K6.2bn John Chilembwe Highway opens: Formely Blantyre-Zomba road

President Peter Mutharika has stressed the important role good road networks play in sustainable economic development saying poor roads inhibit business growth.

President Peter Mutharika greets Gilberto Rodriques of Mota Engil at the official opening of John Chilembwe Highway in Blantyre on Friday.Cgovati nyirenda. mana

President Peter Mutharika greets Gilberto Rodriques of Mota Engil at the official opening of John Chilembwe Highway in Blantyre on Friday.Cgovati nyirenda. mana

President peter Mutharika opens John Chilembwe Highway on Friday.Cgovati Nyirenda Mana

President peter Mutharika opens John Chilembwe Highway on Friday.Cgovati Nyirenda Mana

Mutharika made the remarks Friday morning at Kachere Township in Blantyre during the official opening of the 60 kilometre John Chilembwe Highway, formerly Blantyre-Zomba road.

He observed that countries with bad road networks could not develop because poor road infrastructure poses enormous challenges to the business sector.

“It is with great happiness that today I am opening Chilembwe Highway. The late president Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika laid a foundation stone for this road.

“This is no mean achievement as the road has very good impact on the country’s development. Let me say that government has taken infrastructure as a tool for attracting more investors by making travelling easy.

“My appeal is, please take care of the road and the ownership is in your hands. Avoid vandalizing the road and make sure that you are using it in the right manner,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader added that government had rolled out several road projects such as Jenda-Edingeni, Mzuzu-Nkhatabay, Thyolo-Thekerani-Bangula and Zomba-Jali-Phalombe roads.

Mutharika then disclosed that he would be commissioning the Lilongwe by-pass road in a week’s time.

Francis Kasaila, Minister of Transport and Public Works said his ministry was working towards ensuring that all road projects are concluded on schedule.

“It is the wish of the government to ensure that there is a good road network across the country. Let me report here that the heavy rains that have hit in the country, has also destroyed 20 roads which currently are under rehabilitation,” he said.

Dr Andrew Mwaba of the African Development Bank (ADB) said his bank decided to fund the project to enhance the country’s socio-economic development.

The construction of Chilembwe Highway started on 19th January, 2012 and ended in October, 2014.

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26 thoughts on “K6.2bn John Chilembwe Highway opens: Formely Blantyre-Zomba road”

  1. tapangani zanu osatchuka ndi ntchito za anzanu

  2. womenslib says:

    Who is the fool on her knees?

  3. Byron says:

    We hear almost every month about accidents on Malawian roads which is sad.Is anyone in government concerned about this development? Accidents are a result of narrow roads being used by an influx of cars and trucks with no speed control,but each time we hear a president opening a road be in town or rural areas,it is a single lane road.Somebody is calling the Limbe-Zomba road a highway,for real? very pathetic.APM is proud to open such a small road which was supposed to be a dual-carriageway and calling it a highway.

    Construction of roads should have the increased future volume of cars in mind and that’s efficient planning.It is high time time Malawian leaders started thinking about motorway and highway construction not small roads that produce more accidents than giving safety to motorists. Wake up APM!

  4. sapitwa says:

    Muzingotsegulila za achimwene anutu basi

  5. Ntchona says:

    Paja Mota Engil ndi imene mumadya nayo bwino eti ndiyomwe inamanga Casablanka ND mpumulo WA kuba,iai mpumulo sabata mwa ulele imakhoza kubweleketsa ndalama Ku boma nkumatinamiza kuti zinthu zikuenda bwino,tikukuonanitu!!!!!!!!

  6. kanchiputu says:

    za ziiiii mseu wa a Ngwazi uwu anawulota ali ku Gweru prison isaa!!!

  7. chefourpence says:

    koma atumbuka muphulika! Why hating? Get a life you suckers! Those of you complaining about 2 years, remember JB was dragging this project which was started by the visionary Bingu and commissioned by the the great APM.

  8. Jelbin mk says:

    Insanity is to do the same thing again and again and expecting different results, change the way you doing things you fools the issue of opening any kind of structure erected by government. How much do waste in the commissioning of roads and other structures? And how much do you spend on opening the same commissioned structure? In my previous comment I even reached as far condemning this barbaric behaviour of milking the already thin economy,there is no patriotism in this country no one is concerned about saving the nations revenue. I repeat here in RSA there is no such a thing as commissioning and or opening of any government or private structure despite having the most overwhelming resources in Africa.

  9. Jelbin mk says:

    Insanity is to do the same thing again and again and expecting different results, change the way you doing things you fools the issue of opening any kind of structure erected by

  10. Thomas says:

    These roads has been started by JB not APM. Pls APM continue the road from Edingeni to Kamteteka Bridge

  11. Masoapatali says:

    a 60 km road taking 2 years to complete. a single carriageway for that matter. It only happens in Malawi the land of flames

  12. Tutu says:

    Nseu waudyera Roy ndi amai ache uwu

  13. alukosyo says:

    Nseu wa bypass is only 15km also the whole president there? some of these leave it minister s

  14. Wozinyanyala says:

    2 years to finish 60 km???? Thats being stupid…only 60 km. Please someone explain to me how these pipo would take such a long time….so if 60 km takes 2 years, that means every 30 km is done in 2 years. Is this true agalu inu nonse ndi Muntharika?

  15. Malawi says:

    This thing of politising every little thing neefs to be washed away in Malawi if we are to move forward. We all know that APM is a DPP Leader. The Road he was officially opening is for all. Why Blue and White flowers or Ribbon? This issue if appeasement in the society is getting worse. If the person who was left incharge for that task is obssesed with Party Colours, they could have put a big flower with all the Party Colours to represent all. Tizinthu tingonotingono ngati iti timabweletsa kugawanikana. Next time Neutral Colours Please.

  16. mangochi kabwafu says:

    The WHOLE president opening a road. Some things will never change, pathetic.

  17. jokujoku says:

    and what about our university?

  18. jokujoku says:

    Your excellence my President of my Country, and your honorable big and small ministers, when are you exactly re-bulding the DWANGWA-NKHOTAKOTA -SALIMA road as its one of the roads where your gorvrnment collects a lot of money from the sugar plantations but you are not maintaining it . why is it like that sir? Should we say you dont need the Nkhotakotans? can you tell me and the entire nation why you dont want to re-construct it and w

  19. George Lihoma says:

    Good idea to name it after Chilembwe.Let us also remember the late T/A Chikowi who begged Bingu to construct this Zomba-Limbe road at a DPP mass rally in 2011 at the Gymnkhana club.Bingu agreed,and it satarted shortly before his death.May his soul rest in peace.

  20. John says:

    shame Ted Nandolo and company!

  21. John says:

    peter is on record promising that once he takes over the leadership of the country, he would revert back to the original plan to have a due carriage between Maselema and Chiradzulu T/Off. I personally am not happy that this did not happen. The number of cars in Malawi is increasing so fast. We should avoid dreaming in black and white.

    If this Govt really wants to make an impact on roads infrastructure, the should seriously consider building a state of the art triple carriage between Lumbadzi and Bunda Turn/Off. It is doable. Don’t tell me there is no money. Just seal all the cash gate holes.

    Besides, I always have problems with Blantyre City Assembly when it comes to planning. The round about at Kandodo Corner shop is too small and we also need to extend the width of the road between Mbayani and Corner shop. Just next to National Library, another building is being constructed casting doubt about whether the section of the road leading into town near Kandodo Corner shop will ever be widened.

    You can have a single lain getting into the city. That is inviting conjestion.

    Do we need to ask the whole President to be doing that for us!!

  22. J. Manda says:

    Ngakhal ine sikwathu koma sindikumvetsa mpaka pano cifukwa comwe cikulepheretsa mseu wa Zomba Jali – Chitakale kutha.
    APM, yetsetsani kuwathandiza anthu aderali akuvutika kwambiri mmayendedwe.
    Msewu umenewu wakhala nthawi osalabadilidwa.

    1. Talibo says:

      Vuto ndi abiti Namaloko

  23. Neno boy says:

    What about Neno- Tsangano, road? The injustice the people of Neno have suffered is enough!!!!

  24. ujeni says:

    Two years constructing a 60km road, rubbish. All roads leading to the lake, National parks eg Nyika, Within towns and cities should be constructed, not this drip here, then after 10 years drip there. When are we gonna have four way roads in Malawi, may be after 200years, at this rate.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kubwera tikufuna miseu yabwino komanso park station ku Wayenera

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