K52m Kanengo road: Tobacco Commission applauds JTI

Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) has commended key tobacco buyer Japan Tobacco International (JTI) for investing K52 million towards rehabilitating a link road in the Kanengo industrial area.

Akwame Bandawe commissioning JTI road.

Akwame Bandawe commissioning JTI road.

Fries Vanneste. of JTI

Fries Vanneste. of JTI

TCC Chief Executive Officer Bruce Munthali said Monday during commissioning of the road that JTI has demonstrated commitment to the country’s tobacco industry through investment in the road which is shared by other industries.

The road links JTI’s new warehouse to other industries tobacco companies and others in freight forwarding and clearing, grain processing, export warehousing and steel processing.

“Let us all emulate the good example set by JTI by contributing to the development of this industrial area. JTI took the lead and did not wait for authorities or the neighbors it shares the road with. That’s good statesmanship,” said Munthali.

JTI Managing Director Fries Vanneste said the company decided to rehabilitate the road because it realizes that it has a role to assist government in the socio-economic development of the country.

“As a corporate citizen we felt we had a role in ensuring that this road is rehabilitated. We therefore took the initiative to contribute to the city’s infrastructure by repairing this road and create a meaningful and win-win scenario for both the city and our business success,” said Vanneste.

The road is a high quality concrete road conducive for heavy duty trucks that ply Kanengo industrial site on a daily basis.

Vanneste said before being rehabilitated, the road was in a bad state and this negatively affected transportation within the industrial area historically for tobacco processing.

“JTI has over the years been implementing major projects that largely concerned it as one of the leading tobacco companies in the country. We have upgraded our factory to world class status and we have built a new warehouse. But we felt it would be meaningless to have such good structures while the road infrastructure in the vicinity of such good buildings, was in poor condition,” he said.

The road commissioning was witnessed by the Deputy Mayor of the city of Lilongwe, Kwame Bandawe.

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19 thoughts on “K52m Kanengo road: Tobacco Commission applauds JTI”

  1. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Zandisangalatsa kuti a deputy mayor a ku Lilongwe ayambapo kusamba ndi kumvalako bwino

  2. Limbe auction thieves listen says:

    Not the fools at limbe auction, they dont even care the road leads to a private clinic where people with spinal injuries, head injuries and pregnant women go for scanning at Kamponde clinic. They fools and idiots for sure.

  3. Odala Phillips Chisambo,…….mseu anakonza kale. …Uku ndikutsegulila>>!!!!!!!! ..AWAA KIKIKIKI

  4. kambuta says:

    What about alliance one, Limbe leaf and premium leaf please learn from your friend JTI you are there just leaping farmers and cant rehabilitate roads in Kanengo that’s stupid. The remaining roads should be implemented by these three and even clearing agents. Most of these companies are thieves’.

  5. JTI famer says:

    GOOD job JTI my model tobacco company. Osati Limbe Leaf kuba basi up to the middle managers. Always victimizing its farmers. Buyers always corrupt even when buying funded tobacco. A confused company too many bosses with conflicting decisions at all times. Alliance one please follow this example too. Limbe leaf put a human face you are dealing with human being not animals. Shame on all Limbe leaf people and to hell with you

  6. Mzozodo says:

    A ku Blantyre mwamuona Deputy Mayor wathu kutchena? Ndisamvenso mfwe mfwe mfwe!!! kkkkkk

  7. .............. says:

    This is highly commendable and should be emulated by others. It is disheartening to see big companies which are reaping huge profits in the country still waiting for government to build or renovate roads to their factory/business premises. You look at our lake shore resorts like Sun N Sand which are failing to put basic tarmarc on a less than a kilometre road from the main road to their gate. This is gross lack of appreciation to the country and the community that supports their businesses.

  8. Mhesha says:

    Not Limbe leaf…


    To avoid corruption and mismanagement of the funds. JTI must do the road themselves,otherwise all the money will end up in the pocket of the sitting president,coz its african style for presidents to enrich themselves and its cronies.All african presidents are rich coz of corruption and criminal activities.God bless Africa!

  10. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Mwachita bwino kubwezako ndalama mumabera a Malawi inu pogula fodya mochipa kkkkkkkk.

  11. Mapiri says:

    Is he “Akwame” or “Kwame”?

  12. NEd says:

    K52 million road? which road cost this little money,and the whole fanfare?

  13. captain says:

    52million kwacha is worth writing something after all the road is thru their industrial park. Don’t just write everything please

  14. Anyone apaphata says:

    That is the way to go. Keep it up.

  15. That’s a very good gesture

  16. GRM says:

    If i construct a road to my house is it national development? Mbava osanama apa. Let them construct it in area 25 where the majority of their workers are based

  17. The real ujeni says:

    Why should a foreign company be thinking on your behalf? Inu phwii basi kumasekelela ngati zisiru.

  18. Patriot says:

    Another borrowing from the Wise and dynamic lomwe leader.

  19. Daniel Phiri says:

    I’d like to know how many kilometres that road is. A proper road costs $1 million per km (K600 million). Ndiye K52 million, what type of road is it? The amount can’t even buy my house! Congratulations anyway since beggars are not choosers and our government, which is supposed bto be investing in infrastructure, has gone to sleep

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