in all government departments in malawi it will cost money to do so but it has to be done basi . Other countries are doing that. Its the only way to reduce or stop the malpractice. Atulukilidwawo ndiochepa. It means it is happening in many departments.Please Government take this seriously. Ndiponso, ogwidwawo alandidwe property which is obviously beyond their means to aquire and the property sold to recover the tax payers money.This is why malawi has lagged behind in development chifukwa cha anthu akuba ngati amenewa

  8. Shire Valley ADD Should Not Be Exempted From This,Mmene Alemelera A Ku Accounts Is Very Questionable

  9. chefourpence says:

    Malawians….even if Jesus was president of Malawi, he could not stop stealing, that is why His treasurer ‘sold’ him to the Pharisees. Why blame APM and Goodall for this? Save your bitterness and hate!

  10. Kwangwagwa says:

    Counting heads or human beings? Anyway, paying through the bank has its own challenges such as this one. Actually, I knew the time payment of salaries was to be done through the bank that such ways of siphoning money from the government would ensue.

  11. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Well Peter Mutharika and the old Goodall Gondwe bragged that there is no cashgate in their govt. So what is this? That is why I maintain that the inefficiency of the public service is a direct consequence of political leadership inefficiency. How can expect one Mr Mangani to perform as Secretary to the Treasury when what he knows is lecturing?

  12. Kalanga Malawi wanga

  13. mokomoko says:

    a malawi,lets be patriotic

  14. mbunde says:

    @podga…kodi paja futi Imodzi ndi bwanji

  15. nkunthamasese says:

    Ntcheu Agriculture offcers esp Human Resource and Accounts are constructing big houses with funds they get thru fake salary arrears. some officers were receivng 3 times their salaries which they were advised to give back one salary.it has been happening with so many officers for a long time. fufuzani.

  16. nonymous says:

    At pace we are going with this stealing I don’t see any donor coming back. We really need to be patriotic.

  17. Think Tank says:

    I said it. Politicting has blurred our focus. We have dwelt very much on politicians being the main culprits. These sample five represent thousands who are milking Malawi. We are busy looking one way trafic while money is being stolen mwakathithi. Our attitude is to stop targetting politicians but we should target everyone.if we can only behave in Big -Brother- is- watching attitude(George Orwell).

  18. community day secondary school heads akuberanso limodzi ndi ma EDM. AUDIT THEM PLEASE !

  19. Malapwalapwa says:

    Kodi nanga ku MRA ku mumalekelerako bwanji,kulembana pa chibale monyasa

  20. Doli says:

    Anzanu ku Min of Education amayika mafake allowance and salary arrears. Kupusa pa Malawi bwanji?

  21. pogba says:

    I personally know Mabvuto Chilimba, we were together at secondary school (Box 48) same class. I knew him as a rabid womanizer not a swindler. now I knew he was doing double shifts, stealing and womanizing, very bad combie. How I wish these reforms in govt was done swiftly, with no procrastinations. most of us in civil service don’t really know what we are doing in our offices except scheming stealing methods. most, not all, people in govt don’t really work, that’s why most govt departments don’t tick. try to call any govt department and nobody will pick the phone, nobody is in office. Shame Mabvuto Chilimba, shame to all thieves. Kafukufuku should be done in all ministries, esp education, police, army, agriculture, health etc, please otherwise cashgate is still happening even as we speak

  22. Chakhulukwenda says:

    This calls for a Federal System of Government to localize the stealing.

  23. Death dealer says:

    Hahaha kampanje finally


  25. Kanonono says:

    But what is MK47 million guys? Ghost workers are everywhere

  26. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Check all ministries please.There are lots of accountants whose salaries do not match the houses and properties they have. You will be amazed but then probably not since everybody is doing it!

  27. Tsirira says:

    The process of paying salaries for newly employed staff starts with the Department of Human Desources. How were these ghosts workers introduced on the payroll? Investigate this issue.

  28. mpunga says:

    This country is harvesting what it sow. Do u know the profile of Goverment ICT? This is happening because it didnt invest in ICT, everything was done and is done by foreigners, leaving the operations of Civil service without security on systems. Check for yourself the level of ICT Govt has. U will laugh and its pathetic.

  29. Rafik says:

    the civil service is rotten a Viola akubanso zao uku ku information

  30. Mgawadere says:

    Nyasatimes tamalembani ndikumudzi plus boma lomwe anthuwa akuchokera pilizi nanga zinazija mumalemba apa…. koma maina amenewa akuonesa kuti ndianzathu amitundu yomweyi…

  31. Ndi konse kukufunika head audit makamaka judiciary.

  32. hoveliwa says:

    Headcount mmatavern ena salipira kkkkkkkkkk indeem incacerate them and thro the key at Sanjika. Kaya Madonor akumva?

  33. Consultant says:

    I think Malawi is only second to Nigeria when it comes to corruption and theft. By the way, you should head count the judiciary too, I know what I am talking about.

  34. wanda says:

    Ku education ndiye head count every year, kwinako ayi. Mwaona tsono zotsatira zake. There is need for head counting in all ministries, including Army, Police and Immigration. Maiawi kuyaluka pa World. Shame

  35. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk, hahahahahaha, check also ministry of Natural Resources.

  36. chaiwone wawo says:

    It makes me sick to imagine that I belong to Malawi together with heartless people who do not see the plight of the poor people and think of how much the money they steal from the public purse could raise the socioeconomic status of such poor people. What sort of people are we? We are reeling from a big financial scandal that is seeing many people die due to drug shortage and abject poverty. Systems have almost come to a halt because of the cashgate. In that situation some devils still want to worsen the situation. And then some responsible people in the name of lawyers are salivating at the prospect of defending people who are ruining the very nation that accommodates them. I wish i could just vanish and be nothing. Living with such people just doesn’t make life worth it

    1. Machende aMuthalika says:

      Ammwene that is the reason anzanufe tidachoka kumeneko. Ndipo tidzabwera pokhapokha titakalamba. Holiday tidzafika kumeneko pokhapokha Mathanyula atamwalira, or atachita resign.

      Malawi has occupied a place left by Somalia, at a time it had no government. Because no president in the world would accept a situation to get to that without doing something.

      APM ndi cabinet yake kumavala dzima suit nanga viawanthu vanzeru! Boasting of PhDs and MAs as if they have any brain at all. Rubbishes!

  37. M.S says:

    Investigate oso Christian Health Association of Malaw (CHAM) pliz! Alot of ghost workers are there.

  38. CHEMMBALUKU says:

    kod ndiye kut mma office mo ntchito simukugwira koma thinking of ways of siphoning our tax payers money eti? inetu kudabwa dzima mansion mukudzutsa mma areas 47, 43, 12, 10, 15, gulliver, namichimba…. kani dollar zake nzakuba? i will not adore you again mbava shitttttt. ife tikamamanga tizisakasa tathu mu mtandiremu mumangot koma amphawi awaso inu……..dziko lomwelino? pa………………….
    ……………munditukwanitsa ine. nanunso amakhoti y giving mbava zimenezi bail? komanso malamulowa penapake?

  39. mbani says:

    This shows its not only agriculture this is a red flag

  40. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mungoti ‘ghost workers, ghost workers’, ndiye amagwira ntchito yanji ma ghost workers wo. Are they cleaners or ma PS.?

    Kodi ndiye kuti mabwana a boma ndiopusa kwambiri chonchi? They don’t check they payroll before its sent to ministry of finance.

    Koma kupusa kwina kumandidabwitsa ine.

  41. mboma says:

    Why do u people object the fact that we r poorest people in the world even in the way we think?????? how do u expect a country to develop that way????? its a cashgate country guys shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. Kanyimbi says:

    Malawi has more resources but theft is the only problem that is making Malawi not to develop.

  43. ken says:

    kuba amalawi ndichifukwa tili pa number one pa mayiko osauka padziko lasi.

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