K5.2bn ‘cashgate’ uncovered at Carlsberg Malawi: Financial controller suspended

Forensic auditors have uncovered a huge ‘cashgate’ amounting to more than K5.2 billion at Malawi’s giant brewery, Carlsberg Brewery Malawi Limited.

Kamanga: Carlsberg Malawi cashgate

Kamanga: Carlsberg Malawi cashgate

The scandal has led to the suspension of Carlsberg Malawi Financial Controller Geobra Kamanga, his deputy Austin Phiri and Ezzra Njobvu (Procurement Manager) who are suspected to have colluded to defraud the company.

According to Nyasa Times sources, the forensic experts who include one from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) uncovered the fraud mainly through purchase of raw materials like sugar and compromised procurement of raw materials and services.

“It was a network of people and this has been happening for a long time and that is why the figure is huge,” said our source that is privy to the investigation.

He added, “This could be one of the most complicated white collar crimes in Malawi so far and it was only because of these foreign investigators that the fraud was unearthed.”

A Carlsberg Malawi official who did not want to be named said some big gurus at the company became suspicious of Kamanga when he ‘mysteriously’ missed his flight to Hong Kong two weeks ago where he was going for a Board meeting together with some bosses.

“It was suspicious that he could miss his flight while he was in the VIP lounge. He had to make other arrangements but arrived in Hong Kong when everybody else including his bosses had already arrived,” said Nyasa Times source.

The source said it did not take long before the scam was discovered and Kamanga together with a few others including the procurement manager have been placed on ‘administrative leave’ until the forensic audit is concluded.

It is also being alleged that some of the suspicious transactions involve trucks and businesses of the Fachis, a well known family in Malawi that has accumulated unexplained worth in recent years.

Insiders said there was a ‘massive change’ in lifestyle of Kamanga and others as they started buying state of the art expensive cars and other things which lead to the company to hire forensic experts including one from the FBI.

But what led to the whole saga being unearthed was the arrival of auditors from Denmark.

“The auditors were suspicious when they audited the procurement and controller’s office. They found out that the cost of sales were higher in billions than what is has always been,” said the source.

“As of now the two departments are going through investigations and we are looking forward to what will transpire because the company has also called some auditors from South Africa to join the investigations,” he said.

“A directive has been made by the bosses that the investigations be finalized by the end of this month.”

Carlsberg Malawi management could not comment on the matter.

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149 thoughts on “K5.2bn ‘cashgate’ uncovered at Carlsberg Malawi: Financial controller suspended”

  1. Kalikene says:

    Why Regionalism???

  2. bold says:

    This Kamanga guy is not Tumbuka, he is a Tonga from Nkhatabay, you people with full of hartled, get your facts straight before advertising your ignorance to the whole world.

  3. John phiri says:

    Guys if u don’t know its best u shut up …this is not a castigate issue this is about stupid corporate politics at press … they couldn’t put up with a young man that told them to hell with you…why is it that press would rather have expats for cfo at Carlsberg CEO at their other companies when there are capable Malawians around …they want bootlickers … why did they always take Geobra for board meetings? Because the so called cfos don’t have a clue what’s going on there … why does press insist on expats for positions Malawians can occupy…. this is the real questions u as journalists should be asking … some people at press cannot put up with the fact that some young men have come of age and can do these jobs …the old guard doesn’t want the next generation to be recognized … to take their rightful roles …shame on you…. And you nyasatimes so called journalists u must report on a balanced view ask Geobra for his side of the story …learn from this …

  4. Phiri Francis says:

    Our own El Chapo Geobra Kamanga. Zandipweteka to be raising the price of beer – I expected the price of Carlsberg beer price to be going down as generally material prices have been going down. Wandibera zanga – we saw imported beers being cheaper – Malawians please!

  5. kanyimbi says:

    Smoke them out.

  6. mkonda amalawi says:

    ZZ Junior if u r to compete with northerners in school,Stop your nyau dancing ndi zikamwini waiting for asibweni to pay fees for your brood of your malnutrious children.Love or Hate them,Tumbukas value education alot.Kamanga is an individual and do not represent the whole north.Bingu was a thief and he never represented all the Lomwes.Every tribe has honest and dishonest people.So don’t tar all Tumbukas with the same brush.That useless hate for Tumbukas will not take you any where.Why did your other Chewa fellows succeed in education than you?They embraced the spirit of hardworking than dancing nyau dabbed in matope and manyi.Za sukulu simuzawakwanitsa.

  7. Vices Against Nature says:

    It’s about time that cashgate investigations focused on privately owned companies. The corporate sector is chock-full of white collar rogues and vagabonds, casually slithering their way up the mythical corporate ladder , if one actually exists – in Malawi it’s more like a corporate merry-go-round with the same people circulating in different companies but remaining in exactly the same spot, if not worse!

    These educated thieves cheat their colleagues out of decent livelihoods whilst stuffing their faces with every luxury under the sun! They have no shame, they have no conscious. Go ahead Carlsberg, and call in auditors from Denmark, the FBI,the CIA,South Africa, the rest of the world to smoke out these nincompoops and the rest of corporate Malawi should follow suit!

  8. Neutral person says:

    Choka iwe abwino excelling academically ya atumbuka has nothing to do ndi anthu akuba.Atumbuka has even been excelling together writing exams with chewas having the same invilgilator.They have excelled in schools even when they are writing exams in central and southern region.Pitala,Mphwiyo,Treza Senzani and the Kalongas and other cashgate thieves are they Tumbukas?Basi chilipo apa ndi choti Malawi inawola.It has very few honest people.Everybody is looking for quick riches.Za school tazisiyeni apo.Simuwakwanitsa.Even quota inakanika.

  9. Goebra says:

    Am a free man with billions of kwachas, no trace of transactions in the system in carlsberg system. We are done with the server. Thumbs up to you IT guy for the well executed job.

  10. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    Malawians. Why are we making fools of ourselves? Dont we know that stealing knows no race tribe religion or ethnic grouping of any kind. Why insult each other . The man that is involved in this matter is a Malawian full stop. It is Malawi again making news for wrong reasons. Malawis name out there is in the mud. Anyone talking race or tribe is really arguing with and condemning God for making all of us the way we are . So are we wiser than God or did anyone have a choice to pick race tribe region or country to come from?

  11. katema 1 says:

    Achotseni nafenso tipeze nawo ntchito. Safuna ndani kutola chikwama.

    Nanunso mbava inu mukabaiba muzichokapo anzanunso asoloreko iyaah.

    Nafenso kuba timatha

  12. naduwe says:

    A Geobra ndi Janet manyazi bwa
    ? Izi nde zochititsa manyazi and zochotsa ulemu ife timakusilirani kuti anzathu munadala zili zokuba I will never look at you guy’s the same no matter your explanation. Vuto lokuba umangofuna uzingobabe munanyanya kuderera anthu pa town ndalama ndi satana ife lathu ndi phwete lotsamwitsa kaniii????

  13. Naphili says:

    No 75 if Malawi auditors did a an honest good job in the first place there wouldnt be such a mess such as cashgate in the first place.

  14. JB says:

    ZZ Junior or whatever you call yourself. Newsflash Malawi cannot function without a tumbuka people like you and your fathers cannot run a country tamangopangani za utelala musatinyase . And lets hope your tumbuka bosses fire your tribalistic asses. Mwandikwana mxiii

  15. sean says:

    rumour flying around that the wife of suspended financial controller at carlsberg is the one supplying meters at escom. What is your say on that.??

  16. ineyo obabwa says:

    A phiri opusa wo……

  17. Khamani!! says:

    Masteni: anzanutu alemera kuno

    Ine: ali ndi practice ya u dokotola?

    Masteni: ayi … Amagwira muboma

    Ine: ndi Akuba amenewo

    Looks like everyone in Malawi is a thief now… Eeeish

  18. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    To all the daft who like showing their hatred to northerners. Geobra Kamanga is not a Tumbuka, he is a Tonga. None of the people mentioned is a Tumbuka. Don’t show your ignorance in public.. Not everyone who come from the north is a Tumbuka. just call them northerners if you just hate them, not what they are not

  19. zilipo says:

    No 9 – the best comment I have ever read on nyasatimes. I have always said, we have to start from the grassroots in order to stamp out corruption. It about setting up solids values on which Malawi can build its principles – integrity, honesty as you rightly put it. The top down approach will never work – has never worked. Bakili Muluzi destroyed this country. The guy was very bad for the country – he set up foundations for corruption while his counterpart in Rwanda was working out building blocks for a better Rwanda. Muluzi must one day apologise for the atrocities and deaths (as a result of hunger, starvation and poor health services) he committed during his tenure.

  20. Bula wa ku Bula says:

    Let the auditors do their work first. Mr Kamanga can be found innocent

  21. Justice Dzonzi says:

    Kamanga, married to the fatchi’s? Mbava, matama, useless sluts. Roza ndi uyo amakweledwa ku mra , analanda banja la mwini. Ndani bwana malawi sanatafune Rosa? Muhura , mtingwi , Phiri ,APM , biswick, chikaonda ndi odwala omwe achina countrywide ndi a kasambara

  22. Wilhelm says:

    This is common in many big, medium and even small businesses in this country, as it is everywhere.

    The particular problem in Malawi is hardly anyone has any loyalty or sense of duty towards their job or employer, be it private or government. It is seen only as a position to be milked to the maximum extent possible. Even if someone has ‘enough’ for their own nuclear family, there will always be someone in their ‘extended’ family or friends that is unemployed or has nothing better to do than to dream up ever more ingenious ways to defraud and swindle wherever they can.

    They will often set up companies through which to funnel their stolen proceeds. These are the same people who are trumpeted in business ‘awards’ and the media as great ‘entrepreneurs’ .

  23. thumbwe man says:

    ACB, can you please investgate Genemaks at MRA on its tax remittance? Someone has mentioned it here. Simple MRA, go to Chikhwawa rd, turn left at Snow White and go straight, these people use Rosa Mbilizis house as an office. Why this? Check Genemaks, Lozanis companies and too Rozas

  24. thumbwe man says:

    Roza Mbilidzi was removed from MRA because of corruption but this corrupt DPP brought her back. Jannet Fatch Kamanga was used by Rosa to steal a lot of millions from MRA. This isnt a secret at all. Ndiye poti waba ku company Geobrayo osati ku boma tiye naoni Carlsberg, osamusiya. No minister, politician or government guru can interfere in these Denmark Boers

  25. thumbwe man says:

    Wina akuti Kamanga ali ndi reputable business, tell us which one? Mumadyela lomidzi eti? These people are real crooks. You can not marry at the Fachi family and never steal. Eeeeeeshiiiii check akamwini akwa Fachi, drug barons, thieves, crooks etc. Ask Mpasu Sam,kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Carlsberg get the house, Chryssler, ze Merc, i believe the KIA is co.car. zikapelewela zanu get Rosa Mbilizis property, search me WHY

  26. ITN says:

    The truth of the matter is; tonse takumana akuba tokhatokha. its only that some who seem to be God-fearing with angelic comments have no access & “chance” to that Bag. If we steal small things in our work places in the name of NDANGOTENGA what mo in kupeza chance pachikwama chonenepa.?

  27. ITN says:

    At times I hardly undetstand malawi. Can someone school me here, how does above article has anything to do with tribalism.?..Ethinic division is one of the factors that has brought malaw where it is now. Cant we feel sorry 4 our mother malawi that she tops the rank as a world’s poorest nation..Stop thinking that tribalism will change anything.It wont take us anywhere as a result we will b the same unless otherwise.

  28. thinktankmalawi says:

    I bet all these years they were being audited by Malawi audit firms…Now you wonder why most companies outsource auditing services…corruption too much .Why should malpractice only be discovered by foreign auditing firms…???????????

  29. Japhet Q says:

    This should be a lesson to all Malawians that tsiku la 40 always comes. Geobra, John and Reuben Kamanga come from one of the poorest families in Usisya Nkhatabay. The first two brothers worked hard to earn academic qualifications. Did they need to steal to live a comfortable life? No, but too much pride and greed led to losing their heads. Geobra amanyoza anthu osauka zedi thinking he is untouchable ndi mkazi wake usimbwa uja Janet Fatchi. While his young brother Reubeen brags in town about chuma cha brother wake while his brother hasn’t earned it the right way. John is married to Judge Kamanga so we will be watching closely if this fraud will go through the criminal courts. There are a lot of thieves in Malawi but its just a matter of time. In Lilongwe there is another one called Emilio Matumbi working for DAPP he is a big time fraudster it is just a matter of time. His wife Pamela works for UN Women just to hide what they do. Lusekero Msukwa was a good guy whom no one would think he could steal money from PTC but he did it with no shame. Most people instead of working hard these days they want instant wealth. Are these the values we are teaching our kids? Lets think twice Malawians and tackle this issue.

  30. B Angoni says:

    Atumbuka inu, ndiye mukufuna federal gvt? Nanga kubakumeneku? Mwatondeka.

  31. Bangor says:

    Kamanga is married to a Fatchi and is always supported by his sister inlaw another thief at MRA by the name of Roza Mbilidzi. These guys are operatives of a big scam

  32. abwino says:

    Somebody Mtumbuka confessed that Tumbuka’s are not intelligent per se but that for many years in the north and their schools invigilators in the North who were also northeners would allow students in the whole class to write an open book exam, allow students to copy answers worked out by their schoolteachers. Well before exams, exams would be opened at the school and teachers would work the answers, children would be drilled on the actual exams. Further at the University it was no open secret that notherner lecturers would reveal exams to students from the North and when marking scripts they made sure to add some marks for Northern students(Tumbuka’s) while the Southerners and Central region people were very strict, no kuonera and punishing their fellows. Akumwera ndi pakati muli ndivuto kwambiri nsanje too much. When one of you does well, you want to pull him down(PHD) even in the league of the Northener. See how it works in employment, the same check Northern region Water Board, Dwangwa sugar Co, Sucoma and where Tumbukas hold influencial positions, mpheche mpheche mwa njobvu sapita kawiri or better put Mpheche Mpheche mwa Mtumbuka sapita kawiri, mark my words and wake up you other tribes as you are being infiltrated now. Wakuluma nkhutu ndi m’nansi.

  33. Kanjedza Queen says:

    Koma Malawi sazatukuka….SHAME!

  34. The real ujeni says:

    Tribalists, Xenophobic and racist Malawians get a life. Infact wapeza mtumbuka Ku kwatira apeza munthu wodzindikira ndiponso wabwino.Enanu you tell mabanja any kuti zinthu zizayenda boma la awuje likazawina, Atumbuka alive zimenezo, Gwaladi akoza kukhala President wa Malawi koma Mtumbuka aku phukila phulirabe. Smart, intelligent people.

  35. Mtaya says:

    Typical of Malawi.Stealing things require intelligent people.Which means people from tbe north ae really inteligent.Osati achewa kumagovina nyau.

  36. Mlauzi says:

    Genius. Enjoy ur retirement folks

  37. mkazachee says:

    And we complain when these multinationals employ expatriates / “immigrants” for such positions yet when we are given the chance we plunder everything? Shame on each and every educated and capable Malawian that steal in small and big ways a big shame!!!!

    Mention any multinational that took a chance on a Malawian and was not let down?? NONE…
    We are very pathetic people and we don’t think about the future of our children and this country…MALAWI THE PATHETIC NATION

  38. me says:


  39. Nkhwatakwata says:

    102, know your history, though missionaries first reached the South, the natives were not as enthusiastic to embrace Christianity and education as in the North. Bishop McKenzie established a mission at Magomero in 1861 but the Yaos burnt his church there and the mission was transferred to Zanzibar and finally at Likoma.
    Dr. Robert Laws established his mission in 1875 in Mangochi, for some years he could not get a single convert there because people there shunned education for fear of being converted to Christianity. When Laws went to the centre Gomani didn’t allow him there, when he went to the North Dr Laws was welcome among the Tongas and Tumbukas who were under constant attacks from the Ngonis. The Ngonis, both of Mzimba and Ntcheu, were Christianised when Dr Laws brought in a Zulu by the name of William Koyi.
    Of the three CCAP synods, Livingstonia of Laws taught the best education not just scriptures. Dr Laws even wanted to open a university at Livingstonia but was stopped by the colonial administration because of the Chilembwe issue.

  40. Phwado says:

    Nonse amene mumakangana za mitundu pathako panu!

  41. Nkhwatakwata says:

    There is corporate governance problems in many companies in Malawi, why should procurement department report to finance the department that pays? Procurement should report to production which is better placed for the quality of raw materials, in that way there will be checks and balances.

  42. Mwana Mai says:

    Mwati ndalama zimenezi sanabe alomweee? Paja masiku ano chilichonse chikasokonekera ndiye kuti ndi late Bingu ndi APM. People with evil intentions are stealing deliberately and their brothers and sisters are busy tarnishing the names of innocent people. If people point out the anomalies they into saying they are targeted because of their intelligence and education. Should people look aside when public resources whose maintenance is coming from everybody because you plonkers will cry the loudest to shift the main focus? These thieves shouldn’t be spared, incarcerate them equally. Kuba ngati dzotemera bwanji, mwina tidziti dzoyamwira, eti?

  43. ujeni says:

    Zolo “80” WORD!!!!

  44. johntembo Kuffor says:

    See their names KAMANGA, PHIRI and NJOBVU all ndi Atumbuka. ATUMBUKA kuba sazasiya. Nanga mukatenga DEAD NORTH yanuyo ndiye muyigulitsatu.

  45. Juliet Phiri says:

    La 40 lakukwanilani.

  46. crossroads says:

    comment 57, tumbukas are not sharp and intelligent as u have indicated here. Kwenikweni ndi kuti, amakhala ndi nthawi yolowa mkalasi chifukwa kamuzu banda amadana ndi mtundu umenewu nde samapitapita ku mpoto pamene ku mwera ndi pakati amakhala full time kuyendera anthu nde ana a school amapangidwanso disturb kukaomba mmanja plus kuvina.

  47. mapulanga says:

    Pa malawi pamenepo, almost onse amene akudya bwino ndi mbava, pamene wokhulupilika ukupanga retire opanda ndi nyumba olo ya housing imene. So sad and painful.

    Look at Senzanis mansion pa area 36 and yet was given only 3 years pano wapanga sserve almost half kale atuluka nkukayipezanso nyumbayo.


  49. Nachipanti says:

    So that house on top of the hills in Chilimba was built by cash gate money.. Chitauluka chinadzatela

  50. adona kuseli says:

    carpet interview ndiye itinso? Tiuzeni zoona. M’mesaa anthu akutchulidwawo ndi okwatiwa able inu.

  51. Vimewekumweku Jr says:

    Atumbuka mukadzalowa mmboma, Malawi ida=zathelatu. Carlesberg yatha. Akukaya mwayaluka. FAM mwayiwononga, Goodall akutsogolera kashingerti useless tribalists!!

  52. Chendele says:

    zz junior ndiwe chitsiru kwabasi.this is an isolated theft where mtumbuka is invollved.remember how the lomwes yawo are plundering our taxes then you have silly guts to critise atumbuka fokofu zako

  53. walawala ku town says:

    ZZ JUNIOR; NDIWE CHIMBOFWA NADI, Ndiwe chilengedwe chanji? atumbuka atumbuka ndekuti chani? don’t you no that, that shall mean that all tumbukas ndi anzeru, ndinzelube , inuyo zangokutalikilani mwina inu mukanaba zachimidzi because you are not a tumbuka shatup

  54. ujeni says:

    Imagine for once if Chimwemwe Nankhumwa who works for Abubaker Karim wholesalers in Limbe is involved in fraud of billions of kwacha, are dunderhead Malawians going to cry fwi fwi fwiii? no, because the money involved is not for buying medicine or road construction, it is a private matter, private company with internal own discipline procedures, we don’t condone stealing yes, but lets not allow xenophobes’, tribalists, racists in our society cloud our thinking. Lets not give dunderheads the lead to shape our society.

  55. wapaphata says:

    By the way is this Kamanga related to conman Medson Kamanga of Mzamani Investment???? if so then Kamanga clan ndi mbava zokha zokha

  56. Gwanda says:

    Stealing money and destroying other peoples marriages. Stupid fools! Stupid men! Stupid women!

  57. Nganya says:

    True, investigate Press Corporation as well. Billions of Dividends have been misused but board is too weak to act. Where are the trustees?

  58. Alufeyo says:

    I dont understand why people are busy demonising northerners when fraud and corruption is perpetrated by all tribes. I am a southerner and am very proud of that fact. However was Bingu wakumpoto? What about JB nanga awa. Let us not dwell on things that cant build Malawi. Theft shall always be with us all we have to do is devise good systems to detect thia before its too late.

  59. mwana mulopwana says:

    There is something wrong with our auditing system in Malawi , Soon your credibility will go to the dogs, I really fail to understand why our own KPMG, Deloite, Price Coppers failed to trace this if they were the films where were auditing the film,

    Please Malawian auditors you are a disgrace to our country,

  60. The real ujeni says:

    When you are good like Lionel Messi, players want to injure you, when you are as good as Floyd Mayweather people will hate you, when you are good as Tiger woods, Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton people will hate you for your success. Take you pick haters, I for one envy Atumbuka, cashgate or no cashgate, they don’t have equals intelligent wise in Malawi. No president in 51 years of Malawi independence has come from the North, all the billions and trillions stolen by Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu and now peter Mutharika has caused Malawi to be poorest on earth not Atumbuka.

  61. Analyst says:

    Ndimadabwatu mowa wangokwera mtengo mosadziwika bwino mu kanthawi kochepa. We paid the price for these thieving guys by buying calsburg beer at a higher price. People are ruthless

  62. Gulugufe says:

    Geobra! Geobra! Geobra! You will make Mr Nkondola Uka and Lekani Katandula cry with shame! You have brought shame upon them and the entire accountancy clan in Nyasaland. Nanga pano Evelyn Mwapasa anena kuti chani poti ankati anthu a cashgate were not professional accountants registered with ICAM!

    Yours is a true ‘From filthy rags to filthy riches through theft’ story. I will write about it one day.

    But I am not really surprised since you come from the same village with Ralph Kasambara!

  63. Chindazi says:

    Corruption is everywhere,,, NGOs,,, Govt ministries… Private Companies,,,, Churches,,,, if you could invite a forensic audit to these institutions more will be revealed…..

    Lets maintain our integrity and professionalism period….

  64. zaluma says:

    ZZ Junior Kodi kumpoto kuli Njovu and Phiri. Njovu is either from south or central but Phiri is from South or Central were theft has been part of our blood. Let’s no paint our friends from dead north. Mwena Kamangayo but if you read the newspapers 93 percent of thieves and robbers comes from South and some from central while very few from north. May be anzatu sukulu yinawathandiza.

  65. angunga says:

    comment 43 pamenepo nde wakamba mau. Mu chigumula umu, muli nyumba zomwe within 3 months zinamangidwa koma pano chiyambileni milandu ya cash gate zonse zayima kuli zii. Mukangopezako azilonda okhaokha basi, ndilibe mau. Ife nkumavutika chifukwa tikupanga za chilungamo, fotseki.

    Stecelia Motors ku chemussa, mumufufuze ndi PVHO amapatsana ma cheque without rendering any services. Amanama kuti akukonza magalimoto a PVHO and yet ku PVHO kuli ma mechanics ophunzilanso kuposa iyeyu. Fufuzani.

  66. kaya says:

    zawo zimenezo…………… nabola awachose enafe tikapezeko vep, nafe ndi atumbuka…………….

  67. Zolo says:

    Kodi anthu angoti atumbuka kudzikonda, atumbuka this, atumbuka that, inu mitundu yanu bwanji simukondana ngati atumbukawo eee, mmalo mokhala pansi kudzifunsa kuti kodi ife bwanji mitundu yathu sitikondana and find ways of loving your fellow tribesmen/women. There is too much venom in most people commenting here, toxic thoughts that will get you nowhere and most people just comment for the sake of commenting, A Malawi yakula apa ndi nsanje, Malawi is a very jealous society mmalo modzitukula wekha kumangoyang’ana kuti awo akupanga chani. Mukuchedwa ndi ma comments oyipawo anzanu akudalitsidwa inu mungotaya nthawi spitting venom and hating people that have done literally nothing wrong to you and at the end of the day you wonder why things are not going well for you..

  68. Mclaren says:

    The auditors should also check SOBO more so coal purchases why does the company import through an immediate buyer when a better quality is offered locally at competitive price

  69. GZikagwa says:

    @ZZ Junior, You sound hatefull rather than factfull, your point is biased and not true. It has been very hard for we non Tumbukas to take a positive stand to tumbukas and we keep making bad images about them when ourselves we are worse. Cannot be part of your hate and itscurses!!!

  70. mulopwana says:

    thats company’s cashgate.koma ma cashgate enawa ndi mu Boma,apitala,a joise ,etc,ndi atumbuka amenewo?

  71. Rev. Laza Kwera says:

    Could the government of Malawi introduce forensic audits in parastatals just to squeeze the top layers of those companies who belong to one tribe. This is a clear chance to handle them. They are not angels at all.

  72. Nombea Siula says:

    why engage auditors from as far as SA?? are you trying to undermine the calibre of our qualified Malawian auditors?? you think they cannot do a commendable job?? let us utilise our local resources please!!

  73. mwahana says:

    Sometimes it is better not to comment if your brains are clouded in tribalism. Most malawians seem ignorant of tribes in their own country. Please be informed that KAMANGAS, CHIRWAS, PHIRIS and NJOBVUS are NOT TUMBUKAS by tribe. Your insults are directed at the WRONG Tribe. Tumbukas are an Upright, Honest, Hardworking, Intelligent and Straight Talkers tribe who call a spade is a spade come rain or sun shine!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Truth Recognizes Truth says:

    Now, which is a cash gate city, Lilongwe or Blantyre, or both. Or its just cash gate Malawi, as a country?

  75. Sour Grapes says:


  76. walunji says:

    ife kudabwa Goegbra?. nde amayika maround akulu bwino pa blantyre sports club nkumati seka mwantudzu. mpongozi wa fachi uyu

  77. makonyola says:

    There is no way you can find a Tumbuka by the name Kamanga or Phiri or Njobvu. Kamangas are Tongas, Phiris are Chewas or Ngonis and Njobvu are also not Tumbukas, you can find out. who they are looking at the spelling. Tumbukas are not pompous except that they accept their plight in terms of poverty and have therefore been keen to work hard in order to overcome the same. The mistakes made by Tumbukas are also made by other tribes. Do not be misdirected by mere ignorance or hatred to start hating other tribes. By the way, why do you marry their daughters? Examples of Tumbuka names: Mkandawire, Nyirenda, Kumwenda, Munthali, Gondwe, Mhango, etc

  78. makonyola says:

    There is ni way you can find a Tumbuka by the name Kamanga or Phiri or Njobvu. Kamangas are Tongas, Phiris are Chewas or Ngonis and Njobvu are also not Tumbukas, you can find out. who they are looking at the spelling. Tumbukas are not pompous except that they accept their plight in terms of poverty are therefore work hard to overcome the same. The mistakes made by Tumbukas are also made by other tribes. Do not be misdirected by mere ignorance or hatred to start hating other tribes. By the way, why do you marry their daughters? Examples of Tumbuka names: Mkandawire, Nyirenda, Kumwenda, Munthali, Gondwe, Mhango, etc

  79. JB says:

    Bingu single handedly stole Billions ndi mtumbuka? Lutepo ndi mtubuka open your stupid southern region and central region eyes mukaba inuyo its ok koma mtumbuka ikhale nkhani . Go fuck yourselves mukhaula nkusapita ku school kwanuko. Zitsiru

  80. Alinafe Hanakho says:

    Atumbuka ndi akuba kobasi, anthu awa sazatheka chonde siyani kulemba ntchito atumbuka mma company.

  81. Phodogoma says:

    Really Tumbukas are thieves. This is time Tumbukas will hate Malawi because most them are holding executive positions in private companies and they are front liners in cashgate.These guys will hate themselves for that some years to come.If forensic audits reach the parastatals then most of the Tumbukas will migrate other countries. Because it will be a chain of arrests.You will find that if forensic audit is conducted to a parastatal like BT’s ACB office, all the Ngwiras there will be imprisoned. That is almost the whole village. Could the government instruct forensic audits in all parastetals in Malawi. Tasala pati a Malawi. Mpaka mtundu wina uthawa basi mMalawi muno, chifukwa mtundu umenewu umazimva shuga kwambiri.A boma tagwetsa bombalo anthuwa avine vimbuza tiwaone. Yayayayayayayay.

  82. Mahinya says:

    Malawians doing what we know best Msanje. The guy is a hard working businessman and has done nothing wrong. Just wait for the Audit report, you will be shocked. Its not evil to marry to a business oriented family and he is using the advantage well. The house you people are talking about was started some 15 year ago, before he joined the beer company. The clue to success in Malawi is simple, just work hard beyond the rest and its easy because most of you Malawians are lazy, busy talking about others. Tenders at ESCOM and indeed most companies are public all you need is to buy the tender, fill, submit Basi. Your are also saying Tumbukas, yes they work hard, even in class!

  83. Uchindami says:

    State of the art! Inu a ZZ Junior ndati ndikukumbutseniko zinthu zangapo zomwe mwina mwayiwala kapena simufuna kuzimvetsetsa mwadala. Choyamba, maina ngati Njobvu, Phiri ndi Kamanga sakhala aaTumbuka okha! Anthu a mitundu ina mMalawi muno amadziwikanso ndi mayina amenewo. Ngati muli mbuli nthawi sinathe chifukwa mutha kubwelera ku sukulu kuti mukadziweko ziwiri zitatu zamitundu ya anthu ali mdziko muno. Chachiwiri, simunthu aliyense ochokera ku mpoto yemwe ndi Mtumbuka. Chimodzimodzinso simunthu aliyense wochokera mchigawo chapakati ali Mchewa. Ndiponso simunthu aliyense ochokera kummwera yemwe ali mYao kapena mLomwe. Ndiye polankhula tiyeni tikhale titafufuza bwinobwino mmalo momangowonetsa umbuli wathu mmaso muli gwa!

  84. zoona says:

    nanga ndi alhomwe awa???? I have always been surprised that for almost a decade the post of brands manager has been rotating amongst the Chirwa’s………hahaha vuto la mtumbuka akaba amafuna town idziwe kuti ‘the don’ is in town

  85. Test says:


  86. ZZ Junior says:

    All the names mentioned here ndini Atumbuka okhaokha. Malawi we are suffering because of stupid tribe yozikonda.

  87. Mmihavani says:

    Forensic auditors should also go to Mother company Press Corporation. There is a cartel among the Chikaondas, Mafenis, Nyirendas, Mhangos. Musazaname kuti sitinakuuzeni.

  88. Majaivane says:

    Politicians are the teachers of corruption have now contaminated the private sector

  89. ine Nganya says:

    The issue here is corruption not hating ife anganya. As a nation we are failing to move forward just because of this vice. Foresic audit should also go to other big companies

  90. The real ujeni says:

    Lets put this straight, Carlsberg is a private company no Malawi taxes involved. All those mentioning and attacking Tumbukas are just dunderheads, why are you quiet from a Lhomwe stole K62bn, another one stole K5bn from MSB and another huge K577bn under forensic investigations, money which would have been used for roads construction, to buy medicine. You get angry with what happens in private companies? Stupid stupid people. Get a life go to school work hard and stop been cry babies you poorest people on earth. Tribalism is taking you nowhere. Am chewa but I envy the tumbukas, they are sharp and intelligent.

    1. ndine mtumbuka says:

      actually you are a tumbuka. a chewa cannot write that load of rubbish.

  91. SaneMalawian says:

    Wonder why ethnicity always has to emerge in comments to such unrelated cases. Could we, for once, grow and sober up and debate issues based on facts, and not feelings and prejudices!! I am not Tumbuka but I am incensed with such vitriol. What’s the aim?

  92. mwannache says:

    PVHO ndi Stecelia Motors, check on them Owner of stecelia , just a form 4 mere mechanic osapitilanso ku college koma accumulated wealth thru PVHO bosses. Check

  93. John says:

    KAMUZU WAS RIGHT ABOUT TUMBUKAS. Ine Mtundu wanga ndatopa nawo. Anandi Taya chifukwa ndinakwatila ku mwela.

  94. chisomo Makapu says:

    Anthu odzikonda ngati atumbukanu sindinawaone pa dziko lapansi. You want everything to yourself. If this Kamanga thing was not Tumbuka you would have made so much noise here. Paliponse you want to colonise. Kuba mayeso ku MANEB you are good at it. Kunyengerera ma invigilators muma school kuti ana ku Phwezi adzionera mayeso you are number one. Kuchotsa anzanu pa ntchito you are good at it. Ralph Kasambara, Ephraim Chirwa and Chijere Chirwa ku Chanco and Mvula ku Centre for Social Research, Kanyama Phiri and Emmanuel Kaunda ku Bunda and there was this one silly minister during Amai time who was spared in the midnight crew just because ndi Mtumbuka… he should be arrested. He is a betrayer.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Kanyama Phiri is a Chewa you idiot. He is actually the incumbent Chairperson of the Chewa Heritage Foundation in which I am a member. Do your research before ranting silly comments.

  95. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Mbilizi yoso kugomera ma carpet interviews. Its not that she is super intelligent. Basi maliseche agwire ntchito

  96. Wakyala says:

    This young man is a hard worker with impeccable fighting spirit and business acumen. Top of the class through and through. He has a very successful business line. He did not just depend on a salary as people are made to believe here. The mansion being talked about was built while working at an Audit firm and not while at Carlsberg. The auditors are chasing their own shadows, it’s a futile exercise.

  97. ndaona says:

    comment 45, you are right. Ife timadabwa kuti kodi banja lonse nkumakhala lopeza bwino, ife tikulephera pati? Many people in malawi almost 70 percent akunjoyera ndalama zakuba. Ochepa amene akudya thukuta lawo. The Fachis, timadabwatu! kani eti.

  98. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Typical of Mtumbuka. Oyipa nkhope ndi ntima omwe. MCP don’t associate yourselves with these people. They formed a cartel- Kamanga, Njobvu, Phiri, Chirwa kuti aziba basi. Thats why akakhala pa malo they want to employ their own basi. Press Corporation achewa alandidwa chifukwa chopusa. Mtumbuka waitenga. Check Finance Department, Internal Audit all atumbuka related to Mrs Mafeni. They are in all subsidiaries. She frustrated one bright boy Namboya cholinga aike awo. At Puma they were like that. Kupatsana ma filling station. At Total the same thing. Anthu oipa amenewa.

  99. Dindiyoni says:

    This simply explains why calsberg product were becoming expensive coz they compromised procurement of materials and services misrepresenting the cost of production as being too high then leaving carsberg with no choice but increase the selling prices for their products. Mbava zikuluzikulu, awakwizinge ndithu, no mercy. Bravo carsberg

  100. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    inu alomwe inu mwatchulidwanso banja la a fatch tu umu. banja ili lomwenso muli a china mbirizi likuba kwambiri pa malawi pano. laba koopsa ku cadedom pamodzi ndi ansembe, ku MRA ndiye osakamba nankafumbwe rosa ali konko apa akutinso carlsberg they are involved. paja musaiwale kuti kuli ka mbirizi kena kumeneko. ma armed robber sali mu ndirande kapena bangwe ayi ma armed robber ali mu namiwawamu, mu sunnyside ,ndi ma bwana mmakampanimu ndipo ndimanva chisoni shoot to kill ikamapanga target anthu osauka basi kusiya mbava zoopsa ngati a kamanga , fatch ndi a mbirizi awa

  101. MCP will never rule Malawi as long as it partners with the Northern Tribe as its running mate. Agalu amenewa kuzikonda, kuba, uhule. Amangopatsana okhaokha ma overseas training

  102. NYONYO says:

    mmmh chonena chagwera mkati…please ACB investigate mlamu w akamanga ROSA FACHI MBIRIZI ameneyu ndiwokuba heavy she hides behind sister wake Janet mkazi wa kamanga ndi Lodzani fachi…see ngati Kamanga’s business imakhoma msokho you will see that ROSA covers up KU MRA…kuyambira alamu akamanga ndi kamanga amene mbava zokha zokha what a family eish..kufuna kukolola pamene musadalime…MUSOVA

  103. nana says:

    Atumbuka Ku carlsberg ZANU izo

  104. Namisako. says:

    Chiyambileni milandu ya cashgate nyumba zambiri zayima kumangidwa,kutanthauza kuti zimayenda chifukwa cha ndalama zakuba.Ine kudabwa kutia e!e! nyumba zoopsyazi anzathuwa madalitso ake otani.Limakwana la 40.

  105. chefourpence says:

    I have always said these Tumbukas are suspiciously protective of their economic territories. That is why they whine about quota system, nepotism because they have over the years formed tribal cartels that systematically steal from employers. These auditors should also investigate why the COLD PoinTS, whatever the Carlsberg/cocacola sales depots are all owned by Tumbukas. Its insane that a company can be awarding business contracts to people of one tribe only. Am I the only one seeing a trend here? The cashgate in government was dominated by Tumbukas, this one, Tumbukas, the doctoring of exam grades at MANEB, Tumbukas. Interestingly, they are too vocal in socio political circles. Everything comes to an end brothers and sisters. Follow the history of the Italian mafia from the 1950 s to the 90s. No one is invincible! For the time being, Malawians have much to fear from our Northern comrades.

  106. Real Patriot says:

    As longer as it is not connected to our taxes.Anthana nazo wokha Ku Carlsberg wokha Ku Carlsberg konko.Ife timadana kwambiri ndi munthu wopanga tamper ndi public funds like Lutepo,Treza Namathanga,Sithole,Mphwiyo and other cashgate thieves who deny us of essential services like proper healthcare,education,good roads and infrastructure.Koma amalawi mwafikapo.Mwadziwa kuika ma tiles kuyambira pansi mpaka kudenga lanyumba kikikiki.

  107. moses says:

    carlsberg ndiyatumbuka okhaokha tisanamizanepo apa ur time subweni go on

  108. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Dzimvere mutolo. Moto umapita kwatsala ntchire

  109. kenman says:

    To receive cocacola frighe in malawi that means you have paid a bribe other wise they will never give you im witness.you have forgotten “frighe gate”.Mrs ndovie in conjuction with their boys and sales manager.

  110. jumbe says:

    Shimeke wooo

  111. jimbo says:

    Corruption is rife in Malawi from the top to the bottom. Who will clean things up? Not the DPPP Government because they are in it up to their necks. What a sad state of affairs. The country will never move forwards until corruption has been stamped out, but when will that be? The future looks very bleak especially when APM talks of being in power until 2024. No wonder the donors continue to be suspicious of the way the country’s finances and businesses are run. Who would want to invest in a country as corrupt as Malawi? Pepani, the country is its own worst enemy. Very, very sad indeed.

  112. zulo says:

    Iwe Kamanga zoona kubwera ku Malawi kuno from UK utamaliza sukulu umafuna uzizaba mokuthwa chonchi? Bola mmene umamagwira securiry Pamangalande.Ife timadabwa kuti sukulu yake iti kunjanja pa Blantyre ndi akazi.Zibwenzi zija sizitha mwati ku Nkolokosa ndi Ndirande Newlines.Abale tichite kuwatchula maina.Ayi tiwasungire akaziwo ulemu wao.Koma samaziwana akazi aja amwene.Umaitha aise.Zikomo mumatimwesa mowa mwakathithi.Timadziwa kuti la 40 kidzakukwanirani.Pepani akumabanja amenewa.Azimuna awo ali pa adminisrtative leave.Ikatero ntchito yatha.Basi pa haapy hour athera pomwepo

  113. Justice Dzonzi says:

    Another Kamanga working ku stockbrokers munthu wakubatsa heavy! He has accumulated unexplained wealth

  114. Justice Dzonzi says:

    Is this Kamanga not the former exceptional auditor himself who was working for the top firm of accountancy called Deloitte ? If yes, then he built a beautiful mansion in a village, potentially hiding the spoils of this fraud.

  115. George phiri says:

    Atumbuka kuba mwawonjedza

  116. Dickson says:

    Kamanga, for sure is from the north…koma anthu aku north kuba sazasiya ayi….
    Paliponse abepo basi.
    This is the only reason they are want to get into government through back door so that they can still and they are in the forefront advancing the Federal system of government so that they can have their own money pot where they can still….

  117. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  118. Nganya Kuba says:

    Nanga ndi Mulomwe ameneyooooo? Atumbuka okha okha. Wakwithu.

  119. Chikopa says:

    Chikaonda ndiye waba zingati? Some people are playing with cash like nobody’s business. You go to Shoprite upeza munthu akugula tima keni ta energy drink koma MK2,500 kamodzi ndiye nkumati shaaaa! kodi awa adasamba pati? Nane ndifuna ndisambepo! At end of 2015, there will be massive unearthing of corrupt guyz. Watunda utuchi!

  120. half trillion says:

    a nation of thieves. so sad

  121. Smoko boy says:

    We have our own charttered auditors in Malawi and its very embarrasing that they cant see such massive cash mismanagement. Why should it only take foreign auditors to realise that “cash gate” is going on? Thats why people are not afraid to “cash gate” because they know our own auditors are just sitting phwii in their offices without caring about whats going on in the accounting departments of various offices. Akubanu ibani ndithu koma mukagwida tidzakuotchani pamodzi ndi zibwenzi zanuzo poti ndizomwe zimakutumani.

  122. nkhedu says:

    Papsya ton’gola cos sudziwa mtima wa moto.

  123. bwangazu says:

    carlsberg please improve employees perks otherwise this will go on in a different style next time

  124. Mc Phere says:

    A nyasanet ndinu opusa. Don’t know that in Malawi only Lomwes are thieves. All those flashy cars by Tumbakus are actually earned, not stolen. Please learn to report correctly.

    You should immediately substitute the name of Kamanga with Peter Mutharika – and you will see how that will please a certain section of the population.

    Mukapitirira kulemba zopusa chonchi, simuzilawa ndalama zokuba za a Tumbuka. Sure.

  125. chisomo guga says:

    Chikaonda this is you!! Tiyeni nazoni! PTC you have destroyed. We r watching. Play all ur cards we wiĺ throw ours last…joker!!!

  126. thumbwe man says:

    ACB go konko. This family of Kamangas shaaaaa. Thabwa was removed at ESCOM as procurement manager because of Kamangas wife, Gememaks co which is supplying pre-paid meters to Escom. Nanunso mabwana a Escom so tulo much, did you follow this tender closely or mukudya nawonso. ACB investigate supply of prepaid meters to ESCOM by Kamanga which i believe is 4 billion USD. A mansion, Chryssler, 300SE Merc latest model within 2yrs! Yaaaaaa kulemela in 30s! Understand wathawanso. Carlsberg are you aware?

  127. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Mesa nyumba unamangayo ili ku Chilimba chaku phiri uko. You have thieved enough and thats it the day has come for you to be exposed

  128. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Kamanga if am lying refute it.

  129. Zeni zeni says:

    kodi should we always wait for international auditor to unearth cashgate in Malawi. ?You internal local auditors what do you really do? amangokunyambititsa basi akutsekani pakamwa. demeti zanu

  130. chikwangwani says:

    atumbuka kukonda kuba mxiiiii

  131. Nganya says:

    Kamanga has legitimate businesses. Nsanje a Malawi.

  132. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Atumbuka…..yanu ija ngati kasambava ndi loootepu. Mwatikwana.

  133. Ine says:

    Za mowa izi, mumaganiza kuti pali mowa pali chilungamo?

  134. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Kamanga built a house yoti even Peter sangakwanise kumanga. Khumbo Kachali wanted to rent it while he was VP as his state lodge in the southern Region. All this cashgate therefore is very true. Kamanga was buying expensive beers to his peers in town in the most uptown pubs. Today this is all that at a bare.ground

  135. Alick says:

    There is a well planned, organized fraudulent system which is been used by senior executives within press corporation group. Recently one Lusekelo Msuku related to Mr Mafeni whose wife is Group Financial Controller was involved in the loss of 1.2 billion at PTC. Mr Mafeni is transporter of coal at Presscane and ethanol and was awarded contracts dubiously and is paid fraudelently. His wifes niece was chief accountant at these companies and was transfered when people started complaining. ask me on [email protected] for more info.

  136. The real ujeni says:

    Izi nchabe do a Forensic Audit at Press Corporation, you’ll find Chikaonde has stolen a good K100bn. No way can Press Corp be limping as it is doing no way. You want a tip, that’s the tip.

  137. Ameneyo ndiye mtumbukayo. Alimubomamu thoooo and all they do is simply stealing. Ngati department ili yolira in terms of funding, you may probably not find a tumbuka in there because there is nothing to steal. They are not ready to serve but are quick only to steal. Mxiiii. Cashgate is a clear testmony that Poly accountancy and Socam and Audit have failed. We need an overhaul in accounting curriculum. Shame to Unima.

  138. Integrity, honesty and ethics says:

    A typical Malawian completes university education today and wants to be rich tomorrow. If you can’t practise deferred gratification why go to school after all? We need a new subject in our primary, secondary and university education. It should focus on integrity, honesty and ethics. We need to have a stronger sense of civic responsibilities and obligations. If we see someone doing wrong, our moral compass should require of us to be whistle blower. It’s not jealousy to report to authority someone who is thieving. If we don’t report, we become complicit in the wrong doing!

  139. mkulu zikaonekas says:

    More fire auditors mwina akagwidwa timwa otchipa forsake mbava

  140. civil servant says:

    Mumati civil servant ndiamene amaba awa ndima civil servants?

  141. Memory says:

    Wina Aliyense Ndi Mbava Koma Kusagwidwa.

  142. Frank Ndili says:

    Malawians are an emberrament. This is why they can not go in large numbers to demonstrate against government cashgaters because they knew they are guity of the same offense.

  143. thumbwe man says:

    Shaaaaa Jannet

  144. munthu wabwino says:


  145. Chimwaji cha pombe says:

    Muli nyumba zikumangidwa Mmalawi mu pace yodabwitsa.Galimoto ya k30 million cash.Umadabwa kuti anzathu anapita sukulu yiti?Koma abale Malawi inawola.Basi chuma chizingokhalira chakuba basi?A carlsberg alikumpangitsa timipikitsano yawo tabodza.

  146. Rodgers Banda says:

    The biggest take of all cashgate takes.

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