K513m cashgate suspect Chirwa pleads guilty: Links more building contractors in the looting

Nkhunzo James Bandura Chirwa of Zonzoma civil engineering contractors , who was working as Quantity surveyor in government, a suspect in cashgate scandal, on Monday pleaded guilty to the charges of siphoning government money up to K513 million.

James Bandura Chirwa: Convicted

James Bandura Chirwa: Convicted

Kachale (L) with Ministry of Justice assistant legal officer Samuel Mbweza: Cashgate has caused untold miserly to millions of Malawias

Kachale (L) with Ministry of Justice assistant legal officer Samuel Mbweza: Cashgate has caused untold miserly to millions of Malawias

He pleaded guilty before High Court judge Ivy Kamanga who convicted him on his own plea.

When judge Kamanga asked if he presented the money to the companies on the pretext that goods were supplied to the government, Chirwa responded in the affirmative.

“Were any services carried out or goods supplied when the money was paid to the businesses belonging to the accused persons?” Kamanga asked.

“No”, responded Chirwa.

Chirwa told the court that he was being used in the cashgate affair by jailed Maxwell Namata, who he said he knew him as school mate at Malosa secondary school and Polytechnic.

He told the court that Namata approached him in April 2013 asking him if they can use his company in issuing payments. He was promised 10 percent as account maintenance and other operations like transport for meetings.

In his sworn affidavit, Bandura Chirwa said he was asked to find other friends with registered construction companies, and he approached his colleagues Steven Mwenitete, Muzipase Moyo, and Denis Mhango .

Bandura Chirwa said he was an errand boy but was giving all the cash to Namata.

He said he didn’t suspect any foul play as the cheques were being authorised by relevant authorities and had no problems cashing them at banks.

Bandura Chirwa who hails from Mzimba  told the court he regret his actions, saying he was not aware that he was being used in a systematic plunder of public resources.

He mentioned several construction companies which were used in the scheme namely Sky civil engineering, Chive engineering, Nic civil engineering,  Makhembe civil engineering, Mwene civil engineering, Stewards construction, Mundikhumbenge construction and his company Zozoma civil engineering company

On her part Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mary Kachale told the court that the voluntary plea of the suspect assist the court

“My lady they spread payments to various construction companies to look like they are not related, similarly they also spread the payments across ministries to look they are not related payments. Taking confession of accused and that of Leonard Kalonga reveals the whole scheme,” Kachale told the court .

She said cashgate has negatively contributed to the nation and put life of 15 million Malawians at risk and it’s sad that the accused agreed to be part of the saga.

In her, ruling Justice Ivy Kamanga convicted the accused with three accounts of conspiracy to fraud, Theft and Money laundering on his own plea.

Chirwa confirmedthat he indeed fraudulently converted to his own and use of other accused persons K513 million from the government.

He also pleaded guilty to the charge of transferring K131 million, to Mwenitete’s Sky Civil Engineering, he paid out three cheques totalling K61.2 million and to Clive Engineering Chirwa paid out three cheques totalling K123 million.

Chirwa pleaded guilty and convicted to facilitating theft of K34 million paid out to Mike Mbwana of MIC Civil Engineering, K56 million drawn on four cheques to Philbert Mkandawire of Mahembe Civil Engineering, K39 million to Mweni Civil Engineering of Albert Mwenibabo, K30 million to Steward Nkhata of Stewarts Construction and K36.4 million to Yohane Kaweche of Mundikhumbengi Building Construction.

On the count of money laundering, Chirwa pleaded guilty to money laundering K131 million on three cheques while the remaining amount was shared between Mwenitete, Mbwana, Mkandawire, Mwenibabo, Nkhata and Kaweche.

The court has revoked his bail conditions and remanded him to Maula prison waiting for his sentencing

The court has set November 19 as the day it shall start it’s pre sentencing hearin9.

Meanwhile, the court has adjourned to November 17 and 18 when it shall proceed with the case involving Muzipase Moyo who allegedly stole K355 million, Steven Mwenitete and Dennis Mhango who pleaded not guilty to the charges

The state has since give the court documents which shows how the three received huge some of money through National Bank and FDH .

However, the state has also filed a notice of application of confiscation to the court where it says it shall apply for confiscation of property of the convicted Chirwa if the need be after his sentencing

His lawyer Powell Nkhutabasa said they shall respond on the confiscation application when that issue arise but ad of now they are only focusing on the sentencing case which starts next month .

In 2013, the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo led to revelations of the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill.

Former president Joyce Banda ordered an audit which British forensic auditor, Baker Tilly, undertook between April and September 2013 which established that about K24 billion was siphoned from public coffers through dubious payments, inflated invoices and goods or services never rendered.

In May this year, a financial analysis report by audit and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also established that about K577 billion in public funds could not be reconciliated between 2009 and December 31 2014.

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88 thoughts on “K513m cashgate suspect Chirwa pleads guilty: Links more building contractors in the looting”

  1. Malawi a poorest country people r stealing its resources shame lets sweat to find.

  2. Shame on our country tikuvutika ngati silakwathu mayo ine mbava izi bwanji zibwele mustadium tizipange shariah law.

  3. NVM says:

    Hate messages should be edited. How can people of the same country be so bitter with fellow country men because of their tribe. ATumbukawo ndi anthu created in the image of God. If you met woyipa don’t generalize. Kulikonse kuli woyipa ndi abwino.

  4. Denguzman says:

    Mbava zeni zeni zimachokera ku Southern Region makamaka the Lomwe tribe. Mtumbukayu anamputsisa ndi Namata thats why he is not afraid to tell khoti zoona zokha zokha koma nditha kumutenga kukhala mmodzi wa Atumbuka opusa kwambiri.

  5. Hotnes says:

    This country will never have a Tumbuka president so that all you fools can take the blame of the prosperous oops disastrous Malawi so that at one one point you will be left with no choice but accept a Tumbuka leader to save your pathetic country from oblibvion.

  6. Totty says:

    Nonse onyoza yet you claim to be religious mukuzinyenga. repent.

  7. mohammed malinga says:

    tiyeni nazo onse omwe anatenga gawo kumbali yokuba ndalama za boma akalowe chifukwa sakangowasiya chocho mtundu wa amalawi ukuvutika pomwe anthu amenewa anangotyolera ndalama mtumba mwawo.Amakonda aliyense Mulungu wakumwamba.Ndipo boma litengeko gawo kuti every 1 year azipanga kalondo londo kuwona mmene chuma chayendera ngati zagwrizana ndi budgert yawo

  8. Balamanthu says:

    Mwini filimu anali Namata.Bwanji simumatha kuwerenga nkhani yachimvekere

  9. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Shaaaaa.. Koma Atumbuka ndi Alomwe mukupanga zoopsya pa Malawi pano… And munthuyu akuti akuchita kusankha ndende yomwe akakhale.. He wants Mzimba Prison… I pray that this man goes to Maula Prison.. His greed should save him

  10. Mbuya says:

    Those who r saying about Tumbuka’s u r follish dats kusakhana mitundu we r all Malawians

  11. KK says:

    In this case can we say that Tumbukas are patriotic? Can you see the chain in this scandal? This what they do even at Maneb.

  12. Rumphi says:


  13. Chitipa says:


  14. Vijiniya Pama says:

    The Dpp govt should also be taken to task for the 577 billion cashgate.We are fed up to hear only of the small fish.Why are you leaving the Chejumos like Muluzi,Joyce Banda and Pitala?

  15. James kotoki says:

    Kodi ababa 92 billion and was found with $$$$ at state house Anjali mtumbuka?

  16. Decent Citizen says:

    Shut up what 513 Million in comparison to 577 billion which your incompetent Pitala is being shielded.Even the American Ambassador was wondering why is Malawi arresting only small fish living the big fish.They are alot chejumos who are hiding in Dpp govt involved in billion cashgate.Its a dirty Malawi.All these cashgate thieves are supposed to pay back the money with a very huge interest and their properties confiscated.Just arresting them is not enough.Take a leaf from China.It is hunting their thieves who even ran abroad and are being prosecuted in China and being given harsh punishment.Some are even on death penalty.Malawians like worshipping thieves.Ndalama zimenezi anthu amagulira zibwenzi magalimoto ngati ma panti.Malawians even knew foreign holidays of going to Walt Disney.Kumwa anthu amakamwera ku Joni.Is this true?Ma Salary ake ati abale?Malawi needs to clean the whole mess.Malawi pano inawonongeka.Ndi nthawi imene Mulungu wafuna kutionetsa chilungamo chake chenicheni.Mtundu wa Amalawi walira kwa nthawi yayitali chifukwa cha umbombo wa anthu ochepa.

  17. Real Patriot says:

    Feeoka the issue is not about Tumbukas but an individual who connived with other thieves with construction thieves to swindle Malawians of their hard earned taxes.It is very few people who become rich in an honest way since Muluzi’s time.The system has been that way and some are shielded because of politics.You mean Pitala the Lomwe was rich before he joined politics?Nope.He has benefitted alot from the loot of the 61 billion kwacha which his brother cleaned the unsuspecting docile Malawians.The only solution here is confiscate all the properties that were acquired in an ill gotten way to pump back to the government.The ordinary Malawians are heavily suffering because of the greediness of very few people.I believe the banks were also involved in this syndicate of authorising huge cheques of millions.Malawi is not poor but it is the system of handling things.We need a revolution in this country.We can’t be living like this.These public funds are meant to benefit anybody.So it has been a culture for everybody to make quick riches in this way in Malawi.Koma anthu amatumbwa ndi Ndalama za cashgate pa Malawi.Aliyense amatsegula construction company pa Malawi.Sad scenerio for Malawi.

  18. The Patriot says:

    Now its time for bigots to taunt Tumbukas, just because this Chirwa guy is Tumbuka! My simple message to all these bigots is no matter how much you bash us , we aint going anywhere, Tumbukas or Northerners are Malawian just like anyone.
    By the way, Lutepo, Savala, Kalaonga, Senzani , Namata are Tumbukas too? Kupanda nzeru eti? Its a pity that the majority of Malawians are dull, very dull , so dull that they cannot see beyond their region!

  19. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    A feeoka. Grow a pair of balls you in bred, anthu a nsanje am sure comments are not representative of your family. If you were around I’d say smell your mum’s pissy flaps off my cucumber, and she’s been asking for more too, only she’s a whore

  20. malawi view says:

    south & central region lets unite. atumbuka atiwonjeza tsopano! Mayaya ukumaimilira mbamvazi eti? takutulukirani anyani inu!!. chakwera ngati ukufuna voti yanga reform MCP chotsani vindere ivo!

  21. chefourpence says:

    Four lessons; 1. Tumbukas are bad. 2. Tumbukas are evil. 3. Never trust Tumbukas. 4. Tumbukas are a virus to our society.

  22. feooka says:

    Guys we must not let these Tumbuka idiots rule this country never no matter what.That is why i will keep voting for DPP because MCP has Msowoya who will call upon his Tumbuka clowns and also Chakwera will let us down because he married a tumbuka .VOTE DPP plz

  23. Lucky Shawa says:

    If 513 million kwacha is 10%, how much money is 100%?

  24. Chalume says:

    How can you say you didn’t know you were being used in a scam when you were handling millions of Kwachas? Firstly, you must be stupid. Secondly, you are very stupid!

  25. mfiti mayaya says:

    Bandura used to approve projects for the northern region only when he was working at Director of Buildings. He used to ignore any project from the central and south Malawi. Munthu oyipa zedi. Koma ine atumbuka amandinyasa bwaanji!

  26. Koma ????? says:

    Tumbucashgatic! hahahah

  27. Hell on earth says:

    Lero atumbuka sumafuna kubweretsa Clerk of parliament justice Mkandawire. Koma Msowoya. Kuti soya ife amene tinachita bwino pa ma interview

  28. Nyero says:

    U wakwithu ukuppwetekani tsopano agalu inu.

  29. tz says:

    atumbuka mbuzi za anthu amangeni aliyense zaka 100 akafere kumaula konko.

  30. Kanyimbi says:

    Wansembe wa umbombo anamwa mikozo yache. Mumagawana potengera mtundu wa kwanu eti. a Satana a chabe chabe.

  31. Akamuna says:

    APM ngati ukufuna kuba atume Atumbuka akakusololele kkkkkk. Zonsenso zimakhala very ulgy kumangokhalila kutafuna mahule. Zimangeni zimenezi mwina enafa kupezako ntchito. Kkkkkkk sorry atumbuka enanu muzingolimbikila kutumidwa kukaba olo kutafuna mahule.

  32. losco says:

    But its too much now in my home country Malawi,Eshii!

  33. Andy says:

    When there is theft be it from a private person or from public funds, its theft and deserves punishment. It does not matter whether there are drugs or no drugs in the hospitals or people are dying or not dying in the hospitals. Appropriate punishment according to the law must be metted regardless of the situation of Malawians.

    Otherwise it sounds as if its alright to steal if the hospitals have full of drugs.

  34. Chirwa and company they must be given the harshest sentence ever, they are enemies to this country. Thus when I admire sharia law, it would have taught them 1 or 2 lessons about not to steal, please judge take away everything that smells Malawian money.

  35. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business bringing insecurity in Malawi. These guys surely wish Joyce Banda never became President of Malawi. JB should make a comeback. I was never going to know about cashgaters without JB

  36. malawi view says:

    koma atumbuka mukupanga dominate mu cashgate eti? mwenekhumbenjes! iwe wakumpoto ukumva bwanji mthupimo???…….. ungamve!!!!! asatana inu! eee federal! federal! mumadziwa kuti madzi achita katondo eti? Kachale nawoni vindere

  37. Abambo says:

    Vuto la atumbuka kukokerana okhaokha lero ndi izi mwamangitsanapo. Namata kukutuma kuti upeze ma company ena iwe kukatenga Mwenitete, Moyo ndi Mhango kuti udye mtundu wanuwu basi. Namata anadziwatu kuti ndiuze anthu awa ndi adyera amagitsa mudzi onse

  38. mbodzole says:

    so many tumbukas no wonder majority don’t trust you ppo kuba from misuku, tofotofo, kabwafu, ngana, uskiska engucwini, katili, elhonhipeni, thunduwike, njuyu, edundu. madiseto area 43 ungatani kubatu basi. Lean atumbuka

  39. Phwaksy says:

    Mpwiyo ni mutumbuka? Apa Mphwiyo ndiyo nkhwibi number one.

  40. mwana mulopwana says:

    Our Judicial systems is full of jokes, what is the use of making judgment on the cashgate cases and leaving behind the main issue of reclaiming the money that was lost

    In my view all issues were supposed to be done at the same time otherwise no work done,

    for example , cashagate convict is slapped 10 years in jail while MK100 million is in an account or Cashgate convict is slapped 10 years while he has a house which a tenant pays MK300,000 a month, what will happen after that 10 years if you can calculate the whole figures,
    Please our judicially do us a favour by claiming whatever the people acquired using the money, otherwise no work done and your judgment will still inflict more pain because once these idiots will be out ,they will smile all the way to the bank to claim what was not belong to them,

  41. Kapondo says:

    Let’s this continue. The big fish should not not exempted from the arrests. Let the truth prevail.

  42. Mwethu says:

    I think Namata has to be recalled to answer new cases, esp in the light of these revelations. The K24mn was just a drop in the ocean of how much he had siphoned from the govt and went to the gallows smiling that he will enjoy after coming out. Mary Kachale should now bring this sonofabitch back to court to be sentenced again with Chirwa. After the sentence apply to confiscate all the reaining properties that he has, including thoese hidden in his sister’s name.

  43. mtate mike rsa says:

    530million aaa very small money we want the big cash babaaa 577billion not 530 ndipension yake imeneyo leave them free.we want the bigman himself fosake the minors.

  44. fitsoni says:

    Atumbuka only! Shaa! Where were the noisy CSOs! Vya wakawaka tikhumba cha!! Kikiki!?
    Mtambo where are you hiding you noisy nimcompoop? Your brothers were busynlootong the country and you just kept quite! I always wonder- nobody built any structures in the north with this money? Just for prostitutes and spending in BT and LL? In future olease pread the wealth to yourvregion when u steal! Kkkkkk!!!

  45. mwiithotho says:

    MWAWAONA ATUMBUKAAA! ??? Qualified thieving bastards of the first order! !! How could any reasonably good mother son trust any shit of that flock? Of course, if one joins their fully distorted state … Go drown in the muddy waters which you enjoy gulping! !

  46. muthalika nsete ya president says:

    nanga mphwiyo mukumusiyiranji,kodi muzingogwira atumbuka okha okha? anthu openga mwapanga bwanji

  47. Solobala says:

    This looting of Government funds started long time ago . Were these crooks also giving the stolen money to Joyce Banda for campaign pursoses? All there were just common thieves. It there evidence here that Joyce Banda was envolved. Malawi is a country full of witches ,wizards and thiefs that ‘s why we are failling to develop.

  48. Mabvuto says:

    This animal so called Cashgate has spared other offices like LDF formerly MASAF and you could see it yourself how the staff have built houses and change posh vehicles. If you see them how they throw ALUVELLA at wedding ceremonies you will be shocked and ask yourself that how much is their salaries these people from MASAF? Is the funding put in good use at LDF ? IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN.

  49. Chirwa.be strong.tell your lawyer not to apply delay tactics.get no sickness and remain just.get sentenced and start serving.the only way out is conviction as regards cashgate.it will do you no good to delay or apply any tactics as conviction is obvious come rain or such shine

  50. OGO!! says:

    Koma why is Mphwiyo not jailed ..he is well involved in all this. He may have wanted to side step of course ataona kuti kwalowa zibwana..but he is equally responsible for this cashgate after Bingu.. And why are we overlooking the Bingu era cashgate? More was siphoned than zapanozi…and we are being caught up in all this stuff now..koma right now these DPP people are at it again and we are just sitting phwi!! Why cant we as Malawians insist on solving the origins of problems rather than short term solutions? I feel sick..there is a lot that we bneed as a nation and people have the audacity to steal from fellow Malawians and those that are being robbed just don’t bother to demand their money back? Seriously?
    God help us!!

  51. Phwado says:

    Iwe Wakufuna [email protected] manyi ako wamva!So Namathanga,Carol Savala ,Laura Savala,Namata,Kalonga,Lutepo,Mpoola ,Mphwiyo,that Mcp dude,Kafua,Odillo,Bingu,APM,Hophally Makande,Brown Mpinganjira,HTD motors are Northerners?You are just worse than imbecile!

  52. redeemed says:

    From where I stand, Malawi doesn’t necessarily need any more financial aid from donors . There is sufficient money right in the country held by greedy individuals who reckon themselves as the most deserving people to a lavish life at the expense of the poor. This is an evil spirit that calls for a vehement condemnation. As a matter of fact it is a worse syndrome than aids virus and I hope our authorities share the same perspective and will deal with it accordingly.

  53. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    If the only thing you see in someone behavior is his tribe then you must be dull, ignorant and intellectually challenged, a pig . Just because you know how to read and write does not mean you should be commenting here. There are thieves all over Malawi, every place has thieves. The only Tumbuka in the story is a Mhango. The others are either Tonga, or Nkhonde or Nyakusya, or Ngoni. Why show ignorance in public just because of your hatred for a particular group of people? Not everyone from the north is a Tumbuka, please. just call them northerners rather than a tribe they don’t belong to.

  54. Alungwana says:

    92 billion

  55. Mlomwe waku Thyolo says:

    Cashgate siyinasiye mtundutu. Nanga awanso ndi a Tumbuka – Caroline Savala, Mphwiyo, Namate, Treza Namathanga Senzani, Laura Savala, Angela Katengeza, Leonard Kalonga, abiti, etc?

  56. Namata built houses in area 47, 49 and elsewhere. Most of the houses you see in Lilongwe have been built from stolen public money. Lawyers are benefitting from this money as well. Anenepa ambiri mwa ma lawyers.

  57. Bwande says:

    Has the prosecution managed to recover all these monies from Namata and Mphwiyo? Namata’s cash is stacked somewhere and he will enjoy it to the maximum after serving his sentence. No matter how long he spends in jail. Just my thought. Focus I suppose should be recovering every single penny

  58. Machete says:

    In those d the CSOs and Human r orhanizations were just quite, yet they knew wh wa going on. Tjey failed to force JB to step down only bcoz amadya naye. Today chifukwa choti dora sakukupatsani mwayamba kuvuta mukuti HE APMA atule pasi, what kin o pppo r ypu?, dzuka malawi dzuka

  59. The game says:

    Tumbukas at it again plundering our resources.Worse still you fail to develop your north with that stolen money mkumalira kuti kwanu kulibe chitukuko mbuzi.

    1. Phwaksy says:

      Its not about northerners. The issue here is who is in decision making positions to have access to resources. Wake up and view the world as a village. Sizatulo nkhumaganizabe za political boundaries. Your southern friends are making money right in ur despised north. Wake up.

  60. Nachi says:

    No wonder Tumbukas voted for PP. Mxiiiiii. Timothy Mtambo please call JB

  61. Dikisan says:

    Jala pamlomo! Maina ama company omwe amaba according to Bandura Chirwa, ndi ma Company a tumbuka. Atumbuka kuba sinkhani. Muzisalala nawo ali ngati Allomwe.

  62. c ngoleka says:

    Atumbuka tsankho kupatsana meter kumeneko ndiye atakupatsani u vice President MMMM mwanyanya you mean kunalibe anzanu a ku Lilongwe oti mungawane nawo za JB Koma Chirwa, Mwenitete, Namata, Ngwira etc

  63. mulopwana says:


  64. guguh says:

    If cashgate “put the lives of 15 million at risk”, the sentencing should reflect the same and not these lenient sentences being dished out. 10yrs is not enough because evidently these people knew they were stealing.

  65. mfana wa ma plain says:

    bwana editor, can you in future insert the photos of the cashgaters that are being written about in your articles? i already know what mary kachale looks like. thank you in advance

  66. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t gloss over the fact that this nyasatimes reporter is telling us and i quote “In May this year, a financial analysis report by audit and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) also established that about 577 billion in public funds could not be reconciliated BETWEEN 2009 AND DECEMBER 31, 2014″………..this is in the last paragraph of this article…….. So am I to believe that the 577 billion kwacha cashgate actually also involves the PP government. Nyasatimes please give us such information.

  67. Mapwevupwevu says:


  68. who we be says:

    Babylon system iyi. we are building universities just to graduate thieves and murderers. we are being deceived continually here.

  69. namarokoro says:

    What happened to Big Fish, the likes of Godfrey Dzanjalimodzi?

  70. nthandalanda says:

    Nyapapi, ask your so called president to give us the MK 577 billion report. At least malawians appreciate the fight against corruption JB rather than your father bubu’s rhetorics. Ndipo manyazi ulibe bambo akoso alibe. Don’t create the ME AND ME ALONE syndrome.

  71. wo says:

    bola ife a tumbuka timakwanitsa kulemba chitumbuka chanthu kusina ndi alomwe sadziwaso kuti anachoka kuti mapeto ake amangotukwanapo.

  72. GUMGUM says:

    Maula ndende ya mabwana mabwana or is it the new UNIMA?

  73. benjnes says:

    the truth always comes out so watch out you criminals

  74. nyapapi says:

    Going through Bandura Chirwa’s response and looking around how people suffering, to me its just like a dream. Its just like a mafian film.These thieves up to the extent of looking for accounts of registered companies. Ho yet Joice Banda was there looking into account # 1. Didn’t she see all these movies? JB is lying let her come back to clean herself.She was our custodian for account number 1. Yet CSOs are just quite over this issue. These guys were eating these monies through JB.

  75. Mhesha says:

    Malawians are thieves to this far??? However you will be surprised when some quarters deny the common fact that many Malawians from the North abused the JB government. Just read the news article again. …all the suspects mentioned herein are from the North and that is why they are bitter for having JB ousted via the ballot. This is very bad.

  76. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    A graduate Engineer failing to know that what he was doing is complicity. Koma tchimo likamabwera limakhala ngati lokomadi ndithu. He! he!he! Malawi.

  77. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    Chirwa, Moyo, Mhango, Mwenitete, Chive, Makhembe, Mwene, Mundikhumbenge, Zozoma. Now it makes sense why the Timoth Mtambos are angry with the current government.

  78. Hansou says:

    State evidence is against Bandura. Does Bandura have proof that he was a mere conduit to Namata

  79. Charter says:

    Mrs Kachale, you are doing a commendable job. You have the plight of poor people dying in hospitals and villages because of the greed of a few selfish people. Round all of them up to Maula, Mikuyu, Chichiri; and send some to Chitipa prison too!

  80. vilakagwentha says:

    Hey the Guy is a quantity surveyor not an Engineer please make the ammendment fokofuu.

  81. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    Agalu a mcp ndi timothy mtambo mukuzimva zimenezi? Anthuwa amangogawana ndalama ngati zamasiye mpakana ndalama mboma kuthamo lero APM wapezera mavuto akuyesesa kuti akonze inu ndiye mukuyamba kuyankhula zakumtumbo kut eee poor economic

  82. If it were in some islamic countries in the middle East or Indonesia/South Korea such shameless and heartless thief could have faced the firing squad.Why take him to prison to go and continue to eat Nsima paid for by the same people he stole from.Please do not misuse taxpayers money on economic sabotours/plunders.Kill them!Those thieves have made Malawi extreme poor.

  83. Jimuni says:

    So after all the waiting, you plead guilty and snitch on Maxwel Namata.

    After snitching, you are still convicted and sent to same prison where Maxwel is serving his sentence….

    Does Maxwell go back to court to answer these new allegations?

  84. angozo says:

    Mr Lutepo anaziwulula ndikuvomeleza kuti analakwa yekha komanso Mr Chirwa wavomelezanso kulakwa kwake. Mungowakhulukira because they did not waste more time hence reducing costs and charges to the trial.

  85. Stampycious says:

    Izo zikumveka and people are being jailed due to money laundering, what abt the issue of K577 billion? Kapena mukutengera mwambi woti “Akakhala pamkhate sapheka?” Should we wait til 2019 ( after being voted out of office) for him to face his fate? Tel us ACB pls

  86. Tchaka says:


  87. WOPENGA says:


    MWAMVA ???

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